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Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream, 1 Ounce

Looking awesome is no accident, it’s a science. A science that works with your skin not against it. A science that you’ll find inside every Clearasil product.

Key features

  • Visibly Reduces Redness And Pimple Size In As Little As 4 Hours
  • Acceladerm Technology

Honest reviews


Doesn’t work as advertised

I was disappointed because I paid full price in a pharmacy based on the claim that this “visibly reduces spot size and redness in 4 hours”. It doesn’t. I tried it a few times on my face and back and the product is the same as any other Benzoyl Peroxide cream. There are marginal results after a couple days use so I’m not sure if the cream worked or if the zit was going away anyway. But it does not do anything in 4 hours. Maybe for some people but definitely not everyone.

Diane Staunton, IL

It works, but not in 4 hours

This worked just like any other benzyl peroxide cream for me. It definitely reduced the size of a pimple on my face within a day (more or less depending), but definitely not in 4 hours. It works though, and seeing as I bought it to replace my previous benzyl peroxide cream, I’m not completely disappointed. The texture and application of this medication is much better than other ones I have used before.Don’t depend on this if you are 4 hours away from a big event, but works great if you give it time and use as directed.

Geraldine Spokane, WA

I Don’t Know About *4-Hours*

The CLEARASIL ULTRA RAPID ACTION TREATMENT CREAM works well but it doesn’t clear up pimples in 4-hours, at least not mine.I tried it on two small ones that I had on my chest and although it did help with the swelling and tenderness, the pimples were still there a day or two later but they were dried up.Best uses for this cream would be to just use it directly on pimples and not on your whole face because it really dries the skin out.

Cornelia Hancock, IA

Effective but use sparingly

This stuff is pretty nasty for the long-term health of your skin.For context, the same active ingredient has been available for several decades. About 20 years ago, I used to use this product religiously every night for targeted removal of painful spots and acne. I had acne for almost 15 years before it finally went away and I used a product made by Clearasil with the same active ingredient (10% benzoyl peroxide) for almost 6 years.It works by promoting the creation of free radicles, which will kill the bacteria that are causing the pimple/zit/cyst. Great, but these same free radicles are the things that cause premature skin aging – the ones that the TV commercials for sunblock always talk about. In my case, this manifested as wrinkles that came a lot sooner than expected, relative to my peers or other members of my family.So by all means use this product for the occasional pimple that needs to disappear, but definitely avoid using it any more than is necessary and avoid repeated application to the same spot, just as you would avoid prolonged sun exposure.Finally, if you have more than occasional acne, definitely consult a doctor. I know it seems like a stupid thing to go to a doctor for, and at least one parent will just tell you to just deal with it (“it’s normal!”), but there are other treatments beyond the over-the-counter remedies that you’ll find on Amazon, and some of them are pretty good. Treatments have definitely improved in the last few decades. Remember that family doctors and generalists are not the same as dermatologists, so see a specialist if you can. As a final note, in my (non-medical but very experienced) opinion, the only thing worse than this stuff is Roacutane (the vitamin A precursor pill) – only use that as an absolute last resort (I think the topically applied version (generic Tretinoin) is much less risky).

Luann South Wales, NY

It did the trick

At my age (40’s) I still break out. My dermatologist gave me two prescriptions but neither seem to really work completely. I am not really supposed to use benzoyl peroxide products because she said they would be too drying but I was desperate as I had a big cystic acne popping up right on my temple. I dabbed the spot before I went to bed and in the morning it was mostly gone and flat (there was still a little raised area but it wasn’t noticable once I applied makeup, and a second application got rid of it totally). Yes, the spot was left a bit flaky but it was totally worth it to me. I also had a few pimples come in and it got rid of those right with one application. I don’t know if they dissapeared in 4 hours since I was technically sleeping and didn’t wake myself to check them, but I do know it worked overnight. I think this product is a lifesaver. Like I said, I am just spot treating one or two areas and it worked great.

Ada Canby, CA

Works as Well as Any Other

This product works as well, though no better, than any other benzoyl peroxide product I have used. I put a small amount on three acne spots and went to bed; when I woke up they had visibly diminished. On another occasion I used it on a different acne spot, and after four hours did not notice any difference. After around eight hours, it too had obviously decreased. I certainly would not refer to this product, as the advertising does, as “rapid action” or “vanishing”.I do not like that Clearasil is trying to market this as a product that works within four hours (by the large “4 Hours” printed on both box and tube) when in other places it says “in as little as 4 hours”. To me it is a deliberate attempt to cash in on subtly false advertising; for that reason I only gave it three stars and will not purchase it when I have used up this Vine sample.

