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Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action On-to-Go Acne Treatment Wipes, 30 Count

Clearasil ultra on the go rapid acountion wipes 30 count.

Key features

  • Deep cleanses pores to remove dirt and oil without over drying
  • Clearer skin all day, every day
  • Dermatologist tested

Honest reviews


Nice Product, But Small Size. Good Packaging for “On The Go”

I am impressed with the ability of the Clearasil wipes to clean my face, but am disappointed with the size of the wipe itself. The wipes are nicely moist, and will clear light-medium make-up on a petite face (heavier make-up or a larger face, will need to use 2 wipes).The wipes are effective and seem to keep my T-zones blemish-free. However, I still would not use these wipes on a nightly basis because I want to make sure that my pores are clear and feel that a face wash does a better cleaning job.For travel, the Clearasil packing is great – not too puffy & easily packable in a purse or carry-on.So, a great product for “on-the-go”, but not a nightly cleanser.

Dora Ellisburg, NY


Love these wipes. Easy to carry along when you are not at home. Easy to use and effective in removing dirt and excess oils from the skin.

Lacy Skaneateles Falls, NY

Great size but does not clean as well

I use astringent pads/wipes daily. I can never seem to stick to the same brand since so many companies stop making them. My favorite used to be Stridex wipes that came in a box individually wrapped. They were the same size of these wipes but not good for the environment with the packing.I usually use pads that are circular daily so these are a nice change since they cover a much bigger area. However, with the circle pads, one side is smooth and the other is a bit more abrasive. With these, you get the same texture on both sides.I love the size of the pads but my face does not sting like it is clean after using these. I feel like there is some sort of film in leaves on my skin so I use a warm washcloth after using them. That is the one thing I do not like about these.I don’t know if I would buy these again, the size is perfect for just do not feel it cleans as well as other pads/wipes I use.

Norma Anthon, IA

solid product from a respected company in cosmetics

I haven’t used Clearasil since I was a teenager and they were promoting their anti-acne creams. These wipe are pretty good at wiping dirt and grime and removing makeup. I have no irritation or any other negative symptoms to report after using them, which is a great indication since I have very sensitive skin (probably more sensitive than a lot of people).These come in a relatively smallish side as they are meant to be quick wipes, not extensive napkins. That’s okay – just use several when needed.

Casandra Starbuck, MN

Cleans and protects

Our teenager finds these wipes to be very portable, convenient, and refreshing.However, we weren’t quite certain if it was doing anything beneficial for acne yet – we’ll probably have to try it out a bit longer to be certain one way or the other.

Lisa Berryville, VA

There’s nothing like Salicylic Acid for the skin

Clearasil’s rapid action facial wipes contain 2% Salicylic Acid which seems to be more than enough to keep skin looking beautiful at any age. This is not just for adolescents. Salicylic Acid has been around since ancient times and there are many many uses for it in medicine. It’s apparently an anti-inflammatory and a preservative as well as a topical skin product. It comes from a variety of plant sources around the world but I think a good amount of what we use today comes from natural fruit sources like berries, melons, tomatoes, peppers, olives, and some mushrooms. These wipes are a bit small but do the job. I like to use them at night and do a regular face wash in the morning. When I use Salicylic Acid products consistently, there seems to be a natural exfoliating effect and my skin looks so good. I don’t seem to get blemished anymore. It’s a miracle.This pack contains 30 wipes and at just under $7, it’s a bargain. Salicylic Acid (2% is enough) is the only ingredient you need so don’t spend tons of $$$ on Prestige versions of the same thing. This pack will last about a month with one use per day.Highly recommend.

Hannah Tylersport, PA

Actually worked!

I used these for a week, and I had to admit I was a bit shocked to find that it actually worked on clearing up my skin. I don’t think it’s fair that I am almost 40 and still have acne problems. I’m not to pretend that my face went from horrible to wonderful, but the slight acne spots did go to even slighter acne spots after about a week of daily use. The wipes are smaller than most wipes, but they are not just for cleansing, they are medicated and big enough to easily cleanse your entire face.

Millie Randolph, IA

Didn’t like these much

These wipes are very small, which would be fine except that they are also flimsy. They tend to stretch thin and tear while I’m using them. They are also too thin to really clean your face. I have to use multiple wipes, usually 3-4, to remove makeup and even then there is makeup left over. Basically the only good thing about them is the salicylic acid. These might be beneficial if used after actually washing your face (yes, the regular way), which negates the convenience factor. Otherwise these are going to cause breakouts from makeup and oil that’s been left behind. There are better wipes out there.

