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Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Acne Treatment Overnight Face Scrub, 5 Ounce

This 5oz scrub in a tube is formulated specifically to work with your skin while you sleep. It exfoliates your skin overnight (when your skin acts differently).

Key features

  • Visibly reduces redness and pimple size overnight
  • An optimized mixture of scrub particles to provide gentle exfoliation of skin
  • Low levels of subtle fragrance to allow skin to feel pillow ready

Honest reviews


Still deciding

So far I like the scrub, but I’m still trying to decide if it’s helping to make a change to my skin overall!!

Deirdre Mountain Home, AR

Works, but why does it have to be perfumed?

Clearasil Ultra Overnight Scrup has a pleasing texture that includes exfoliating beads. I’ve used the product for a few weeks and it works very well. It fights redness and clears up blemishes.My one complaint, and I find it to be pretty significant, is the product’s smell. For the life of me, I don’t understand why each and every skin product has to be scented. I don’t need my overnight acne medicine to be perfumed! It’s distracting and gets in the way of my sleep. If a product must be scented, why not something faint and herbal like peppermint or lavender?

Fran Thompsontown, PA

Nice. Not exceptional but also above average.

I got this cream and other Clearasil products when I was having some strange skin reactions on my face and right now, they have all cleared up, thank heavens, but I am not entirely sure what did the trick. I do know that I did not use this product too many times. It is just a good scrub. I have used it before bed and it cleans the face, there is no reaction, no chemicals that have caused me any sensitivity issues so that’s good, and the smell is fairly nice. I use a toner and then apply lotion after using it. It is not as thick as my other scrubs and I like that. It’s more diluted but it still has the right scrubbing feeling. I’d say try it. The price is very reasonable.

Judith Bethune, SC

Exfoliating granules clogging my pores

This product contains tiny exfoliating granules that leave my skin clean, smooth and softer than ever.This would be the perfect cleanser except after using it I’ve broken out. I’m an adult with no history of blemish problems. I get one or two a year with the use of a cleanser and astringent, both of which are in this product. After a few weeks of using this, I’ve had numerous pimples, both large and painful and smaller whitehead ones. I don’t have sensitive skin and have never had an adverse reaction to a product.I love the way my skin feels immediately after using this product, but it seems as though teh exfoliating granuales are clogging my pores. I won’t be continuing use.

Socorro Forest Hill, LA

My Wife’s Opinion:

OK, so I have not personally used it … don’t have much use for it, but here is what my wife has to say:Clearasil is great for teenagers. If used consistently every night, it does clear up light acne. When first applying, it feels very light and doesn’t make your face feel like it is cleaning, but overnight, it is working. I wouldn’t recommend this product for adults, but more for teenagers that have acne. Our duaghter has a persistent cluster of little white-heads on her forehead. This is the only product that made them go away.

Amber Yazoo City, MS

Scrub The Night Away

There is no question about it, Clerasil skin products have actually worked brilliantly on my skin, and also delivered what they had promised to do. For their Clearasil Ultra Overnight Scrub, it is a sophisticated scurb that works well onto my skin at night, and also gives a nice tingly feel each time I was my face. I was definitely surprised at how well that it works, and is a very simple scrub. I do though wish that it could’ve been a dash less expensive in price. But overall, you mainly do get what you pay for. If you are looking for a absolutely better cleaner for your face, give Clerasil Ultra’s Overnight Scrub a try.Price: BCleansing: BOverall: B

Terra Boston, VA

Works great!

I’m 38 and have pretty clear skin but have small breakouts everynow and then. I’ve been using the scrub for 3 weeks now and it really does clear up blemishes overnight. I use it daily and whenever a blemish shows up during the day it’s usually gone by the next morning.My skin is left feeling very soft. The scrub has exfoliating beads in it but the scrub is so creamy that the beads don’t feel too harsh and it washes off cleanly. I will definitely be purchasing this product when my current supply runs out.I highly recommend this scrub if you are prone to frequeny break outs.

Janine Colusa, CA

Too gentle for my taste

If you’ve been put off by other scrubs because they were too rough, Clearasil Ultra Overnight Scrub may be just what you’ve been looking for. It has a very creamy texture, almost like a moisturizer. The ‘scrub’ particles were sparse and also very soft, too soft for my taste. I prefer something that really exfoliates, like a sugar scrub. That being said, my skin felt very soft after using the scrub, almost like I’d used a cold cream.But what about the big promise that it ‘Visibly reduces redness and pimple size overnight’? I have pretty good skin overall, and break out mildly only once a month. I did notice a slight redness reduction of a breakout the next morning after using this scrub, but my teenage sister also used it and couldn’t tell a difference.The fragrance is light and very clean, so guys as well as girls can use this. I’ll be going back to my regular sugar scrub, but may pull this out when I break out.

