CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce

Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Daily Conditioner Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner System for hair in need of volume is a lightweight regimen that cleanses and nourishes the scalp, while allowing for all-day volume and body from the root*. Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner provides all day volume and body right from the root. View larger Volumizing Root Boost for Hair In Need of Volume Formulated with Nutrium 10 With an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C and E, sunflower, almond, soybean and coconut oils, and aloe vera, Volumizing Root Boost has been clinically proven to help restore the scalp’s natural moisture balance when using the complete shampoo and conditioner regimen. Directions 1. After shampooing, massage into scalp to lock in nourishment. 2. Apply to hair all over and rinse off for beautifully nourished hair. About Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Just as good soil is to a tree, a well-nourished scalp is the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair. For years women have been treating the wrong end of their hair. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy made with Nutrium 10 nourishes the scalp, creating the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair. Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner At a Glance: Clinically proven to help restore scalp’s natural moisture balance* Lightweight nourishers allow all day volume and body from the root* Cleanses and nourishes scalp and hair in need of volume Formulated with Nutrium10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients Contains vitamins B5, C and E, sunflower, almond, soybean and coconut oils and aloe vera *When using shampoo and conditioner regimen. What’s in the Box Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounces.

Key features

  • New CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY Volumizing Root Boost for hair in need of volume
  • Clinically proven to help restore scalp’s natural moisture balance* (*When using shampoo and conditioner regimen)
  • Lightweight nourishers allow all day volume and body from the root* (*When using shampoo and conditioner regimen)
  • Cleanses and nourishes scalp and hair in need of volume
  • Formulated with Nutrium10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C and E, sunflower, almond, soybean and coconut oils and aloe vera.

Honest reviews


OK every day conditioner

This is a nice every day conditioner, no overpowering scentsWorks pretty well, yet if you have dry hair, you’ll probably want either a conditioner with more oils in it, or will want to add a hair treatment to it.OK conditioner with no overpowering smells, like many conditioners & shampoos have, but lacks as a conditioner for those with very dry hair.

Earline Petros, TN

Prefer Other Clear Products

When I first started using Clear products for my hair, I noticed a distinct difference in the health of my hair. After about two months of usage, other people have started noticing and commenting as well that my hair seems healthier. That is important to keep in mind as I review this specific product.I have very fine hair. Any little thing will weigh it down. In fact, that’s the one complaint I had about the first Clear product I reviewed (Strong Lengths) – I lost what little volume I had. I didn’t want to lose the benefits of the sleek, shiny healthiness I found with Strong Lengths from Clear, so I tried the Strong Lengths shampoo and the Volumizing Root Boost conditioner together before switching to the volumizing shampoo. To be honest, I didn’t seem much of a difference with that combination.Next, I switched to using both the volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I did see a difference in the volume of my hair, but it also became more fly-away and less sleek. That has made it a little harder to manage, especially with my new short cut. (I made the switch two weeks after I got my hair cut.)I really don’t like to use other volumizing solutions other than a little hair spray. But, I think I would prefer those over the results I get from this volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I’m glad to have the set. I’m glad to have tried it. And, if I still had long hair I might even like it. But, with my current hair cut, I doubt I’ll go out and buy this product. I have no qualms, however, about sticking to the Clear brand.

Gwen Collins, NY

CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner

The is a very low cost conditioner that goes on feeling a bit ‘drier’ compared to other conditioners I’ve used. It seems to rinse out fairly easily and quickly. Hair feels smooth after using but not as nourished as I would like, but for the price this is decent.

Myra Greeley, KS

It’s just ok. it makes my hair soft but not crazy about the scent

This conditioner makes my hair feel very soft when used in combination with the matching Shampoo. However I can’t say that I have noticed any type of volumizing effect. The scent is ok but nothing to go crazy about. I would describe it as just a plain conditioner scent. I would prefer a mint, fruit or maybe tropical scent. Overall it’s above average but not my favorite. I love the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner they are really great.

Tasha Saint Mary, KY

Too heavy for very fine hair

I’ve tried several items in the CLEAR line and I think I’m done with them. The scent is ok, if cheap smelling. Some product lines make members of my household sneeze, but CLEAR was fine for all of them. The problem is the heavy feeling it leaves in your hair. Hair feels like it has product in it and is limp instead of loose and lightweight. This product is probably better for thicker or drier hair types. Mine tends to split easily and I haven’t noticed any change after several weeks of product use.

Latoya Ada, OK

Comparable to other products in this price range

Clear Scalp is of a quality comparable to that of other products in this price range. I did not find it had any outstanding features (and, indeed, some ‘bargain brands’ are surprisingly good by comparison.) I am neutral in this particular review – it is adequate, but I did not find it to have any special qualities.

