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Clear Scalp and Hair Conditioner, Strong Lengths 12.7 oz

Clear Scalp and Hair Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner is clinically proven to help restore the scalp’s natural moisture balance (with regular use of CLEAR shampoo and conditioner). Clear Scalp and Hair Strong Lengths Nourishing hair conditioner makes hair resilient to breaking and falling for long, strong locks with up to 96% less breakage (measured as breakage when combing when using shampoo and conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo).

Key features

  • Clear Scalp and Hair Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner will give you the opportunity to experience 96% less breakage (measured as breakage when combing when using shampoo and conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo)
  • Clear Strong Lengths Nourishing hair conditioner is clinically proven to help restore the scalp’s natural moisture balance (with regular use of CLEAR shampoo and conditioner)
  • Clear Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner makes hair resilient to breaking and falling for long, strong locks
  • Clear starts at the scalp, the foundation for resilient, beautiful hair

Honest reviews


very light scent is the best feature

I appreciated that this conditioner did not have an overpowering scent. But I didn’t really care for it otherwise. It seemed to make my hair “puffier” than others and the bottle was really hard to empty.

Florence Waltersburg, PA

Very nice

I was worried about the oils it contains because I thought it would weigh down my chin length hair and also because my home is on a septic tank system and I know grease is the worst thing for the drain field. But in fact I love how my hair feels after using this conditioner and since I am not detecting any sort of oily residue in my tub I am assuming there is not enough to wreak havoc with my drain field. The bottle is very easy to handle because the lid and spout are on the bottom and opening it is a simple matter of pressing on one side so the opposite side pops up. Super easy to open and close. I withhold one star because the product is heavily perfumed. Fortunately for me I do not find the scent objectionable but I would rather it had no scent at all.

Madelyn Baskerville, VA

Good, but no shine.

This conditioner really conditions and leaves ones hair nice and silky. I am very pleased with how tangle free it leaves my hair. And for a conventional conditioner, I am pleased with the long list of healthy ingredients included in the formula. My one complaint, and the main reason why I haven’t given it a five star rating, is that while it doesn’t give my hair a completely dull look it doesn’t give it much shine either. I’m a brunette with lots of natural red highlights and they don’t seem to be visible much with this conditioner. The scent is light and pleasant and I like the lavender color.

Carole Rose, NY

Makes my long hair a bit oily

I used the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner for a week. The combination leaves me hair very soft, but by the next day it is flat and oily looking. I like that it is for long hair. The conditioner is pretty thick, which is much better than the watered down cheap ones. It smells great, too. I’m looking for a conditioner that doesn’t make my hair oily, but makes it soft and keeps away static at the same time. This conditioner wasn’t the right fit for me, but it may be for you.

Angie Glennville, GA

Great for my hair

As I mentioned on my review of the shampoo, my hair is:- Plentiful, but very fine and therefore easily broken.- Straight with a small amount of natural body.- Lacking in volume.- Easily weighed down.- Oily.I had one primary concern about this conditioner. The directions state that it is to be worked into the scalp and throughout the hair in order to work properly, because it is supposed to help condition the scalp. I never put conditioner directly on my scalp. My hair is so fine and so easily weighed down that I avoid conditioning the roots as much as possible. But, in order to truly review this product properly, I went ahead and followed the directions.I was VERY pleasantly surprised! Not only does this conditioner not weigh down my hair, it also really did create a moisture balance along my scalp to help control the oil in my hair. In fact, not only have I noticed a decrease in the oiliness of my hair, but I have also noticed a decrease in facial oiliness as well.The combination of the shampoo and conditioner has seemed to increase the strength of my hair and reduce the amount of hair lost in brushing and washing.My one frustration is a reduction in volume. I really like to avoid excess products in my hair as much as possible, but I have to use volumizer more with this shampoo/conditioner duo than I did with my old set. My hair is not weighed down by this product, but what little body I have seems to be reduced dramatically. I have to say, though, that the reduced volume is a small price to pay for oil control and greater strength.**Note: I have not been to my stylist since using this product. So, I do not have confirmation from her that my hair is indeed increased in strength.**

Aida Spottsville, KY

Nice Product

This is a perfectly serviceable conditioner. It has a pleasing consistency and a light fruity aroma. It left may hair feeling soft and silky. It washed out easily and my hair was felt clean, not over conditioned. However, it did not provide my hair with any shine.I would certainly consider this product at least for the summer months as it is light, gentle and washes out easily.