Allie Grants Pass, OR

acne fighting wipes

These wipes are great for “on the go” use. The packet is small and easily fits in my purse. The wipes are small, measuring only about 4″ X 4″ square. They have a mild, pleasant scent. They contain 2% salicylic acid, which is great for people who have acne. I hate that my skin still breaks out at my age (mid 40’s), but it’s great that there are so many products these days made specifically for acne-prone skin. My forehead gets oily quickly and instead of applying my powder to take away the shine, I use these wipes now because they are better for my skin. They don’t take away the shine as completely as a powder does, but it takes it away enough that it doesn’t bother me and I know it’s better for my skin than the powder make up.

Kathryn Meridale, NY

On the go and really tiny

These wipes are nice and soft. They smell kind of okay and feel refreshing, but they are a little too small. Another complaint I have with them is if your skin is very oily, this will not do a complete job of removing the oil. For dry skin though, this may be a good thing. They are convenient and did not cause any irritation on my skin. There was, however, a bit of filmy reside left behind on my face. I have tried several facial wipes, and this one was not one of the better ones. Average at best. I would not recommend using these to remove makeup or use as a “freshen up” while playing sports or other activity that may cause you to sweat. These will irritate your eyes.

Madeleine Rice Lake, WI

Small But Good – Recommended

These Clearasil “On The Go” wipes do a decent job cleaning the skin and do seem to be effective on treating acne, but the small size requires you to use at least two to cover the whole face. The flat travel pack makes it easy to keep these in the car or in a purse, which is a nice feature.Recommended!CFH

Tamera Wesley, AR

Average wipe that is a bit on the harsh side

I’m not thrilled with these wipes. On the plus side, the scent is OK. A bit on the medicinal side, but not at all troublesome. They are also soft to the touch, and the cleaning ability is decent.The downsides are I felt a little residue after I used them. Not a huge problem, but they didn’t leave my face feeling as clean as other wipes I’ve used. The biggest problem I had was that they are pretty harsh on my skin, which I assume is due to the addition of salicylic acid. While I do use salicylic acid face washes, the concentration (2%) of salicylic acid in this wipe is a bit too much for me. It left my face feeling very raw after use, and left some red spots on my face that took a couple of hours to fade.The small size of the wipes, and the addition of salicylic acid, makes them better as a “spot cleaner” (more so at night than on-the-go) rather than a true face wipe. OK, but not a standout product in the face wipe arena.

Bernadette Rochester, KY

Good, but small

I am using these Clearasil Ultra wipes in the early afternoon after lunch if my face feels greasy or sweaty. After washing my face with warm water and drying, I am using the wipes for a fresh, clean feeling. The packaging appears to keep the wipes from drying out. I have only used about 12 wipes and hope that when I get to the bottom of the pack, the last few do not feel like paper towels.

Emily New Stanton, PA

Convenience Is Key Here

If you are concerned with oily skin and want to prevent a breakout, this is a wonderful product that works. Much like baby wipes, all you have to do is remove a wipe to cleanse your face and neck. Only mildly astringent, the wipe removes dirt and oil and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean without drying your skin out.While I like to wash my face with water and an astringent cleaner, that isn’t always possible or convenient. This is great in a pinch and will prevent a problem before it starts. This fits easily in a purse and adapts to a busy lifetyle.

Dessie West Winfield, NY

Wipes are very small and pull out two at a time. They are fine for a quick refresher but wouldn’t be my first choice.

This little pouch easily opens and re-seals so the wipes stay moist. Each package contains 30 extremely small wipes. These wipes are hardly big enough to clean your entire face even when you use the front and back. They do a decent job of removing dirt and oil and refreshing your face. I don’t like how when you pull one out of the package a second one is folded up inside the first one. That causes to you either use two at a time or shove one back in the package. These wipes also irritate my skin a little and cause a slight burning sensation. These wipes are ok but costly for the amount in each package and I probably wouldn’t use them again as a result.

Leila Andover, KS

Suited for Touch-ups

These Clearasil On-The-Go wipes are named appropriately because they are a very small facial wipe (4″x4″) and probably suited more for a quick touch-up for oil control. They aren’t the big, thick wipes that you may normally wash your face with.They contain 2% salicylic acid for the treatment of acne and are good for oil control. Because of their small size, I believe that is all they are designed to be: a quick touch up for acne control.You don’t need water to use, just wipe your face with a wipe, no need to even rinse.They would be good to put in your purse, gym bag, school locker or drawer at work.

Laurie Mountain Home A F B, ID

Great wipes for on the go face cleaning at the gym or school. Great for teens and adults.

My 15 year old son prefers these way beter than oxy wipes. He likes the light fruity scent too. Easy to throw in bag or purse and take anywhere. Great to take on trip on airplane to take the place of cleansing lotion, makeup remover, and acne wash. A little small 4″ X 4″, so have to use more than one for a good cleaning but 1 is alight refreshment on a hot sticky day. These are little harsh for some, but for those with oily skin these are great.

