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CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY AntiDandruff Shampoo, Clean & Refresh, 12.9 Fluid Ounce

Clinically proven to help eliminate dandruff symptoms at the source. View larger Clear Men Scalp Therapy AntiDandruff Shampoo, Clean & Refresh, 12.9 Fluid Ounce Clinically proven to help eliminate dandruff symptoms at the source, Clear Men Scalp Therapy Clean & Refresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo gently cleanses to leave hair clean and manageable. Active cooling formula leaves scalp and hair feeling ultra-fresh. Formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10 With a blend of 10 nutrients and botanical actives, including ginseng, tea tree, natural mint, vitamins B5 and E, sunflower, soybean, almond and coconut oils, Clear Men Scalp Therapy Clean & Refresh stops dandruff at the source for 100 percent dandruff protection.* Directions Wet hair, massage into scalp, rinse. Repeat if desired. For best results use at least twice a week or as directed by a doctor. About Clear Men Scalp Therapy Clear Men Scalp Therapy offers a range of anti-dandruff shampoos and 2-in-1s specifically designed for male scalp and hair needs. Clear Men Scalp Therapy is specially formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10, a blend of 10 nutrients and botanical actives, including ginseng, tea tree, and natural mint. Clean & Refresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo At a Glance: Clinically proven to help eliminate dandruff symptoms at the source with pyrithione zinc With natural mint, shampoo cleanses scalp and hair, leaving an extra cooling sensation Formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10, a blend of 10 nutrients and botanical actives to nourish deeply *No visible flakes when combing

Key features

  • Clinically proven to help eliminate dandruff symptoms at the source with pyrithione zinc
  • With natural mint, shampoo cleanses scalp and hair, leaving an extra cooling sensation
  • Formulated with bio-nutrium 10, a blend of 10 nutrients and botanical actives, including ginseng, tea tree, natural mint, vitamins b5 and e, sunflower, soybean, almond and coconut oils to nourish deeply

Honest reviews


just shampoo

I’m not really sure how this was supposed to be different from all the other dandruff shampoos out there. It smelled the same, works the same. packaging was a little bit nicer but who cares.

Celina White, PA


I’ve suffered from scalp issues since I was in my early 20’s.I’ve tried just about every potion (shampoo) known to man.Dandruff was never my issue; my issue has always been ingrown hairs.Tiny little itchy bumps all over the back of my head.NOTHING helped except Aveda’s “Scalp Benefits” and even then I still got them but not as bad.I saw this and simply rolled my eyes.(Oh joy another cheap knock off that won’t do anything).I really wanted to give it some time. (I gave it a month).I was scared, REALLY scared that the ingrown would come back with a vengeance.But they didn’t.The itchy scalp is gone and I have had ZERO ingrown hairs in this time frame.I’m a believer.I have super short hair so I only need a little and this shampoo is so much cheaper than Aveda.I love it.Recommended.