Alissa Centerville, LA

Gentle on My Scalp

I love CLEAR SCALP & HAIR products and this one was no exception. When I had a chance to order this, I jumped at it! I’ve used it and love it.I’ve used CLEAR SCALP with the shampoo and it was very gentle on my scalp and hair. The conditioner made for easy combing and was pain free. This conditioner also acts as a volumizer. I will CERTAINLY keep CLEAR SCALP & HAIR products in my bathroom! This is an excellent conditioner!

Elena Little Creek, DE

It Did The Trick!

After my nephew came back from a vacation he’d gone on, his hair wasn’t in great shape. I guess he spent a lot of time in salt water and it had taken his toll. I looked through what I had in the house and figured this seemed like my best bet to get it back into decent shape. I was impressed, though, by how nice and soft his hair was after that single round of conditioning, considering how rough it had started out. The difference was really dramatic, so I’m more than happy with how this conditioner performed.

Pat Delphia, KY

Decent Conditioner. Lightly Scented. Thick, No Tangle Formula. Leaves a Non-Dissolving Residue in Your Shower Drain.

UPDATE: This conditioner leaves a non-dissolving thick, slimy residue in my shower drain. I have not noticed that any of my other conditioners did the same thing. I do not know if this enough residue to cause a drain build-up & future plumbing issues.I have medium to fine shoulder length, non-treated, layered hair & found the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner to be on par with my other conditioner (Suave Professionals).This conditioner goes on thick & takes a little work to rinse out (Suave does too). It leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny & bouncy all day long. I did not notice a significant difference in “no tangle” or hair loss from Clear versus my other daily conditioner, so I cannot comment on Clear’s “strong lengths” claim. In the end, my decision to continue to use Clear will be based upon price point since the results seem to be similar to other products that I have used in the past.Note: I like the bottle design (dispenser on the bottom) & have not experienced seepage.

Susana Bonnots Mill, MO

OK conditioner, but made my scalp itchy

I used this conditioner for one week paired with the shampoo for color treated hair and I’m not impressed. The smell is a bit strong and chemical-ish. Plus, even though it is for the scalp, the two CLEAR products made my scalp dry and itchy. Another bummer is that I learned the product contains an animal byproduct (from cows) and the company does not have a no animal testing policy. In summary, I won’t purchase this conditioner. I’d prefer something a bit more natural with less chemicals.

Cecile Clinton, CT

good basic conditioner

CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce $4.98This conditioner is lightly scented and I would have to say that I like the scent. I’m not sure exactly what the scent is but it is pleasant. The consistency of the conditioner is okay but I prefer thicker conditioners. It rinses out well enough and leaves my hair soft.I like that the spout is on the bottom because this helps the conditioner settle and makes it easier to get the last bit of conditioner out of the bottle.

Chandra Roanoke Rapids, NC

Love Clear shampoos but conditioner doesn’t moisturize my hair at all

I’ve tried and liked the Clear Shampoo, but this Conditioner was a bit disappointing to me. I’ve tried 2 of the conditioners for their line so unfortunately I think this for me is not an issue with a specific conditioner from Clear, but their line as a whole. It just didn’t leave my hair as soft and silky as what I’m accustomed to. It felt wiry and dry the day I wash it. In fact, I was convinced for awhile that perhaps I actually had two bottles of shampoo in my shower instead of shampoo and conditioner. Basically it leaves my hair feeling as if I never conditioned at all. To make sure it wasn’t my hair that changed I tried two different shampoo/conditioner pairs -one from Pantene and one that was a macadamia oil shampoo/conditioner and immediately my hair looked healthier and felt more like what I expected. It is possible that if I used the shampoo and conditioner from Clear in the summer time when my hair and skin is naturally less dry the results would have been better. But since 2 of their conditioners have left my hair feeling straw likeI’m also not a huge fan of how this product smells. To me it has an overpowering floral scent. But this is also a matter of personal preference. I like things that are more subtle in nature or are unscented. It’s too bad because I do like what the shampoo does for my dry and sensitive scalp, but I miss how soft and silky other conditioners make my hair feel. That said there is one plus in that using the Clear shampoo and conditioner together I seem to notice less oil and build up when I wait a few days before washing my hair again. I do appreciate that since I have sensitive skin and try not to shampoo and condition my hair everyday. However it is a bit disappointing that in order to get there I have to deal with dry feeling hair the first day my hair is washed.

