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Clear Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil Therapy, Ultra Shea 3.0 oz

Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil instantly soothes and nourishes the scalp for quick relief from dryness. The Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil can be used on wet or dry hair, as often as needed. Ultra Shea Cleanse & Nourish Hair Oil provides deep nourishment to your scalp’s needs. View larger Ultra Shea — Scalp and Hair Regimen for Extra Dry Scalps & Hair Formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock System With a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils, including Vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm, the treatment provides light, non-greasy nourishment to the scalp and hair. About Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock, enriched with shea butter, natural oils, provides the deep nourishment your scalp needs. So quench dryness, lock-in moisture* and get hair that’s ready to stand up to anything, just like you. *When using Clear Ultra Shea shampoo and conditioner regimen. Ultra Shea Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil At a Glance: Instantly soothes and nourishes the scalp for quick relief from dryness Can be used on wet or dry hair as often as needed Provides light, non-greasy nourishment to scalp & hair Formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock system, a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils Contains Vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm What’s in the Box Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil, 3 Fluid Ounces.

Key features

  • Instantly soothes and nourishes the scalp for quick relief from dryness.
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair as often as needed.
  • Provides light, non-greasy nourishment to scalp & hair.
  • Formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock system, a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils, including vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm.

Honest reviews


Another misleading product from this line

With the increased popularity of argon and coconut oils being used by women of all ethnicities, I mistakenly thought this product would be appropriate for my hair. I use argon oil now, and it really helps to calm frizz and flyaways for my colored (and overly dry) hair.I have thick, coarse, wavy hair that is color treated. I have used hot oils, and leave in oils, for years, without having any problems. But this product seems to be intended mostly for ethnic hair. No where on the product does it say this, but the advertisement has an ethnic model, and other products in the line are clearly not intended for Caucasian hair.Since there are NO directions on this product, I would imagine I would use it the same way I use my argon oil, but that results is limp, greasy looking hair, even when using the product sparingly. And the ingredients certainly leave a lot to be desired.Perhaps a woman with ethnic hair would know immediately that this product was intended for her, but with very little information provided in the description and even less on the packaging, I think a lot of women are tricked into thinking this is an appropriate product for their hair type, and it really is not. I think this product needs an overhaul with more clarification in it’s advertising, description, and packaging.

Mercedes Watson, AR

Mineral oil with fragrance

I love oil based hair treatments.My hair is thick and coarse, so I like the smoothing effect along with the moisture.I am a regular user of Ojan oil and Argan Oil.However when I received this product I was disappointed to find the first ingredient is mineral oil!Do Cosmetic companies think we consumers are idiots and don’t read labels!The scent did not bother me, but don’t expect any treatment benefits from this product- who know what percentage of this actually contains more of the nourishing oils like Shea, Argan and coconut?No wonder it is so inexpensive.

Regina Ruidoso Downs, NM

Don’t “Do” It

Before using this hair oil or serum I was confused. The name of this product refers to the “scalp,” but anyone using hair oils or serums knows you don’t put that stuff anywhere near your scalp. That’s where you’re hair is healthiest but also the first hair that gets oily. Additionally, I see it’s for natural and relaxed hair. I don’t understand how it can be good for both. Relaxed hair is usually very delicate and/or damaged, and natural hair is usually less so. Another problem, I received a bottle with a label covering any product details without any directions how to apply or what it’s for. Do I use this as a treatment or a serum?Looking over the list of ingredients, which I had to look up on the internet, a major red flag jumped out at me – the first ingredient is mineral oil! That’s something most people would not want to put anywhere near their hair. More importantly, “ultra shea” is shown on the label but you only find it listed as the seventh ingredient. Avid label readers know the further down on the list of ingredients, the less of that substance is in the product.This product is a blend of various oils: mineral, coconut, palm, shea, wheat germ, sweet almond, sunflower seed, soybean and argan. So I would strongly advise applying very, very little of this to your hair, and mostly to damaged sections (bottom half). I caution anyone who doesn’t have very dry hair that this is not for them.Onto the packaging. It’s cheap and downright awful. This bottle reminds me of the developer container you get w/ box hair color which is destined for the garbage after one use. Product junkies prefer something esthetically pleasing in their packaging, and there’s absolutely zero here. Also, as others have mentioned, the fragrance is unappealing. Do NOT like it. I have fine hair so this stuff just weighed it down. If you have fine hair, my recommendation might be to use this as a pre-shampoo or overnight treatment (you might want to protect your pillowcase) that you can shampoo out in the morning. Will update in this regard.UPDATE: I do like this stuff as a treatment for my ends. It does a nice job of smoothing them and makes them feel less dry. So I’ll nudge up my rating to three stars. (Still not loving the fragrance.)CAUTION! I’m taking one star off this. Last night this stuff fell off my dresser and broke open, leaving oil all over my parkay floor. Only confirmed my comments about the EXTREMELY cheap packaging. When does a plastic bottle break upon dropping? For a hot minute I thought about salvaging the remainder of product but instead just tossed it. Whatever you do, don’t drop this stuff unless you want a dangerously slippery floor! Could only imagine the serious situation something like this could present for an older person with osteoporosis. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy: a lawsuit could certainly be in your future!