Annie Erwin, SD

Fresh light scent, works well & no stinging sensation as with Nizoral

My husband and I both occasionally use the new Clear Haircare products but for different reasons. He wanted to try this since he now wears suits much more often to work and wanted to make sure he had no stray flakes visible. Skin flakes build up for a variety of reasons and many people run straight to the anti-fungal shampoos such asNizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 4 oz.which is formulated to deal with only dandruff caused by a common fungal infection of the scalp. It is appropriate if that’s the case but expensive and stings both your scalp and burns your eyes which can be inconvenient. My husband merely has dry scalp since we live in Los Angeles under very dry conditions. He found this new Clear Men Scalp Therapy shampoo to be gentle enough for every day use and that a very little amount will clean his just below the ears, curly but conservative hairstyle. In fact, he says it rinses cleaner than many other shampoos we have product tested that claim to moisturize the scalp in order to prevent flakes.My husband liked the refreshingly light Mint scent that didn’t overpower his other toiletry products and has found that using this as his new daily shampoo is saving us money. It doesn’t seem to strip his hair of its own natural oils so he doesn’t need to use heavy duty conditioners. We’re more than pleased with the new formulation. The flake-zapping ingredient is the Pyrithione Zinc but the addition of traditional used Tea Tree Oil as a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial is safer than the ingredients in Coal Tar Shampoos or Shampoos such as Nizoral. The latter product relies on formerly prescription strength antifungal Ketoconazole. If you do not in fact have the Fungal infection that Ketoconazole is intended to combat, you could actually be ruining your chances of that solution working should you become infected with the highly common fungus that lives on our bodies naturtally and sometimes grows out of control due to health issues or too-frequent shampooing with harsh detergent type shampoos.Clear Men Scalp is a terrific down the middle choice at a good price point! Highly recommended! However, if you truly do suffer from the common fungal cause of serious flakes, you will need to eradicate the cause with a product like Nizoral and perhaps discuss it with your Primary Care Physician as well. If your scalp is merely dried out from too frequent washing, this is a nice mild shampoo when used in moderation. It works well and you may find that soon you can even skip shampooing to every other day and merely rinsing your hair clean of common pollutants, dirt and sweat that build up during the day and saving a good washing for the second day. When my husband first noticed his scalp was overly dry, limiting his shampooing to every other day was the recommendation he got from his doctor. However, he finds this shampoo, used in small amounts, gets the job done without stripping his hair. he also now uses their conditioner.I used the shampoo on my own long hair “Ethnic hair” but found I was better off sticking to the same company’s new Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty line of nourishing products for Women of Color or even fair skinned women who simply have textured, dry hair and dry scalp in need of proper nourishment and moisture protection such asCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounceand the shampoo and nourishing hair Oil that goes with it. Clear and all its products are passing muster in our household! Rack up another win for them with their new line for men! For more information on their line Google their website using the terms: Clear Haircare and their wbsite will show up under that name smooshed together. We can’t list outside websites in reiviews anymore. They have several other lines for all types of women too so give them a look!

Bernadette Platte City, MO

A Shampoo Just Like Any Other.

I don’t know what makes a Shampoo great nor do I care. As long as it gets the job done. This particular one was advertised as using special chemicals to help with dry, damaged and dandruff hair. I suppose this is what Head and Shoulders is designed to do as well. In fact, this bottle design looks like it was made by them and just put this under a new brand. Who knows? To me, this is just a regular Shampoo that gets the hair cleaned. For what I paid (free) it’s worth it but in my opinion, this is just like every other shampoo that’s out there. Maybe this is just me but I have to review this and this is my opinion of what I think of the item.

Jacquelyn Fort Branch, IN

Nice shampoo to use, but not a cure for the dandruff problem.

Although this product smells good, it doesn’t help the dandruff problem. My son used this and liked it, but unfortunately, it didn’t help his dandruff problem. I think it’s fair to say that while it didn’t work for him, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for others as it is a medical issue. Some people have a light case of dandruff while others have a more difficult or serious case. I wouldn’t recommend this for men with more serious cases of dandruff. Otherwise, it’s a nice smelling shampoo, which lathers well (according to my son.)

Imelda Hollister, NC

compared with “Head & Shoulders”

The CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY (clean and refresh anti-dandruff)…Both this product and “Head & Shoulders” use the SAME active ingredient. The difference is this product claims the inclusion of ginseng, mint, and tea tree (“Bio Nutrium 10”).Is the extra two dollars difference (at the time of this review) worth it? It depends on you.IMPRESSIONS: The product had leaked (minor) in shipping. The shampoo has a light fragrance. I personally like the fragrance. The product felt “greasy” to the touch (closer to conditioner) and does not lather (compared to Head & Shoulders).RESULT: The hair did not have the “hold” I’m used to from “Head & Shoulders”(does not have conditioner). It also made my scalp itch (noticeable and annoying).I’d recommend a small sampling before purchasing.

Caitlin Newry, PA

Better than Head & Shoulders

I’ve used Head & Shoulders and the Walgreens white-label anti-dandruff shampoo products for a long time and not really been enamored with either, mainly due to the scent and variable success at eliminating dandruff. I’ve tried this over the last week and think it’s an improvement on what I had been using. The lid is well designed, making it easy to open in the shower, and the scent is much more pleasant too. Best of all it does seem quite successful in eliminating dandruff so I think I’m going to convert to this brand. As another reviewer commented, it’s pricey but these products usually are.

