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Clear Men 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner, Ocean Mineral Hydration 12.9 oz

If you just wash dandruff flakes away they will always come back. Because clear understands male scalp needs are different, clear men scalp and hair is specially designed to control dandruff symptoms at the source and lock in hydration from the first wash. Clinically proven to hydrate the scalp. Helps restore the natural moisture balance of the scalp. With hydra blend, a mix of water mint, spirulina and other extracts.

Key features

  • Clinically proven to hydrate the scalp
  • Helps restore the natural moisture balance of the scalp
  • Clear men scalp therapy is specially formulated with bio-nutrium 10 a blend of 10 nutrients and botanical actives, including ginseng, tea tree, and natural mint

Honest reviews


It Works Almost Too Well

Check out this price and compare it to anything you would buy at the grocery store. It’s a bargain for 12.9 ounces of shampoo and you only need a small amount each time. The creamy white shampoo does not lather up much, but does manage to clean thoroughly. You also don’t have to leave it in to get the conditioning effect. My dandruff is gone, but that’s because this solution moisturizes to the point that my already fine hair lays flat – it droops. It does not present a voluminous result. However, if your hair is thick and unruly, this might work for you. I also use it on my beard and I no longer have dandruff when I scratch it.As far as a scent goes, I can’t really notice anything much at all. I like that, as there have been so many times I am stuck in an elevator with women who has used WAY too much of a perfumed shampoo or spray that have to hold my breath in fear of vomiting on the poor persons feet.

Wendy Boyden, IA

Good shampoo

I use this for some scalp irritation, and after a couple of weeks of use I find it to be a good product that manages my hair well as well. Overall, recommned.

Alejandra Alpine, WY

Doesn’t Dry Your Hair Out!

The Clear Men Scalp and Hair 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner works great to keep your scalp clean and the ocean mineral hydration formula keeps your hair from drying out. My son has horrible dandruff but he just washes his hair everyday to avoid his hair being dry but he has been using this and he hasn’t complained about it drying out his hair like his other shampoos.I noticed that my son’s hair has a shine to it and that is important to both of us. I love this shampoo because it not only keeps my son’s hair and scalp clean but because it is 2 in 1 it saves me money and I love that too.

Angelique Thomasville, PA

Love the scent, works well …

I was surprised at how effective this product is. I was even more surprised at the very pleasant scent. Too often, shampoos go overboard, in this case they got it just right. Recommended.

Cecile Sentinel Butte, ND

from a guy with dandruff…

So I have horrible winter dandruff, every year since I was a kid. Full on flake fest. Hate it but its true.Needless to say I have tried many many products over the years and am always willing to try something new.Truth is most products are a trade off, usually the tea-tree shampoos work by simply making my flakes smaller so they are still there but not as noticeable. The Head and shoulders type products all use the same Pyrithione zinc (1%) as an active ingredient, and you will find it here to. And the Nuke-em product of the dandruff world TAR. (yep I said it tar.) which works in extreme cases but smells like …well tar..and leaves you with no flakes but hair that hates you.The regular everyday products seem to help but do note eliminate my dandruff, and worst off they seem to leave my hair scorched and dried out over time (anything more than a week.) I find myself alternating between a dandruff shampoo and a regular shampoo in an effort to have normal looking hair without the dandruff. It works maybe 6 months out of the year…then the cold season sets in and forget it…flake city.This time it was different. This shampoo works on all fronts. I found my hair was great even after 2 weeks of daily use…no need to switch back and forth to avoid dried out look, and the flakes were gone….like totally gone. Ok so I am surprised an perplexed but happy. It has the same active ingredient to start with but whatever comes next seems to work…A great product that I will be buying regularly.

Maryann Belmond, IA

2in1 convenience, clean, clear scent

My son loves this shampoo. He loves the convenience of using a 2in1 product, no fuss and it’s done. He also loves the scent. He’s an athlete and it works well for daily use after practice and workouts. Minus 1 star because the anti-dandruff is not as effective as expected, but we’ll see if it improves over longer use.