Penelope Quincy, FL

Great scent! Coconutty.

Here are my impressions:There really we not many directions with this, or indications of who this product would be best suited for and what the uses are. I was thinking this would be like my “liquid silk” that I use when I want to flat iron my hair to be smooth and straight… something to take out the frizziness of my normally fine wavy/curly Caucasian hair. And that could be true, it can also be used for dry scalp too.The main ingredient is Mineral oil, followed by all the other stuff that are what makes it smell nice. But you could probably just buy mineral oil and get the same effect without the nice scent.I would probably use this more in the winter than the summer in the future. My hair gets oily if I sweat but my scalp gets dandruff in the winter so I think that would be the more optimal time to use it. However it is worth noting that a tiny amount (3 drops) rubbed between my palms then smoothed on my hair worked WAY better at taming frizz than my expensive frizz control sprays- but again… I think straight mineral oil might have the same effect too at a smaller price… Although the smell is certainly great. I am a sucker for that coconut smell.

Gertrude Reliance, WY

My daughter loves it!

I found this product to be a little too heavy for my coarse hair, it made it look oily. However, my daughter is loving it. Try it and see if it works for you. We all have different hair types and things that work for us! The fragrance is fabulous!

Terra Roseland, VA


Let me start by saying that, unlike many other reviewers, I have absolutely no idea what kind of oil is good or bad for hair. I have, however, always used and liked coconut oil products and, when I saw that listed as one of the ingredients (along with shea butter), I thought I would give it a try.I was also interested in this product more for my dry ends rather than for my scalp.Now, I’ve read many of the other reviews where they refer to this as an “ethnic” hair product. I read the product description and all the information on the product itself, and don’t see that anywhere. But, since it seems to be an issue, I am mixed race with very long, fine, wavy hair. I use no “ethnic” hair products and never have.On to the product:I decided to use a very small drop of the product strictly on the ends of my hair. The drop was smaller than a dime. I rubbed it onto my hands and then into my hair.The smell was not unpleasant and didn’t linger very long in my hair.The oil was very greasy. It coated my hands unpleasantly and left an unpleasant sheen in my hair. I didn’t like the way that it looked so, although the instructions didn’t say to do so, I brushed it in. That made it a bit better, however my hair still looked greasy and heavy.The plain fact is that, like anyone else, I like my hair to look clean. Instead of imparting a healthy shine, this product made my hair look greasy and unwashed.Simply put, I will not be using it again.

Marcia Arcade, NY

Works Great!

Clear Scalp & Hair Ultra Shea Oil is great! It really does instantly soothe and nourish the scalp for quick relief from dryness. Can be used on wet or dry hair as often as needed. Provides light, non-greasy nourishment to scalp & hair and has a light fragrant scent that will not clash with any other perfumes, etc. Formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock system, a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils, including vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm. Tip: this product also works great as a cuticle and fingernail treatment.

Elizabeth Egegik, AK

Where’s the Shea?

