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Clear Scalp & Hair Conditioner, Ultra Shea Deep Cleanse & Nourish,12.7 ounce

Smooth & Nourish Conditioner for Extra Dry Scalps & Hair Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner System are proven to help lock in moisture* and provide long-lasting nourishment for extra dry scalps when used together. The conditioner deeply and weightlessly nourishes to help quench scalp and hair dryness and reduce hair breakage**. Ultra Shea Cleanse & Nourish Conditioner provides deep nourishment to your scalp’s needs. View larger Ultra Shea – Scalp and Hair Regime for Extra Dry Scalps & Hair Formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock System The system is formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock system, a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils, including Vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm, for extra conditioning. Directions 1. After shampooing, massage into scalp to lock in nourishment. 2. Apply to hair all over and rinse off for beautifully nourished hair. About Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock, enriched with shea butter and natural oils, provides the deep nourishment your scalp needs. So quench dryness, lock in moisture* and get hair that’s ready to stand up to anything, just like you. Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner At a Glance: Proven to help lock in moisture* and provide lasting nourishment for extra dry scalps Deeply and weightlessly nourishes to help quench scalp and hair dryness and reduce breakage** Formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock system, a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils Contains Vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm *When using Clear Ultra Shea shampoo and conditioner regimen. **Due to less breakage when combing vs. non-conditioning shampoo. What’s in the Box Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounces.

Key features

  • Proven to help lock in moisture* and provide lasting nourishment for extra dry scalps. (*When using Clear shampoo & conditioner)
  • Deeply and weightlessly nourishes to help quench scalp and hair dryness and reduce breakage*. (Due to less breakage when combing vs. non-conditioning shampoo)
  • Formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock system, a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils, including vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm.

Honest reviews


I liked it

This conditioner seemed to work fine for me, left my hair feeling nice. As for all the claims it makes, I just don’t know, just that it seems fine.

Antonia Chippewa Falls, WI


Pros:- Good scent- Rich textureCons:- After a month or two I’ve started noticing some odd smell in my bathroom, I think this conditioner does not age wellNeutral:- Can’t say that my hair felt different comparing to other hair products, but then again that’s very rare.Bottom line:Nice product as a refresher, but you’ll probably won’t stick with it.

Clarissa Little Genesee, NY

Nice conditioning

This has been used by my daughter for the last week. She has dry, curly hair, very thick, medium coarse and past shoulder length. She’s been using it with the matching shampoo.I expected with it’s description that it would be really moisturizing for her hair type. It’s been conditioning it, but not quite as well as expected. Her hair does look good, and it’s been easy to comb through. It’s still prone to some frizzing even after a week of using it following the instructions every day. It doesn’t seem to be causing a build up on her hair and I do like that.She loves it, she likes the scent, the shape of the bottle, and how shiny her hair looks. So figure 4.5 stars, splitting the difference between my expectations on the frizzy, and her joy in the shine.

Stella Bayou La Batre, AL

Seriously heavy moisturizer

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Ultra Shea conditioner provides a lot of moisture. I found it to be very heavy on my hair though. If I used it all the way up to my roots and scalp, it was too thick and wouldn’t rinse out. I have fine hair and it made my hair look unwashed and greasy. I had to wash with shampoo again to get it out. However, my ends are damaged looking and this conditioner improved their appearance. I’ve therefore found that if I use this on the ends of my hair, it’s a wonderful conditioner.The scent is pleasant. It smells like a salon conditioner and the scent of the shea butter is evident in the product. It goes on thick, like a cream. My favorite part about all the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy products I’ve tried though, has got to be the container. The conditioner comes out at the bottom when the opening it popped, like a toggle switch. It’s stored with the opening at the bottom, with a nice large and flat base, and gravity pulls the product to the opening. The amount wasted in minimized, giving me more bang for my buck.In general, I’d prefer a conditioner that was lighter so I could use it all over. Since I have this one though, I am quite happy to use it on my ends. It works like a charm.

Edith Ames, IA

Great results!

However, the bottle was designed to stand on its cap. Not a great idea, IMHO, for a container that contains a liquid. It was also shipped to me in a padded envelope, instead of a box that should have said “This End up” — it leaked into the envelope — luckily the bottle was wrapped in a plastic bag, so damage and loss were minimal.And the fragrance, IMHO, is a bit over-powering — use less in the formula and I think that will help a great deal. Early morning is not the greatest time to assail my olfactory senses.The product itself, containing “a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils, including vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm”, is certainly impressive, and those oils are an incredible arsenal for moisturizing and conditioning — and “CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” does condition very well. My hair is soft, shiny and feels like silk. Since I also use “CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Shampoo”. I think the two products work together very synergystically.So yes I like “CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” and would recommend it to others- but tweaking the design of the bottle and using a bit less of the fragrance would make this product much more enjoyable to use.