Janis Rotan, TX

Smells nice for an anti-dandruff prodcut and works well

I got this for my boyfriend who likes to use the anti dandruff shampoo every once in a while, as picky as he is about shampoos I was glad to see that he liked this one so I had to try it myself a few times, it’s for men but hey its still shampoo hehe. The consistency is creamy white and has a slight clean scent, nothing medicinal at all which is nice since many anti dandruff products smell like a chemical lab even when scents are added. This felt nice and smooth while I used it, created a nice lather and washed out clean leaving the hair feeling fresh and clean and once dry my hair was moisturized but I always use conditioner. I wish it had more of a minty punch to it since it has tee tree oil but that can smell a bit antiseptic when too strong so I have nothing but positive things to say about it. According to the bf it works really well to curb any scalp dryness but I would advise to sill use conditioner even if an ultra light one. I will definitely check out the women’s products from Clear since my teenage sister is a fan and her hair has been extra shiny lately.- Kasia S.

Imelda Brooksville, FL

It Works & Is A Bargain!

Five dollars for 12.9 ounces of shampoo struck me as being an awfully good deal. I do have dandruff, so I had nothing to lose. As far as the ginseng, mint and other natural items, there is a fresh smell but nothing seems truly pungent. It is a subtle smell with no lingering smell after rinse. I was also surprised at how little it takes to use. It is very concentrated and instead of a foamy lather, you obtain a creamy lather. After one week and wearing the same dark or darker shirts I normally wear, I saw little evidence of dandruff on my clothes. I even wash my goatee with it now and when I rub it, there are no more tiny flakes. I’d say this company and product will go far. This is a very good bargain.

Michele Drewsville, NH


I have been using the CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Clean and Refresh, for about a week. It comes in a 12.9 ounce bottle with convenient flat ends on both top and bottom, which means that when the bottle starts to empty, it can be stored on its top in order to get the remaining contents out easily. The ingredients include: ginseng, mint, and tea tree.The shampoo itself is a milky cream which emerges readily from the container. The shampoo is not oily or greasy and appears not to leave residues. Any odor is not apparent to me. After one week of use, my scalp feels clean. My hair tends to curl, especially in the rain-forest environment where I live. However, this shampoo seems to flatten my curls. You may or may not like that effect. On the negative side, the shampoo is irritating if you get it in your eyes. Maybe this is caused by the mint. Altogether, I like this shampoo and plan to continue to use it.

Gracie Elmhurst, NY

Nothing special for me

The product is a light lotion shampoo that has a subtle fragrance, and imparts a slightly cooling effect when used. I’ve used it for about a month, and don’t think my hair feels any cleaner than before. I don’t have a bad dandruff problem, so maybe I’m not the best person to test this product. I do need to use a conditioner after using it, since it does seem to dry out my hair…. or maybe it’s just the hot, dry summer weather doing its thing. I probably won’t be looking for this product on the shelf in the future, but if I find it on sale, maybe it is worth another try.

Cecile Knob Lick, MO

Nice shampoo but

I got this for my husband who has a flake issure. It is a nice shampoo, rich, lots of lather. But after using it for a month, he still has flakes. So for us, it is a nice way to wash the hair, just doesn’t touch the flakes.

Alyssa Williamstown, KY

A refreshing type of clean

This shampoo is marketed for men, which basically means it has more of a masculine scent and is designed for men’s hair. This shampoo by Clear has a very pleasant smell. The shampoo is made with a combination of tea tree, natural mint, ginseng and a very subtle hint of coconut. Theses fragrances combined really promote an appealing aroma, without being too over bearing. It is also designed as an anti-dandruff product, I don’t have dandruff, didn’t have it before this product and don’t have it as I type this. I guess it works.The shampoo itself looks like glue but works in very well into hair and suds up wonderfully. It should be respected that with this product, a little goes a long way. My hair felt very clean and refreshed after using this shampoo, I attribute that to the mint. Oh and never fear, this product will not leave your scalp feeling like you rubbed Vicks vapor rub on your head. I have used a hair product that had mint in it and that was the result. This is not the case here. Overall a great product that I could see myself using again.

Freda East Millinocket, ME

It did not work for me!!!

It did not help my dandruff at all!!Used it for a few weeks before I threw it away.Nothing works when it comes to my dandruff!!!

Christa Oxford, PA

Actually works and cheap too

My husband has a dandruff problem and uses Head and Shoulders so when amazon offered this product I said why not give it a try. It might actually work. And guess what? It actually does. It’s much cheaper than Head and Shoulders and smells great as well. I very rarely give 5 stars on Vine products but this one does deserve its 5 stars. We’ve mostly grown up with the impression that cheap stuff rarely works but in this case this isn’t true. After using it for close to 2 weeks (not on a daily basis) his dandruff is not as prominent as it once was. He’s decided to scrap H&S and stick with this for now.

