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Clearasil Ultra Acne Treatment Daily Face Wash, 6.78 Ounce

Looking awesome is no accident, it’s a science. A science that works with your skin not against it. A science that you’ll find inside every Clearasil product.

Key features

  • Visibly Clearer Skin in as little as 12 hours
  • Deep cleans pores, helping to treat and prevent acne
  • Provides oil control that lasts all day
  • Helps reduce breakout redness
  • Contains Salicylic acid (2%), a proven anti-acne agent and exfoliant

Honest reviews


No noticeable improvement

I have occasional outbreaks of adult acne and had started to battle one just as this sample arrived. I began using it immediately, and the outbreak has still not completely subsided in two weeks. It didn’t get worse, but it also didn’t get better.Pros:
• No strong scent. Some acne products have a very distinct odor, but this does not.
• Easy to store in shower or on counter
• Does not dry skin
• My skin did appear less oilyCons:
• Did not see any noticeable difference in my outbreak.
• If you’re allergic to aspirin, you might have an issue with this product.I’d still continue to use it as a face wash, but not as a way to effectively tackle my acne.

Erna Cambridge City, IN

less than 2 weeks to clear skin!

I have adult acne brought on by menopause, and my 17 year old son has very bad teen acne. We both started to use Clearasil Daily Face Wash daily, within two weeks we were both acne free! this product really works!

Ashley Oxly, MO

Not great

I find the smell pleasant and I like the consistency of this face wash, but that’s where my affection for it ends. I have mild to moderate acne – some stubborn blackheads on my nose, pimples that crop up fairly often and all over my face. I was hoping this face wash would clear them up, or at least slow down my acne, but I found no noticeable improvement. In fact, I find that this face wash often leaves a film on my face so it never feels really clean. I have since stopped using it and began using Oxy Face Wash, with noticeable improvement. Perhaps if salycilic acid works for you, you will love this face wash. I will stick with Oxy and its benzoyl peroxide formula.

Althea Lepanto, AR

Clearasil Ultra is a bit different

Clearasil makes many products for skin/acne care. This one is slightly different from the ones I’ve typically used in the past due to it’s non-foaming nature. You put it in your palm and it’s almost the consistency of a grease. The wash never gets sudsy, and the product leaves your face clean, but not clean feeling.My skin type is normal/oily and I have to say that using this product for a couple of weeks has kept my skin the same as it was prior to using it. No breakouts except for the occasional 1 pimple somewhere.However, due to the non-foaming nature of the wash, I never do feel like it’s working–but lacking breakouts, I assume it does so. Once done, if I continue to be breakout-free, I may consider purchasing this again. However, I really would like to get a foaming cleanser like Neutrogena or L’Oreal 360.Does it work? So far, yes. Is it affordable? Yes (although most are around $5–this one is no different in price). Would I recommend? Yes, but make sure you’re aware of the fact that it takes some getting used to, since it doesn’t foam like the other cleaners.

Margaret Granite Canon, WY

Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you are…

I’m not one to rave about skincare products. I have fairly oily skin and have battled acne throughout my teens and early adulthood, and I occasionally have bouts with it even now. Nearly every product I’ve ever used has failed to really do the trick. I mean, I’ve spent A LOT of money on some universally praised products (Pro-Active and the like) and none of them have had a lasting effect on my skin.Like I said, my serious bouts with acne are past me, but at times I have to take the offensive.On a whim I decided to try this product and I must say that after just a few weeks my skin has never looked better. In fact, I saw a difference after the first use. I’m usually one that calls bluff on anyone who says that, but I’m serious; I saw it with my own eyes!This product really does what it says it does.It leaves my skin feeling refreshed after every use, as opposed to dried out and tight (as a lot of products can leave you feeling); but most importantly, this has rid my face of all redness. I particularly love using this product after I shave, because that is usually when my skin becomes the most irritated. Clearasil is one of those products that it most accessible when you compare it to the big, flashy, expensive products you have to `order’, and because of that those with serious acne issues may have an aversion to using this product, thinking that it can’t be as good as the `other stuff’.I’m here to tell you that, from someone who has tried it all; this is the best out there!

