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Clearasil Daily Clear Acne Face Wash Non-Drying, 6.5 Ounce

Clearasil Daily Face Wash Tube, this rich, pearly cream gently cleanses skin without over drying. Use everyday twice a day, to help you maintain visibly clearer skin.

Key features

  • Deep Cleanses Pores To Remove Dirt And Oil Without Overdrying
  • Clearer Skin All Day, Every Day
  • Dermatologist Tested

Honest reviews



This is tube tacular Very tubby tube with tube-like tubuloids. My wife liked it and applied it and was happy applying it. The end.

Flora Curdsville, KY


I have been using Clearasil products for over 25 years, and they always come through with flying colors. In addition, I’ve tried several other Daily Face Washes, and none of them worked as good as Clearasil. The water in AZ is harsh on your skin, not to mention I now have aging skin at 62, which is sensitive. This daily face wash is very gentle, and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Since I began using it, I find it much more comforting than using bar soap, or other daily face wash products. For over 25 years, I’ve never had any complaints with Clearasil products, and I’m completely satisfied with this one. I will indeed continue to use it, and extremely happy that I found it. Highly recommended!

Terry Clemons, IA

Love This Stuff!

Ever since the birth of my last child, it’s like my face has went back to my teenage years, as relates to pimples (of course!). I’ve spent countless dollars looking for a product that would clear up my blemished skin, even the monthly shipments of a heavily advertised brand on television – to no avail.Imagine my surprise when only a week into using theClearasil Daily Face Washmy skin started looking so much clearer! I mean, after all, how many times had I passed this product on store shelves and discounted it? Too may to count.Is my skin perfect? Not by a long shot but compared to what it was, I feel confident I’m well on my way.The lesson I learned here is just because it’s an “old” product and not high dollar, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. There’s a reason brands like this stick around and I wish I thought about that before.

Sophie Hanover, MN

It takes four weeks to see improvement?

I’ve tried dozens of products like this, and I’d say this one is average. Be aware that it will initially make your acne worse because it draws out spots that would have appeared eventually any way. It does help heal blemishes more quickly than regular cleansers and it leaves the skin feeling very soft and moisturized. The one thing I didn’t like is that my face looked very pale, which is unusual with other cleansers.

Sharlene Port Byron, NY

Love it

My husband and I are both in our 30’s but we still really like this face wash. It leaves skin clean without over-drying and Amazon has a great price with sub & save.

Judy Guys Mills, PA

Awesome Price

We’ve been using this at my home for a while and usually pay $7 per tube. Finding 4 at this price was a steal and we’re quite happy. As far as the product is concerned, several of us have very oily skin and it does a great job with keeping us oil and blemish free.

Lindsey Westfield, NY

I like it

This is a good face wash. It foams well and smells nice. I notice that for me salicylic acid face washes help to prevent break outs. This one works well.

Marietta Kalaupapa, HI

I like it

clearasil, very refreshing feeling, love the scent very lite not loud perfume scentwould definetely recommend this product leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshingalso removes makeup really well

Stella Charlestown, MA

A little dab will do ya

Remember the old saying for the product Brylcreem “A little dab will do ya”? If so, you will know what I mean when I say that this face wash is a perfect example of that saying.The first time I used it, I had enough for four face washing! The second time, I had enough for two and I finally got it right on the third try. You think that the small amount would not go very far but it certainly does.It is a creamy, smooth lotion that feels wonderful on your skin and rinses off easily. It leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized. With the tube being sized at 6.5 ounces, this should last for many, many face washings.

Berta Hester, LA

A good product

Clearasil is almost an iconic product from my adolescence. Having had more than the usual troubles with acne in my teenage years, some sort of Clearasil product was always in my bathroom cabinet. I don’t remember if they marketed a Daily Face Wash back in the ’70s when my skin was an oily maze of blackheads and pimples. If they did, I might have benefited from that more than what I was using. This is more a preventive treatment, and it works quite splendidly. I no longer suffer from breakouts, but my skin is still is still oily, and I find this product is very effective in combating that problem. It’s especially effective before bedtime and in the morning. It dries the skin, but not to the extent that you then need a moisturizer to counter its effects. A good product.