Melba Des Moines, IA

Great product

This product does a great job of getting rid of breakouts fast. It takes a couple of days, but definitely does help with problem spots. With regular face washings and use of this product, it is possible to keep that teenage acne under control without expensive medications! My three teenagers would highly recommend this product to other teens.

Genevieve Carville, LA

It works!

I’ve written a lot of reviews. (Check my history)But this is the first time I’ve wanted to give a product more than five stars.I’ve used Clearasil products before. Clearasil was probably the first acne product I tried umptenth years ago when I woke up to my first pimple. Since then, I have used EVERY acne product out there. Murad has been the latest product to grace my bathroom medicine cabinet.BUT move over $$$$ Murad. This stuff worked.I don’t know why or how but in less than 4 hours my very large and red zit was half its previous size. I applied an additional dose overnight and I awoke to molehill where a mountain had been previously.I will be buying this stuff.

Andrea New Town, ND

Zero Zit Zapping

Clearasil products have never worked for me, and this one just continues the pattern. It claims to minimize redness and reduce pimple size, because it’s Clearasil’s ULTRA Rapid Action Vanishing Treatment Cream. No.Here are the cons of this product:*Once you apply the cream, it leaves your face feeling sticky and heavy.*It doesn’t live up to the

Tracy Tuckerton, NJ

Even us old folks having occasional acne problems.

I will say that this works better with “old age” pimples than has anything else I’ve tried. This will continue to be the treatment I turn to when necessary.

Vicki Mars Hill, ME

It works but not as quickly as advertised

Firstly, the product description reads "pack of 2" but I only received 1. The cream is odorless and goes on sheer without any weird dried-out telltale spot. It works okay, not in 4 hours, or even overnight but faster than other brands.

Katharine Snoqualmie, WA

Works, no side effects.

I decided to try Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream after having bad luck with salicylic acid products, which seem to make my skin break out. I don’t have an all-over acne problem but tend to get an isolated pimple here and there. This Clearasil product works really well for me. I use it once a day as needed on the affected area and have noticed my skin clears up faster than when not using anything other than my regular cleansing products (Clinique). My skin did not get dry and flaky from once-a-day usage.As a side note, some reviewers seem confused by the claim that this product reduces swelling and redness in as little as four hours. “In as little as” means there’s a possibility your zit will look better in four hours. It’s a best-case scenario and NOT the expected outcome. How much better your skin appears is subjective, and I’ve found it really takes half a day for truly noticeable improvement.

Shanna Brookville, OH

It Works Well – 4 Hours May Be A Stretch

What is Clearasil’s “Ultra” Rapid Action vanishing Treatment Cream? It is a cream containing 10% benzoyl peroxide as the active ingredient. The other, inactive ingredients are: Water, Propylene Glycol, Aluminium Hydroxide, Bentonite, Glyceryl Stearate SE, PEG-12, Isopropyl Myristate, Methylparaben, Carbomer, Potassium Hydroxide, and Propylparaben.The product is advertised as showing results in as little as four hours. This is prominently displayed on the front of the box. I view this as marketing more than anything else, for a few reasons:1. The product claims to use Acceladerm technology, but little information is available on what this “technology” does. It claims to accelerate the active ingredient’s work.2. The product package states “as little” as four hours, which by contrast may mean “as many as x hours.”3. This is a 10% benzoyl peroxide solution, so while it is strong, it is no stronger or faster acting than any other 10% benzoyl peroxide product.I am not saying it is a bad product, not at all. It is good. But the manufacturer may be taking a few liberties…..such is the marketing world.When it comes to strong OTC acne medicine, typically you find a cream/gel that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide or 2% salicylic acid. Another typical strength you may see is 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Being a 10% benzoyl peroxide product, this cream does work. Carefully applied to a pimple it will go to work and should reduce it, etc. Again, 4 hours seems a little optimistic.I noticed that, when applied as directed, it did minimize a significant pimple within a day or so. Also, for a smaller pimple, it will noticeably diminish it in a few hours. Vanish? No, but it will greatly minimize it. As with other creams of this type, drying/flaking can be an issue, so apply as directed, only onto a pimple itself, not clear skin, and don’t over-do it.As with any benzoyl peroxide product, avoid getting it on clothing, towels etc. as it will stain like a bleach.Overall, it works – I don’t think it works any more quickly than any other product, such as Oxy 10 Maximum or a less expensive store brand. I do like it, I just think the 4 hour thing can be misleading.

Christy Hammond, LA

Works pretty well

I have been using this product for a few years now and it works pretty well. It does decrease the size of the pimple, but not in four hours. It may take a day or at max two, but it does work.