Georgia Palco, KS

Didn’t notice anything different

I was actually looking forward to trying out this brand, but I was disappointed to find it didn’t do anything for me. It smells nice and all, but I didn’t notice any “volumizing root boosting” effects after using for at least a week. The substance felt a little watery in my hand.

Sybil Hersey, MI

This conditioner works very well

My wife and I tried this conditioner several times and enjoyed it. We felt that our hair was more vibrant, stronger, and had more volume than usual. We like the fragrance and found that it lasted for hours. Our hair was easy to rinse after using the conditioner and looked good. We also liked the design of the bottle.

Carole Cedar Island, NC

‘Clear’ conditioner has heavy perfume smell, but conditions OK

Beautiful hair starts with healthy hair. Although I’ve been very happy with Pantene for some time, I was very interested when I saw CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner. I expected something light and effective without much of an aroma.The conditioner works well enough, but is not any better than my Pantene products. Worse, it has a heavy perfume smell that I don’t like at all.This conditioner definitely leaves the hair soft and tangle free, but my hair has no more volume than when I use Pantene.I will finish this bottle, but will go back to Pantene when I am done. I like its clean, fresh scent much better than this one.

Faith Alba, TX

Conditions well yet doesn’t weigh down my long hair

This conditioner is wonderful. It has a very fragrant and fresh smell. After I applied this to my long hair, I was able to run my comb through much easier than when I use my other conditioners (such as Biosilk, Pantene, Tresemme, etc.).I let my hair air dry and the fresh scent remained. My hair (especially the ends) also had bounce without being weighed down or flat. I love this conditioner and really like the sleek light lilac bottle it comes in (especially since my bathroom is light purple). After reviewing this product, I just ordered this conditioner and their volumizing shampoo on Amazon’s subscribe and save program.From now on this will be one of my conditioners; I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winnie Garciasville, TX

Good Conditioner

Hardly any scent (which is very good!) rinses out easily and leaves my hair soft and sheeny after blow-drying. I only had to use a small blob though I have shoulder length hair. Makes it super easy to comb out tangles. This conditioner worked great for me.

Juliet Mattson, MS

Nourishing, Not Volumizing

My hair feels pretty silky and seems to be less frizzy than normal. It has less volume than with my normal conditioner, though. The product is fine, but nothing remarkable.

Marci Garita, NM

Worked well for detangling, didn’t notice any volume boost

This conditioner had a pleasant enough smell and worked excellently at detangling my hair, but I didn’t notice any more volume from it. I wouldn’t recommend this line of products for those who have sensitive skin because I’ve had scalp irritation after using most of the products in the line.

Tracie Healdsburg, CA

Lots of volume, I use it differently though

I tried the Nourishing ConditionerCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Moisturizing Dry Scalp Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce, and while it was “just OK”, I love this Root Boost version and will continue to use it. My hair is color-treated and dry, and my hair is thin but I have lots of it. I’m always pressed for time in the morning so I shampoo, then put a tiny, less than pea-sized amount of this root boost conditioner in my hand, apply it to my hair, and I LEAVE IT IN, no rinsing it out! It doesn’t make my hair greasy or flat, in fact, I’ve never seen it so full.

Bettye Twin Bridges, MT

Used with the shampoo, it seems to meet claims and has mild fragrance.

As stated with the shampoo review, these two products used together do seem to create some additional fullness of my fine hair even with the hard water here. Again, the fragrance is pleasantly mild and I’ve not experienced the usual itching and/or burning with a fragranced product. Time will tell, but I think these two are going to meet the manufacturer’s claims. Both bottles have a substantial flat base with opening end down to enable using those last few drops, and they are not going to be falling over with the slightest hit of water from the shower head. These are products I will continue to use if they live up to claims. Thanks!

Allie Mexia, TX

Good conditioner but poor packaging

I can’t count the number of conditioners that I’ve tried and then thrown in the trash in an effort to give my fine hair some needed volume. This conditioner does do what it claims to do–volume without weight and it smells good.I’ll probably buy it again. However, I wish it came in a more friendly container. It is difficult for my arthritic hands to hold the 12 oz bottle which has an odd shape. The L’Oreal Ever Pure shampoo and conditioners are much, much easier to hold.

Casey Alpena, MI

So worth the $!

