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Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask: 6.78 OZ

CLEARASIL – Ultra Acne+Marks Wash and Mask 6.78 oz.

Key features

  • Helps fight the formation of marks
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Double duty format allows for use as a daily cleanser and a mask

Honest reviews


Brilliant!! Never looking back!!

I have officially found the face wash that I will use for life! (Now to find the ultimate eye cream, toner, and moisturizer and anything else that will make my face look good. lol)Anyway, I just want to tell a little about myself. I am a 20 year old who still has acne, with LOTS of hyperpigmentation – started when I was 12. Recently I tried to drink a tablespoon of flaxseed a day so that I could get my omega-3 fatty acids and it BROKE me out! now when I mean broke me out, I don’t mean a little cluster of pimples at the side of my cheek, I mean my WHOLE face, especially my forehead. I literally hated it! I came across this product because I ran out of my Acnefree sulfur mask, and since this was a heck of a lot bigger and said “Mask” I said why not? – Besides it was for postacne marks, which seemed like a plus. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to work, but that night when I used it, my face felt so soft and the next morning my pimples were smaller! So I continue to use it and it has really helped my face a lot! It feels smoother, looks brighter, and I just feel good after washing my face. As for my marks, I can’t completely tell if they are fading since I have a lot, but it has been getting rid of my pimples and I only had this for a week! ^_^I am very pleased!EDIT/UPDATE 9-17-2011So I’ve stopped using this product only because after using it for a 2 months, it stopped treating my acne. 🙁 I’m a little disappointed, but it was good while it lasted.

Essie Ashland, LA

Benzoyl Peroxide > Salicylic Acid

This product from Clearasil is supposed to “clear pimples fast and reduce the appearance of marks.” The product does “double duty,” according to Clearasil’s website, as the product can also be used as a mask.After three days of using this cleanser rather than my usual product, I started breaking out. The product contains salicylic acid rather then benzoyl peroxide – fine for exfoliating skin, but not so great for the treatment and prevention of acne by itself. I switched back to my regular 10% benzoyl peroxide cleanser, and my skin went back to normal.As for using it as a mask, the directions say to slather the cleanser onto wet skin and leave for a full minute – what my doctor advised me to do with ANY acne wash to help it penetrate.The bottom line for me is that there are a dozen better acne washes out there. Skip this one in favor of a good benzoyl peroxide wash.

Debbie Skamokawa, WA

Just another acne item which claims it works, but is just like the others…no results.

I got this product for my teenage daughter who has tried many acne products, all to no avail. This wash and mask falls into the same category, and did not help at all. She followed the directions to the “t” and used solely this product for a few weeks. Her acne did not get better, and it was yet another disappointment for her.She also has tried to find cures on the internet- things she made herself, and nothing worked.Her acne finally did clear up, but only after I broke down and bought her a cream prescribed by her doctor. At this point, I believe that all over the counter acne medications are pretty much the same, and do not deliver what they claim. Don’t waste your money on this Clearasil Wash and Mask, it doesn’t help acne.

Arlene Dabolt, KY

I let my daughter use this

I got this because my 10 year old daughter use this because she just started breaking out in pimples. They’ve turned up on her forehead by the hundreds. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but there are a lot of them. She’s been very good about not picking at them. She started using the wash and did use it for about one week. She stopped because she said it didn’t work. Yes, I know, a week is not long. But when you are a child with pimples popping up on your forehead a week is forever!I found something else for her to use and that has decreased the appearance of the pimples. So, not sure if she had continued to use the product maybe it would have helped. That’s why the three stars. I think the length of time for effectiveness is important especially when dealing with pre-teens and teenagers.

Lori Gruver, TX

One of my all time favorite skin care products!