Brittany Burgin, KY

Did not work for my teenage daughter

My daughter is 15 and has had problems with acne so when this offered in the Vine program I decided to get it. Well it’s been more than 2 weeks and there has been no improvement. She uses it as directed and instead of clearing up her face it seems as though it’s making it a bit worse. She states that it also makes her skin dry. I know that everyone’s skin is different so don’t let my review discourage you from getting it. What didn’t work for her might verily work for you. So far we’ve found only 1 OTC acne product that has worked for her and we may just stick with that.Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit

Audrey Quincy, FL

*Seems* To Work, But I Still Break-Out!

The CLEARASIL ULTRA OVERNIGHT SCRUB didn’t keep me from breaking-out but it did seem to make the pimples go away quicker than normal.Usually I’ll breakout with one or two small to medium sized pimples that would take about a week to clear up, sometimes leaving a mark behind. After using the SCRUB for about 2 months, I noticed that the pimples didn’t last as long and that probably has to do with the salicylic acid that causes the skin to breakdown and repair itself faster, basically shedding dead skin cells faster, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it.I didn’t use it everyday, which would be too drying for my skin type — normal/oily combination — and so I would use it every two to three days and only once a day. BTW, I also use an SPF moisturizer in the day time to combat dryness and to protect from UV rays because your skin tends to be hypersensitive to sunlight while using these types of products. If you have a sensitivity to salicylic acid this could be too drying for your skin.The SCRUB didn’t lather too much and had larger granules than say Pro-Activ Face Wash, and it has that odd smell like medicinal perfume. Anyway, if you don’t like the abrasive scrubs CLEARASIL also hasClearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask: 6.78 OZ, but I found that one to be really drying until my skin adjusted to it.

Janette Curtis, MI

redness is improving

I ordered this to try and improve my rosacea which causes redness, especially on my nose, and occasional persistent pimples. I enjoy using it, it foams and feels like its really getting my skin clean and I like the smell. I have been using it at night for about two weeks and my skin is much better – not totally back to normal but definitely getting there. Will continue to use it and post a progress report when I’ve finished the tube. I have tried many things before including prescription Metrogel, as well as Prosacea (from Amazon)which did not help. The best thing up til now has been A & D ointment which also helped to hide the redness but this product is more effective. I think the exfoliating qualities of the cleanser are also good for brightening up my old skin in general – it just looks better all around.