I love the Shea Moisture products so I saw this labeled Shea hair oil and said why not give it a try.Unfortunately the first ingredient listed in this is Mineral Oil which I’m sure most people know is not good for your hair. Suffice to say that I didn’t bother trying it.Shame on you for labeling this the way you did. Why not call it Ultra Mineral Oil…

Luella Studio City, CA

Hair/Scalp Oil

This is hair and scalp oil; this is not ointment. This is liquid rather than creamy. This is for styling hair into different styles. Only certain hair types would be good for this product.It would depend on your hair and what you do with it as to whether or not it would be good for you.

Caroline Point Mugu Nawc, CA

Ultra Shea Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil

First of all, let’s be honest about what you’ll see when you peel back the rear label to have a look at the ingredients: The first ingredient is mineral oil. Just mineral oil. So basically, this is mineral oil with a little bit of other oils and scented to smell pretty. “Shea” falls WAAAAAAAAY down on the ingredients list. Next, be careful about how much of this you use, especially if you put it right on your scalp, to nourish and soothe it, like the label says you can. Use it like this, and you’ll look like you just dipped your head in a French-fryer. Don’t do that!Once I understood these things about this product, though, I like the way it helps take care of my hair when it’s dry. I don’t use much, and I make sure I put it more towards the ends of my hair instead of putting this product right on the scalp. It can help tame flyaways. Also, if I’m going to wear my hair up or braid it, and it’s too clean and slippery to hold a style, I use a little more of this product on the length of my hair- nowhere near the scalp!- and it helps the hair hold the style better than freshly-washed hair does. And it does add in moisture.Although the scent is pleasant, considering this is basically mineral oil, if it’s mineral oil that you’re looking for, why not get a much cheaper, much larger bottle of mineral oil, and skip this product? You’ll get the same results, and will have a little extra cash left over. If you really, really want the scent that is in this fancy bottle of mineral oil, well, then, click “Buy Now,” and knock yourself out!

Maryanne Licking, MO

Very Oily Product Good For Dry Hair & Scalps

The advertising for this product, CLEAR Scalp & Hair Therapy Ultra Shea Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil is somewhat misleading as far as I am concerned. It is frankly more of an oil that ends up on your hair and scalp leaving a greasy feel. It is very hard to remove from your hair once you get it rubbed in. I am positive though that I used too much at the first. I had to shampoo several times before I was able to remove most of it. In fact I used the CLEAR Shampoo for removal of this oil.If a person had a very dry scalp I can understand why they might want to use this oil. It could perhaps leave the scalp less dry, however in my case my scalp is not that dry and thus I just don’t think I need to use this product. The claim that this product leaves a non-greasy nourishment to one’s scalp is not necessarily true in my case.There is also the claim this product provides light non-greasy nourishment to the hair and this might be true for someone with very dry hair and scalp. I do not fall in that category and my hair had the feel of being heavily laced with oil.I think the product may be useful for some consumers while others may experience the same results I did. You won’t know until you test the product. I would suggest using a very small amount during you first test and then go from there. This is an oil based product and I don’t know how else to describe it. Good for some people and not so good for others.

Dianne Stewartsville, MO

Hair Therapy

Before I say anything else, I have to say that I’m not the target audience for this treatment. It is for ethnic hair, and I’m not ethnic. Since I got it through the Amazon Vine program I HAVE to post a “review” and rate it. Otherwise, I would never rate this item! I only gave it 3 stars, because it’s not fair for me to give it a positive OR a negative rating.The Vine program strictly states I can’t pass this product on to anyone else. If I could, I would have given it to someone that could have given it a true review.The only possible help I can be is to state that…..-This is for ETHNIC hair. If I had known I wouldn’t have requested it.-The directions aren’t great, in my opinion. It simply says to rub into scalp and hair. For those who use ethnic products, this may be clear enough. (???) I didn’t know how long to leave it in before washing out. (Is it supposed to be washed out?)

Lorraine Benge, WA

no way is this “light, non-greasy”!!!

Whoa! The label says “light, non-greasy” but this is actually worse than just dumping olive oil on your hair! Which would probably be better for it–the first ingredient here is mineral oil. I used it on my daughter’s hair, and we’ve had to wash it out three times now. Ugh – the rest of it is going in the trash.

