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Clear Men Scalp Therapy Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Cool Sport Mint 12.9 oz

Clear Men Scalp Therapy and Hair Cool Sport Mint Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is engineered for men with a rich blend of 10 vitamins and botanicals, including ginseng and mint. Clear Men’s Cool Sport Mint Shampoo is clinically proven to provide hair with 24-hour moisturization (with regular use) while building total hair resilience.

Key features

  • Clear Cool Sport Mint Anti-Dandruff shampoo for men builds total hair resilience: strength, fullness, and vitality
  • Clear Men’s Cool Sport Mint dandruff shampoo deeply hydrates the scalp (with regular use), and provides hair with 24-hour moisturization (with regular use)
  • Clear Men’s Cool Sport Mint Shampoo with natural mint cleanses the scalp and hair, leaving an extra cooling sensation, along with intense freshness
  • Clear Mens Cool Sport Mint hair shampoo is formulated with a rich blend of 10 vitamins and botanicals, which deeply nourish the scalp

Honest reviews


Not a fan

I guess I should preface this by saying that I’m a woman. But I liked the idea of the mint smell, so I decided to give this a try. After all, how different can men and women’s hair be?Well, first off, the mint smell was way too subtle for me. I didn’t want something peppermint, I wanted something sharp that would be strong as I lathered and subtle after I rinsed and dried. What I got was something that was very subtle as I lathered, and nonexistant after drying and styling.It also made my hair feel greasy, and… how to explain this… It kind of GAVE me dandruff. I didn’t really have much/any before using this, but this morning I got out of the shower, ran a comb through my wet hair, and it looked like I had been snowed on. I know that I rinsed thoroughly, so if this is shampoo STILL left in my hair then I’m very dissatisfied. And if it’s dandruff… that’s just wrong.So I think I’m going to throw away the rest of this bottle. Not my favorite.

Sandra Hot Springs, VA

Not As Great As Its Name

This product was advertised that it was anti-dandruff shampoo; however, the result is not as great as expected. Additionally, it makes your hair become too greasy. The only good thing about this product is that it gives a very pleasant smell which retains for quite a while. Its price is not very reasonable though.

Sue Long Barn, CA

Um…this gave me dandruff?

I’ll admit, I didn’t have a dandruff problem when I first got this product. In fact, I never have. I had snatched up some of the Clear Men Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner mainly because I needed some shampoo and I’m not tied to any particular kind, so I was willing to give anything a try. Then I decided to get this one since I’m a fan of the Cool Sport Mint smell. I have a problem though. I now have dandruff. This is very strange, especially since this product is specifically supposed to combat against this particular problem. Now, after a month of using this product I have a drier scalp than I ever have and my hair is actually oily, which is a common problem I have always had, but now it’s worse than ever and I can only point a finger at this product since it is all that has changed in my hygiene regimen. It appears that this isn’t the norm for the majority of reviewers here (although I see that Enna Isilee had a similar experience to mine). Maybe it’s not dandruff. Maybe it’s residue from the shampoo itself that doesn’t rinse out of your hair, but either way, this is distressing and irritating since this has never been a problem for me before. I’ll be buying a different bottle of shampoo and throwing this one in the trash. I did, however, enjoy the smell of the shampoo.

Keri North Vassalboro, ME

Good, decent, smells nice.

I got this for my husband and he doesn’t have any dandruff but I was hoping to be preventive for any to come! And it seems to be just fine. He is not using it for every wash and he seems to like it just fine. It smells decent and does the job …. nothing much to report here, thank you!