Muriel Lynx, OH

Concentrated and effective

EDIT: I’ve now compared this 5 oz overnight scrub to the 6.78 oz Clearasil face wash that is sold for exactly the same price at most retailers, including Amazon. The (35%!) larger bottle contains exactly the same active ingredient at the same concentration. However, I still prefer this scrub for two reasons:1, The little grains in the scrub gave it a good texture2, It was much easier to wash offHowever, it’s over-priced for what it is. All of these products come in very poorly designed squeeze bottles that make it impossible to get the last little bit out of the tube.–One of the most annoying things about shopping on-line is that it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting. This is really important with acne medications, since the different methods of combating acne don’t always play well together. In case you’re new to this, or didn’t know about all the options that are available to you, I’ve tried to present them here. Caveat right up front: I’m not a medical doctor, just someone with a long-standing personal interest in this space.This product contains 2% salicylic acid. For the science nerds amongst you, it’s closely related to the active ingredient in aspirin and (at higher dosages) wart remover! Like many acne remedies, the science is a bit thin on the ground in terms of understanding what it actually does. Best guess is that it accelerates skin cell turnover, meaning your spots have less time to develop, and will emerge faster. It also acts as an exfoliant (literally helps remove the outer layers of dead skin), which may reduce the amount of debris that can block those all important secretory ducts in your skin.In appearance, this is a milky opaque cream with little blue grainy bits that are popular amongst this class of exfoliating products. A little goes a long way (I find a half inch ribbon is enough to cover my face). You don’t want to use too much… I currently suffer from very mild acne and had smoother skin, particularly around my lower jaw, in just a few days. It doesn’t have much of an effect on spots that are already prominent, but has really helped with those underlying swellings that you just know are going to be spots by the weekend.Caveats: it may dry out your skin and this product does not play well with other classes of turnover accelerating chemicals, like Retin-A (applied either topically or orally). Retin-A or any of the similar Vitamin A-based treatments are powerful medicines, and should be treated with extreme care.Other options for acne fall into two additional classes:1) Molecular anti-bacterials – triclosan (like you’d find in tartar control toothpaste), topical clindamycin (Rx), oral erythromycin (Rx), even ethanol are used in a variety of “anti-bacterial” or “anti-biotic” soaps. First, these compounds are overused as it is, and are probably encouraging the proliferation of resistant bacteria (ever noticed how your anti-bacterial face wash is less effective after you’ve been using it for a year? Yes, resistance happens and it’s that fast). Second, they’re most effective for spots on the surface, but don’t really deal with the underlying problem. However, you can combine these treatments with each other and with the skin turnover accelerators (above) or the other class of free-radical based treatments (below).2) Free-radical treatments – benzoyl peroxide (2.5, 5, or 10% topical creams) was one of the original anti-acne medications. This stuff is horrible for your skin long-term. Yes, it will clean up zits and spots pretty well, but it will age your skin like very few other chemicals, which you’ll be less than thankful for by the time you’re starting your first real job. Clearasil made their name with this chemical, but now publish a warning in small letters saying that you should discontinue use within 6 months. Yes, it’s that bad. Basically, what you’re doing here is non-specific damage to your skin cells and bacterial cells. Humans can take this kind of punishment better than the bacteria. Furthermore, bacteria find it much harder to become resistant to this kind of onslaught. In practice, that means this stuff will work, and more consistently than the molecular anti-bacterials. Personally, I still wouldn’t use it again, even if you paid me. I’m not sure how benzoyl peroxide combines with other chemicals, and I’m not sure anyone else knows either. The problem with free radicals is that they will non-specifically chemically alter anything they come in contact with (they’re just very reactive), including other chemicals that are on your skin, bacterial cell walls, DNA, etc. The nerds amongst you will have realized that, assuming this stuff penetrates your actively growing skin cells AND get to the DNA inside them (a big assumption since the other skin cells are already dead) then it’s a potential mutagen – awesome!I hope this was helpful, and I welcome comments from others who know more than I do. Bottom lines:If you have severe acne, see a doctor and be wary of oral retinoid treatments (you’ll know them when you see them because they’ll ask you to sign a paper saying you won’t get pregnant or try to get anyone else pregnant while you’re taking this drug – but the bigger issue for me is a potential acceleration of male pattern baldness, which is still under investigation and for which I have no solid data, only anecdotes).If you have mild to moderate acne, a scrub like this one can help, and probably won’t create too many other issues, beyond slight drying of the skin.

Robert Baltimore, MD

Nice exfoliant without the obnoxious odor that other products have

I like that this scrub does not smell medicated like other products. It is a gentle, yet effective exfoliant. It isn’t too abrasive. It left my skin looking and feeling cleaner and healthier.

Deanne Newburg, MO

Surprisingly gentle and effective!

I have used quite a few acne preparations over the years. My last attempt at using a Salicylic Acid (as active ingredient) product was with Neutrogena’s Grapefruit Body Scrub. That was so irritating that the thought of trying yet another one had me a little anxious.I used this in the shower, on my face, neck, and body.I waited for the redness and dryness.But I woke up that next morning, and every morning after that I have been using it, with less new bumps and my skin was so extremely and fantastically soft and it didn’t get all patchy and dry and while I had a little peeling, it wasn’t the same sort of irritated, dry flaking I’ve had with other products.I do wish this came in a bigger tube as I am using it all over.I’m not crazy about the fragrance. It has a fragrance that reminds me of those floral scented nail polish removers, albeit not as strong. The fragrance does dissipate with rinsing and drying off (thankfully).I’ll keep up with this for the next few weeks and see if breakouts are diminished more than just the week long adjustment to a new medication/treatment. I would love for this to work better than my 5% benzoyl peroxide foam (the bleaching of everything drives me a little bananas)…. I will update once I give this a longer run.

Rosemary Clarksville, FL

Works but does not cure…

I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and over-the-counter (OTC) products typically irritate my skin. This did not. This Clearasil scrub feels good, smells good and actually works. However, it is definitely not a cure for acne, especially for a woman’s monthly breakouts. That’s just life. It’s also not as great as some prescriptions I’ve used in the past. But for an OTC product, I say it’s worth trying. It makes your face feel fresh and clean. And the smell makes you feel happy before going to sleep which is a plus.Overall, I’m pleased with this OTC product. I will say, be realistic: acne is normally a lifelong problem, but it can be controlled with a great skin care regimen. Every 2-3 months, I change my regimen so that my skin never becomes resistant to any product or combination of products I use. I also change my pillowcase every night before bed. This scrub may not be prescription strength, but it is worth a try!