Amalia Saint Germain, WI

Really Nice Cleanser

I like to use salicylic acid cleansers for their exfoliation properties, and this one did not disappoint. It cleaned without drying, which is a problem for many salicylic acid cleansers. It left my face feeling soft, not dry and taut. Highly recommended.

Sofia Drewryville, VA

A good product for the price

I’m never sure how to rate products like this, mostly because it’s difficult to determine whether the claims that it will reduce breakouts are true unless you’ve been using it for several months.I’ve been using this once a day, every day, for three weeks (in the morning while I shower). There hasn’t been a noticeable difference in the number of pimples I have, but to be fair, the product claims that it takes 4 weeks to be completely effective (and we have a maximum of four weeks to write a review for Amazon Vine products).That said, I do like the product, especially for the price at around $4 per tube. The products I normally use as face wash in the shower are typically $6-8 per bottle/tube, and it seems to me as though this one works as well as any other I’ve tried. It does dry out my skin a bit, but not near as severely as other face washes, and I like the creamy consistency of it as well as the mild scent. I’ve also gotten a bit in my eyes a couple of times, and it doesn’t seem to burn as badly as other products when that happens.My one complaint at this point is minor, and perhaps a bit silly. I have all of my shower products on a caddy that hangs from the shower head, so the tube of this face wash gets dripped on. The way it’s designed–so that the tube rests on the cap–it collects a fair amount of water in the lid, so every time I open the tube, water that has gathered in the lid falls out, and it kind of grosses me out.

Arline Donnelly, MN

Great Wash for Break-Out Prevention

This is an excellent “salicylic acid” wash for acne or skin prone to occasional breakouts. Cleans well and rinses clean, reducing redness and irritation. I use this face wash daily as an integral part of my skin care to prevent occasional break-outs.

Michaela Havaco, WV

Good Product

I tried this out last night. Nice fresh smell and good, medium consistency. Goes on well and easy to work in. Comes off easily too. Did a good job cleaning from what I could tell also.I’ve tried the other Clearasil Wash – it’s a lot thinner in consistency. I liked the one reviewed here better. More substance and seemed to clean deeper.Tried a CVS brand similar to the product reviewed here as well. Had microbeads which was good, but very thick which made it hard to rinse off. I vote for the one reviewed here.I think that the Clearasil product here is just about right overall. I’ve used some other products that left my skin smoother, but these could only be used once in a while and not daily as the one here.

Michell Harlan, KY

i dont mind it

There are a lot of mixed reviews on this new Clearasil face wash. It has salicylic acid now. Which is great for acne and it is also good for psoriasis plaques. That is why i use it. I have both acne and psoriasis so this product is a 2 for 1 for me and i love it.

Jerri Longwood, NC

Works Great For Cleaning The Face

Clearasil Daily Face Wash is a great option for those that like a creamy, silky option for removing oil and dirt as opposed to a slick, gel one. The product here is your standard salycic acid-based option for removing the nasties on your face (most products use this acid to do the job). The difference here is that this is in a tube instead of a pump and the TEXTURE is what separates it from other options. No beads, not watery mixture, instead this is a silky cream.The most important thing though is how does it work? The end result is my face was oil free and not dried out so it was on the ball.Easy to recommend and a good option for a clear, clean complexion.**** RECOMMENDED

Summer Sulphur, IN

Love the way my skin feels and looks with this

I have been using this twice a day for a week and I really like it. It smells fresh, but isn’t overpowering. My face and neck feel softer, smoother and just lighter in a way. Definately cleans the grime off after a morning in the barn working with horses. It has the acne medication in it, but it doesn’t burn or sting. I can’t speak as to whether it prevents breakouts or not, the bottle says that takes four weeks. We shall see. What I can say for sure is it does not cause breakouts for me – and a lot of these products just irritate my skin within one or two uses. I will buy this Clearasil Daily Face Wash again in the future.

Rosetta Merriman, NE

Best alternative to prescription facewash I’ve found

I am in my twenties, and I STILL break out like a teen. I used to have a prescription facewash, but when it ran out I couldn’t afford to get more and my face was SUFFERING.Luckily, I found this Clearasil wash. Is it perfect? No. If I got one or two zits when using my prescription, then I get two or three using this. But that’s A LOT better than the 7-8 I get without washing my face.I do recommend getting a good facial lotion to use after this, as sometimes it leaves me dry. But not always, which is curious. Maybe that’s just my skin. I’m a freak-o-nature or something.

