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Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Acne Treatment Face Wash Gel, 6.78 Ounce

Clearasil ultra rapid acountion gel wash 6.78 ounce.

Key features

  • Deep cleanses pores to remove dirt and oil without over drying
  • Clearer skin all day, every day
  • Dermatologist tested

Honest reviews


I’m so surprised I like something with the name Clearasil!

When I hear the name Clearasil, I can only have horrible flash-backs to the awful yellowish-brownish stuff that we all used in high school. The smell was beyond terrible, but it worked…. sorta, kinda.Well, I am a sucker for every new kind of cleanser and cosmetic, and took a chance on Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash. I am very glad I did, and I will definitely keep this around for some time. Firstly, there is no awful smell. It’s mild and pleasant, and the neighbors won’t all know you are using something by Clearasil when you step outside.What matters, of course, are the results! After delivering a nice level of suds, it rinsed off quite easily and left my face feeling as though the T-zone on my face was quite fresh, without having been stripped to the point that my skin would be cracking later on. I followed up with one of my regular oil-free moisturizers, and my make-up went on like a dream.I would not use this gel wash in addition to an exfoliating scrub, and I may not use it every single day. However, I am very satisfied with this product and certainly would recommend it to friends! Give it a try!

Melody Malakoff, TX

Good 2% salicylic acid daily facewash for acne

One of the most annoying things about shopping on-line is that it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting. This is really important with acne medications, since the different methods of combating acne don’t always play well together. In case you’re new to this, or didn’t know about all the options that are available to you, I’ve tried to present them here. Caveat right up front: I’m not a medical doctor, just someone with too much experience with acne.This product contains 2% salicylic acid. For the science nerds amongst you, it’s closely related to the active ingredient in aspirin and (at higher dosages) wart remover! Like many acne remedies, the science is a bit thin on the ground in terms of understanding what it actually does. Best guess is that it accelerates skin cell turnover, meaning your spots have less time to develop, and will emerge faster. It also acts as an exfoliant (literally helps remove the outer layers of dead skin), which may reduce the amount of debris that can block those all important secretory ducts in your skin.In appearance, this is a transparent blue thick liquid (gel), not entirely dissimilar to a watery toothpaste. It replaces a product that contained little plastic beads in it. A little goes a long way (I find a half squeeze of the pump is enough to cover my face). You don’t want to use too much… I currently suffer from very mild acne and had smoother skin, particularly around my lower jaw, in just a few days. It doesn’t have much of an effect on spots that are already prominent, but has really helped with those underlying swellings that you just know are going to be spots by the weekend.Caveats: it may dry out your skin and this product does not play well with other classes of turnover accelerating chemicals, like Retin-A (applied either topically or orally). Retin-A or any of the similar Vitamin A-based treatments are powerful medicines, and should be treated with extreme care.Other options for acne fall into two additional classes:1) Molecular anti-bacterials – triclosan (like you’d find in tartar control toothpaste), topical clindamycin (Rx), even ethanol are used in a variety of “anti-bacterial” or “anti-biotic” soaps. First, these compounds are overused as it is, and are probably encouraging the proliferation of resistant bacteria (ever noticed how your anti-bacterial face wash is less effective after you’ve been using it for a year? Yes, resistance happens and it’s that fast). Second, they’re most effective for spots on the surface, but don’t really deal with the underlying problem. However, you can combine these treatments with each other and with the skin turnover accelerators (above) or the other class of free-radical based treatments (below).2) Free-radical treatments – benzoyl peroxide (2.5, 5, or 10% topical creams) was one of the original anti-acne medications. This stuff is horrible for your skin long-term. Yes, it will clean up zits and spots pretty well, but it will age your skin like very few other chemicals, which you’ll be less than thankful for by the time you’re starting your first real job. Clearasil made their name with this chemical, but now publish a warning in small letters saying that you should discontinue use within 6 months. Personally, I wouldn’t use it again, even if you paid me. The other problem with benzoyl peroxide is that it will non-specifically chemically alter anything they come in contact with (they’re just very reactive), including other chemicals that are on your skin, bacterial cell walls, DNA, etc. The nerds amongst you will have realized that, assuming this stuff penetrates your actively growing skin cells AND get to the DNA inside them (a big assumption since the other skin cells are already dead) then it’s a potential mutagen – awesome! It’s also not a good idea to apply benzoyl peroxide and 2% salicylic acid treatments at the same time.I hope this was helpful, and I welcome comments from others who know more than I do. Bottom lines:There are good acne treatments available – if you’ve read this far, you’re probably interested enough to see a dermatologist. If you have mild to moderate acne, a gel like this one can help, and probably won’t create too many other issues, beyond slight drying of the skin.