Aileen Hillside, CO

10% Benzoyl Peroxide. Better Container than Other, Cheaper Products. Question the 4 Hour Claim.

10% benzoyl peroxide is the strongest over the counter acne medication that you can buy, and it will clear a blemish, but, in my experience, the results will not be within a 4 hour time-frame. Additionally, after reading the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream product description as well as all of the information on the box, I still do not know what “Acceladerm Technology” is other than a marketing phrase.This Clearasil product is not the only product that has 10% benzoyl peroxide. In fact, 10% benzoyl peroxide acne medications have been around for years, and you can find the same strength in a cheaper, generic brand product found in a large discount store. Instructions for use & warnings read the same on both containers.The difference between this Clearasil product and the generic product is that the generic product comes in a container that allows the product to dry out over a period of time. On the other hand, the Clearasil squeeze tube allows for easy dispensing and will keep the benzoyl peroxide moist.The Clearasil squeeze tube is superior to the generic bottle, but is pricier than the generic. Given that the active ingredients are equal, the question then becomes which container you prefer to purchase.

Marcy La Marque, TX

One more tool for clear skin.

As other reviewers have mentioned, this product works best for spot treatment on large blemishes. It is too strong to use daily. I also agree the 4 hour claim is unrealistic when it is more an overnight difference. I would likely buy it again for bad breakouts.

Diane Sebago, ME

Product poor quality because of seller.

Product arrived and it was already passed the expiration date. Looked like someone had tried to hide this fact. I think the age hurt the quality of the product because it did not work as well as one I had purchased in the store that was over a year before it expired.

Denise Lyndon, IL

Works pretty well, but no miracle cream (unfortunately)

My son uses this cream, and likes it. While the package and advertising emphasize the rapid action of the cream, promising to visibly reduce pimples in 4 hours, that may be a little exaggerated. Certainly this cream does go to work right away, and will dry up the area where it is applied quite quickly. But healing takes more time than 4 hours.This product is based on 10% benzoyl peroxide, the same ingredient many similar products use, and it’s hard to tell what else it contains that would work make it work any better than those similar products. The list of inactive ingredients is long and (to me) incomprehensible, and though Clearasil touts its “Acceladerm technology [that] accelerates delivery of acne medication,” I’m skeptical about it.

Joanne Champlain, NY


I’ve been using ‘Clearasil’ products over 25 years, especially ‘Clearasil Creams.’ This new improved rapid action vanishing cream is very gentle. Both my daughter and I put it to the test, and as with all Clearasil Creams I’ve ever used, this one also has good results. Very little is needed, it’s not messy, and it works fast. This Ultra Clearasil Cream contains Benzoyl peroxide 10%, which obviously aids in the treatment. Not only would I continue to use this product, but indeed recommend it to others for a rapid vanishing treatment that has proven to be extremely effective. In addition, as with all products, always check the expiration date. My sample expires 10/14, so there was no outdated problems. As a consumer, I never purchase any product, before checking the expiration date for safety.

Joy Garnett, KS

Does not work on Adult Acne

I used this in highschool and it worked like magic. Now, as an adult, it does nothing. So, don’t buy it if you need something for adult acne. I like Acnevir for adult acne issues.However, even in highschool it was lying in that it doesn’t really make a difference in four hours. Wish it did more to battle redness too. The dual pack is nice though.

Kristen Twin Lakes, CO

Effective, truly VANISHING, and atractively packaged.

Benzoyl peroxide has been a staple of acne treatment for decades now, so there’s nothing startlingly new about the active ingredient, but the particular formualtion of it (the “Rapid Action” part, probably having to do with nano technology), really does seem to make a difference. In years past, even the best BP treatments have had an oily feel to them, and sometimes and odor and sting. Not so with this product, which truly disappears into the skin shortly after contact. That makes it easier to control the amount used and seems to lessen the risk of an embarrassing white residue appearing after the product has finally dried (as has happened with other products).And a small esthetic triumph: I like the feel of the tube, which is more like a foil I associate with prescripton topical medications than the cheap, stiff pastic tubes other products use. I’m not sure what the practical value is, but it does feel more pleasant to use this style. As part of my skin care routine, I will be turning to Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action, unless something better comes along (I keep hoping that someday retinol products might become available over the counter, because as a topical, they offer superior effectivness, but until that day….)

Ivy Lakehead, CA


Even though I am getting wrinkles I still have occasional acne. I still use this product – which seems the same as the one I started using decades ago. It is effective. 10% BP is what you want unless you have sensitive skin. I find that the claims of seeing improvement in 4 hours are overblown, but I do see definite results by the next day. A good classic product.