The first time I put this on my face, I knew I had found a special product. First of all, it smells great- it doesn’t smell medicinal at all, it’s almost slightly fruity in a way. But it is not overwhelming. It is a good consistency, and is a light-blue/grayish color. The first few times I used it, I only used it as a wash. And while I didn’t notice an immediate difference, I noticed subtle things. My skin started to clear up a bit. And then the big changes- the scars I have started to fade.This in itself was a huge deal to me! I have quite a bit of marks from previous breakouts. I am very, very fair (I usually wear the lightest or second lightest foundation available), so those red marks definitely stick around. And in high school, I had a slight picking issue when it came to my face, which also created scaring.Then I used it as a mask. And it was like the heavens opened up and light shined down and I heard beautiful music and angels singing. NO JOKE. It has been that good for my skin. It doesn’t dry it out at all, and it has actually made some of my active breakouts shrink in size overnight!The mask itself does not completely dry, but I usually leave it on between 7 – 10 minutes- I’ll pluck my eyebrows, or brush my teeth, or just watch a YouTube video or two while I’m waiting. Then I usually rinse with warm water, and it comes off super easily.I don’t have any irritation with this product- I actually go back to it when I do have issues with something else I might be trying. I also will only use this product if I am having some break out issues. It just really clears everything up for me!Obviously I still have some scaring, but it has faded so much in my eyes. And I still get active breakouts, but nowhere near as severe, and they do not last as long.(review also seen on my blog –

Marjorie Goodville, PA


I should admit something before I say anything else. I’m not the target demographic for this product. My face doesn’t need some special facewash to keep me from breaking out or clean my pores. But, it was free, so I gladly accepted it.After finishing the bottle recently I stepped back and really looked at my skin and I really didn’t see much difference. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have any blemishes or anything, but I’m not saying that’s due to this product…I’m not saying it isn’t either though.You see, I’m totally indifferent. I can’t say it works because I really didn’t need it, but I can’t say it doesn’t work for that exact same reason. So I’ll offer this, my face did feel cleaner after using it. If you feel like you need a product like this, give it a shot. Everyone’s skin is different. What works for you might not work for solmeone else, likewise for the other person. It’s all about finding what suits you best.

Carrie Stockbridge, MI

Removes Redness, Marks and Lessens Breakouts

This is a good product for acne and pimples. It treats the pimples and lesses the redness associated with break outs and pimples. It’s not the fastest relief from break outs but it does work and takes redness out and helps with faster healing. You can use it as a face wash three times a week or use it as a cleansing mask for break outs three times a week. It might be a bit drying if you used it more than that but for bad break outs it should be fine to use more if needed-especially if you have oily skin. This is a reliable help for troubled areas that are prone to break outs and pimples and effectively heals.

Maribel Dunnigan, CA


I stopped using another cleaser for this. My face is brighter and a tiny bit clearer, I have only been using this for a few days so I will definetly update.updatemy blackheads are not disappearing, I will be using a different cleanser soon

Olivia Rocky Comfort, MO

Amazing Mask…

I am using this product as a mask while I type this review!!! I put it on my fresh washed by the same product face and sit back as it takes away impurities and helps clear my acne! I just sit back to this melon smelling mask and let it go to work! It doesn’t get hard or cracky like other masks though I do look like a Geisha Girl. (lol) When I wash it off,new skin is revealed and old is washed away!!! My face never felt so clean and smooth! Thanks Amazon for a Great Price!

Melody Winifrede, WV

Very intense. Probably only for those who need it, but a great product just the same.

I’m perhaps not the best candidate to be reviewing this face wash having dealt with my acne with two long periods of the drug Acutane over the past 15 years, but I would like to summon those in-between years where I was doing all I could to fight off acne. And I have to say I kind of wished I had this product at the time. Clearasil is a brand I sometimes use and always appreciate when I do. When they claim to be treating acne and acne scars hard-core, I’ll happily enough believe them.I’m happy to say this product does everything it is supposed to. My skin felt a little less oily after each use, and future pimples trying to worm their ways into existence were quickly knocked away. I even had the opportunity to first use it after a zit that was fading away, and this seemed to hasten that process. Extremely satisfied there.This is also a pleasant product to use. The packaging looks great and the product is silky, foams up well, and is subject to the little-goes-a-long-way benefit. It smells and feels fantastic with a sensation that gives you the mental comfort the product is working. I have tried it both as a wash and in its one-minute mask function–both work wonderfully.Now, while I still give this wash the full 5-stars, I must warn that this product is intense. It’s quite drying–which is fine if you have the oily, acne-prone skin and the sensation can get pretty intense–which makes me think this might be damaging to sensitive skin.So I would use the product with caution and recommend it only to those who are legitimately worrying about pimples.As long as the right people are using it, though, this is great.