Bernadette Rio Grande, OH

great facial cleanser

This is a great facial cleanser for those who have acne-prone skin. It contains 2% salicylic acid which is the active ingredient I always look for when choosing cleansers for my face.It helps keep my acne under control.This cleanser has almost no scent to it. It does a good job of cleansing my skin and does not dry it out. It lathers well and rinses clear, leaving no residue. This cleanser is great for daily use.

April Vandalia, MI

It doesn’t give my face much of a scrub, wouldn’t be my first choice

This facial cleaner comes in a slightly larger than average 6.78 ounce size bottle. It’s a light blue formula that is like a thin gel. It has a light scent that smells pleasant but not special in any way. It lathers up but doesn’t create a lot of suds so it rinses off your face faster than some other brands so I like that part of it. I wash my face twice a day because my forehead will get oily. I like a cleanser or scrub that really gives my face a good scrub and leaves my face feeling clean but not dried out and it needs to give me a refreshed feeling. I have used many other brands that have met my expectations just fine but I don’t feel like this wash does quite the same job. It doesn’t provide any exfoliation or really scrub my face in any way. It doesn’t feel like it removes oil as well as others. I also think they could have given it a better scent. This wash just isn’t for me and I wouldn’t use it again.

Gayle Goddard, KS

Surprised it works as well as it does!

I only use face was that has 2% salicylic acid in it. I have combination skin and it seems to be the only type that works on my face. I like using Biore, or Neutrogena, or whatever seems to be the best price at the time.I have used other Clearasil products and like them but this one really impressed me. I use it at night to wash off my day face. Whether that is make-up or not it seems to leave my face squeaky clean. I also notice in the morning it seems to control the oil better than any other wash I have used.A lot of other brands you have to use a lot but the pump on this is convenient and also gives you the right amount. I find it lathers well unlike some of the other ones out there.I did not expect this to work as well as it has and my face has been looking really good these last few weeks and think this contributes to it. I like this a lot and will be using this again in the future.

Lynette West Fairlee, VT

Works Well

This is a 6.78 ounce pump bottle. The face wash is a blue gel. 2% salicylic acid is the active ingredient. It is best applied daily, and can be gradually increased up to three times daily.I would suggest sticking with once a day, near bedtime when washing your face. Salicylic acid can be drying to the skin, so if you use this 2 or 3 times a day, you could experience some drying/flaking. Use your own judgement, and that of your doctor. If you have very oily skin/more acne, you may want to use this 2 or 3 times daily.It is effective, no more so, or less, than any other 2% salicylic acid solution.

Aida Central Islip, NY


I typically use the regular Clearasil face wash to get all my make-up off, but I thought I’d give this one a try. Even as an adult, I tend to get breakouts occasionally. This face wash cleans well. It dried my face out more than normal, though, so I wouldn’t recommend it as an everyday wash, unless you keep breakouts. If you’re like me, and only get them occasionally, this seems to be a great treatment face wash.

Maureen Swan Lake, NY

A Salicylic Acid Miracle!

I’m going to piggy back off of the review I did for Clearasil’s Rapid Action Facial Wipes and talk about how I use the 2% Salicylic Acid this gel wash also contains and why this is such a good product for a person of any age (not just the teen set). As I mentioned in my previous review, Salicylic Acid has been around since ancient times and there are many many uses for it in medicine. It’s an anti-inflammatory, a preservative, and a topical skin treatment product, among its many other medical, curative/healing uses. It comes from a variety of plant sources around the world including some types of tree bark but I think what we use today mostly comes from natural fruit sources like berries, melons, tomatoes, peppers, olives, and some mushrooms. I use the wipes at night before I go to bed so the product stays put while I sleep and have been using the wash in the morning which I rinse off completely. When I say my skin looks absolutely smooth and even without even a sign of a blemish, believe me, it’s true. The natural exfoliating alone, thanks to the 2% Salicylic Acid you get in these Clearasil products, is miraculous. 2% is more than enough. You don’t want to overdo any type of acid/exfoliating product. The older you get, the more helpful exfoliating is.The gel wash is about 7 ounces and runs just under $10. I would recommend using these in conjunction with the wipes. You won’t be able to buy even one Prestige item for the cost of both of these. Salicylic Acid (2% is enough) is the only ingredient you really need so don’t waste your money on super expensive versions.Highly recommend.

