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Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Acne Treatment Gel, 1 Ounce

Looking awesome is no accident, it’s a science. A science that works with your skin not against it. A science that you’ll find inside every Clearasil product.

Key features

  • 4 hours. Visibly reduces redness and pimple size in as little as 4 hours
  • Acceladerm technology
  • 2% salicylic acid acne medication
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


Great for pimples and specially for little blackheads

For me, This is the best product that I’ve ever bought. I have try proactive, clean and clear, and thousand of dermatologist “natural” products and even though they work for a while, those didn’t leave my face smooth and flat.This GEL dries pimples and black spots without drying your skin (The trick is not to squeeze until the pimple is really dry and no nails please!). I have the cream and is not the same. Also, I bought the Clearasil Ultra Pore Cleansing Pads but it dry my face too much!

Maryann Fort Meade, FL

Just what I wanted

This is a good product, I have used it for many years for the occasional blemish. This is the first time I have used it in a gel form and it works great!

Monika Lake Havasu City, AZ

Good Stuff

It can really help shrink some problems very quickly. That said, it it’s a cystic like bump, it will make it redder and bring it to the surface faster. It will also cause peeling, both good and bad. Use with caution and be prepared or all of the posibilities. I use it daily as a preventative and also as a necessity.

Janet Chimayo, NM


I was hopeful after reading other reviews, but sadly this product did absolutely nothing to help clear up or even shrink my breakouts.I have since purchased,Rugby Acne Medication 10% 45gmand finally, my face is clear.

Candice Woodruff, SC

Love it!

This stuff is great because it’s the only one I know of in gel form so the salicylic acid stays active and in contact with skin longer than any other product. Sometimes it can be a little drying but certainly does the job it’s intended to do!

Twila Hickory Grove, SC