Faye Richland, MI

A Little too Fruity but Overall I like it

I am a bit picky when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. I like products that don’t smell overly fruity (I prefer a herbal… mint or rosemary smell). I also like products that rinse out quickly and do not leave my oily. The Clear Scalp Strong Lengths Conditioner meets most of my requirements.Notes- It does have a fruity scent, but it is not overpowering- It does wash out of my hair quicker than other conditioners. After a thorough rinse my hair feels very clean with little residue .- Since it is a thinner conditioner it does require use to use more than with some other brands. For me this is not a big deal, but my wife has a lot longer hair and she finds that it requires a lot of product to achieve the desired effect.Final verdict – I like the Clear Scalp & Hair Conditioner, but it is not our favorite. At this price point it is certainly worth giving a try!4 Stars

Francisca Carnelian Bay, CA

Adds body

It has a pleasant though strong scent. The good news if you’re sensitive to such things the smell only lasts in the shower. I have long, wavy hair that’s turning grey with the texture that grey hair usually has. My hair is prone to tangling so I usually leave some of the crème rinse in after washing. This crème rinse has an oilier texture than I’m used to so I was a little hesitant to do that for fear it would weigh my hair down but it actually came out fine. In fact I noticed more body and a minimum of frizziness.The container design is flat where the product dispenses. In effect you store the bottle upside down which allows gravity to work as the bottle empties. Guarantees ease of use as the product ages.

Casandra Sun City, FL

It’s A Good Conditioner

I don’t like the bottle. The dispenser is on the bottom of the bottle, so if it drips, it will drip on your counter. The conditioner is just as good as most of the ones I use. Because I straighten my hair and dye it, I use a very expensive conditioner, ER by Crede that I prefer. If my hair weren’t damaged, this would be fine for me. That said, I don’t see any difference between this and others I’ve used.

Melanie Centerville, TN

My New Favorite Conditioner

Within only a couple weeks after starting to use this conditioner (along with the shampoo,CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce), I have noticed a big difference in the softness, strength and health of my hair. My hair tends to be very dry and this shampoo-conditioner combo has worked wonders.My daughter also loves it because it’s such a clean product (without all the dyes etc. that can weigh down fine hair), leaving her hair shiny and silky. She kept stealing mine so I had to get her some of her own.The packaging states it has nutrients for the scalp and the hair and I believe it. I trimmed my hair right before I started using it and it has definitely helped prevent split ends. It’s every bit as effective as the shampoo-conditioner combos I’ve paid premium prices for in salons.I’m liking my hair more than I have in a long, long time, and am looking forward to seeing the results after a few months.

Chandra Baggs, WY


I have naturally oily hair…this did leave my hair soft, but the need to rewash my hair in 12 hours kind of bummed me out- the need for this came as my hair looked greasy if I did not…my husband has dry hair and it worked great for him

Robbie Buttzville, NJ

Effective conditioner….

I use this conditioner, along with the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY shampoo. It smells great, goes on thick, and doesn’t make my hair and scalp feel like I am suffocating it. Instead, it feels I am nourishing it and giving it hair food, to keep it clean and strong. Like anything, or any part of your health regime, you’ve got to make sure your hair is in good shape. Breakage and dryness just won’t do. Think of this conditioner as a tall glass of water for your hair region, on a hot, summer day. Nice.

Janis Lemont Furnace, PA

Good, But a Little Too Heavy for Regular Hair …

I used “CLEAR Strong Lengths” conditioner in junction with “CLEAR Moisturizing Dry Scalp Nourishing Shampoo.” The results were mixed. Here is my experience:While this conditioner did its “job” (it smoothed any frizz and made my hair shiny/soft), I found the same amount of hair in my brush as I usually do … even after over a week of usage (as is indicated on the bottle). Likewise, it made my hair feel a bit weighty. When I switched to another shampoo and conditioner (De-luxe Rosemary Mint), my hair was even softer and bouncier. I wonder if after days of use, the CLEAR shampoo (which was very viscous) and conditioner (which is quite thick) caused unwanted build-up.CLEAR is inexpensive. Moreover, I really like the “upside-down” design of the bottle and its pleasant smell. And, I believe that CLEAR could be extremely effective on deeply damaged hair. However, those with “normal” (not color-treated or chemically processed) might find this product too weighty.