Josefa Lakeville, MN

Smooth and creamy, easy open top, good dandruff protection

When reviewing this product I compared it to my regular shampoo – Head & Shoulders. I don’t have a problem admitting that I sometimes have dry scalp, and I often wear clothes that easily show dandruff.H&S; uses pyrithione zinc as the primary ingredient and it comes in a variety of scents that can be either masculine, flowery, or the original H&S; that we all grew up with.Clear Men Scalp Therapy also uses pyrithione zinc as the primary ingredient and also comes in a variety of scents – this one is called Cool Sport Mint. Ginsing, mint, and tea tree are added to give additional texture both to the product and the scent. You’re probably familiar with tea tree as the “minty tingle” in other hair products.The container is easy-open. You push down on one side of the top and the other side pops up. Compared to other container styles I really like this. I don’t have to pry it open with a fingernail, and I don’t have to deal with plastic hinges that easily break after normal use. Easy-open and easy dispense.The liquid is a thick white cream – very similar to H&S;, but perhaps a bit thicker. The first thing I noticed is that the scent is much more MILD than I was expecting. I couldn’t really pick up the ginseng or the tea tree specifically, but it does fit within the category of “Cool Mint” – not overpowering at all, but could perhaps be a bit stronger for my liking.The product lathers well in water, but it does not provide the tingling sensation I was expecting with products containing tea tree oils. It wasn’t unpleasant to use, it just misses the mark on the “tingle” factor.Dandruff control – which is the most important part for me was good. I have not noticed any flaking on my scalp or my facial hair. It seems to do the job well and is comparable to other anti-dandruff products.What it really comes down to is price and scents. If you are using a product with pyrithione zinc, you’re getting the good stuff. Everything beyond that is just an add-on for personal preference. I’ll likely base my future purchase decision on cost between this type of product and my regular H&S.;4 out of 5 stars – one star taken away only because it didn’t meet my expectations for the tingling of tea tree and lighter scent.

Gilda Wheatland, OK

Great for Cleaner Scalp, Occasional use, Great Value, Smells awesome

With the amount of times I’ve seen this commercial during the SuperBowl, I thought I’d try it out. I’ve had a few flakes and drying of the scalp lately and I’m glad I picked this up for my weekly cleaning regime…I mean daily…Honestly though, I’d only recommend using this product 3-4 times a week at most and using other less harsh shampoos and conditioners as your main. I’d recommend Dove products for both men and women. Here are the reasons why~~~Dandruff and FlakeThe shampoo does well like most scalp dandruff shampoos and has the main ingredient for fighting dryness but the difference between this and other shampoos is the level of hydration and the pleasant smell. I’ve used some products in the past and the smell and strength of the shampoos were either too strong or had a very strong chemical/medicine scent which wasn’t very attractive or nice to have throughout the day.I don’t really have dandruff but I do have the occasional drying of the scalp and having at least one bottle of a scalp shampoo helps. I’m very pleased to have purchased this one instead of Head and Shoulders.Price:The price is very affordable compared to others of this type. If you are tight on cash or are skeptical about purchasing this shampoo, try out the 2 in 1 combo. I only chose this set to test out the item as a trial and in the future I intend on purchasing the Shampoo and Conditioner separately because of how well it worked out.Smell:Depending on which flavor you choose you can have a crisp smell, tea-like smell, herbal smell, or even a more manly(?) sporty scent. I love all the smells or at least compared to the other dandruff shampoos.Conditioning, softness, and moisturizing.The drawback of scalp shampoos is that they moisture deeply into the scalp and not the hair itself. There tends to be some drying of the hair with a strange and not-so-soft texture. THIS is why I suggest using this product only a select few times during the week or when you have dry-scalp issues. It works wonders. Compared to other dandruff shampoos this does well overall and doesn’t leave your hair feeling too nasty or dry.SummaryGreat value, works well against dandruff, smells great, and less harsh than other shampoosPros:+ Cheap to pickup+ Many great scents+ Defeats Dandruff and flakes+ Less harsh+ Watched this product’s SuperBowl commercial 100x and just had to try it.Cons:-None

Clare Los Gatos, CA

Oooh, It Stings!

Although I am not a man, I gave this shampoo a try. It smelled nice, worked on the very few flakes I had, but stung like boy howdy! Even after a long, long rinse, I felt as if my head was on fire. The burning lasted for hours, so I didn’t give the shampoo another try.On the other hand, the bottle had the most intelligent, easiest to use cap that I have ever seen on a bottle of shampoo, bar none. A press on the side of the cap is all that is necessary to open the bottle, and it’s easy to use even with my eyes shut and with soapy hands.If only the shampoo didn’t cause me extreme pain. Too bad. (Maybe it’s because I am woman, and it doesn’t like me. 🙂 )

Esperanza Mammoth, WV

Works great!

I ordered this for my son who has struggled with dandruff since he entered his teens. Other shampoos have helped some but none as much as this one. Not only does the shampoo smell and clean well it also helps fight his dandruff problem, making him a more confident young man. I love this shampoo and will continue to purchase it for him.