Maura Hager City, WI

A two thumbs up recommendation!

I am always willing to try new hair care products, always looking for something new and better. I got this for my him, and am quite pleased with the results. It comes out of the bottle nice and thick, and lathered up well in his hair. For the rest of the day his hair was nice and soft, with a good body. It was manageable, and smelled of nothing but clean.He has been using it continuously for several weeks now, and has not experienced any burning on the scalp, or itching, or anything untoward. He’s quite satisfied with it, and I am pleased with the way that his hair looks when he uses it. As such it a two thumbs up recommendation!(Review of CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY AntiDandruff Shampoo, Clean & Refresh)

Joann Baxter, KY

Works but Smell is Not so Good

This stuff works well, scalp feels refreshed, but the smell is not fantastic, seems kind of cheap and medicine-y. For the price, however, it’s not bad. High end shampoos will smell better.

Tisha Punta Gorda, FL

Does the job

This shampoo works great, I haven’t had any flakes reappear. In my opinion this is better than a lot of the higher end dandruff shampoos and believe me I have tried them all.

Bonnie Steinhatchee, FL

nice shampoo, updates to follow

This men’s 2-in-1 dandruff shampoo and conditioner smells good, lathers well, rinses clean, and leaves hair looking good. It contains the same active ingredient as Garnier Fructis, but with some herbal additives and a different scent.So far, so good. Will update later in regard to dandruff treatment.

Laurie Canisteo, NY

No more dandruff

I got this for my teenage son who was having a minor issue with dandruff. He doesn’t now. ‘Nuff said?(Seriously though, the shampoo is a great consistency – not so runny it runs out your hands while you’re still trying to put the lid on and get it back on the shower shelf. It lathers nicely and rinses out well, leaving the hair feeling clean and looking shiny.)

Jeri Cascade, MT

Works as well as more famous brand but with a more pleasing odor

Great shampoo! Seems to work as well as “brand x”, but smells much nicer and less chemical/medicine-y. I have been using this on a daily basis for the last week and a half and have not been tempted to use my old shampoo once.Recommended!

Maxine Clarkston, GA

I’m rotating this in with my go-to shampoo

I’ve been usingPantene Sheer Volumefor years and I really haven’t strayed from it. But I heard it’s good for your hair to switch it up and use different shampoos so the hair doesn’t become accustomed to one thing. And then Clear caught my eye.I feel like I have itchy scalp sometimes, so I’ve given Clear a shot because of the scalp therapy. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I like it. I think it’s too early to tell if the shampoo is truly helping my scalp, but it’s not hurting. The scent is pleasant and I was initially concerned since a lot of shampoos “for men” have strong scents. I don’t care for that.My hair feels good, I’m hoping my scalp feels even better, and it should be interesting how my hair reacts as it grows.

Kara Fairfax, VT

Delivers on it’s promise

What I noticed when I first opened the shampoo is the smell. I can’t really explain what it is, but it smells great. Nothing fruity or flowery, or over the top. It lathers nicely, if you like that, and rinses clean. You don’t need much to do the job.As far as the dandruff control, I’ve been using it a week and it seems to be working just fine. It’s not overly harsh, and doesn’t irritate my skin. Overall I’m very impressed with the Clear line of products, especially for the price.My only complaint is the pop top on the shampoo bottle. While I like the ease of use in the shower, when I got my shampoo shipped to me I lost about 1/4 of the bottle because the pop top had been pressed inside of the bubble wrap envelope at some point and some of it leaked out and made a big mess. Maybe it was the way it was shipped (in an envelope instead of a box), but on the other hand I could easily see this happening if I bought it at the store and it was in a bag with other things that were on top that could do the same thing. Just a word of caution.

Carmen Preston, OK

Quality shampoo

Clear Men Scalp Therapy is described as an anti-dandruff shampoo that is “clinically proven to help eliminate dandruff symptoms at the source with pyrithione zinc.” Okay. After approximately a week of use, I cannot say with any certainty whether that product description is true, but my hair sure feels clean after using it. It also seems to be less dry after shampooing although that could also be the result of my tendency to use only a little dab, having found that with shampoo, like Brylcreem, that’ll do ya. I can’t say that I agree with the claim that the natural mint ingredient will leave “an extra cooling sensation.” My head did feel cooler but I attribute that to the ice cold showers I have a habit of taking when the temperature is in the 90s, as it’s been too often of late.There are a lot of ingredients that sound impressively healthy, including ginseng, tea tree, vitamins B5 and E, sunflower, soybean, etc, but, not surprisingly, when you squeeze it into the palm of your hand, all you see is a white cream. Nonetheless, I assume this is all good for the scalp.This seems to be a quality shampoo. I recommend it.