Annie Gravette, AR

Moisturizes well and smells divine!

I have used this conditioner for two weeks now. I am very picky about conditioner. I have very long and fine hair that tends to be dry and flyaway at times. This conditioner moisturizes well and also leaves a wonderful smell to your hair. I have noticed it is east to comb my hair when I get out of the shower.The best thing is the summer has been very hot and humid and most conditioners leave my hair flyaway. The moisture this provides leaves my hair soft and not flyaway. At night it smells good still and so soft to the touch!I have been using it withCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce. The shampoo does not clean my hair well but the conditioner does wonders. I might try another shampoo to go with the conditioner since it works so well.

Kelley Eustis, FL

A Miraculous Combo!

I’m thrilled to see and feel what Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Ultra Shea Smooth and Nourish Conditioner, applied afterCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ouncehave done to my hair in a single application. I have been using salon shampoos and conditioners on my hair for ages now, and been really displeased with how my hair has been looking. It’s grey, very thick and wiry, and was dry and brittle to the touch, and had totally lost its sheen. One wash with Clear Ultra Shea has changed all that. My hair hasn’t felt this soft in years, and it’s actually shining!Clear Ultra Shea smooth and Nourish Conditioner has a lovely feel to it. The aroma is very subtle and quite pleasant, and I like the packaging a lot. The cylinders are sturdy, with tops that press open easily, and the shampoo stands on its feet, and conditioner on its head, so there is no confusion as to what bottle you’re reaching for, half blind with no glasses on and water running down your face. I’m going to keep using Clear Ultra Shea, and those salon products will have to go bye bye.

Stacey Elkton, MN

Great Conditioner!

The first thing I do is read the ingredients before I use a hair product, because there are often harsh chemicals included. I did not see that with this product. It is one of the best conditioners I had ever used! It was very thick, smelled great, and left my hair soft and detangled. I will definitely purchase this product.

Patrice Sterling, PA

Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner

This conditioner is working great for my hair in the hot, hazy, humid days of summer. I use it in conjunction with the Ultra Shea Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo, and it leaves my hair feeling balanced. The conditioner has a slippery texture that helps keep my hair from tangling, and although it rinses out easily, some days, I comb the conditioner through my hair after shampooing, and then just wrap a towel around my head to get the worst of the water out, and then wind it into a bun with this conditioner still in it. It’s really helped my hair feel smooth and healthy instead of dry on the days I do actually rinse the conditioner out and do something with my hair besides a bun. The scent, although difficult to place exactly what it is, is a clean, pleasant smell. So far, I’m really happy with how this conditioner and its companion shampoo are working with my hair!

Amanda Shaver Lake, CA

Great product!

My wife has been using this for a couple weeks now and loves everything about it. It smells great, but not overpowering, and requires only a small amount to leave her smooth and feeling good.The cap popped off during shipping, but it was enclosed in a tight plastic bag so only a tiny bit was lost. However, it did bring our attention to the fact that the cap (which is on the bottom of the container) takes relatively little pressure to come off. Might not want to travel with this in your suitcase.

Germaine Lake Delton, WI

Moisturizes without weighing down

This a an effective moisturizer that left my natural African-American hair moisturized with a light scent without being uneven or leaving my hair feeling “tacky”. The scent is a light non-floral scent that I associate with shea butter or a light almost coconut scent. This moisturizer worked well, but is a bit pricey relative to others that I use with a similar moisturizing ability.

Jillian Hull, IA

makes my hair so soft

I love this conditioner. It doesn’t just prevent dry scalp but really made my hair soft which is nice because I blow dry and straighten it every morning and my hair can get dry. But this moisturizes nicely without making it greasy. I definitely recommend it.

Maxine Speedwell, TN


My hair is dry, so finding a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is important. This conditioner really does moisturize my hair and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. The shea butter scent is pretty strong and lingers for more than a day. So if you like the smell of shea butter and are looking for a hydrating conditioner, I recommend this one.

Maryanne Smithsburg, MD

Just an average conditioner

I am not really impressed with this conditioner at all. Like everyone mentions it comes out like lotion and it seems to take more of it to cover my long hair. As far as the scent goes it is reminicent of cocoa butter but I like that smell. Over all it didn’t out perform my Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Conditioner which I just adore! The product is definitely over priced compared to cheaper conditioners that work a lot better. Would not recommend.

Alissa Seneca, MO

Left my hair lifeless

I’m not sure if maybe this conditioner was not right for my type of hair (curly), but it was too heavy and my hair was just lifeless. The product itself its a thick pearly liquid, which smells wonderfully nutty. When I washed my hair it felt like it was extremely soft and I though that the end result would be great. I have curly hair which needs hydration so I thought this would work, but it made my curls just drag. I used the shampoo of the same kind with it for a month, then gave up, going back to my regular shampoo.