Brandy Ault, CO


I recently tried a brand of face wipes that I was really impressed with. So I had high hopes for the Clearisil Ultra on the go wipes. But the clearisil offering leaves a little to be desired. The wipes are quite small. You are not going to clean your whole face with a wipe. They also seemed to be a little drier than would be needed to clean a face and not terribly thick.But as a on the spot treatment for acne, I think these are useful. The wipes did reduce the redness of a fairly mean zit. I also felt like they relieved a little of the pain and pressure.

Dona Villamont, VA

Have used clearasil products for years!

I have used many different Clearsil products over the years starting in the early 1980’s to the present and have mixed results in the process. I have a tendancy to get oil skin(inherited unfortunately) especially in the summer.Liked the simple using packaging plus the stick on clasp-some of these work a couple of times and dont stick and you go back to use them and they are all dried up. Nice cool and refreshing feeling once applied to my face and cheeks.Will try again in the future!

Inez French Village, MO

Small but effective

These wipes are about half the usual size, hence the " on the go" label.They are very soft, and nicely saturated.They contain salicylate acid which is nice for my oily skin.It might be a little harsh if you have sensitive skin.Nice for clean up after a gym work out.

Kenya Sebasco Estates, ME

Great for a weekend spent out-of-doors, away from home

This is on my list of items-to-pack when we’re heading out camping or to our fish camp. In the boat, it is ideal to wipe off salt spray before reapplying sunscreen. Toss a package of these in your backpack when you are headed out for a day of waiting in line, then watching a sporting event or concert. A bag in the console of your vehicle is not a bad idea either.Don’t leave a pack too long unused, as the wipes will dry out. So if you have a few packs tucked here and there, rotate them to use them up before they dry. Also, they are too “potent” to use if you’ve let your face get sunburned. And, of course, if you don’t need blemish control, go with something milder and less expensive.I especially like that the fragrance is not overwhelming.Don’t get confused by the “Directions” on this product page’s “Important Information”. This package contains wipes and NOT a gel or cream to squeeze into the palm of your hand. The “Directions” must have been pulled from another Clearasil product page…

Miranda Aurora, IL


I use a lot of facial wipes – I like the convenience, and sometimes I am too lazy to get up and wash my face. To me a good wipe will remove makeup and cleanse without drying or irritating my skin. A great wipe will do that and provide another benefit like pore minimizing or acne reduction.These clearasil wipes do all three things. They have a pleasant but not overpowering scent that dissipates quickly.The only problem with these is the size. ” On the go ” means a wipe that is quite small. So small that I found it impossible to clean my whole face with one wipe, even when I flipped it over to use both sides. They are so small that having to use 2 wipes makes it a costlier and less convenient solution.

Lindsay Montgomery, VT

Work great.

These are some good on the go wipes to help clean oily skin. They do a great job of r cleaning your face and removing dirt and grime. The only real problem is they tend to dry your face out. Overall though a good wipe for on the go or in your vehicle.

Rose Kinsman, OH

A better Clearasil than I remembered!

I seem to recall Clearasil from my youth as having a lot of drying, irritating facial products in it that actually contributed to breakouts. I was shocked and pleased to receive this modern kind of Clearasil, with gentle products suitable for sensitive skin and a really effective exfoliating ingredient – the salicylic acid.I’ve been using these wipes longer than the time I would normally experience breakouts over facial irritants. And no problems at all! My skin looks almost radiant. My nose pores are clean and look smaller. My whole face looks more even and smoother.I will definitely be purchasing more of these wipes when I use them up. I can manage to get by with one wipe for my entire face and neck at bedtime each day, carefully using all the parts of the (admittedly) small wipe to get all the moisture off. So I can make this packet last an entire month.I realize the idea for these wipes is for on the go use, but I’ve already added to my nightly routine and appreciate the simplicity of a wipe. It’s replaced the expensive liquid salicylic acid exfoliator that I used to apply with a cotton ball.The scent is mild and clean, and there is no burning sensation that one would associate with a formulation containing alcohol or menthol/mint compounds. There is no residue left on my face.I’m extremely pleased – and, I have to admit – I wasn’t expecting much. Clearasil seems to have updated with the latest advances and research into what is actually good for skin. I follow this up with a good moisturizer with antioxidants and am good for sleep.Highly recommended.

Shanna Smithfield, NC

On the Go Acne Treatment

This is package of relatively small face wipes, each with a 2% salicylic acid solution – an aspirin related product that treats acne by encouraging cell shedding, killing bacteria, and constricting pores. Salicyclic also tends to dry out your face, so the product recommends starting with one wipe per day, then working your way upOverall, a stationary product likeClearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Washmight be more economical for many people, but if you want to get some treatment on the go – at work, at the gym, on the road – these would be a great product. They worked well in our home tests, without producing excessive dryness. Recommended.