Angie Sewaren, NJ

Standard drug store style conditioner

I used all of this (shampoo and conditioner) bottle before making a final decision on Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty. I’m not really a fan of the conditioner as it didn’t get my hair super soft and detangled the way my favorite drug store conditioner does (my choice drug store conditioner is about $4 more expensive and made by Neutrogena.) Still, my hair didn’t seem to be any less healthy for the time I used this. If I was to put it in a category, it would go in the quality range of Herbal Essences, Finesse, or Suave – so if you already like those shampoos and conditioners, this might be worth a shot.

Karina Montclair, CA

This Conditioner Does The Job Without Spending Big Bucks

“Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner” (12.7 fluid ounces) conditions your hair with a slight and pleasant scent at a reasonable cost.The conditioner consists of a moisture complex of vitamins B, C and E plus sunflower, almond, soybean, coconut oils and aloe vera to cleanse and nourish hair that is prone to breakage.My wife found this product easy to use and was pleased that it rinsed so well without leaving any residue in her hair. She preferred the light scent over heavy chemical smells of other conditioners. And this product did what she wanted, left her hair soft, tangle-free, and a clean feel. Because my wife highlights her hair she is very careful about conditioners and found this one met her needs.More expensive conditioners may perform better but this product makes for a very functional and pleasing every-day conditioner that is easy on the budget.

Rosario Forsan, TX

Terrific hair products for fine hair!

I’ve been using CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce and CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce for three weeks before writing a review, just to give them a good test, but there was a noticeable improvement in my hair after the first shampoo. For several months, I had been getting broken hairs caught in my comb when combing out my wet hair. After shampooing and conditioning with these products a couple of times, there were no longer any broken hairs in the comb at all. I’ve waited three weeks to see if these products would accumulate on the hair strands, because my fine hair just collapses under the weight of product build-up. But there doesn’t seem to be any build-up at all. They leave my hair manageable, soft & springy, and very shiny. I was surprised that neither product is clear (both are pearly in color.) Be advised it takes very little product to work up a rich lather, so start out small and add to it or you will be rinsing for a while. I recommend both the shampoo and the conditioner.

Ginger Mossyrock, WA

Used once, wont finish the bottle But it might just be me

Disclaimer- my hair is keratin treated and may not be representative.First, I recognize that the shampoo and conditioner claim to make stronger hair in 7 days and that I didn’t use it for that time. But I don’t feel that the immediate downsides of this product make trying for a long term benefit a good idea.My hair is fine and quite long (well past the bra line). It is also keratin treated. Like most people with long hair I care a great deal about it and put quite a bit of effort into it’s care. I was excited to try this product.After using the matching shampoo, I applied this conditioner. The shampoo had left my hair feeling stripped and I was hoping this would fix it. The conditioner was light and smelled good. I left it in for several minutes. When I rinsed it out, I was disappointed to find that my hair still felt dry and stripped. I rinsed it thoroughly and let it air dry. My hair was a tangled mess. I ended up needing to use my daughters detangling spray and brush it out very carefully to avoid breaks.While this product is meant to be used over time to gain results one of the biggest things to avoid with long hair is dry tangly hair. A long term gain is not worth the short term breaks and snaps that will occur due to tangling.

