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Clear Vinyl Zippered Cosmetic Bag Carry Case Travel Makeup

Great for travel or everyday use. Clear vinyl zippered tote with black trim

Key features

  • Travel/Cosmetics Bag Clear vinyl, gusseted top zippered purse.
  • 7-3/4″x 2″x 4″.

Honest reviews


Finally I can see all of my makeup essentials…

This little clear vinyl purse is the perfect cosmetic bag…it certainly does the trick…finally I can see all of my lipsticks, eyeliners, etc…all the essentials…& it’s a great size…fits in a smaller purse…a good purchase…

Michelle Green Valley, IL


I would like this case if it wasn’t so stiff and narrow. Doesn’t really fit much of substance in it and it hard to zip back up when holding my daughter. I use it for my makeup at the house instead of a diaper bag organizer.

Violet Crescent Lake, OR

Great for Traveling!

This is an excellent make up bag. It’s see through so you can tell what you have in the bag. Having a bag like this is a great idea for when you travel. I usually keep travel sized shampoo, conditioner and other spill-able items in one of these bags and my make up in another. When you aren’t traveling they’re a great way to keep everything together for when you need it!

Mattie New Berlinville, PA


This is the cheapest most useless piece of junk ever. The plastic is flimsy the design stinks as you cannot zip the dang thing open or closed easily. They giant stitching will rip the minute you look at it and the pull pulled off the first time I touched it.

Edythe Union Star, MO


It’s just a bag, really helps that it’s transparent. I use it for hair supplies so I can see what I have. No complaints and it is real sturdy.

Lavonne Sebring, OH

Zipper does not go around case.

I got this to replace a previous airline 1 quart bag of the same shape. The zipper failed on the old bag, and happily this zipper seems sturdier and is somewhat toothsome. However, unlike my old bag, this zipper does NOT go all the way to the back. So you can’t flip the top open, you can only drop stuff into the top. So, I was pretty disappointed. I wish I had another bag. I only kept it because it was only five dollars and was an add on item. so I would have had to pay return shipping. I’m sure I’ll use it, and it was cheap. But I still want a different one as well.It would be sooooooooooooo much more useful with a zipper that goes all the way to the back.

Lynne Springport, IN

Clear See Through Bag Has Made My Life Easier

I’ve been using this bag for over a month and I’ve grown to appreciate it more and more. I used a tinted see-through cosmetic bag for several years and then received a lovely bag as a gift and started using it, but I was always digging to find what I needed. Having thrown away the first bag, I ordered this clear one and I will never use any other material. I go right to what I’m looking for – specific lipstick, safety pin, mini perfume, mirror, mascara, eye drops . . . . recommend highly!

Kaitlin Mid Hudson, NY

Carrying Case.

I bought this to put a few random things in it and keep things organized.It isn’t too big or too small and the zipper isn’t flimsy.Great purchase.

Kaye Davis, NC

Great little clear bag.

This is a great makeup bag for anyone who wants to see what they have in their bad. I would recommend this to anyone.

Isabelle Corinth, KY

Good. Strong. No leak.

It works good. I carry my make up items and some meds in this in my purse. No leak, strong vinyl. Great purchase.

Julianne Homestead, FL