I used this product several times along with the dry scalp shampoo by the same company and have had wonderful results. Love the fragrance and the silkieness of the product without having to use a ton of it at one time. My hair is short and color treated and with using both products I get a wonderfully soft texture to my hair with tons of volumne. I always leave my conditioner in for 3 to 5 minutes so as to soak up any extra umph that the product might be able to deliver on.If you want a good product that can do the job without breaking the bank then give this a try. I think you just might be surprised. I surely was.

Arlene Verona, MO

Great Conditioner

My hair needed some extra TLC after a summer of swimming in lakes and traveling and this product was amazing. I found that it brought life back to my hair and made my scalp healthy. This bottle went missing — found it in my pre-teens bathroom , another satisfied customer.

Claudine Columbia, IL

No good for me

Shampoo and coditioners will always be something that works differently for different groups of people. For me, this version of Clear did not work well at all.My hair is long, to my waist. Not very thick, but pretty wavy. I don’t use straighteners too often in the summer months, but I do use a blow dryer often and am in the sun alot, so my hair can get dry at times.A conditioner for me has to work well at detangling and moisturizing, but more emphasis on the detangling due to my hairstyles. Especially with my hair being so long, I need something that actually works, so that I am not using a whole bottle at a time. This is why I stick to salon brands since they are so concentrated. Every now and then I will switch to a drugstore brand, just to try something new though.Clear Scalp Volumizing Root Boost conditioner was horrible at detangling for me. I don’t feel it was very good at conditioning at all in general. I had to use 3-4 heaping handfuls at a time and even then it just did not seem to be doing much. This Clear conditioner is very thick and rich, but it just didn’t perform well for me. My typical shower routine is to shampoo, then wash my face, then apply conditioner comb it through and clip my hair up while I wash off. I like to let the conditioner soak into my hair. With this, it was much more difficult to comb through my hair with the conditioner on and my hair still felt rough/ragged.This conditioner seems like it isn’t absorbed by the hair at all. It is like it just sits on top of it and then rinses right off. It does rinse easily with no apparent residue, so that is a plus. It didn’t weight my hair down at all, but it also did not give me any volume. This could be because my hair is so long, but I do use other volumizing shampoo & conditioners and can see the volumizing effects. I tend to be flat at the roots, so in lieu of teasing or heavy use of styling products, I like to use a volumizing shampoo & conditioner from time to time for fuller styles.I had to follow up with a leave in conditioner every day that I used this. My hair is not overly dry, so it shouldn’t have been such a big issue. I will try the other Clear varieties and see if I have better luck. This one was just not for me, but it may work very well for others, especially if your hair is shorter and not as wavy/curly. It does smell good though, for what it’s worth. It is a light, fresh, somewhat floral smell.

Sophie Hana, HI

Good conditioner

This Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy is a very nice. I love the fragrance. It smells floral and reminiscent of my visits to the salon. The conditioner is on the thick side, but it’s easy to work it into my hair after shampooing. I particularly like the container. The opening is at the bottom, so the product will continue to move to the opening as it is used up. I’m sure you get to use the most conditioner possible out of the container and there is less waste than with other conditioners that have top spouts or openings.This particular product is a Volumizing Root Boost. I have long, fine, straight hair and my roots were not noticeably boosted. Although I haven’t tried many, I have never found a root booster or volume product that does work on my hair. This is however, a very nice conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy and I have not found that it’s building up after daily use. If you’re looking for a conditioner, this is a good one.

Edna Lenapah, OK

Doesn’t leave my hair flat like some conditioners

This didn’t add volume, but it didn’t take it away either. I have very fine hair, and some conditioners weigh it down. I always have to look for volumizing conditioners to eliminate the problem. This one worked well. It has a pleasant scent that doesn’t seem to linger after you have used it. I like the creaminess of it, and it seems to coat my hair well. When rinsing it out of my hair, it washes clean easily, and leaves my hair slick and easy to comb through when wet. I don’t tend to have a dry scalp in the summer, so I can’t speak for the claims of moisturizing my scalp. I’m giving it a 4, because I wasn’t super impressed with it, in that if something I have used before goes on sale, I would probably pick it over this. However, I would buy this again, and it does what it promises.

Sybil Warba, MN

Pretty good.

This whole line of hair care seems to be adequate but not exceptional. At least of the four products I have tried. They have a mix of conventional and healthy ingredients. The conditioning is exceptional as far as getting rid of tangles. But it leaves my hair with a dull look. Interestingly enough, I notice that my hair dries quickly with this line of hair products, I don’t know what causes that. But I do enjoy that aspect of it. In short, I don’t feel compelled to buy more but I’m not sorry I tried it.

Jaclyn Belmont, OH

Volumizing Conditioner WITHOUT the frizz. No tangles!!! Love that.