Ella North Bangor, NY

Good Cleanser. Nice Lather. Effective.

Clearasil gel wash pumps out liquid-y, but lathers well & makes it easy to wash your face.I’ve used this face wash for about 5 days & think that it does an excellent job cleansing my face. I am prone to an oily “T” zone & have not noticed any problems during my use of Clearasil gel wash. It seems to remove my light make-up well.Clearasil gel wash is not harsh on my sensitive face skin. I always use a moisturizer after washing, but didn’t notice that Clearasil left my skin feeling tight or dry.My overall impression of Clearsil gel wash is positive & it will be a strong contender when I need to replace my regular face cleanser.

Lily Lamar, IN

Works pretty well

I don’t have a problem with acne, but I do get annoying breakouts from time to time. This wash contains 2% Salicylic Acid and the rest of the ingredients seem like the same types of surfactants & dyes they put into hand soap. The scent is really nice, it has a tiny bit of medicine scent to it, but I like it. It is all liquid and does not contain any micro beads or any type of exfoliant. It hasn’t left my skin feeling dry, nor have I experienced any irritation. There was no residue left behind after rinsing. The pump is a little bit on the low side which is weird to me, but other than that, this is a decent face wash.

Cheryl Simla, CO

Clearasil vs Neutrogena vs Biore

I’m a long-time user of the Neutrogena oil free 2% salicylic acid face wash, and have recently started to use the Biore salicylic wash. So, I was very interested to be able to try the Clearasil version. While Clearasil is a long-time player in the acne products category, their face wash is a clear (no pun intended) notch below the other two.On the plus side the Clearasil lathers well, and has a thick consistency – a little goes a long way. But everthting else about the product was less than satisfactory. It has a far more medicinal scent than the Neutrogena or the Biore. It’s not horrible, but in comparison, it’s less appealing. For me, the Biore has the best scent followed by Neutrogena.Although this has the same concentration of salicylic acid as the Neutrogena (2%) it was far more aggressive on my face. It left my face very dry and, after a few uses, I had some minor burning. Nothing excessive – sort of felt like a wind burn. While daily use of anything with salicylic acid can cause redness, the Clearasil did so far quicker than the Neutrogena or Biore.On a minor note, the packaging for the Clearasil is not the best. The bottle top plunger is very cheap in comparison to the packaging of the Neutrogena or Biore.My favorite is the Biore, with the Neutrogena a close second. This is a distant third. OK for occasional use, but there are better options available.

Judith Otego, NY

Cleans skin, but also dries out skin

I have been using Clearasil Gel Wash nightly before going to bed. It definitely make my face feel clean, but also really dries out my skin. I am using as directed and am starting to use every other day instead of nightly.

Lottie Hayward, CA

Non Drying Facial Wash

This facial wash provides a nice amount of lather and left my skin feeling tight and fresh. The added benefit that it fights dirt, grime, and bacteria that cause facial eruptions is obviously the best reason for using this. The thing that I like the most about this product is that it did not leave my face feeling dry or itchy.

Justina Phoenixville, PA

Good Facial Wash

Beta-hyroxy acids like salicylic acid are supposed to be good at quickly penetrating pores to give a good, quick clean. The wash here has 2% salicylic acid which is a good amount for such cleansing or so I’m told. It goes on easy and washes off quickly. Gives a good result from what I could tell. Looks like I got a good exfoliation as well as a deeper clean.I have used face scrubs made by other companies with the 2% salicylic acid that worked well. The issue with these is that they are a little harder to rinse off and are a little harsher given the grit they contain. But, they are intended to be for a more extreme cleaning I guess. I wouldn’t use them for everyday.For an everyday deep clean, I think the Clearasil product reviewed here would be a good choice.I’m a man in my early 50’s.

Bessie Bowdon, ND


Per the directions this product is supposed to begin clearing up your skin within 12 hours. At the time I started using it on my 50 something skin I had no break outs though I’m (STILL) prone to them so it’s hard to judge how well it clears the skin. It was non-irritating to my skin though. They directions suggest using the product between one to three times per day depending on your skin type. I decided to use it once per day.I was careful not to get any in my eyes but found it took a lot of rinsing to get all of it off my skin after washing. You probably want to avoid your lips as much as possible as well which is difficult to do. I found it too drying and had to apply lip balm. To sum up it did not irritate my skin or dry it excessively when used once a day.