Mabel Ithaca, NE

liked the product

it worked great for me and helped me nurse my face back to normal after a really bad break out

Jane Bradford, TN


My children are in the teens and preteens….and hence, a couple are developing some acne. In my search for the miracle product, I thought I’d try this one. Although it seems to working OK, I’ve seen no significant change in my daughter’s skin. She says it’s working, but again I see no real change. Looks like we’re still looking for that magic solution.DYB

Kerri Maiden Rock, WI

Pleasantly Tingly

I really like two things about this face wash: the fragrance and the tingly sensation my face has after I’ve washed with it. The light fragrance seems to be a citrus base. I can’t really attest to it’s acne clearing effects. I don’t have a HUGE acne problem, but while using this I have not noticed much of a difference in my breakout frequency or duration.

Mary Hyde Park, PA

Your Basic Soap

My teenage son has been using this twice a day for several months, and I can’t say it’s done much good. He seems to be breaking out like mad, but I can’t really say if anything else will help. We’re going to experiment, though, as this doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

Jo Dennis, TX

Noxema, reincarnated.

I was pretty excited to try this product. I’ve been pretty pleased with many of the other items from Clearasil in the past, but not this one.PROS:It’s a good cleaner. For the price, however, so is my liquid soap from Neutrogena which cost about half as much.It isn’t overly drying. A plus if you have dry-ish or combination skin.It dispenses easily since the cap is on the bottom.It’s fairly concentrate, so you don’t use a whole lot. This tube could probably last a couple of months if using twice daily.It did a pretty good job of removing my sweat-proof makeup.CONS:It stinks. Smells like medicine. Nothing floral or fruity.It’s “creamy”. I guess that’s a pro if you like that sort of thing. Put me in mind of mayonnaise.I can tell no difference between this product and original Noxema, which never did a thing for me.It does NOT rinse clean. It leaves a residue that you can feel on wet skin. Not noticeable when it dries, though.Didn’t do a thing for my acne. I went back to my Neutogena regimine after trying this a while. My acne was getting worse.Whether you would like it, personally, will probably have to do with how you feel about the previously mentioned criteria. Just the facts, ma’am.

Tara Sherwood, OH

So glad I bought this!

I recently saw this on sale and decided to give it a try. This brand was never on my radar so when I needed a face wash ( aveeno clear complexion pads was my go to product) I wanted something that was not expensive. 2% medicine was much more than other products and the bottle was bigger. I use it with my sephora dual face brush and my skin loves it. It’s very important to apply moisturizer immediately after to avoid any dry skin. Overall this is my new staple face wash.

Paula Capitol, MT

good Facial Wash for troubled skin

Even at my age (I will not tell how old) I occasionally get minor breakouts. My 23 year old daughter has very troubled skin. We both have been using this Wash for several weeks now and it seems to be making a difference. For my daughter it seems to be helping to get her skin clean enough that the other medication that she uses is clearing up her face (she is required to wear makeup every day to work). For myself it seems to be helping me not to get a breakout. I hae not had one since I started using this product. Works great for us!

Margarita Turrell, AR

It works. What else is there to say?

ok there is more.I have had acne all my life at 15 it’s considered “normal” but at 44 it’s annoying, to say the least. At any age it can be embarrassing.Clearasil ultra daily face wash works well with the treatment cream but I wanted to try it by itself. I found it was excellent at keeping my face acne free once I was clear and very good at helping clear up acne. It cleaned well and didn’t leave any oily or heavy feeling on the face.The down side by itself it is good for mild to medium acne or for heavy acne other products are needed. Still a great product.

Rachael Bentonville, AR

Will it work? Or won’t it?

With acne products such as this, it’s all a matter of case by case basis. How many times have you read a review of a product telling you how it works wonders only to find out it doesn’t? After a while, you become immune to such words.So, take this review with a grain of salt. While using this face wash, my skin tended to become soft, but the acne was still clearly visible. Two weeks into using the product, my acne hasn’t gone away at all. In fact, it feels like it is aggravating my skin condition.