Jane Gates, NC

It works but leaves skin feeling dry

This has the same active ingredient as every other acne face wash out there so the treatment you choose largely comes down to whether you like the packaging, brand and fragrance. If you apply for a full minute and remove, your skin will generally improve over a few days. The only problem I found was that the product left my skin dry and flaky after using for a week, so I had to return to regular cleanser. It’s also relatively expensive – there are drug store brand products with the same active chemicals available for less.

Isabelle Edinburg, ND

Makes no difference on cystic acne

i have cystic acne on my cheek and near my jaw line (large raised bump that’s clogged with oil) Cystic acne is one of the worse acne anyone can have because they are painful when they rupture into the skin and are very sensitive to the touch.I had to go to the dermatologist who told me that it does not matter the brand or the title of the product, what matters first and foremost are the ingredients. The main fighting ingredient in Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask is Salicylic Acid (2%). Salicylic Acid helps the skin exfoliate so it doesn’t get clogged up. It is often paired with benzoyl peroxide. benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria.I have tried a lot of products and as well all know, acne is a killer on self-esteem and can cause a lot of depression. I have acne marks from past acne, and unfortunately as much as I wanted to this to help me, it didn’t do much to improve my acne.My dermatologist gave me retin-a macro, and hopefully that will make a difference instead.APPEARANCE:Metallic white, very easy to apply. I found it works better when you use it as a mask 2-3 a week than as a wash every single day since Salicylic Acid’s main purpose is to exfoliate skin.Recommended for:People with mild acne, if you have cystic acne like me (raised bumps that get bigger and uglier unlike blackheads which are tiny black plugs on your nose), you are much better off saving your money for a tougher product/more expensive regime like retin-a, accutane, laser therapy, etc.

Maricela Glen Cove, NY

New but not improved version of the Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash

Like many people I’ve struggled with oily skin my entire life. The oil traps dirt, clogs your pores and ultimately gives you acne. Fun stuff. As a teenager I suffered the worst of it. Now, as an adult it’s manageable but still an annoyance. That being said I’m always on the lookout for different morning facial washes to use in the shower. I haven’t tried Clearasil products since I was a teen so when this item popped up on Vine I was more than happy to give it a try. Here are my thoughts on Clearasil’s Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask;Pros+ Clean & fresh scent. Other reviewers reported no scent but to me there was one.+ Easy on your face, even on my sensitive skin.Cons- Substance is a bit viscous and doesn’t always spread evenly on your face like most clear gels do. The consistency is similar to Noxzema or other skin creams. I ended up using more than I probably really needed to due to this.- Flimsy cap/cover. One drop is the shower and it broke off leaving me unable to ever close it properly. Also, the cap collects a lot of water if the tube is sitting in the shower. Water can leak into the tube and mix with the cleaner. Every time I used it (before the cap broke off that is) I had to drain the water out by tipping it upright.Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask wasn’t anything new but it seemed to do its job well enough. It had the exact same ingredients as the Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash. It seems this product was was just rebranded and repackaged. I didn’t really see any noticeable change in my complexion after using it daily for a month, but I can say that about most facial cleansers. Would I buy it again? Probably not, as I prefer gel-based washes instead (Clean and Clear etc.) but I’m glad I was able to give it a try.

Rosanne Ookala, HI

Though it’s a struggle getting a 15 year old boy to use it…

…this wash has been very effective in clearing up our son’s face. We probably wouldn’t purchase it at its list price, but for the half off you’re currently getting on Amazon it’s worthwhile.