Helen Lewiston, UT

Did not work great for me

I have previously used much stronger formulations including the nuclear strength scalp-searing versions of Nizoral and Head+Shoulders. Both of these have been excellent at controlling my dandruff once it had been aggravated enough from a lack of attention. When I got a chance to try out the CLEAR versions, I decided to take a chance on a brand that I had not tried before.Unfortunately, my experiences were mixed. The packaging was decent, and it arrived safely with a little piece of cellophane tape to prevent spills. Its texture feels vaguely medicinal, but it lathered on strongly, and I did not feel any lingering itchy residue. However, its overall strength left a lot to be desired. It never quite cleared up my dandruff, and after a few tries, I had to retreat to my old standbys – which worked their magic, and cleared things up for me.As with any medication, I am loth to extrapolate their effectiveness from just my single experience, and judging by the plethora of 5-stars that this product has garnered, others seem to have had much better experiences. Unfortunately, for me it rated at-most an It’s Okay (3-stars) because it did work reasonably as a shampoo and conditioner.(I tried two versions of this shampoo – this Ocean Mineral and Citrus Fresh. Other than fragrance differences, they had identical effects on my scalp.)~A_E~

Bernadette Lewistown, OH

Great for Thinning Gray Hair

My husband has been using this shampoo and likes it much better than his previous shampoo. The scent if not over powering, but very pleasant. He likes that it has conditioner in it, which really is great for his gray hair, which tends to be unmanageable. It is also great for his scalp, which is showing more and more.

Essie Naugatuck, CT

Good stuff!

This one has taken me by surprise by turning out to be one of my favorite shampoos I’ve tried. I switch around pretty regularly because I get bored of the same scents and styles easily, and sometimes I like to use products intended for men when I want a milder scent or something that’s not too flowery. This has been doing a really good job of leaving my hair light and soft and not making me feel like I’ve been doused in perfume. I was expecting it to be just okay, but it’s turned out to be something I really like.

Rocio Honor, MI

I love it

I’ve been using Clear shampoo for over a year now and I’m in love with this product.When I saw they had new scents I had to try them.The Ocean Mineral version smells very much like the ocean.Clean, clear and a hint of salt.Did I mention I love this brand?Recommended.

Millie Lake Hughes, CA

effective but I don’t like the scent

I had used the CLEAR Men "Complete Care" shampoo and conditioner before ( liked it, so I thought I would try this "Ocean Mineral" variety.It seems like the ingredients are very similar, nearly identical, and it feels the same to use – it just has a different scent.Unfortunately, I don’t really like the "Ocean Mineral" scent – it smells a little bitter to me, like a cheap cologne.

Claudette Simpson, KS

Effective and great scent; somewhat limited lathering

I was surprised at how much I liked the scent of this dandruff shampoo. Normally medicated shampoos smell, well, medicated. This does not – very clean scent that is not overpowering.I’m getting very good results with it in terms of dandruff control. The added conditioner helps as well without leaving a greasy feeling behind as other conditioners can.The only strike against it is lathering ability. It’s not as good as Suave’s dandruff control shampoos (my favorite brand). It’s not horrible, but the lathering performance is not as good as I would like.Still, the effectiveness and scent makes this well worth considering.

Kathleen Ashland, NE

Ocean Mineral Hydration Shampoo.

I don’t know what a ginseng tree smells like but the scent of this shampoo is sweet and similar to hyacinth or honeysuckle. It has a creamy consistency and lathers well. I had an odd experience when rinsing in that my hair felt drier as if it was repelling the water as if the shampoo gave my hair some kind of waterproof coating. I’m sure that is not the case. Whatever it does the result for me is hair that is a little more frizzy than I would like. But it definitely leaves my hair looking fuller. And it is very manageable. My hair stars in place and though it may look a little frizzy it does mot blow out of place in the wind. A good shampoo if you would like a fuller looking head of hair.