Rhoda Sergeantsville, NJ


I’ve been in a vicious cycle under a lot of stress lately, which leads to stress eating which leads to oily/broken out skin, and so on. The last time I went out of my way to use an “acne” face scrub was when I was in the throes of my teenaged years and all puberty had to hurl at me. From what I recall, this soap seems miles better.Oil control. 4 stars.Scent. 3 StarsFeel of skin after use. 4 starsValue. 4 StarsEffectiveness. 4 starsI’ve definitely felt that after using this product for a few weeks my skin is a bit more under control, but this product is definitely not a cure-all!

Kristina Tallahassee, FL

Works Great!

Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash works great for controlling acne and did not overdry me skin. So many products work on my acne, but my skin gets so dry and flaky. I really liked how this product lathered up, and made my skin feel so clean. It also helped reduce how “oily” my face gets during the day. Great product!

Lilly Analomink, PA

Works Well

I use an acne face wash twice a day as part of my regimen. I usually use products with some level of Benzoyl Peroxide, but it can stain fabric. I used to avoid products with Salycic Acid because it seemed to cause more breakouts, but now after some adjustment time, use a combination of the two. Clearisil Ultra just has Salycic Acid and glycerin. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it seems to reduce breakouts and keep my skin looking clean.

Marion Burnt Cabins, PA

OK, but not as good as Neutrogena

I’ve been using the Neutrogena face wash (or its store-brand clones) for years, and was interested in seeing what Clearasil had to offer. Although they both offer the same benefits (the active ingredient in both is 2% salicylic acid) I have to say that this is not as appealing as the Neutrogena line.The Clearasil product does not lather as well — my face does not feel as clean after using it compared with other brands of 2% salicylic acid washes. Clearasil also has a more medicinal scent than Neutrogena (which smells more like soap). I also don’t care for the tube dispenser. The hand pump dispenser other brands offer is easier to use when you have wet hands, and is less prone to drips and waste.But, it’s important to note that the actual product functionality is just the same as other products that contain 2% salicylic acid. I find it very helpful in eliminating adult acne and, provided that I don’t use it more than once (or occasionally twice) a day, I have zero irritation or redness from use.Good formulation, but not as good in terms of lather, scent or ease of use as other brands.

Paula Bogue Chitto, MS

Gentle Enough For Daily Use

This is a decent facial wash. Formulated for daily use, it has a slightly astringent scent which deep cleanses without being too drying. While it is ideally recommended to prevent or fight an outbreak of pimples, it does a nice job on blackheads and minor blemishes as well. I particularly like it for its cleansing properties. My skin felt very clean after just lathering it on my face and neck and then rinsing with cool water. I also used this with my Clarisonic Mia and thought it performed as well as the other daily cleanser I normally use.My son liked this product and I ended buying him a couple of tubes to take home.

Melba Delano, MN

Nice Facial Wash

Even though I am in my thirties, I use these acne washes to keep blemishes at bay. I tend to break out around my mouth and forehead and have combination skin. I usually use another brand, but gave this Clearasil a try. I like it because it still has the same active ingredient, but it has a nice creamy texture.

Audrey Eldorado, OK

Better than I thought!

I had no idea what this Clearasil Face Wash would do for me or what effect it might have on my skin. My biggest problem is oily skin with only slight acne. Usually I look like i have been working out and sweating within a short time frame after washing. The Clearasil had a nice feel to it…not soapy or slimy feeling…and did a better job of making the clean, fresh look I would like to have last longer.I’ve had it a very short time, so I don’t know if it will have any negative or irritating effects, but it seems harmless in that way. I’m glad to have had a chance to try it and probably, if all continues to react this way, will be replacing my Dove soap and other face washes.

Angelica Rosalie, NE

For The “Mature” as Well

Ok, I am far removed from being a teen with whom acne is usually associated. Not to say that I am old enough to have been around when Hippocrates first extracted bitter powder from Willow bark for his version off salicyclic acid. But acne is still a reality for those of us whose teen years are far behind us. A 2% salicylic acid solution is a fairly common ingredient in acne treatment and Clearasil is no exception. The advantage of Clearasil in my view is that it does not have an overpowering harsh odor and it does not irritate my skin. It performs its primary purpose of acne control as well. There are numerous similiar products available and ones personal preferences for odor and other characteristics will dictate the brand of choice. For my purposes the usage of Clearsil meets my requirements and I recommend its use.