Nettie Lenorah, TX

Clear Men

Has nice slick feeling when applying. Nice Smell. Seems to take only a small amount to get the job done. Leaves hair feeling clean and easy to manage.

Miriam Atlantic City, NJ


I’m a fan of Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree line because of the cooling sensation which is the reason that I was drawn to this shampoo. While I was shampooing my hair, I didn’t feel the cool tingling that I was expecting, however when I starting rinsing the shampoo out of my hair I started to feel it. It is heavenly, as is the scent! Because it is marketed for men (I’m a woman), I was surprised at how soft and conditioned my hair feels. After using this for 3 weeks, my husband (who has always used Head & Shoulders) said he now prefers this shampoo. We will definitely purchase this in the future.

Valeria Plains, KS

Right on

Amazon sent me a free bottle to review.Nice mild masculine scent like a men’s cologne but not overwhelming. Doesn’t dry out scalp & hair too much. Same active ingredient as other such shampoos (pyrithione zinc 1%). Bottle with click-to-open top very handy for shower. Would use again.

Gertrude Duncan Falls, OH

The boys like it

I got this for my boys and although they really do not have a dandruff issue, they said this shampoo “does the job”. It cleans well, feels nice when used, and they really enjoyed the cooling sensation afterwards. Best of all the hair looks good later!

Lelia Benton Harbor, MI

Good shampoo

This dandruff shampoo is double effective, just as advertised. First, it handles all the cleaning, softening, and maintenance, aspects of what ashampoo needs to do. Then, it also has helped with minour scalp-drying & flaking. It also has a very pleasant smell.For men looking for a good value in their dandruff shampoo, this is definitely worth checking out.

Charlene Coalton, WV

Liked Fairly Well

The consensus in our household of dandruff shampoo users is that this is a pretty good shampoo. The smell was just ok and the consistency of the shampoo is a little runny. But, it worked well to control dandruff and the cool mint made the scalp tingle after shampooing. It’s a large bottle that should last quite awhile.

Lizzie Warren, IN

Decent Shampoo

The active ingredient in this dandruff shampoo is zinc pyrithione. The most commonly known shampoo with this anti-dandruff ingredient would be Head and Shoulders. Personally, I have never found Head and Shoulders to be very effective, preferring Selsun Blue. As far as the Clear Men Scalp Therapy shampoo, while it does have a pleasant mint scent and feels good while shampooing…..the results seem about the same as Head and Shoulders.So, if Head and Shoulders works for you, but you want a change as far as a nicer scent, give this a try. If Head and Shoulders has been ineffective for you, this product probably would not help either. I am not saying this product does not work, simply that since it is based on zinc pyrithione, if that works for you in another product, this should too, but if you haven’t had success with this compound in another shampoo, it is doubtful you’d find this shampoo effective.This product does have Vitamin E in it also, which should help moisturize a dry, itchy scalp.Overall, a decent shampoo, a few “botanical” ingredients, nice scent, and it will work fine for some people.

Reva Ida, AR

Clean feeling scalp

Even though this is a shampoo for men I decided to give it a try. The shampoo on my head felt great, it had that cooling effect some mint shampoos and soaps have, yet the scent wasn’t overpowering. Since it was a hot day, August in New Orleans, duh, the cooling mint felt really good on my head.The shampoo isn’t harsh, it didn’t strip my hair and make it feel dry, just very clean and slightly tingly, not an unpleasant tingle or burn, just a nice soothing cooling tingle. I tried the conditioner and liked it, I think this is a great brand.

Flora Grubville, MO

It works!