Delia Hopewell Junction, NY

Fairly good facial cleanser

I use a lot of Clearasil facial products. Usually the acne treatments and sometimes the cleansers. This particular cleanser works very well at getting fairly thick makeup off your face gently. It has a pleasant fragrance and a creamy consistency. You don’t need very much to wash your entire face and it also works well on a shower loofah on your shoulders and back. I sometimes use it with a Buff Puff for extra scrubbing power.

Neva Hallam, NE

Good… but beware of Salicylic acid

I used Clearasil when I was a teenager and loved it for the clean, fresh smell and the way my skin felt after washing it. Now that I have pre-teen children, I just knew they needed it too. I was surprised to see that salicylic acid had been added and that there was a new formula. I have used it several times but don’t expect to see major changes in my skin b/c I don’t get breakouts or have acne at my age. The kids have used it and remarked that they’ve noticed a cleaner feel in their skin.

Essie Raymond, MS

Best Acne Cleanser Ever

If they had more stars, I would give them. This is the nicest acne cleanser I have ever tried and I have tried quite a few of them. I like salicylic acid in the cleanser because it is a very good medicine for acne, however it often causes over-drying, which causes me more breakouts, not less. This cleanser is a cream cleanser so not only does it not over-dry, but the medicine is delivered to your pores even more effectively. My skin is dry-ish, but not over-dry, just the way I like it. I use the product twice a day, which I absolutely cannot do with the truly ‘oil-free’ salicylic cleansers. This one does say ‘oil-free’ on the front but it has stearic acid in it, which is hydrogenated palm oil (a hard, waxy substance often used in moisturizing lotions and even candles). It has a creamy, shimmery quality which makes it pleasant to use. If you cannot get a hold of this exact product and want to mimic its effects, try massaging your face with olive oil or cold cream and then using one of the truly ‘oil-free’ salicylic acid cleansers. It’s not a bad substitute if you need it.

Ingrid Delmar, MD

Works great on sensitive skin.

I got this for my 8 year old daughter who is presenting with the slightest acne bumps on the T-zone. She is VERY fair and has extremely delicate skin. The Clearasil Daily has a very minimum sent and was very gentle.We even used it in conjunction with her spin brush unit at night. When I picked her up from school the following day, I did not notice any bumps at all so the problem was taken care of overnight. We used it right before bed. I am very happy with the product. She is too little to know any better about the horrible perils of acne that run in our family. I actually was on Tetracycline in my early 20s for acne. And then I found proactive. Not to sound too much like the infomercial but after a year of using it I had zero skin problems. However, the proactive is WAY too strong for an eight year old. I am not sure why kids are getting younger with acne – I don’t think it was until I was 10 or 11 that I had it. I think this will be a good solution for her for the next little while and we will probably use it once or twice a week. When she’s older it will probably be part of her daily regime.

Josefa Pine Ridge, SD

Superb cleaning!

I admit it. I am a huge fan of Clearasil. Despite being forty-something, I still get breakouts from time to time. Clearasil always does the job without any fancy bells or whistles. What you see is what you get. First off, I like the flip top. It’s easy to open for someone with hand issues like arthritis. The cleanser is rich and creamy. It removes make-up, dirt, and oil. It also doesn’t leave behind any residue. It unclogs pores and eliminates the bacteria. My skin feels soft and silky. Be careful not to get it in your eyes! I will most certainly purchase this product again.

Janet West Roxbury, MA

Good facewash

I was surprised by the mixed reviews of this product. The clearasil brand has been around forever, and I have never had a problem with it. This product is advertised as a simple face wash with 2% Salicylic acid. The acid is in the product as a cleansing agent, and anyone that has either teenage related breakout problems, or adult onset problems needs the acid as a cleanser to clear the skin. I personally have always used salicylic acid products and have never had a problem with them, however, I would advise that if you have a negative reaction to the acid you may want to look into another product.This product works exactly like I would want it to. It foams well and washes off clear without any residue. One of the things I like about the product the most is the fact that it does not dry out your skin. I personally use a face lotion every day after washing my face, but this product did not leave my face feeling like the Sahara desert like some washes are capable of doing.If your looking for a decent face wash I think you will like this one, it does what it promises, and after about a week of consistent use you should see clearer skin.