Rosanna Montezuma, KS

Good value for dry scalps.

I don’t regularly use this kind of shampoo, but mix it in every now and then if my scalp starts feeling dry or itchy.This is your standard dandruff shampoo with Pyrithione Zinc, just like Head & Shoulders. I find this to be an effective treatment for dry/itchy scalp, regardless of whether you actually have dandruff or not. The chemical helps ‘normalize’ conditions on your scalp and allows it to heal.I find this type of shampoo preferable to Denorex or T/Gel, in which the active ingredient is Coal Tar, which smells nastier to me also has potential health consequences.This is a nice product, pretty standard, but priced well and with the added convenience of free shipping through Amazon.

Willie Brooklyn, WI

Works well but without the usual nasty smell

I don’t have a major dandruff problem, but I do get some flakes every now and then. I’ve tried Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue and have a bottle of Neutrogena T/Gel at present. Of the brands I’ve tried, this dandruff shampoo is the most like a “regular” shampoo, without the usual nasty coal tar or chemical smell.It seems to work well and I think the price is pretty reasonable. Highly recommended!

Keri Genoa City, WI

It tingles and smells great!

Don’t have a great deal of hair to wash but I have been using the “Clear Men Scalp Therapy” daily and works as promised. I even use it on my beard and mustache and it makes taking my shower that much more invigorating, With the scent and tingling feeling on your scalp and face makes you feel that much more clean. My scalp is flake free and not itchy at all.

Sharron Clockville, NY

Good product

Though it has been years since anyone in our family has had dandruff, we do have a couple with other scalp issues and this shampoo did help with them. It does a great job of getting hair squeaky clean and looking great. I also believe it may help prevent future outbreaks of dandruff and other scalp problems. Whether you have a normal scalp or need therapy for your hair issues, it is a great product to have on your shelf as a ‘just in case’ treatment or preventative. Also, it says ‘men’ but I used it as well and liked how my hair looked and felt afterwards. I don’t know how it would work on someone who has greasy hair issues, this type might cause more problems in those cases.

Jasmine Arrington, TN

I have like all of these products so far.

I have reviewed a few of these shampoos and they are all very good products. They clean your hair and it stays clean feeling all day. It does not make your hair feel like it has something on it and it does have a good smell. The price is very competitive with Target and Walmart and this is something that you can get here for just as cheap as the box stores. This shampoo also got to me without flexing and losing a little product as well so they have improved the shipping method for this as well, all in all a very good item.

Ines Franklin Grove, IL

Clear Mens Scalp Therapy Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Clear Mens Scalp TherapyClear Mens Scalp Therapy is an instant alternative for people to turn to if they no longer want to use Head & Shoulders. So what makes Clear so special?The most prominent feature that Clear offers is its scent. Imagine indulging your scalp the same way you indulge your skin with the finest lotion. The smell for the Clean & Fresh scent is a cross of fruit and mint.When it comes to dandruff relief, it’s hard to draw comparisons objectively. No one in my home had scalp irritation to a point where we needed anything stronger than Head & Shoulders. Even then, we used it every 3 days, while using regular style shampoos on days we didn’t use an anti-dandruff shampoo. So I would have to say give this a trial try, and come to your own conclusions. From my standpoint, if it works just as well as H&S;, then it simply relies on other factors to whether or not continued use should occur.As far as price goes, it breaks down like this…you can get a huge bottle of Head and Shoulders at a Costco for about $15. However, it’s the plain Jane model, which doesn’t have the scent appeal to it. However, you can get Head and Shoulders in a scented form for about the same price as the Clear. Essentially, price then becomes a draw just like the factor of performance.It simply breaks down to smell and personal preference. With that being said, I can’t sit here and say to prefer Clear over Head and Shoulders outright. If you love the scent…or your lady loves the scent, then hey, you found your staple shampoo. However, if you love variety, I see no harm in choosing either/or. With all this being said, I give Clear Mens Scalp Therapy Dandruff Shampoo a 4-star rating because it works for what it said it was going to do, the price was very reasonable given it’s features, and the scent was very appealing.

Veronica Munford, TN