My husband has used Head and Shoulders and selson blue and even Nutorgina(sp) for 10 years I think it’s time for a change. I liked the smell of this shampoo and so does he. It lathers well even on very dirty hair. And the flakes after a month are almost completely gone! I can’t believe it. I am sold on this stuff, finally a product that goes to the scalp not the hair. (I did write a review after 2 weeks that was not as favorable as this one, but after a month of use and the change I have seen in my husbands hair I had to go back and rewrite my review:}

Erika Del Rey, CA

Loved it

I’ve been using this anti dandruff shampoo for about 3 weeks and so far it’s worked for me. I see that other reviewers are saying that it leaves their hair a bit greasy however I didn’t have that problem. I do have thick frizzy hair though.I loved the mint scent, it’s very refreshing and there is a ‘icy cool’ type feel that is super nice on an itchy scalp. It’s starting to get hot out, so I think mint is really great for summer.I appreciated that the bottle was slim and made to be stored on the cover/’head’ (that way as it’s getting low, you dont have to fight to get the last bits out). I have lots of random things in my shower caddy so I was able to just stick the extra bottle in there.Now since I’ve been using the shampoo, I’ve noticed that my scalp has cleared up and doesn’t itch as much. I would say after about a week of using the shampoo I saw results. I’ve used other shampoos that have dried out my scalp and caused dry spots near my hairline, but I didn’t experience it with this which is super awesome.I will recommend this product to others!

Joanne Clarkson, KY

Seems to Work Just As Well as Other Anti-Dandruff Shampoos, But Has A Nice Minty Scent. Good for Daily Use.

The nice, minty scent is what sets this shampoo apart from some of the other anti-dandruff shampoos. It is noticeable after a shower & gives my spouse’s hair has nice, pleasant smell.Anti-Dandruff Results: It seems to work just as well as the other over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoos. This is a good choice for daily use if you don’t use a daily conditioner.

Mellisa Climax, MI

Active Ingredients: Pyrithione Zinc (1.0%)

Over the counter low-priced dandruff shampoo is pretty much over the counter low-priced dandruff shampoo. We have tried many different flavors and varieties and they all, basically, work the same. The thing that sets the shampoo apart, for me, from other shampoos is the fragrance. I love the way this shampoo smells, and I love the way my husband smells when he gets out of the shower after using it!! Who knew minty fresh wasn’t just for your breath? 🙂

Billie Stillwater, ME

A subtle scent of mint

This may be designed for men but women can use it, too! This is my third Clear shampoo I’ve tried now this week and I must say they all provide excellent cleansing of the hair in a way that doesn’t add frizz or dullness, itchiness or stickiness to the hair and scalp.The shampoo does come out looking like school glue, but it lathers fast. It’s not too minty at all, and just like the other Clear Shampoos, combing the hair afterwards is easy.My hair remains “clean-looking” a good 12 hours longer than normal with this product, but once again the price is a tad steep.

Lucinda Ash, NC

Keeps Moderate Dandruff Away

My Husband has moderate dandruff that causes extreme itching and uses Head & Shoulders for everyday use with a once weekly use of over the counter Nizoral. This combination keeps his dandruff away and makes it to where he does not have to worry about it. We decided to try the Clear Men Anti-Dandruff shampoo in place of his Head & Shoulders since I have had a good experience with Clear.The first thing I noticed is that Clear and Head & Shoulders have the exact same active ingredient in the same strength (pyrithione zinc). So, I knew that I would really come down to whether or not my Husband liked the feel of the shampoo and how it cleaned his hair. Let’s just say that he has not used anything other than Clear Men Anti-Dandruff since he first got it. He really loves the way in feels on his scalp. It has a minty tingly feeling that leaves your hair and scalp feeling fresh and keeps it from itching. He also loves the way it makes his hair feel clean and soft. I tried the shampoo one day for review purposes and I must say that it made my hair feel pretty amazing. I also loved the tingly feeling on my scalp. It did leave the hair a bit dry, but that wouldn’t be an issue for most Men (it isn’t for my Husband).My Husband has not had any dandruff since he switched over to Clear and he has since told me he wants to replace his Head & Shoulders with Clear. He gives this product two thumbs up and highly recommends it.