Haley Smithfield, NC

works well; doesn’t make skin feel dry and tight

Given the name “overnight scrub,” I was expecting something you would leave on your skin overnight. Instead, this is just a cleanser to use at night time. I don’t know why one couldn’t use it in the morning as well. I gve this cleanser a try on my normal, not-dry-not-oily skin. It felt good and left my skin clean and refreshed. Surprisingly, it didn’t leave it feeling tight or dry like other or cleansers that target acne. I can’t vouch that it really improved the color of my skin, but it did leave it clean and oil-free in the morning.

Kaye Ekwok, AK

Left my skin feeling soft and smooth

I have adult acne and I have tried a few products without much luck. Clearasil Ultra Overnight Scrub has Salicylic acid 2%, which typically does not work as well on adult acne.I only used this product on my face before bed. After one night I did notice my skin felt better and softer. While my acne remained, it was less inflamed and red. After several more nights of use, my acne is nearly gone and my skin is still soft.It is a good scrub that exfoliates without leaving your skin feeling greasy or overly dry. And a little goes a long way. One pea size drop thoroughly scrubs my face and neck. It smells really good too.Clearasil also has a money back guarantee through the company’s website, so you can try it without worry.I highly recommend this product. I hope to try the additional products in the Ultra line, especially those for overnight use.

Carmen Aiken, SC

Exfoliates without high level of abrasiveness.

Clearasil Ultra Overnight Scrub’s exfoliating particles are so “micro” as to feel almost smooth, unlike the exfoliating scrubs in the past that often made me feel like I was washing with kitty litter. The scent is fresh, as is the feeling on my face after rinsing the scrub off. Which is also an improved experience–it washes clean with no residue, leaving skin clean and invigorated without feeling tight or raw.Despite its being comparatively benign, I think there’s a good reason for this to remain an “overnight” product. Due to the exfoliating properties and salycic acid content, this product can leave one’s face appearing a little red. It’s not a permanent state, but having overnight to let the skin calm–with the assistance of a product for sensitive skin, if necessary–helps prevent the “soap-burn” common to many acne products.I give Clearasil Ultra high marks. I got this free to review as part of the Vine program, but I will now be purchasing it. It’s become a part of my routine and I think it represents a step up from similar products I’ve tried in the past.

Laurel Freeburg, PA

A minimal difference

This product made a slight improvement to the skin but did not produce the desired clearing up of the skin. I would have to express my disappointment in this product, although the packaging is fine and it does slightly improve the skin. I was expecting greater results though, so I can’t recommend this product with a lot of enthusiasm.

Addie Wyanet, IL

Exfoliates? Reduced redness? No such luck!

I have fairly clear 30ish skin with occasional pimples. I do have a problem with my very fair skin having uneven skin tone. However, on a cyclical cycle I do get small quasi-break-outs that usually appear as red spots on my chin and T zone. This product promises reduced redness overnight, which just didn’t happen for me. Nor did I find that it exfoliates. Rather, I think that when I use this I actually had more skin irritation. This is one of those situations where individual response is going to vary so much. However if you have sensitive skin that is fair (and hence shows up every little variation in color) – I cannot recommend it based on MY experience, but it may be just right for someone younger with more regular break-outs. I have had excellent luck with weekly use ofBoscia Luminizing Black Mask 2.8 oz.

Dorothea Hayward, CA

Has Cleared up my Face in Little Over Two Weeks

I have used several scrubs over the years and this has to be one of the best for the suggested retail price. If you have the $$$ then I would suggest purchasing a premium brand such as Kiehls or Pangea Organics, but if you are working on a budget then this Clearasil Ulta Overnight gives you a nice bang for the buck. The scrub is soft yet feels like a scrub and is easily applied to your face and neck area. Following your nightly cleanse its good to use a non-greasy formula moisturizer to help lock in the cleansing affect. My skin had a noticeable improvement over the next 15 days after I started using it and during this period I consumed more sugar than I normally do which usually affects my skin in a negative way. All in all this is a good product and worth the shot.

Monica Bevington, IA

Love this stuff!