Cecile Delta City, MS

Questionably Effective Product

I have been rushing through this product line and this is the third product I’ve tested. I’m not sure what they were thinking of when they dreamed up the product. It does not come with directions for usage. I winged it and liberally applied it to my dry scalp. My hair was pretty oily and I massaged some more into my scalp, wrapped my hair under a shower cap, and put on a heat cap on the medium setting for 30 minutes to allow the product to absorb. I followed all of this with a shampoo.The end result was an oily mess. My hair was droopy and still slick looking. I shampooed twice and finally got this goop out after using a clarifying shampoo followed up by a warm and then cold rinse. My scalp wasn’t dry but it didn’t feel any different from when I started.The main product listed first in the ingredients was mineral oil. Mineral oil is greasy. My advice is avoid this product.

Keisha Baltimore, OH

Not for my hair type…

This product is not meant for a person with thin, light-colored hair, no matter what type of processing you’ve done to make your scalp or hair dry, frizzy, or brittle.The first issue I had with the product was that there were no directions. I’m sure a more product savvy person might be able to intuit exactly how much to use and when to apply it (in the shower? on wet or toweled hair? on dry hair? before or after using a blow dryer?), but I had no clue so I tried it various ways. The end result was the same: greasy looking and matted hair with no body. I tried on both wet and dry hair using a pea sized amount massaged through my shoulder length hair, and I tried using a few drops in water and spraying it on. I tried smaller and smaller amounts. The only time there was much to see besides oily was when I put a smidgen just on the ends of my hair. But the product is supposed to be for dry scalp??I do like the smell, and I guess I thought this was going to be more a “hot oil treatment” as I typically have used in the past, but it’s not. My advice to the product maker would be to target the advertisement directly to whomever this product works for (I have no clue but it’s not for anyone with my type of hair), and to provide some instructions on how much to use and when for best results.

Winifred Marietta, MN

I’d buy it just for the smell

I love the way this product smells! So I could see how it spreads and absorbs into the skin, I put some on my arms (which are dry, old-lady arms). I kept catching myself sniffing my arms, this stuff smells so good. Yeah, I know that’s weird! But I’d buy it just for the smell. It’s wonderful.This is just what it says: an oil. It doesn’t take very much. I have short, very fine curly hair, and at first I put on too much. (Most of it absorbed, but I was left with an oily spot. Next time I’ll know.) After about ten minutes, I could definitely feel a change—almost a coolness to my skin as it was absorbed.I found the best way to use this oil on my own hair is to rub a few drops between my palms and then rub my hands lightly all over my curls. The oil lends a nice sheen to my hair. Too much, though, will weigh down very fine hair. I expect that for someone with the kind of hair I’ve always dreamed of having (thick, black, long, Oriental hair), this hair oil would be absolutely incredible!The little tip is good for squirting a little directly onto your scalp, which I did in an area that tends to be a little itchy. It helped. I don’t know that I’d want to share this with another person, however. (Tell them to get their own.)I think I might try an overnight intensive treatment by first washing my hair, applying and smoothing plenty of oil into my scalp, then sleeping with my head wrapped in a towel or light heat cap until morning. Before I went out anywhere, I’d lightly shampoo my hair and then fluff it out with my fingers and let it dry normally. A person with thicker hair probably wouldn’t have to do this.

Belinda Dickens, IA

Greasy, Stiff Could not get it out of my hair fast enough!

Terrible.Where to begin First a list of ingredients:Mineral OIL, hyrogenated coconut OIL, hyrogenerated styrene/butadiene copolymer, palm OIL, fragrance, BHT, SHEA BUTTER, trticum vulare (wheat)germ OIL, sweet almond OIL, sunflower seed OIL, soybean OIL, argania spinosa kernal OIL, & last but not least aloe leaf juice.There is NO possible way this product is going to “Provides light, non-greasy nourishment to scalp & hair” Yet that is exactly what is says on the bottle.Second the instructions for use are “hip” but vague: 1. Cleanse 2. Smooth. 3. SOOTH 4. Seal.I went online for further clarification and found nothing but a spectacular ad campaign with a beautiful model and her amazing hair. So I decided to experiment I figured my first use would be the same way one would use V05 hair oil (a great product, by the way.) I would wash my hair, forgo conditioner, rub in the oil and rinse. If this was too light then I would on my second application wash, rub in oil and leave it in.I never got to the second experiment.After only washing my hair, applying a dose of no more than a teaspoon (seriously a little goes a long way.) and then giving my hair a rinse and patted my hair out with a towel. One and a half hours later (my hair is fairly thick & goes to the middle of my back.) My hair was dry BUT appeared, matted & greasy to the eye as well as to the touch. I looked like I had laquered my head! I could not wash my hair fast enough. Oddly upon my second hair-washing my hair had achieved a pleasant level of softness, shine and a visible improvement in my split ends. But at a very gross price.V05 is by far a less troublesome and superior product. I believe I’ll stick with that and avoid this one and I can not recommend this product as nothing more than a great lubricant for perhaps sliding a tight ring off a swollen finger.