Kaye Portsmouth, RI

Smells so good!

I need to wash my hair daily because it tends to get oily, and when I used it daily it worked great. I decided to give it a day in between washes to see how this product would hold up, and I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t need it daily after all! My hair was still nice and fresh on that in between day. I think I will continue using this conditioner on a regular basis now.I love the smell, too! It smells so good. Not overpoweringly so, either. The container is essentially upside down, with the lid on the bottom. I really liked this because I feel I’m getting every last drop out of it.It moisturizes well and my usually hard to comb wet hair combed nice and smoothly. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great product at a decent price.

Mariana Valley Center, KS

Shea, Shea, Shea, what you want…..

This review is for Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Ultra Shea Cleanse & NourishShampoo&Conditioner.This is the third of the clear scalp and hair beauty products that I’ve used, and I’m starting to wonder if there’s any difference between them. I didn’t wash my hair and suddenly think “Wow! This product brings out all of the potential my hair has ever had!” but it wasn’t bad. My biggest complaint about this particular product is the scent. I’m not sure how to explain it, but the scent seems a little chemical to me. It reminds me of a very faint version of the way your hair smells after a perm.This product isn’t so bad that I won’t eventually finish the bottle, but it’s not something I plan on purchasing in the future.

Jenna New Effington, SD

not my favorite

I’ve tried a few of the “Clear” brand conditioners. Like the other ones I’ve tried, this one is lightly scented and the scent is not too bad, but I prefer the scents of the non-shea conditoners they have. The consistency of the conditioner is okay but I prefer thicker conditioners. It rinses out well enough and leaves my hair soft.I like that the spout is on the bottom because this helps the conditioner settle and makes it easier to get the last bit of conditioner out of the bottle.

Ofelia Jericho, NY

Fresh Scent No Tangles

I really like this conditioner. It is nice and thick and has a nice scent to it which isn’t overpowering like their Total Care one. I have thick, long, dry hair and I was able to comb this conditioner through my hair with no problems. It takes a little longer to rinse out that some other brands but it worked well and would recommend it. My hair is soft and I have had very few tangles since using it. The bottle has a flip top opening at the bottom which makes it easier for the product to come out.

Rhoda Eaton Center, NH

Good, But Not For Everyday Use

This Clear Ultra Shea Conditioner does a good job at moisturizing hair and has a very pleasant scent, but using it more than two or three times a week leaves my daughter’s hair feeling unpleasantly “coated”.This was used in conjunction withCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce, which does work well.CFH

Janine Billingsley, AL

I Was Surprised At How Well This Worked

We have four types of hair in our home- baby fine and wavy, medium fine and straight, coarse oily and wavy, and dry brittle and wavy with color treatment.When trying the Clear Scalp Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner, I expected greasy useless performance, but in once case I was wrong!Although the first three types of hair did not fare too well with the conditioner (too heavy and weighed down), the dry brittle wavy color treated hair does beautifully with this conditioner. When using various shampoo with it, this conditioner left the hair beautifully shiny, soft, and very curly and wavy. The color was enhanced nicely too.So, despite having a not to impressed outlook, this conditioner turned out to be a fantastic find and I know at least one person in our household will be using it until it is gone and most likely repurchasing too!We also like the way the container is made. It stands up straight, does not leak, and dispenses the conditioner just right. The scent is fresh and fruity/herbal very reminiscent of a high end brand which works well too.

Cecelia Wagner, SD

Not Recommended For Fine Hair

I have really fine hair and I don’t think this conditioner was a good choice for me. It was as easy to use as most instant conditioners. My hair felt over conditioned and their was some build up after just using it once. It was impossible to style after using this. My hair was flat, flat, flat and sort of oily looking. In all fairness, this might be a great product for dry and damaged hair that is frizzy or heavy but that isn’t my issue.

Dena Keaau, HI

Inexpensive, but leaves my hair soft and feeling healthier.

This is the 3rd conditioner from CLEAR SCALP & HAIR that I have tried recently. The first one didn’t do anything for my hair, the second was an improvement and I continue to use it and this one is even better than that.With this conditioner I have been using it every other day for close to two weeks. If I use it daily it makes my hair to oily, but on the other schedule it leaves it soft and feeling moisturized. It rinses well and also doesn’t weigh my hair down, which is good for my naturally curly hair. Additionally I have had less problem with frizziness which is great here in the Northwest. One last note is I do like the smell of it; although because it rinses well it doesn’t linger as much on my hair as I would like.Overall for the price I am happy with this conditioner and will continue to use it in a rotation with other conditioners that work well for my hair.

Alfreda Sherrill, IA

It makes my hair soft but I don’t like the scent at all

I have tried a variety of Clear Scalp & Hair products with good results but this is the first in their product line that I don’t really care for. It does a good job of moisturizing my hair without leaving a oily or waxy feeling. So it is a good conditioner but I have one problem with it. It has a very different smell to it that I don’t care for. It smells like clay or play-doh to me and I just don’t like it.