Typically, I’m a Joico (Kpak) girl, and I default to Herbal Essences or sometimes Pantene (both have long hair products) when I cant find Joico on sale (full price Joico is not in the student budget…though discounts are pretty easy to find). In general I use minimal product: perhaps a little mouses on the roots and a leave-in on the ends if im straightening, spray gel if not straightening, and, when I’m in the mood, some hairspray.My hair is waist length and fine/thick. I have a lot of strands—but the strand texture is fine. So that added to the length means weight. Which would make one want to TRY a volumizing conditioner. However, having long hair means you must protect and condition. This product promised both: moisture and volume. Worth a try!Overall I’m pretty happy with the results. “Volumizing” conditioners have in the past been a HUGE fail. They leave me and my curls rockin’ the white girl ‘fro. With frizz and tangles!!!! This was a lovely change: lightweight volume, No frizzled, and my hair straightened happily. :)As an added bonus the little tilt to the cap and side dispensing means you can easily dispense even the last of the product. (Huge points to the bottle design team!!!!)I do think the name of the shampoo needs changed. It simply doesn’t sound “pretty.”Very little scent.REASONS FOR LOSS OF ONE STAR: did not leave my hair quite as shiny as I like.

Rhea Kremlin, OK

Gets better with continued use

The idea behind this hair care line is that to truly nourish your hair, it’s important to start at the scalp where the hair grows from as opposed to the length of the hair which is considered to be dead. This makes sense, but I did have some reservations because the directions instruct you to gently massage this conditioner on your scalp and hair stylists have always advised against that because it causes your hair to be weighed down. I went ahead and used the conditioner as directed. After I dried my hair, I was pleased to see that there was more volume at the crown of my head. The downside however, was that my hair did not feel as conditioned as it normally does, but after continued use (about a week or so) it did start to feel softer and conditioned. I do recommend this product, but my advice is to be patient and give it a chance to start working, it’s worth it.

Lois Savage, MD

Creamy conditioner that flows well out of the bottle

The conditioner ingredients are unremarkable – chemicals plus oils from almonds, coconuts, soybeans and sunflower seeds. Many conditioners have a similar smell – not a heavy perfume – just that of a typical hair product.Many conditioners now have bottles with lids at the bottom. This is no exception, the bottle is elegant and simple – not fat – so it only contains 12.7 fl. oz. (375 ml), yet is the same height as a 25.4 fl. oz. (750 ml) bottle – clever packaging to make you think you’ve bought more than you really have. What differentiates this conditioner is its consistency. It is neither too thick to pour nor too runny to drip. It has just the right creamy consistency that makes it easy to rub into the hair.I have thick, dry, over-treated hair that can be quite brittle. The conditioner performed as well as the conditioners that typically come with hair color. I have used a paraben free SimplyU conditioner from Walmart that I like better.I compared this conditioner withDove Daily Moisture Therapy Conditioner, Dry/Rough Hair, 40 Ounce (Pack of 2)andGarnier Fructis Conditioner, Fortifying, Pure Clean, Normal Hair, 13 oz.. Both of these were thicker and in both cases I had to put water in the bottle to dilute them – so they probably will last for more shampoos per fluid ounce (or milliliter) than the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Conditioner, which I have not had to dilute.I don’t wash my hair every day – so the idea of a Nourishing Daily Conditioner doesn’t appeal – however I do use conditioner once or twice a week. It has left my hair manageable, just as any other good conditioner would.This conditioner is not one I would rave about, but it does have excellent creamy consistency that makes it easy to apply. I like paraben free, very simple products. This has about 30 ingredients – are they really all necessary?

Jolene Mart, TX

Leaves hair soft and tangle free

I used this along with the Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo and was very pleased with the results. I loved the light smell and the thick smooth texture of both. I had no problems rinsing out either the shampoo or the conditioner. As my hair was drying (I let my hair air dry rather than blow dry) I could just feel the softness settling in. I have this weird habit of ruffling and fluffing my hair as it dries and after using this product, my hair had such a great feel to it as I did so.Once dry, my hair settles nicely with no wild/static craziness and looks smooth and soft. I have long hair – below my shoulders – and it sometimes likes to go the crazy route. Also, one of the things I miss most about my youth (granted, I am only 38) is the incredibly thick hair that I once had. Once I began having children, my hair thinned quite a bit and I miss that thick mop, lol. In any case, this product does seem to give it volume and “plump” up my hair.I also want to be sure to mention that I have weird/picky hair/scalp. It responds to different products in an extreme way. My scalp is oily, while my length is more dry. When I use hair products it either leaves my hair a limp mass of yuck or works really well. Most of the time, it leaves a limp mass. Needless to say, I was thrilled and pleased to find that the Clear product left my hair looking and feeling great. I am also one that has to wash my hair daily – in the morning, otherwise it looks oily and feels horrible. I notice with this, however, I can wash my hair one day and the next morning it does not have that oily look and feel to it! Yay!At the price, I feel this is a great product and one that I will continue to use for a while. The scent is great, the effect is great and I am very pleased with the outcome when I use the shampoo and conditioner combination!