Antionette Pepin, WI

Works for my teens

I tested this on my three teen nephew boys and it seemed to work great. Cleared up their faces well. I would recommend it.

Petra Beloit, KS

Smooth, Clean and Comfortable

This product is very comfortable to use. It goes on smooth and clean. It works well too.The only down side: my son says the packaging is clearly aimed at girls… he doesn’t like the colors. If that is the biggest complaint about this product, then this is a good product.

Sabrina Wiley Ford, WV

So far, so good…looks like it has made a troublesome area of my face less bumpy

I’ve been trying this product for a week. I don’t have a lot of acne, but I have a troublesome spot on the right side of my face by my hairline. It isn’t horribly noticeable, but I’ve been using products on it to try to make the acne go away. I tried some products from Kiss My Face, but those didn’t work, the area would still get occasional flareups. It’s about the area a size of a quarter.Since I have very sensitive skin and read another review where a user got red spots on her face from the wash, I decided to do the following. First off, I would only wash my face in the shower with cool water, even cooler than warm. Second, I would make sure my face was wet before I applied the wash. Third, I would only use the wash as a mask (leaving it on for a minute before rinsing) after I didn’t get any sighs of rash from the product. My skin is also dry so I made sure I washed the product off with a lot of water. That seems to have worked for me and my dry sensitive skin.I noticed that the breakout area looks better. I had a couple marks from acne scars that seem to be clearing up. After a week of use, meaning one a day, they seem more flat to my face and any pimples I had that were red and puffy are now pink and flatter. I am hoping with more use, I can get rid of the trouble spot all together. It always seems like it is going away or can stay away without a breakout for months, only for me to get a pimple or two there later on. It’s the only spot on my face I do get acne and it’s pretty annoying. So I hope with use, I don’t have the problem anymore, but I will report on that once I use more of this product. I would recommend it so far to others to get rid of pimples and help make marks from acne scars less noticeable.

Maricela South Portland, ME

*Excessive* Drying The First Few Days!

I’ve been using the CLEARASIL ULTRA ACNE + MARKS WASH & MASK on and off for about 6-7 weeks now. At first, the product made my skin extremely dry and tight, after about four-six washings, so I had to skip a few days and continue. I should add that I occasionally use ProActiv Benzyl-Peroxide lotion at night, so the excessive drying will happen when using two different acne products at once.However my skin did acclimate to the CLEARASIL WASH and the excessive drying did stop. I did notice that pimples and existing marks — including a mosquito bite I received in Tokyo — did heal much faster and left hardly a trace, whereas normally I’d have a dark mark for a month or so afterward.I believe this has to do with the active ingredient 2% Salicylic Acid, which is like a low grade chemical peel. This acid causes your skin to turn over skin cells faster, which in turn causes some dryness, and the skin is able to heal itself faster, which is good for people with normal skin but will probably cause irritation to those who have sensitive skin.The formula has a distinct medicinal scent and has very low suds (which I’ve read is actually better for the skin because it’s a chemical that creates the lather), but it has a creamy texture and rinses away cleanly.Since you can use this product as both a mask and a daily wash, my advice is to try it as a mask to begin with and then work your way up to washing twice daily. If you have extremely sensitive skin, I’d use caution.

Lora Josephine, PA

Just didn’t work for my teen

My teen has acne and marks. It is a continual battle and has been for a couple of years now. We’ve tried many of the famous products including the infomercial ones – and had only moderate success. We were excited to try this as it does not contain Benzoil Peroxide which has been disastrous with my teens dry skin. Unfortunately the ingredients in this one just did not prevent acne for her. We did not notice any change in the marks either on her face.

Kristie Stafford Springs, CT

Go with the tried and true

Clearasil has been preventing blemishes for decades. I used it as a teen-ager. Now, while I do not have acne problems, I do still get the occasional breakout (mainly in the T zone). I have not tried the product as a mask, but I am routinely using it as a wash every day. It has not made my skin noticeably drier. Yet, not only have I had no breakouts but I have received compliments on how fresh my skin appears. (The product is slightly gritty, so I imagine it has exfollient properties.) Whatever it has, my skin has never looked (or felt) better. Thank you, Clearasil; you’ve done it again!