Harriett Roseland, VA

Still noticing some breakouts

I have been using Clearasil products since I was a teenager and was usually impressed with the results. Fast forward about twenty years and I still have the occassional breakout hear and there. So I decided to give the Clearasil face wash a chance. Well I like the way my face feels after using this product but I have to say after 3 weeks of using it, I still have breakouts. So for me it’s a good facewash but does nothing for my acne.

Rosella Grafton, VT

Rinses cleaner than other similar products

I’ve used a competing product similar to this for about 5 years now. (in an Orange tube)What I like I like about this Clearasil product is that it lathers up MUCH better, and really seems to rinse cleanly on the first shot.It also has a fresh, gentle scent.Overall, the effect seems the same. Nice clean skin, with improvement to the look tone and feel of my skin.

Ginger Montgomery, PA

The Brand Our Family Always Returns To

I’m not sure why, but every once in awhile we go away from Clearasil to try other face wash products. Invariably, it is a mistake as Clearasil is the one of the few brands that we have found that is affordable, effective, and used by nearly everybody in our family … from grade schoolers, to High Schoolers to adults. This face wash cleans well, helps to control oil and acne and does not dry or irritate skin. This is a good decision to buy that I would encourage anybody to try.

Elvia Duncan, OK

Can’t Go Wrong with Clearasil (A Grade)

Clearasil is one of the best face wash products on the market and this face wash is no exception. The price is appropriate and I feel it really works at getting rid of all the miniscule grime that builds up each day in your pores. I also recommend this for both genders and it’s perfect for teens and adults, as well as those with bad acne or just want their face to feel fresh and clean.Katiebabs

Alma Springfield, WV


CLEARASIL DAILY FACE WASH, 6.5-Ounce Tube, seemed like a safe bet to purchase. After all, Clearasil products have been around for some time, proving to do what they claim. Having a teen, preteen, and one that will be a preteen, soon, I imagine we’ll have acne products in our house for a number more years. CLEARASIL being one of them.Aside from being a great product, I was a little more then concerned and surprised by another’s review in regards to the ingredient, salicylic acid. I did a little research myself, confirming my apprehension. I don’t know if I’ll ever understand why the government allows for consumers health to be in jeopardy, allowing such things to be marketed when they are clearly not safe and or come with unfavorable side effects.Product Description:Clearasil Daily Face Wash Tube, this rich, pearly cream gently cleanses skin without over drying. Use everyday twice a day, to help you maintain visibly clearer skin.Before using topical salicylic acid:
• Tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to salicylic acid or any other medications.
• Do not apply any of the following products to the skin that you are treating with topical salicylic acid unless your doctor tells you that you should: abrasive soaps or cleansers; skin care products that contain alcohol; other medications that are applied to the skin such as benzoyl peroxide (BenzaClin, BenzaMycin, others), resorcinol (RA Lotion), sulfur (Cuticura, Finac, others), and tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova, others); or medicated cosmetics. Your skin may become very irritated if you apply any of these products to the skin that you are treating with topical salicylic acid.
• Tell your doctor and pharmacist what prescription and nonprescription medications, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal products you are taking or plan to take. Be sure to mention any of the following: aspirin, diuretics (‘water pills’), and methyl salicylate (in some muscle rubs such as BenGay). Your doctor may need to change the doses of your medications or monitor you carefully for side effects.
• Tell your doctor if you have or have ever had diabetesor blood vessel, kidney, or liver disease.
• You should know that children and teenagers who have chicken pox or the flu should not use topical salicylic acid unless they have been told to do so by a doctor because there is a risk that they may develop Reye’s syndrome (a serious condition in which fat builds up on the brain, liver, and other body organs).
• Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while using topical salicylic acid, call your doctor.

Antoinette Dexter, MI

Bye Bye Blackheads!

Being a lady “of a certain age,” I don’t have problems with pesky pubescent pimples, but I do have bothersome blackheads. This face wash helped me say “Bye-bye blackheads.”I used it at night, before applying my evening moisturizer, and within two weeks my blackheads were noticeably reduced.The cleaner has an okay scent and lathers well..

Tabatha Huntington, OR