Mallory Plainview, NY

For acne good

It works gradually in the skin, after three days of aplication you can see results. No allergic reactions, nothing to complain.

Bettye Gasquet, CA


I have a 14 yr old son who is struggling like crazy with acne on his face. I keep trying to find things to help him. I gave this to him and told him how to use it. There hasn’t been very much improvement in his skin.I do have to say, however, that when I have a break out I put the cream on it and it’s gone within a couple of days. He’s a teenager, I think he just doesn’t use it like he’s supposed to. If I babysit him and remind him every night to use it there is improvement. They have to come up with a product now that reminds kids to use the products! Maybe some kind of buzzer or alarm you can stick to their bathroom mirror. LOL!

Alice Kempton, PA

Too runny for me

I tend to get break outs on my chin and cheeks, along with my chest and back area. So here are my thoughts on this product:#1 — I saw little to no results in 4 hours. Yes, over time it does dry it up, but OVER TIME. I have used this product for a month now on my breakouts and I am not seeing any type of rapid action.#2 — Dries clear — yes, It definitely dries clear. Once it goes on, then I can let it dry and apply makeup right over the top. I LOVE that about it!#3 — Texture: For me it is just too runny. I feel like I am constantly squeezing out too much product, then it goes on soooo sheer that I wonder if I have enough product on the blemish. I guess it being runny is what makes it sheer and easy to apply makeup over, yet I wish it was a little bit thicker.Overall I am unsure as to whether I would purchase this again. It doesn’t seem to do anything differently than other products, ALTHOUGH it is the best product so far to apply make up over.

Janelle Greensboro, MD

Tough to tell, may work for some but not all

So I tried this, I mean I had my wife try this because nothing is working. Oddly she is 40 years old and still gets pimples…which as a woman drives her crazy. Anyway the term “rapid” for this Clearasil product means 4 hours your pimples are less puffy, read, and visible. I had my wife try this at night before bed 2 nights in a row, did she wake with less (noticeable) pimples…the answer is…wait for it…no. But she is not giving up hope as she is willing to try this application for a whole week to see if her skin needs to acclimate to this cream.The good news is with 10% benzoyl peroxide, it did not burn her skin.+++Update 4/18/2013+++++Well 10 days later and the wife’s skin really hasn’t changed for the better. So as I said perhaps good for some but not for all.

Mallory Stanley, NY

Works well on adult acne/pimples, takes away redness quickly

When you get older life plays another trick on you… adult pimples!I get a few small ones on my forehead from working (wearing a helmet when I grind, the strap traps dirt/sweat)I also get a pimple or two after I shave, around my neck.Typically the ones on my neck are red and painful, so when I saw the description:”Visibly reduces pimple size & redness in as little as 4 hours” I was like .. ok.. let’s see.It comes in a toothpaste style tube, it is not watery or too thick. It is white and rubs in clear.The verdict? This stuff works! I noticed later that day (not sure if it was 4 hours later, but it WAS the same day),that the pimple on my neck wasn’t as red and it didn’t hurt so much. Two days later it was just about gone!I have since used it on my forehead, and same results.. nice clear skin. I didn’t notice any stinging/dryness from the product myself.All I can ask is, where was stuff like this when I was a teenager? .. it really works! I would say give it a try for sure.****Jim

Marianne Alpena, AR

Not so good

This product promises much but in my opinion delivers little. My skin is very fair, sensitive, and it has been subject to acne and rosacea for 50 years. At 65, my face still breaks out, so it was with high hopes that I tried the cream for two weeks, following the directions carefully. The two positives are that the cream does work into the skin well and does dry out the affected areas and thereby takes down much of the swelling associated with acne. However, there was absolutely no difference, rapid or otherwise, that I could see in the amount of redness in areas caused by pimples. Over some days the redness eventually subsides, but in my case that is due to normal healing versus anything special by this cream. The other thing I noticed is that this cream caused a fair amount of itching in the places where it was applied. Unfortunately, on the basis of my experience, I cannot recommend this product.

Tammy Hostetter, PA


Quite drying but works it’s magic overnight. Especially good for the t-zone area that needs the extra help. Clearasil never dissapoints.

Brandy Bunker Hill, IL

Works well but not always in 4 hours

This cream contains 10 benzoyl peroxide which is about the strongest concentration of this acne medication you can get without a prescription and it works well. This product should not be overly applied as it may cause redness and burning but it works very well as a spot treatment to reduce those annoying pimples that all of a sudden pop up.

Josefina Erie, KS