Selena Stopover, KY

Pretty Average

I have used this conditioner a couple of times and I find it be pretty average. It does have some of the botanical ingredients that I use such as sunflower and coconut oil but those are only a small fraction of a conditioner that basically has the standard commercial conditioner ingredients. I say this so that you won’t be drawn in simply because of these “special” ingredients.With that said, I condition-wash my hair because it is thick and curly. I don’t have any chemicals or dyes on my hair either. My preference is to saturate my hair with conditioner in order to detangle it. Unfortunately, this conditioner did not work as well for this task as some other cheaper commercial conditioners. I have used the V05 Moisture Milks line with great success although it is thinner than CLEAR. CLEAR required me to use nearly half of the bottle the first time because I have so much hair and it just wasn’t allowing me to detangle the way I need to.CLEAR has a medium thickness and it’s pink. I haven’t noticed a fragrance that’s worth remarking about. The top (where the product dispenses from) is actually the bottom of the container which is a positive since conditioner gets harder to access as the bottle becomes emptier and emptier.In terms of the length, well, that takes more time than one bottle of conditioner will allow. Most hair grows at a steady rate of about 1/2 inch a month regardless of what shampoo and conditioner you use. Diet is also a factor in hair growth so I wouldn’t get hung up on the “Strong Lengths” part of the title.Overall, I feel that there are other conditioners that cost less and can do more (if not just as much). I did not experience any negative effects from using this product but I didn’t see any positive effects either. However, hair health, just like any number of things requires effort and nurturing for positive results over the long term.

Mandy North Little Rock, AR

The feel of my hair is great

I like a conditioner that doesn’t take huge amounts to work. This is so much better than others I have tried. I do use more expensive shampoo’s and conditioners and this works as well if not better ones that I have paid over 20 dollars for. I have a bit of wild hair with out a good conditioner it is a mess. I don’t have to do more than comb it out and it looks great. I will be using this again. I am also using the shampoo so I can only say that the combination of the 2 works well I haven’t tried the conditioner on it’s own.

Annette Huntly, VA

Conditions with some poof and heaviness

When I put the conditioner in my hair, my hair really feels weighed down, moreso than with other conditioners. Maybe that’s just their way of getting the job done. My hair does feel smooth and conditioned when I rinse it out. However, the following morning, there is much more poof in my hair. It does not have a strong scent. Overall it does the job but I would not say it is any better than any other conditioner.

Raquel Troy, TN

Left my hair feeling very nice

Has using this made my hair stronger? Less breakage? Heck, I don’t know. How can I tell after just a few weeks?I do like it. I have very long, extremely fine-textured blonde hair. It does not weigh my hair down. A little seems to go a long way. It also rinses out easily.The scent is not overpowering and goes away by the time my hair has dried (I let it dry naturally, no blow dryer or such).I have very sensitive skin and a lot of shampoos and conditioners make my scalp itch (and also my back since my hair is very long, reaches to just below my waist). No such problems with this so far.I intend to continue using it in the hopes it will help control breakage for my very fine-textured hair.

Glenda Munnsville, NY

A difference in 7 days? Yes!

I am cursed with very fine hair, that is now also thinning as I get older. I am always dubious of products that make grand promises, but had not tried a “scalp conditioner” before, so thought I’d give it a try. First, the smell of this product is wonderful, but may be overpowering if you are using it with other scented products. The product itself is very thick and a small amount goes a long way. Directions state to shampoo, then gently massage this product into your scalp and hair, then rinse. The product takes a long time to rinse out thoroughly. All that said, I do notice, just 7 days from starting to use this product, that my hair feels stronger and my scalp itches far less. I do not have dandruff, just a few “itchy” spots on my scalp, and this has been cut down noticeably. Immediately after use my hair is left very soft and very shiny.I will continue to use this product as it seems to do what it promises, and I enjoy the scent as well as the results of shiny hair and less itchy scalp. It’s all good!

Emily Mount Juliet, TN

Defies (my) logic, but works!

What? You want me to put conditioner on my scalp? That goes beyond everything I have ever done for my fine, thin hair. I avoid putting conditioner anywhere near my head, roots or nada. I tried Clear, scared to death of limp hair. I have to say that I am very happy with the results, my hair looked and felt great, it was not weighed down at all. I have been using it for a few weeks, I cannot really comment on the length or strength of new hair growth, but in general I am preferring the Clear brand over my previous hair products.

Tiffany Murdock, FL

Works great!

I don’t have much to say about this product other than the fact that it works great as a conditioner. It conditions my hair and leaves it shiny and smooth. I can’t say for sure that it is strengthening my hair because I already have fairly thick and strong hair but from a pure conditioning standpoint it is working great.

Leonor Ferrisburg, VT