Nadia Brazeau, MO

Knowing oil chemistry..this isn’t it.

I am a soapmaker by trade and I know oil chemistry well. Some oils we use to attract moisture to the skin, some are to create foam, some to put a protective layer on the skin to hold moisture in. Mineral oil, besides aging your skin only sits there. It brings nothing to skin or hair. Just creates a mess really. And this is what baby oil is. Mineral oil can `water proof’ skin keeping moisture from getting in (reason for baby oil??) and preventing loosing oil perhaps. Overall, don’t ever use mineral oil!!Best for your hair and skin…. Coconut oil.Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 OunceAMAZING results for your hair. You only need the tiniest amount and it deeply conditions your hair. I a tiny amount, rub my hands together with the oil to thin it out more and rub though my hair cream to style my hair. As for skin, it tightens skin! You WILL look younger! I buy the 54 oz because it is also the very best to cook with. Over all you save a lot of money for all it can do.As for Clear scalp oil… leave it alone.

Young Greenwald, MN

Well… it smells ok? Perfumed mineral oil, in a cute bottle.

I have dry colored hair, I use quite a few different products for softening and shine and thought this might be a nice and very inexpensive option compared to my 10x the price typical products. I was wrong.The description states: Formulated with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock system, a rich blend of shea butter and natural oils, including vitamin E, sunflower, coconut, almond, soybean, argan, and palm, the treatment provides light, non-greasy nourishment to the scalp and hair. Notice the lack of mentioning the main ingredient, mineral oil? I have very sensitive skin and using anything with mineral oil causes me major breakouts, no way would I use something like that on my hair and scalp (since it would inevitably get on my face). I did want to be fair and test it though so I used a tiny tiny amount on the ends of my hair… it left my hair extremely greasy looking and feeling even with just a little drop.I’m considering using it as a hand and/or foot moisturizer and seeing how it works for that, and once the bottle is empty I’ll soak it and scrub it and then use it for my usual hair syrums since the bottle really is cute and I love how easy it is to dispense just the right amount of product. For the couple dollars it might be a good by for a skin moisturizer and the container 😉

Claire Clements, CA

Misnamed and Confusing to Use – 2 1/2 Stars

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty seemed like a good option as I keep my hair a bit longer and it does tend to be dry at the ends and occasionally at the scalp.Pros – It works well on the dry ends and if it were marketed as a product this way then I’d probably give it 4 stars.Cons – It has LOTS of oil content (starting with mineral oil) and arrived with no directions on how much to use, when to use, how often to use, etc.When applied to the scalp in a small quantity the hair gets an oily appearance and sheen. Since that area of my hair is normally fine, just dry once in a while, that appearance wasn’t needed. If you have VERY DRY hair then you might want to apply it there. I used the product twice in one week and my hair then looked greasy. Cutting back to once a week and applying it to the dry hair in a small quantity worked better and it looks as though it might be just as effective if only used every 10 days.

Marion Luxemburg, WI

effective hair treatment

Got this for my niece that stays with me. Her hair tends to be very dry and brittle. This is the first product she has used that has softened her hair and made it resilient. She is very pleased!