Shelia Moffett, OK


Clean for Men, Scalp & Hair 2 in 1 Anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner has added ginseng, tea tree and mint so it has refreshing feel to the scalp. It doesn’t set the scalp on fire like a couple products that I’ve used but it’s tinglingly refreshing.The scent is very pleasant too with a clean, fresh scent. You would never know that this is an anti-dandruff shampoo by smelling it.This is probably our favorite anti-dandruff shampoo and have had an excellent experience with all Clear products.

Margery Lyndonville, NY

2 in 1 Shampoo

I’ve used other kinds of shampoo from this company and they are really nice products. Great cleaning, excellent smell and a little goes a long way. I love trying the different varieties and haven’t had a bad one yet.

Rosalyn Clintonville, PA

Love Clear Products!

Foremost, I love Clear products! Not only do they leave my hair and scalp clean and refreshed, but they are gentle and consistently make my hair gorgeous and shiny! When I saw this version for men, I grabbed it for my boyfriend and put it to the test. Not only was his hair similarly clean and shiny, but it smelled incredible. Moreover, the hydrating feature was immediately noticeable. His thick hair was so soft, so manageable and ridiculously gorgeous! (And, this Ocean Mineral fragrance is phenomenal!) Love it!Clear has superior rinse-ability and truly seems to care for one’s hair. I cannot recommend these products highly enough. Whenever possible, buy the oversized pump version. They are tremendously convenient in the shower and a slightly better buy.

Latanya Taberg, NY

Great shampoo that cleans scalp well

Winter is always difficult because my scalp gets dry, leading to dandruff. This combination shampoo/conditioner does a great job in keeping my hair looking and smelling nice while simultaneously preventing dandruff. It applies as a white gel that foams well and easily washes out without need for any additional follow-up product. While a bit more expensive than competitive products, the fact is that this works and the competitors tend to be just ok, if they work at all. Nice that I can wear dark clothing again.

Roxanne Plummers Landing, KY

Clearly a Fine Product

I have been using a different brand of shampoo that did a good job of cleaning. However, it was not a dandruff shampoo nor did it address scalp itch. I began using this Clear on a daily basis and the dandruff washes away nicely. The scalp itch is gone as well. This shampoo has a very slight scent that is exactly what I prefer. It leaves the hair with a feeling of cleanliness that adds a bit of spring to the step. This is priced a bit higher than other similar products but is well worth the slightly higher cost. This is a winner.

Krista Le Sueur, MN

for boys and girls

It’s always a bit tough for married couples to get shampoo at a reasonable price that works well for both men and women. CLEAR does a good job maintaining that balance. The shampoo has a gentle yet pleasing smell (supposedly it’s supposed smell like the ocean, but it’s not really clear to me), not so much for men but enough for women. I typically prefer shampoo + condition combos to save money, which is especially easy to do with this bottle because it’s so reasonably priced. Finally, I like the bottle design. It allows you to leave the bottle upside down so the shampoo drips down towards the nozzle so it’s easier to actually get shampoo when supply is running low. Definitely recommended.

Caroline West Mystic, CT

A Relaxing Shampoo With Beneficial Results

I tried the shampoo every day for a week. The container is handy because you can invert it and the push-to-open cap becomes a solid base as well. There should be almost no waste. The product has a refreshing smell and provides a thick lather. I found it did a great job of cleaning and leaving my scalp refreshed and my hair with a bit more body. After two days use, my scalp stopped itching and there was no scaling. After a week, there was no build up or residue on my hair.Easy to store. Pleasant to use. Good results. But, compared to my present "big box store" house brand, I did not obtain an advantage in performance, but it was just as good. Perhaps as I use more of the shampoo, I will revisit this review.Clear Shampoo is worth a try.