Let me just say I am a 35 yr old woman and I’m tired of all the junk I go through trying to clear up my skin. It’s just about as bad as when I was a teen! I have used Clearasil in the past (different clearasil produts) and have always liked the brand. I was happy to be able to try this!I wash my face at night when I get a shower before bed. The first time I used it I thought it left my face feeling a little greasy and I wasn’t very happy about that.After I got out of the shower and dried my face off I couldn’t believe how soft my skin felt. Now that I’ve been using it for a week and a half or so I am just in love with it. The redness on my face is greatly diminished, my face is clearing nicely and my skin is still soft in the morning when I get up! Love it and will definitely buy it in the future! Highly recommend this for people who have the same kind of problems with their skin as I do. Wish I’d had it 20 yrs ago!

Tanisha Nubieber, CA

Daughter Approves

I handed this over to my fifteen year old daughter. She also uses Clearasil ultra deep pore cleansing pads in the morning, with the Clearasil spot treatment and now tries this Clearasil Ultra Overnight scrub at night.After 2 weeks, she definitely saw result. She loved this product and still use’s it. By my observation , it did get rid of all her acne while preventing future ones. She highly recommend this product as it works great.

Paulette Harrisonville, NJ

Don’t believe the hype

This scrub has microbeads which do seem to help exfoliate the skin. The 2% salicylic acid is supposed to help with the pimples. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell a difference between using this product and a good quality soap. I’ve had new breakouts while using this scrub, so I don’t have much confidence in their claims. On a positive note, I do like it simply as a scrub – it seems to leave on a moisturizing layer even after rinsing, so it doesn’t dry the skin as much as other products containing 2% salicylic acid.

Jacquelyn Lepanto, AR

Actually works!

I got this for my wife who has occasional mild acne. I wasn’t sure if this would work like the product said it would but she found that when she used it, any acne was gone or reduced by the morning.It also is a great scrub that really seems to get the skin clean.

Irma Hacksneck, VA

Did not work for me

I have had difficulty with acne and other facial blemishes on and off throughout my life. I was hoping this would help with my acne outbreaks without drying out my skin.However, I had to stop using it after 2 weeks. My face started becoming extremely itchy, irritated, and dry almost immediately. I thought maybe my face would adjust so I continued using it. But then I started waking up scratching my face like crazy. I don’t have what you would call sensitive skin. In addition, I did not see any improvements in my skin. Granted, I did only get to use it for 2 weeks. But I would have thought if it was working I would have started to see some improvement, however slight.Therefore, I have to say I would not recommend this product. Of course, it is totally possible that it would work for someone else.

Madge Girardville, PA

Works, but took a while.

My 13-year old daughter uses this product and it does work, but, in her words ” kind of works. I takes a really long time to get started working. it doesn’t smell amazing.” She uses it nightly. She also said that it makes her skin smooth, but “it kinda burns when you first out it on.” It could be that it’s too strong for her skin.

Ophelia Fabens, TX

Overnight scrub cleans without overdrying

Generally, I do not use a scrub on my face. The feeling of spreading a sandy, foreign substance on skin is never something I got accustomed to. Despite this, I have found that over the last week my preferences have changed. In contrast to a leave-on topical cream that overdries the affected area, Clearasil Ultra Overnight is just right. It cleans without overdrying. It has a mediciny smell a few will be turned off by, but the alternatives are either floral or fruity–neither of which is appealing to me. Since using the product about a week ago, there have been no new breakouts and my skin feels markedly less oily. Clearasil is not a flawless product, but it does the job just fine.

Nannie Bartlett, OH

About the same as other facial cleansers

I feel like this product is going to get mixed reviews just like every other facial scrub on the market. Some people swear my certain products, while others see no benefit in them. My experience with this product is average. I enjoy it as a facial cleanser, but I wouldn’t say that it miraculously cleared up my skin. The fact that it has microbeads makes it feel like it does a good job cleansing, but with only 2% salicylic acid, I can’t see it doing major repair work if you have a bad case of acne. It does leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed, and I found the very light scent to be pleasant. My skin didn’t feel dry or flakey after using, so if you have skin with mild imperfections or occasional breakouts, it may work well for you – but probably no better than any other scrub/cleanser on the market.

Lorrie Tuscarora, PA

Clearasil produces quality skin products

I’ve long had problems with skin breakouts since adolescence and I still do at almost 40. I hate it and appreciate any product that can clean these zits and greasy skin. Enter Ultra Overnight Scrub. It’s a fantastic feel on the skin to gently clean and heal the acne that plagues me. I’m confident I’ll see less breakouts so long as I keep using this stuff. I liked the light lemony scent and how easily it washed off. Not real sure why it’s only for the night. Use it ANYTIME!

Sonia Holderness, NH