Madeline New Washington, OH

Dries out my dry skin even while clearing acne

I actually like using this product initially. It worked really well on clearing up some light acne. I also like the fresh, pleasant scent and the fact that immediately after washing my skin didn’t seem to be as tight and dry as it can be using some soap-based face wash products. However after using it for a bit, I noticed some dry patches of skin on my face. To their credit, the manufacturer warns that drying could be a side affect. However, given chronically dry skin, the drying was very noticeable to me. Would likely e a better product for those with oily skin.

Bettye Kirksey, KY

Leaves skin dry, but not scaly

Acne!Sheez! I suffered from this embarrassing skin condition throughout my teenage years and thought it would never clear up. Miraculously, it did, although the battle left many scars, and I still have the occassional breakout. My skin isn’t as oily as it once was, but it still needs more care than can be found in a bar of soap. Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask is pretty effective at sopping up the excess oil. Instead of using it as a wash, I’d recommend applying it to the face, leaving it on to dry, then washing if off. Afterward, my skin feels nice and smooth. It’s dry, too, but not scaly.

Lorie Schurz, NV

Very Nice Acne Cleanser – Not too Drying.

I have hormone-replacement triggered acne; but am older and have drier skin. I cannot use products to help with my periodic blemishes that further dry my skin. This one seems to do a great job at both, and I will purchase this cleanser again.

Marcy Cobalt, CT

love this!!

i love this product i had never seen it in stores but i love face masks! great as a wash or a mask it has a great too

Kaitlin Berkeley, CA

Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask: 6.78 OZ

Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask: 6.78 OZ is a nice pastel blue colored, clay slip consistency acne wash it is drying but it works

April Cement, OK


I could only manage to use this product for about five days before I decided to give up on it. Clearasil Ultra really dries out my skin, which only causes more severe acne issues. Of course I cannot speak for its ability (or lackthereof) to reduce the redness of “acne marks,” but my guess is that one would have to use this product for months on end to notice such a difference.The positives are that it is a very creamy, unabrasive wash that does not have an unpleasant smell. Furthermore it is fairly priced. So, it might be good for someone who doesn’t have sensitive skin prone to dryness.

Alba Mc Cracken, KS

Creamy, refreshing cleanser

I got this cleanser for my teenage son who is just now beginning to get acne on his nose and forehead. He had been having problems for a few weeks with blackheads and some fairly large pimples that were taking a long time to heal. I had given him Clearasil salicylic acid wipes and benzoyl peroxide cream to use, but he was still having a lot of problems. After he had used this cleanser for two days, he told me he thought it was already working to improve his skin. He likes the creamy texture and says it leaves his skin feeling very fresh and clean. Since he’s been using it (only about a week) his existing, large pimples have diminished in size and redness, and he hasn’t developed any new ones. He hasn’t noticed a difference in his existing blackheads, but I suppose he’s just going to have to squeeze those! I would recommend this cleanser to teens or anyone else with acne as an addition to their skin care routine.

Tabitha Austin, KY

Didn’t do much for me, weird texture, felt greasy.

I have some slight acne scars that I was hoping this might help with–but after two months, I didn’t see any difference. And the texture of the wash took some getting used too–it was super thick and felt greasy while I was using it. I wouldn’t spend the money on it, but it is a decent face wash.

Gabriela Polvadera, NM

The Best

Used by a 21 year old with oily to combination skin and this Clearasil line works better than nearly any other product tried. I’m including ProActive and several prescriptions obtained from a Dermatologist in that. Used twice a day and acne disappears and no new flare ups. No break-outs from skin irritations and not overly drying to the skin either.A real winner!

Loretta Canterbury, CT

Great, Reliable Product

I’m a Clearsil fan and out of any face wash product, I will buy Clearsil first. I feel their products are reasonable priced and does do the job. I was very satisfied with this product and really have no complaints.Katiebabs

Dawn Valles Mines, MO