Lula Glasgow, KY

I cannot in all good conscience be a guinea pig for this company again

I had high hopes for this company’s line of hair products.The prices were good (meaning cheap) and the promises which were made seemed made just for me — how exciting.My hair, which is brittle, damaged and fragile would as a result look pretty, I imagined!The first thing which I reviewed was a shampoo. In retrospect, I realize that it simply had little effect upon my hair but was beginning the spiral downward which would continue with all the otehr products I have ordered from this line.The nadir was the horrible hair cream in a jar which I tried right before this product arrived. I had already ordered this product.After I used the hair cream, I broke my hair trying to comb it through and I needed to shampoo it over and over to get the grease out.I know that many people of color defended that product, but unless it was written on the jar that it was especially made for certain hair types of ethnic origin the company did a disservice to all of us.I have never felt so unattractive in my life, as when my hair was broken off and ruined by this company.If you, as a reader of this review, think that I, who was not born yesterday, plan to try this final product which I ordered when I didn’t realize what could possibly happen if I used one more thing from this company, you don’t know me.I review many things, and I truly call them as I see them.The company selling this makes a perfectly dreadful product to my mind.Sorry for the strong words but nobody messes with my hair!

Darcy Donahue, IA

One star because it doesn’t tell you it is for Ethnic hair.

When I got the product I didn’t see any instructions, there is a pull up tab and it says massage into hair and scalp..huh?Well for how long do I leave it and how much do I use.My hair is rather a disaster right now. I get bronchitis bad about 2 times a year and end up in the hospital on high steroids, then I loose about 1/4 of my over hair a few months later. This just started a few years ago, first It went totally curly and I have straight hair, had that for a year, then some fell out…the curls and straight came back my normal. This time is really bad, it is frizzy and slight wave to it. Nothing helps it, I have fine thin hair all my life now it looks like a ton of hair but horrid.So I cannot give a true review on a product not for me. I called the number on the bottle which is wrong you get MCI tele network. So I found the website and no number there but video’s and sure enough this is for Ethnic hair not caucasian hairlike mine. There should be clear information on who the product is for.

Charlotte Pierre Part, LA

Gorgeous, Glossy, Glamorous Tresses!

I got this sample a little over a week ago, and I have to admit at first I was unimpressed. It looked like a very small bottle of olive oil. My daughter even asked me why cooking oil was in the bathroom, assuming that I was making some sort of homemade beauty product. She’s mistaking me for my mother, who thinks all the best beauty products are made in the kitchen. I’m the one who thinks the kitchen is best for making food.I had just about decided that this little bottle of oil wasn’t for me, until I came in last night. Our pool is wonderful, but the chemicals are murder on my hair. After washing and using my usual conditioner, my hair resembled some sort of witch’s broom instead of straight hair down my back. With a tiny bit of hope, I picked up the bottle and decided to give it a try. I put three tiny drops on my palm, rubbed my hands together, and began applying it to my hair from the frizzy bottoms on up.My bottle had no directions, which is the sole reason why I gave it four stars instead of five. The product is terrific, but I guessing how to use it isn’t. The name of the product says “Scalp & Hair Oil,” and I only applied it to my hair, because my scalp makes enough oil on its own. Guesstimating, I used 80% of the product on my hair from the shoulders down, since that’s the part that’s damaged and dry. I then styled my hair as usual.Wow! What a difference! My hair looks healthy, unfrizzy and perfect all the way down! That tiny amount of product made the abused part of my hair looks glossy, and as if it had no split ends or damage at all! It didn’t look oily or messy at all, which was my fear when the family was calling it “cooking oil.” In the interest of making a total disclaimer, I do not use heat on my hair at all; no blow dryer, no straightener, nothing. My hair is naturally straight, and I think that blow dryers hurt very long hair, so I always air dry it. The damage to the bottom half of my hair came from a misguided effort to put in highlights, when the stylist took a phone call and left the chemicals on for far, far longer than necessary. I looked rather like a skunk when the chemicals were finally rinsed off. I’ve been cutting off the damage as my hair grows, but it takes time.Happiness abounds! I don’t have skunky, scruffy, damaged hair, and I don’t have an oily mess, either. The package dispenses the product by the drop, so this should last me a very long time, even if I use it daily. No matter – I am impressed enough with the results that I’d go out and buy some right away! (Hmm. I should buy some for my mother and let her see how much better it is to use than kitchen products! 🙂 )