Janice Palo Alto, CA

Works Well, Nice Scent – Highly Recommended

This Clear “Scalp Therapy” anti-dandruff shampoo works well to control dandruff and has a pleasant, but not overpowering mint scent. We go through a lot of shampoo in our house since my teens both have very long hair and seem to spend more time in the shower than I remember doing at their age. That being said, we typically use “Head and Shoulders” (or a generic store knock-off) since that worked for us.This Clear shampoo is every bit as effective as what we had been using, leaving the hair and scalp feeling very clean while eliminating dandruff.Highly Recommended!CFH

Wilda Falkner, MS

I like it

I have never had an issue with dandruff so I have rarely used a shampoo designed for dandruff. I figured why use a pseudo-medicated shampoo if it is not needed? well I am happy to say that the Clear Scalp Therapy Anti-Dandruff shampoo works well for me! The scent is refreshing and not over-powering.Notes- It does leave my scalp feeling a bit tingly, and I kind of like it!- The shampoo has a nice clean smell. It is not overpowering or unbelievably fruity. Personally, I dislike shampoos that smell like I washed my hair in Kool-Aid concentrate!- My hair is on the oil side, but this shampoo neither over-dries my hair nor leaves it feeling oily.- A nice value – I prefer it over some of the shampoos that are 5x more expensive.Final Verdict – I really like the Clear Men Scalp Therapy, in fact it will likely be new long-term shampoo!5 Stars

Sherri Fraser, MI

Effective, but don’t care for the scent

While I tend to have more of a dry scalp than actual dandruff, I find using a dandruff shampoo is effective for both issues. This shampoo does the job in terms of eliminating flaking, but it comes at a cost — an unpleasant scent. While dandruff shampoo by nature has a bit of a medicinal scent, the attempt at using mint to mask it does more harm than good, and actually accentuates the medicinal qualities.With the exception of the scent it does everything else very well. Nice consistency (very creamy) and good lather. But that scent is a major drawback for me.Five stars for effectiveness, but only two stars for scent. A three start overall rating.

Terry Stratton, CO

Love the Mint

Girly scent or not, I really like the mint. The one ingredient that most good dandruff shampoos have is pyrithione zinc. It’s in this shampoo and it works. A relatively small amount applied to wet hair results in thick suds. After a good rinse, my hair smelled nice and my dandruff was at bay. While this isn’t a radically different take on dandruff shampoo since pyrithione zinc is the active element that makes it work and all effective dandruff shampoos have it, the scent makes it a nice choice.

Irma Robertsville, MO

I love the mint scent, leaves my hair very soft and prevents itchy scalp and flakes

I am very selective about what type of shampoo that I use because many do not agree with my hair and scalp. If I use the wrong shampoo it will make my scalp itchy and it may cause flakes as well. A lot of shampoo will make my hair feel very oily as well.I typically use an Anti-Dandruff shampoo about half of the time and then a regular shampoo the other half. I have always loved mint scent and I love the scent of this shampoo. It’s very refreshing and invigorating and it lathers very well. It leaves my hair very soft and seems just like a 2 in 1 shampoo / conditioner combo to me. This shampoo is a thinner consistency than most shampoo but it doesn’t make much difference to me.This shampoo is perfect for me and it’s one of my favorite shampoos in a while. In addition to the great smell it has twice the Pyrithione Zinc as many Anti-Dandruff shampoos which makes it very effective. It also moisturizes my hair very well and leaves it very soft and manageable.

Daphne Coffman Cove, AK

Nice cool feeling

I have been using Head and Shoulders “forever”. I have moderate dandruff and no matter what, even with Head and Shoulders I still occasionally get flakes now and then. When I saw Clear was available, I decided to give it a try. It has the same active ingredient and strength of Pyrithinone Zinc (1.0%) that Head and Shoulders contains. I enjoy this product, and like the added ingredients it has and does give me a nice cool minty feeling after I shower. It smells nice, and the feel of the shampoo is nice on my head as well. I will continue to use this product in the future. Since it has the same ingredients as H&S, I guess it just depends on what I find on sale when I am looking for shampoos.

Kristine Burlington, NJ

A Little Goes A Long Way

A little goes a long way. Use a nickle size dollup and your all set. You can feel the mint and the scent is nice and not very strong. I really like it and they sponsor the Lotus F1 team. Only minus is it was shipped in a padded envelope and it the bottle developed a leak. It was wrapped in plastic which contained the leak without issue. Yours will probably ship in a box which would get it more protection.

Glenna New Market, MN

conditioning shampoo

I am not positive it helps dandruff but it is conditioning and gives a little tingle when you use it. It works OK for my son and it smells good. It is too conditioning for me and leave my hair too flat on top. I on;y condition my ends because I want the top of my hair to be a little fluffy like. My husband and son are using this and it appears to help with dandruff and they like the conditioning.

Delores Harrold, TX