Lourdes Norge, VA


I decided to get this product for my daughter who struggles with dandruff, since we had such success using the men’s version of this same product for my son. Smell was great, which was a plus; but since this is a shampoo geared towards a “clear” scalp, I didn’t have high expectations with regard to the aesthetics of her hair after blow drying. BOY was I wrong. Her hair was soft, shiny, looked beautiful. This is an added advantage to the obvious…which is resolving the dandruff problem, as the product appears to have also done. I’ll be sticking with this shampoo line for quite some time.-DYB

Lavonne Lyndonville, VT

Smells nice,

I ordered this product to try and got it today. It leaked out of the bottle but at least the packaging smelled nice. I gave it a try and oh I should mention; I have super sensitive skin and this product does not irritate it. I used it with the matching conditioner and together they made my hair feel really soft and like I said not irritated which is a huge thing for me. I have to be very careful what products I use and the scent is pleasant. Not too powerful.

Karin Lampasas, TX

Waxy and Weighs Hair Down…

After only a few uses, “Clear Scalp Hair & Beauty Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” left my hair feeling waxy and weighed down. That was disappointing because while my hair was wet, it was slick and smooth. Further, while blow-drying and using a round brush, I found the brush moved easily, without tangling or catching, through my wet hair.”Clear Scalp Hair & Beauty Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” did not prevent my hair from “frizzing” as humidity increased. Instead of the sleek look I usually achieve with my regular conditioner, I ended up with a great number off fly-away hairs. Frizz is not a look I am trying to achieve.”Clear Scalp Hair & Beauty Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” is packaged in a uniquely shaped container. It fits nicely in one’s hand; is easy to hold, even with wet hands; and is easy to control with respect to dispensing the shampoo. I plan on saving the container and refilling when the “Clear Scalp Hair & Beauty Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” is gone.A word of warning: “Clear Scalp Hair & Beauty Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” left the tile shower floor extremely slick and slippery. If you use this product, please be careful that you do not fall because your shower floor is slippery.”Clear Scalp Hair & Beauty Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” is similar to many commercially available conditioners. It does the job, but leaves one’s hair weighed down after several uses; conditioners that rinse out cleanly and completely are preferable. I am rating “Clear Scalp Hair & Beauty Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner” as a 3-star product.

Sofia New Lisbon, NJ

Good solid shampoo. Bit drying.

I’ve been using this shampoo for a few weeks now, to give my hair a chance to get used it it, and see how it works. My hair and head feel utterly clean after using it. I work in a restaurant, and some days come home sweating and gross, so I need something that’ll be like an industrial cleaner on my head. This stuff does that well. My hair always feels squeaky clean. However, I find that if I don’t follow up immediately with a deep conditioner, my hair tends to feel rather light and dry. That’s great if you have fine hair that needs that lift. When you have thick hair, it turns into a giant ‘fro, and is not cute. The smell is nice, and not too strong. The lather is rich and plentiful.

Willa Cutchogue, NY

nice scent, conditions well, not sure if it does anything for scalp

I was very much looking forward to the Clear Scalp & Hair product line, because using dandruff shampoo for dry scalp, as I have been doing for years, really dries out my hair. I got both this conditioner and a shampoo, and was mostly pleased with the results. The scent was nice, and the conditioner strong enough you didn’t have to use very much of it. The conditioner rarely gets on my scalp, though; it’s mostly on my ends. Because of this, I’m not sure it helped with my scalp at all. When the shampoo didn’t control the itching as well as I would like (see separate review), I went back to dandruff shampoo brand dry scalp treatment, but this conditioner helped keep it from being so rough on my hair. All in all, I would definitely use this conditioner again.

Whitney Perrysville, OH

in 4 weeks my stylist noticed the difference in health

I am 50 year old and still have the same thick curly hair I did when I was 13. I have been looking for the right mix of care products. Just last month I switched to three products:CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Cleanse & Nourish ShampooCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner,CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY Ultra Shea Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil,My hair is dryer now that I am older and the shampoo really does the trick of cleaning without destroying my hair, it cleanses completely to remove product build-up. The conditioner allows me to much more easily run a brush through my hair. Without flattening my hair it reduces the dryness that flat ironing can do and reduces breakage. It really does lock in moisture and provide long lasting nourishment. The Therapy works best on wet hair, it gives deep, non-greasy nourishment to my hair and lends a healthy looking shine. I can wash, condition and therapy my hair Monday. Tuesday I can wet my hair put the therapy in and it looks brand new.The real test was going to my salon and my stylist of 8 years noticed the difference in softness. I love the blend of shea, vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm. It really works for me. I did find the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair.KEEPER!

Lupe Dormansville, NY