Marcella Moravian Falls, NC


I like this product. I just cut my hair, and I have a teeny, weeny afro (TWA). Since I co-wash my hair daily (some people don’t), I put this on my scalp using the tip. I drag it across my scalp in different places while I apply light pressure on the bottle. That way only a little bit at a time comes out of the bottle.Even if you’re not black, or don’t have “ethnic” hair, you can use this too, You can use it directly on your scalp the night before you wash it. That allows the oils time to sink into your scalp. OR, you can apply it to the ends of your hair to help prevent split ends. I taught my (Caucasian) roommate this in college. Use it on the ends or use it on your scalp the night before.I do find the oil to be light, but that a little bit goes a long way. I don’t use it in the mornings, since, although I have a short haircut, I’m not looking for my hair to be oily – just moisturized.

Adrienne Turkey City, PA

Mostly Mineral Oil…and it IS greasy

While it smells like shea, it is mostly mineral oil, as others have mentioned. Both my wife and I tried it, and we both found it very oilly, especially my wife. She used very little and her hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in days. It did wash out, and my scalp did feel smoother….but then, I could have bought mineral oil and probably gotten the same results. As other reviewers mentioned, I found this a little misleading. I also did not like the instructions…..there really weren’t any. My wife agrees. Pass.

Jewel Landisville, NJ

A little goes a long way!

I am a big fan of hair oils so I was happy to recieve this product and give it a try. First off it is very light weight,smells great (just like shea butter) but I did find it to be quite greasy compared to other hair oils that I have used. This can be applied to wet or dry hair and is perfect for flat ironing and blow drying.They say to give this product at least 7 days for it to work effectively, so I will try it out a little longer and return with a recent update.

Haley Mc Clure, PA

A little goes a long way.

As with any oil in general, you are going to want to use this very sparingly. The lack of instructions is a fail on behalf of CLEAR SCALP, but since I normally use hair oils, pomades, shine treatments, etc, I pretty much knew what to expect and how to use it.If you have really drry scap issues, put a drop on your pointer finger and rub it in a little against your other pointer finger, then apply it to the areas where you need it and rub it in. You shouldn’t have a thick layer applied or a puddle. It should only feel very slightly slick. If you use too much, you will have an awful mess. Do not just squeeze the bottle onto your head! lol You will regret it.You can also use it to help tame frizz, give some added shine, and hydrate/seal really dry/split ends. Again you only need a few drops though. Put a drop or two in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then sort of grab just above the ends of your hair, and slide your hand down to the end. To tame frizz add a drop or two to the palm of your hand, rub hands together and sort of run your hands over your hair and then finger comb through it. Same technique of you just want some shine or sleekness.This 3 ounce bottle would last months and months. Again the main thing to remember is literally a drop or two at a time or you will end up with a major case of the greasies.It rinses away easily with any shampoo. You may want to massage the scalp a bit more to really get the shampoo on to it and to exfoliate the dry skin you were treating. I typically kinda scratch at the scalp when I am shampooing as I am lathering. I have had no issues with this oil being hard to remove and I haven’t had any buildup on my hair or scalp. I am caucasian with long wavy/curly hair which can tend to be on the dry side depending on which styling products I use and how often I use heat tools.The oil is also great for braiding and for straightening with a hot iron.While I like the results while the product is in/on my hair, the benefits are gone once it is shampooed out. It doesn’t seem to have any major permanent reparative qualities, but that is expected from a low priced brand like this.

Iris Payson, UT

Heidi likes it?

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to give this product it’s full test. I love the idea of it, and I don’t mind the smell at first. For me, I find it a lighter scent – like suntan lotion. However, it’s been several hours since I applied the product, and it still smells as strong as when I put it in.My biggest issue is that product is exceptionally greasy. I put it on dry hair, and there’s no way I could go out with my hair like this.I will try it again on wet hair, but at this point, I don’t think this is something I could use before leaving the house.

Katie Nicholls, GA

An occasional use product only

Since receiving this product for review a month ago, I’ve used it once as a deep treatment product when my hair felt particularly dry. For my hair, this was precisely the right thickness to penetrate my head of very thicky and fairly “independent” hair.

Rene Russells Point, OH