Wanda Johnsonville, NY

Tall Container Problems

I enjoyed this product for the first half of the bottle. It left my hair soft and manageable. But because the container is tall and narrow, it’s impossible to mix the ingredients well by shaking it, especially when full.So by the time I got halfway through it, the heavier ingredients in the lower portion of the container didn’t do as good a job on cleaning or moisturizing my hair. Although I enjoyed the small footprint it has, not taking up valuable shower space, I didn’t expect it to perform less and less well the closer I got to the bottom of the bottle. Perhaps an advisory on the bottle would help.

Dessie Harrells, NC

Great Product

I have used a variety of the Clear Men’s shampoo, and have liked all of them. I hadn’t tried this "flavor" until now. It doesn’t tinkle or anything exotic like simply cleans and conditions your hair and scalp. It has a light pleasant scent. I feel refreshed and clean. This line of product has never caused any irritations or other skin or hair problems. It simply does it job…and does it well.

Ann Hunter, ND

Good dandruff shampoo with a mild clean scent

My husband and I have used other versions of clear anti-dandruff shampoos in the past and all of them work very well. The Ocean Mineral hydration has a very faint clean smell. I don’t have dandruff issues but my husband does and the shampoo has done great at keeping it under control.

Alisa Genoa, AR

Nice Alternative to the Standby, Head and Shoulders

I’ve always been a Head and Shoulders or generic brand user and have been satisfied with it. However, when I got a chance to try this 2 in 1 shampoo, I found it to be a nice change. It has a very subtle scent and seems to work well to keep the dandruff down. It is reasonably priced and comes in a variety of scents. This one, "ocean mineral," is a nice fresh scent. It doesn’t dry out my hair like some dandruff shampoos tend to do. Next time I pick out a shampoo, I’ll be looking for Clear.

Latisha Yorkville, IL

great shampoo

This some great shampoo.This cleans and conditions in one nice step.My hair is clean and nice smelling after showering.Recommended!

Alana Glencoe, AR

Beats Head & Shoulders in my book

I would definitely buy this on my own. It definitely beats Head & Shoulders that I’ve used previously. This stuff doesn’t dry out my hair and seems healthier and doesn’t leave a waxy residue on the bottle. It also has a nice scent. It’s the best of any brand I’ve tried over the past few years, so I’d honesty give it 4.5 stars.

Anne Odenville, AL

Love, Love, Love This!

I ordered this with my husband in mind. He really likes it and his hair looks great. I ran out of my favorite shampoo so I borrowed his. I loved the results. It smelled good and make my hair look great. It had more shine and body. You will love his product!

Lilia Challis, ID

He’s in love

Umm, maybe I better make that more clear. My husband adores this shampoo! It’s the first time he’s tried Clear combo shampoo and conditioner, or in fact, a poo/cond combo at all. His hair looks marvelous – smooth, shiny, and full. And the scent is phenomenal (and not too strong, either.)Clear’s definitely made a convert!

Reyna Carefree, AZ

Good shampoo and conditioner

I have dry scalp and have been looking for a shampoo and conditioner that would help with the problem. Clear works fairly well, though I wish it moisturized the skin a little more. The shampoo has a silky feel and smells good. I used it for about two weeks and am satisfied with it as a basic, daily shampoo. Still wish it would moisturize the skin a little more.

Jennie Minden, WV

It’s CLEARly OKay

I generally find that with 2 in 1 products you get neither product to work well. Sadly, I found CLEAR Men Scalp & Hair 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner (Ocean Mineral Hydration) to be no great exception to this rule. Designed toIf you prevent dandruff by doing more than just washing away flakes CLEAR Men Scalp & Hair is intended to control symptoms by hydrating the scalp. While i didn’t have any fkaking while using the product i didn’t find that there was any particular restoration of scalp moisture and found myself using another brand of condition after CLEAR to follow up. The product plusses include it’s mix of water mint & spirulina for a nicely subdued scent. But, I’d like to try some of CLEAR’s single function shampoos before using this line again.

Socorro Bayfield, WI