Rosalia Chatham, NJ

A Little Watery

I’ve been using the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash with 2% salicylic acid. It has a nice scent but is almost too watery to use. I would prefer it to be a little thicker and foamier.The cleansing action is nice, it cleared up a broke out spot that I had in 24 hours. It wasn’t very drying for salicylic acid wash which was nice. Just wish it was thicker, it was almost hard to use, felt like I was wasting a lot.

Willie Weston, OH

Too Drying

I already use a product with 2% salicylic acid (Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, 9.1 Ounce (Pack of 3), so I was eager to see how the 2% Clearasil version compared.The scent was surprisingly pleasant. It lathered up nicely, rinsed cleanly, and left my skin refreshed. I used it twice/day (my usual regimen), but my face started to get drier and drier until I no longer could use it. By comparison, the Neutrogena face wash is not drying at all.If you are younger and have extremely oily skin, this might work great. But if you’re older and not that oily, I recommend the Neutrogena product instead.

Juliana Ostrander, OH

Salicylic Acid (2%) (Acne Medication face wash for acne. *warning eczema

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action BLUE Gel face Wash cleaner. Great for teen or adult.Only need a little to do a great job of cleaing your face of oil an dirt.Due to sensitive skin, we choose to only use half a squirt of blue gel and only 2 times a week.The way we prefer to use this is to squirt in hand. The gel does melt some due to heat of skin. Gently massage into face and neck. Wet hands and work into lather all over face, then rinse and pat dry.The other option is squirt into palm add water and rub hands together to get foam, then apply to face and massage in circular motions. Rinse and pat dry.It works well and has herbal floral scent that mostly washes away, one son liked the other did not. Leaves your face feeling softer.*WARNING Salicylic Acid (2%) (Acne Medication will burn eczema or some other skin irritations.

Luisa Lenapah, OK

Good acne wash

This is a nice product. The salicylic acid is delivered to your pores well in a wash like this. Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin (although not as well as glycolic or lactic acid in my experience), and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, very similar to aspirin. You can increase the punch of the gel wash by using a buff puff pad to scrub with it and also leaving it on your skin about 3-5 minutes before you rinse, but be careful – it does dry the skin quite effectively. This product also smells very clean and refreshing. I like it very much.

Effie Livingston, NJ

I’m happy with it

I consider my skin to be somewhat sensitive, as well as combination oily/dry. I’m happy with the way my face feels after washing with it; no soapy residue, no medicated tingling, just a nice clean feel. I hadn’t read the warning about avoiding the eyes, but this surprisingly didn’t bother or irritate them at all. I like the light fragrance as well, smells tend to bother my sensitive nose, and this doesn’t “offend” my nose at all. My pre-teen has also been using it and she’s happy as well. We are running low already and she asked if I’d buy some more. Mission accomplished Clearasil & Vine 😉

Sue Linden, TX

Very good cleanser and pleasing fragrance

My wife uses this cleanser after she has removed all makeup and before she goes to bed. She likes the fragrance and how it leaves her skin feeling clean and oil-free. She also uses it in the morning to clean her face again. Overall, she likes it a lot and will purchase it again.

Tammi Garfield, KS

Surprisingly mild

I mostly stick with very mild methods to clean my face. I like African black soap and I love the oil cleansing method. I try to keep as close to nature as I canBut nature has been mean and hateful. So now I have the wrinkles of a little old lady and the acne of a 15 year old on prom night. What a rip off. On top of this my skin gets very irritated and red. Makeup that I used to love now hurts. Most OTC acne treatments are too painful to use.But the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel wash is surprisingly mild. I had no sting or irritation at all. I am thrilled that it is not a “scrub”. Over scrubbing acne prone skin seems like it would be helpful but will actually cause more lovely zits. the was rinsed off and felt clean and fresh. I did not have excessive drying.I wanted to see how this worked on teen acne sufferers so I had my teens try it. My son loved it and it got rid of that greasy dirty look. My older daughter liked it ok and had no problems. My youngest teen had no irritation either. This is a minor miracle because her skin is so sensitive that I have to buy very expensive creams for her.I am not sure about the “rapid action” but this did leave skin calmer.

Shirley Eaton, OH

Clean refreshing feeling.

After washing my face I had a tingling clean and refreshing feeling. The problem that I had was with the bottle top which was made kind of cheaply. I have to be careful with it or I think it will break.Excluding the product capsale the wash itself was a winner!