Marci Newton, UT

Worked very well for my fine, straight hair

I have fine hair that tends to fall flat, so you would think that using a volumizing conditioner would be a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately, many of the conditioners I’ve tried in the past–usually branded as “for fine hair,” “body-building,” “voluming-boosting,” or some combination of the above–have not worked well for my hair. The problem is that these types of hair often do not condition my hair ENOUGH. Given that my hair is fine and thin, it is prone to tangle and break easily, so I need a product that will condition my hair well without leaving it feeling weighed down.Unfortunately, finding the right conditioner has proved elusive, and I’ve switched products and brands over the years. Therefore, I was quite impressed with CLEAR Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner, even with the very first use. The conditioner had a subtle yet light, fresh scent. The product itself was sufficiently thick, spread nicely through the hair, and rinsed easily. But most important of all, I was pleased to see that my hair seemed less flat than usual after using this product. I wouldn’t say that it produced huge amounts of volume, but for my fine hair, simply having the conditioner leave my hair feeling soft yet not weighed down is a huge plus.I have been using this product with the matching shampoo,CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo, and the two products seem to be working well together. The only (small) complaint that I have about both the CLEAR Conditioner and Shampoo is the design of the bottles–they sort of flare out, which make them difficult to push neatly together on a bath shelf and which give them the appearance that they are leaning over. (I do like how the Conditioner opens at the bottom–but why not make the Shampoo open that way too?)Overall, however, I am definitely pleased with this product, and I plan to continue buying it as long as it keeps working for me.

Virgie Jefferson, IA

Worked fine, not outstanding

I also used the shampoo that goes with this conditioner, but not in tandem with the conditioner as I had used it up before I got this. Overall, I think this conditioner worked just fine on my hair. Nothing outstanding, but it performed on a par with any other conditioner I’ve used. I didn’t notice a boost in volume after using it a while (and I have had fine hair all my life). The texture is creamy and the color milky white. It comes out of the bottle in neat ribbons. It goes on easily and rinses out just fine. I enjoyed the scent, and this conditioner definitely helps get a comb through my wet hair after the shower, which is really the main reason I use conditioner, as I’ve always kept my hair long. I love the fact that it contains vitamins and healthy natural ingredients. So yes, a good impression overall.

Carmela Onsted, MI

A nice conditioner

As I have ventured into my 30s, my hair has become much flatter and is losing its bounce. I have what “appears” to be thick hair but really, I have a LOT of hair that is made up of lots of thin strands. I figured trying out Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty volumizing boost nourishing conditioner couldn’t hurt. I thought the smell was pleasant and not overly strong. It rinsed out nice and clean without any kind of left over residue that would need lots of extra rinsing. I didn’t notice much of a boost to my volume after the first use. My hair felt nice but that was it. I don’t wash my hair every day, just every other day, but on the second wash and condition, I did notice my hair looked more voluminous- not a huge amount of volume but definitely wasn’t my usual flat hair! So yay! A little volume is better than flat and I am good with that. The price (less than $5) isn’t too shabby either!

Edythe Nome, ND


I was really excited to test this product. I’m one of those shampoo/conditioner hoarders. i have tried almost every brand out there and really can’t find one I like. I have long hair that is very thick and slightly wavy. When I wash it, it’s very difficult to get a comb through even with conditioners. Lately, I’ve been hooked on WEN (which I got on Amazon) and it’s been working great but I do miss the lather that shampoo provides.I first used this 4 days ago. I shampooed with one of my ordinary shampoos and then used this and oh my goodness, I have NEVER felt my hair that soft. It was also easy to comb and smelled great. The next day, I didnt’ wash my hair and it was still soft, and manageable and perfect. I sometimes have a dry scalp and i noticed a huge difference using this product. I used it again last night and I got the same results…soft, manageable hair, smelled great and no dry scalp…and my hair was very easy to comb wet. I can’t believe there is a product out there that does this great of a job for my hair. I will most definitely be buying this conditioner and it will be one of my favorites. It’s thick but very easy to wash out. I also have a little more bounce to my hair. If you’re like me and have tried product after product and are just not satisfied, try this one.

Cortney Port Sanilac, MI