Sandy Keswick, VA

Tiny and Irritating

I tried to unfold the first wipe I took out of the package, thinking that it must be folded because it was so tiny. No, it is just way too little, about the size of a single square of toilet paper. I know because I compared it to a single square. It is a little longer on one side and about an equal amount shorter on the adjacent side, leaving overall size just about the same. Too small to be able to use conveniently.From the label, Clearasil Ultra On the Go Rapid Action Wipes, I thought these would be great to carry in my purse for a quick refresh on a hot day. No, they aren’t going to work for that.For my skin, they are much too drying, and I think they would be for almost anyone who doesn’t have very oily skin. For those people, especially teens in the throes of acne, they might be okay.Even though they are convenient to carry, I wouldn’t want to use them when I’m out. They left a sticky-feeling film on my face, and even my hand that held the wipe felt sticky. I had to wash my hands with soap and water to get rid of that feeling.The instructions on the product description page say:~~Wet Face, Squeeze Product Into Hands, Apply To Face And Massage Gently, Rinse Thoroughly, For Best Results, Use Twice Daily. Keep Tightly Closed, Store In A Cool Dry Place.~~Ummmm, squeeze product into hands? The description is obviously for something other than these wipes. Not a biggie — most of us can figure that out but someone really should check their Amazon descriptions before they post.While someone with severe acne might appreciate this product, I think most of us are better off with a different one.

Chrystal Torbert, LA

Small & Refreshing

These moist little towelettes are pretty good. They’re about 3″ square, and the whole pack is pretty compact and thin. So this would easily fit in a gym bag, purse or even a pocket. Just peel back the label to reveal a little resealable hole, grab a Clearasil wipe, and say hello to an instantly refreshed face. Perhaps not so great if you wear a lot of makeup, but a really good instant refresher, with the added the benefit of acne defense. Like ’em. But if you’re looking for something larger, natural and with no fragrance, then check this out:Simple Oil Balancing Wipes;oD

Ingrid Jacksonville, IL

Portability, Nice Scent, Moderate Benefit

This is a great way to get some quick cleaning and coverage, especially if you or your teen don’t like to do the full face wash. My son doesn’t mind using these occasionally and also uses the Clearasil round pads. The round pads seem to have more of a scrubbing effect that these rapid action wipes.But they did clean his face, they smell nice – not too strong or medicinal – and they were very convenient to use. They don’t seem to pack the same punch as theClearasil Pore Cleansing Pads Unisex, 90 Count.

Sierra Mc Andrews, KY

Two New Clearasil Products: A Handy Accessory To Keep At School, In The Car, Or At Work

Having been around for my entire life, the Clearasil brand is one that I have used with frequency in different product forms. Although I am no longer an adolescent prone to massive break-outs, I still combat the occasional blemish due to oily skin. Clearasil cleansers employ Salicylic Acid as their primary astringent. Anyone who expects that Clearasil is some miracle cure, in any format, will be sorely dissatisfied from the results. I’ve always thought of it this way, the products work on your skin more than they work on your acne. As prevention, they dry out the oily patches making it a less hospitable environment for outbreaks. For treatment, they (once again) primarily work to dry the area out and thus lessen the longevity of an attack.When I was young, we didn’t have all the fancy choices that are on the market today. Basically, there was a cleansing wipe and a topical ointment. However did we survive? As I said, I still keep acne medicine in my home. So when I had the chance to sample two new Clearasil products, I jumped at it. The skin care market has evolved with so many choices, however, neither of the new items felt particularly revelatory.Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash (3 1/2 stars): This is a facial wash meant to be employed in a nightly cleaning regimen (more if your skin can handle it). The gel was a bit light in viscosity. I tend to have embraced cleansers with more heft or even some type of scrub component. This will certainly clean your skin and not over dry it, but there are dozens of alternatives that would do the same thing. Works well enough for what it was designed to do, but won’t replace my regular routine.Clearasil Ultra On The Go Rapid Action Wipes (4 Stars): This product scores most of its points by being handy and transportable. Whether at work or at play, oftentimes I wish that I could give my face a good scrubbing. These are the next best thing. I can use the sheets to cut through the excessive oil until I have a chance to do something more intensive. For everyone who complains that they are too small, I say nonsense. We used to use pads the size of a half dollar! KGHarris, 4/13.

Laverne Sedalia, NC

Perfect for cleaning up after working out

I take these to the gym with me. They are perfect after working out- My skin feels extra clean and cool afterwords- I don’t use near my eye area due to the salicylic acid, I don’t use as a makeup remover.. For keeping my combo skin feel clean these work for me! They are small but that is all I need when on the go..

Aurelia Obernburg, NY