Julianne Fairfax, CA

Works well enough but overpriced

I normally use pHisoderm gel face wash to keep my face clear of any adult acne or blemishes. A few years ago however, I used to use a generic version of Clearasil Ultra. I switched to pHisoderm only because they stopped making the generic version of Clearasil Ultra and I found the name brand product to be overpriced.After trying the new Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash for about a week, I can say that it still works as well on my face as it did before. I have pretty sensitive skin and anything really harsh will dry it out, but I didn’t have that problem with the Clearasil Ultra.Though the Clearasil Ultra works well, I still think it’s overpriced. pHisoderm, which uses the same active ingredient (salysilic acid), works just as well for me and is a better deal.

Lindsay Holtville, CA

Works well to clean, but not much more than that

This face wash works well to clean the face, but does not seem to do much more than soap. That makes it a little expensive for the task it performs. Hard to say whether that is worth it for others. For our family, probably not.

Nadine Edgard, LA


Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash, 6.78-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 3)When I received this I actually gave it to a friend of mine who wanted to try it out. So naturally since I really didn’t need it I handed it over. If I didn’t need it why did I get it you may ask, well because it is face wash and I wanted to try it out. I know what you are thinking if you don’t need it don’t get it. Well you are right so I handed it over and here is what was said.Said product ended up working well for my friend who like my self is no longer a teen. By teen I mean stereotypical years of acne for a lot of people but this is a good face washing product none the less. So after various use of this product it worked well and is a good solution for a smooth clean face. So if you may need something like this pick it up. Takes out pimples and such so try it out.

Marcie Goodway, AL

Cleans clean

It turns out that I didn’t need much of this Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Face Wash to work up a light lather all over my face and neck. It has a slightly medicinal smell, but that sort of fits in with the idea. My ultra-sensitive skin was not irritated, and my blemishes are drying and not inflamed. It seems to be doing the job it was designed to do.

Roslyn East Calais, VT

Good for good skin

I have used this and my son has used this. We had two different experiences. I have acne but not bad at all. There are just a few spots that are prone to it. This fash wash doesn’t dry out the skin and it keeps it clear. For me, with very mild adult acne it worked great.My 16 year old doesn’t think it works as well as other stuff on his skin. His acne is teenage moderate acne.This is perfect for those who have mild acne.

Nicole Braxton, MS

Lil Too Squeaky Clean

Facial cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and has a nice scent. Almost too clean. After using this stuff my face feels really void of any oils. It contains salicylic acid which is in the exfoliating facial cleanser I normally use so I don’t think that is the culprit. The instructions say to avoid close contact to the sensitive areas around your eyes. Not the easiest thing to do when washing your face. I am not that careful or gentle when washing and can tell you that even with my eyes tightly shut you can feel a bit of burn around the eyes. Not unbearable but, definitely noticeable. The cleanser itself has nice creamy feel and clean pleasant scent.As far as acne fighting goes, this stuff seems pretty effective. Salicylic acid is one of the most effective OTC solutions one has against acne. I would like this product more if it weren’t so harsh. It also contains EDTA which is bad for the planet.

Susana Sumatra, FL

Unscented & gentler than medicated pads

I think this face wash is gentler on my skin than those medicated face pads. And I really like that there’s no real scent to it. I wouldn’t want something overly fragrant; I have sensitive skin and can be effected by that. It does a good job of cleaning my pores and makes my face feel fresh and clean. I like it and would get it again.

Courtney Middleton, WI

No Complaints Here (B+ Grade)

I find that Clearasil really gets the job done. It’s affordable and after I use it, I do feel that my face feels refreshed and much cleaner. If you’re looking for a great face wash, I’d definitely pick this product.Katiebabs

Virgie Mattson, MS