Erin Blairsville, PA

When Neutrogena Deep Clean fails me

I turn to Clearasil. And I’ve been using this two-step process for probably 15 years. My all-purpose facial cleanser isNeutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser, Normal to Oily Skin, 6.7 Ounceand for the most part it does a great job of keeping my pores clean. But when the temperature heats up and I’m outdoors and getting dirty, the Deep Clean fails me and I augment with the latest Clearasil face wash.I need the 2% salicylic acid to help remove the excessive oil and to help close up my pores. I look for a gel without microbeads and with a pump head. So, this is the latest and greatest and I’m very happy with the way it performs. The pump, together with the gel consistency, prevents me from using too much. I’ll grab a capped tube of cleanser only if I am traveling.Since I know how my skin acts and reacts, I don’t usually get to the point of having to deal with a major beakout. So I can’t talk to the claim of “visibly clearer skin in 12 hours”, all I do know is that 2% salicylic acid always starts helping within 24 hours.Regarding the “Directions” under “Important Information” on this product page: I guess you can call the salicylic acid a medication, but this product is a face wash. It gets squirted into the hand, suds-ed up, then worked in, then washed off. This is not a product that you leave on the face.

Eugenia Piseco, NY

Works great.

This is another good product by Clearasil. It does a great job of cleaning dirt and oil out of your pores. It really cleans your face andleaves it feeling very refreshed. It does dry your face out a little which is the only drawback.

Dianna Sealevel, NC

Great product line

The Clearasil line has long been known for skin care products that work. This gel wash appears to be yet another great offering in the line.After using the wash , you are left with a refreshing , comfortable feeling with zero greasy feeling.Although the 6.78 ounces seems small , very little is needed in each application , making the bottle last for a considerably long while. A great value for the money , and another great skin care product from Clearasil.

Rosa Cedar Bluffs, NE

Good cleanser

My wife used this product and was happy with it! SHe said it didnt feel like it over dried her skin and had a pleasant smell to it.

Anita Doniphan, MO

Great Acne Treating Face Wash

This is a face wash with 2% salicylic acid – an aspirin related product that treats acne by encouraging cell shedding, killing bacteria, and constricting pores. It also tends to dry out your face, but if that’s not a problem, a nightly routine of washing your face with a product like this might be a big help.At my age, I prefer a spot treatment likeClean & Clear Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, 0.75 Ouncefor occasional breakouts, but this was a hit with our house’s teen testers, who found that’s a little thin for a soap, but cleaned well, worked well, and had a neutral fragrance that they appreciated. If you’re struggling with facial acne, I’d recommend giving it a try.

Marion Phillips, NE

Light & Clean

I used perhaps a bit too much of this on my first try, yet it still felt very light and refreshing. Rinses off easily. Leaves my skin feeling clean, yet not stripped bare of all moisture. A little goes a long way. Nice consistency. Fragrance is nice, but not overpowering, and dissipates pretty quickly once it’s rinsed away. Like it. ;oD

Christie Moran, TX

Two New Clearasil Products: A Cleansing Gel That Works, But Is Not Distinctive

Having been around for my entire life, the Clearasil brand is one that I have used with frequency in different product forms. Although I am no longer an adolescent prone to massive break-outs, I still combat the occasional blemish due to oily skin. Clearasil cleansers employ Salicylic Acid as their primary astringent. Anyone who expects that Clearasil is some miracle cure, in any format, will be sorely dissatisfied from the results. I’ve always thought of it this way, the products work on your skin more than they work on your acne. As prevention, they dry out the oily patches making it a less hospitable environment for outbreaks. For treatment, they (once again) primarily work to dry the area out and thus lessen the longevity of an attack.When I was young, we didn’t have all the fancy choices that are on the market today. Basically, there was a cleansing wipe and a topical ointment. However did we survive? As I said, I still keep acne medicine in my home. So when I had the chance to sample two new Clearasil products, I jumped at it. The skin care market has evolved with so many choices, however, neither of the new items felt particularly revelatory.Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash (3 1/2 stars): This is a facial wash meant to be employed in a nightly cleaning regimen (more if your skin can handle it). The gel was a bit light in viscosity. I tend to have embraced cleansers with more heft or even some type of scrub component. This will certainly clean your skin and not over dry it, but there are dozens of alternatives that would do the same thing. Works well enough for what it was designed to do, but won’t replace my regular routine.Clearasil Ultra On The Go Rapid Action Wipes (4 Stars): This product scores most of its points by being handy and transportable. Whether at work or at play, oftentimes I wish that I could give my face a good scrubbing. These are the next best thing. I can use the sheets to cut through the excessive oil until I have a chance to do something more intensive. For everyone who complains that they are too small, I say nonsense. We used to use pads the size of a half dollar! KGHarris, 4/13.

Freida Ladonia, TX