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Clearasil Daily Clear Tinted Adult Treatment Cream: 0.65 OZ

Looking awesome is no accident, it’s a science. A science that works with your skin not against it. A science that you’ll find inside every Clearasil product.

Key features

  • * Conceals pimples while it dries them up and helps them heal* Dermatologist-tested acne-fighting formula
  • * Effective medication for less oily, adult skin
  • * Dermatologist-tested acne-fighting formula
  • prevention of acne

Honest reviews


Fairly good!

I bought this at Walgreens.I can see some improvement with my acne after using this. Nothing major, but I’m satisfied.I don’t mind the tint as I feel better looking at my skin in the mirror at home. I personally don’t like moisturizing afterward, but it’s best to do so before putting on makeup to leave for the day.

Shelley Viewtown, VA

Disappointing ingredients!!

Reading the ingredients I found this stuff and the regular Benzoyl peroxide formulas both contain isopropyl myristate!! That is one of the worst pore clogging ingredients around. I found another brand with the same sulfur and resorcinol formulation but without the Comediogenic ingredients, it works much better and I threw out the clearasil forever! Try Acnomel adult acne treatment instead. For anyone like me who is concerned about Comediogenic ingredients Acnomel is better.

Casey Mount Pleasant, MS


Hard to find this particular version of this product on the store shelves. Very effective in getting good results.Will buy again.

Elvia Daufuskie Island, SC

Stinky product!

This product contains sulfur and it smells like rotten eggs. I applied it to my face and had to remove it because it was such an unpleasant smell. Not sure if it works for acne as I couldn’t get past this.

Carolyn Lynch, KY

Clearasil Daily Clear Tinted Adult Treatment.

It is effective for acnes since it contains sulfur. I’ve been using this for years.

Lupe Pelican, AK

cheap and maybe thats what I get for being cheap???

I bought this with the high hopes it would help with my acne. This came very fast and it was reletivly cheap. It is a very dark tint to it. Of course I am as white as a ghost! It hasnt helped clear my skin but it does have a nice smell to the lotion.

Marcella Glasgow, MO

Hard to find in stores!

Loved getting it here. A little pricier than in the store but more readily available. I like that there is no benzoyl peroxide in it.

Shannon Stoneham, MA

NOT for break-out-prone skin!

Initially, I really liked this product. The tint was miraculously perfect for my skin-tone, it applied so smoothly and evenly and with such perfect light, matte coverage that I figured it could easily replace my tinted moisturizer if I needed it to… then came the aftermath. I broke out so horribly the next day and for DAYS afterward. Since this was the only new product I had used I took a good look at the ingredients. And there it was, one of the 2 most comedogenic ingredients I have ever come across: titanium dioxide. T.D. is a actually a lovely ingredient; it makes cosmetics apply more smoothly and evenly, giving them a lovely finish on skin. In the right amounts, it is also an excellent, natural UVA blocker. But it also breaks me out worse than just about any other skincare/cosmetic ingredient out there. I could slather vaseline all over my face and not break out as bad as I do with just a little titanium dioxide and it breaks my heart. If you are AT ALL sensitive to titanium dioxide I cannot recommend this for acne treatment. OTOH, if your breakouts seem unaffected by titanium dioxide, then this will be one of the best OTC acne products you’ll find. It just looks so wonderful on skin.PS The 2nd comedogenic ingredient(s) is/are silicone(s).

Deidre Mishicot, WI

solution for tint and drying for rosacea

I looked up reviews here while at a local drugstore and decided to buy, although price here is much lower. After using this for about a month, I’ve figured out how to neutralize the tint and decrease the drying effect. I have rosacea, so I also use retina-a, which is drying, so I also must wear sunscreen daily. The only one I can use is keys solar Rx, which is zinc and a bit white. It looks and feels greasy, although it doesn’t cause break outs for me. Anyway, I mix a bit of the Clearasil with the sunscreen, and it neutralizes the tint while making the zinc also less white. My ss now looks matte, neutral color, and the ss helps with dryness. If you have rosacea, this may help.

Letha Bluff City, KS

Love this product.

I love this stuff and always need to have it on hand. It helps to dry up forming acne and keeps your skin looking great when you need that occasional little touch up.

Mildred Pauls Valley, OK

Excelent product

This is a great product for adults, it just works gently and effective on adult skin. This really clean up your breakouts like no other

Olivia Frenchville, PA


I moved across the country and my skin went haywire. I was constantly breaking out, no clue why. Smearing 10% benzoyl peroxide everywhere kept it under control, but it bleaches everything and it’s very drying. Not ideal. I picked this up on a whim when it was on sale at the drugstore and it’s my new favorite skin product. I have lots of things that reduce wrinkles and make my skin softer, but without getting rid of the pimples none of that really mattered to me. I put this on all my breakout areas overnight and if there are any bumps, i put an extra little dot of this. Sometimes I’ll also "seal" it with ELF blemish powder, depends how bad my skin is.This is still a bit drying, so make sure you put on more moisturizer than usual under. Sometimes I’ll put some dry oil over it too.

Jenifer Asher, KY


I am 27 with struggles with my acne since I was 10… my skin has become allergi to benzoyl peroxide that most meds have in it this sulfur based formula really works for me …the tint is pretty good. the same brand in the stores has switched to the benzoyl formulation which I cant use so I been ordering online awhile now. for this price I thought I was getting one tube, got 4 when the package came!!! will order again!

Jillian Marquette, NE

Works; be very careful of fabric

I’ve used this, off and on, for many years. It works great and does exactly what you want it to do.Just be *very* careful to scrub your hands thoroughly clean after using it, and to keep other fabric away from your face. It bleaches almost any fabric unattractively. In the past, I’ve had too many shirts/blouses end up unwearable after summer heat carried Clearasil and perspiration together to the collar, dying it a weird yellow-brown that can’t be returned to its original shade. I’ve ended up with ugly spots on towels after showering at the end of the day and apparently missing the last bit of Clearasil residue, or from drying my hands after the next trip to the washroom after applying makeup.No doubt this would be a five-star product if it weren’t for the way it ruins fabric.

Katina Weikert, PA