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Clear Conditioner, Hydration Fix 12.7 oz

Clear Hydration Fix Shampoo and Conditioner hydrate your scalp and give you shiny, soft hair. Our ALOE and MARINE BOTANICALS infused shampoo and conditioner hydrate and protect hair, and our formulas with NUTRIUM 10 deeply hydrate the scalp. Our Hydration Fix system is uniquely designed to regain and retain moisture in your scalp. Your scalp may feel more dry during seasonal changes, frequent sun exposure, or periods of stress. Our formula is infused with ALOE, which thrives in arid conditions and has long been known for its moisturizing properties, and MARINE BOTANICALS derived from nutrient-rich plants from the sea. Used daily with the shampoo, the conditioner alleviates dry scalp leaving your scalp feeling moisturized and healthier.

Key features

  • Clear Hydration Fix Shampoo and Conditioner hydrate your scalp
  • Conditioner designed for Dry Scalp
  • Our ALOE and MARINE BOTANICALS infused shampoo and conditioner hydrate and protect hair
  • Our formulas with NUTRIUM 10 deeply hydrate the scalp
  • THE RESULT: Nourished Scalp. Use regularly with Clear Hydration Fix Shampoo

Honest reviews


Clear Scalp and Hair Intense Hydration Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Ounce

Clear Scalp and Hair Intense Hydration Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Ounce. I love this conditioner. It makes my hair feel so good and healthy. And it takes out the tangles. It makes it so easy to comb after I use the productThis conditioner is good quality, and I will continue to use it.This is a good company, as I’ve used other products from them, and they were good.Excellent hair conditioner that makes my hair feel so clean and healthy and easy to manage.Highly recommended.

Pat Riverside, RI

Left my hair moisturized, soft, and bouncy

I really like Clear Scalp products, especially theirCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid OunceandCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce. I was a bit hesitant to try this because I have long fine hair and sometimes hydrating conditioners leave my hair flat.Although this conditioner dispenses in a creamy ribbon like a lotion, it conditions very well and I was able to easily run a comb through my wet hair in the shower. I like its fresh and subtle flowery fragrance and that it left my hair very soft and somewhat bouncy when dry. I do have wavy hair normally and this did not weigh my hair down. I can’t really say if it hydrates the scalp as I did not notice any difference. Nevertheless, I really like this conditioner. In my opinion, this is a good conditioner for me to use in the summer when my hair because dry from the sun.

Jeanette Montebello, CA

Good conditioner with a clean scent

I’ve been using Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy products for more than a year, and I’m very pleased with the ones I had tried, so when I saw the opportunity of trying this new addition to the line, I grabbed ii. Like all their products it has a nice pleasant essence, but it’s lighter, and it doesn’t lingers too long. It’s thick and a little bit goes a long way. It truly hydrates the hair, my hair is being abused by the cold temps and the heater, which has been on all winter. And to be honest, I didn’t spent much time styling my hair since the Holidays, why to bother with this weather? I’m using ponytails and hats all the time, but hey, spring is coming. So, I styled my hair for this review, I wanted to see the results on my hair after using both the shampoo and the conditioner, and the best way to see that is after it’s dried and styled. I’m happy to report that the results were great.The level of conditioning it’s similar to when I useCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ouncewhich is my regular conditioner, but with a difference. With the Clear Scalp and Hair Intense Hydration Nourishing Conditioner, the hair feels lighter, kind of fluffy. So, if you have regular dry hair, this is a good conditioner for you. If you’re hair it’s very dry, like mine, the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ultra Shea Smooth & Nourish Conditioner, could be better during winter times, but in warmer months, I will probably switch to this one for a few weeks.

Molly Mount Nebo, WV

My new favorite!

I’ve been using Clear Scalp and Hair Intense Hydration Nourishing Conditioner, along with the coordinating shampoo, for several weeks and am really happy with it. My hair is long and thick, but also very fine. I have to blow dry my hair to avoid a frizzy mess, but on humid or rainy days it often becomes frizzy quickly.With this product, my hair feels very soft and stays wonderfully smooth. The first time I used it was a drizzly, dreary day, and even after being out in the rain a couple of times, my hair still looked great. I am very happy with how this shampoo and conditioner work for me. It smells nice and leaves my hair looking and feeling fantastic.

Chelsea Leola, AR

clean, fresh, and static-free

I am generally not too excited about shampoo and conditioner– if it does it’s job, doesn’t stink, and isn’t crazy expensive, I’m pretty much happy.I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I liked this conditioner. The clean, fresh scent hits you as soon as you open the bottle. I tend to shy away from most products with a strong scent, but this isn’t strong- it’s just very clean smelling. And more impressive- it lasts all day. I can still smell the shampoo/conditioner when I go to bed at night.I use about a quarter-sized amount for my chin-length hair, and it’s perfect. My hair doesn’t have static, but it’s not weighed down by an oily feeling like I’ve had with some conditioners. My hair had more body when using this than it does with my usual shampoo/conditioner combo.Disclaimer: I received both this conditioner and the matching shampoo for free in return for posting my HONEST opinion here via The Amazon Vine program. I always post my true opinion regardless of the source of the product I am reviewing. *While I received this product for free to try this time, it is definitely something I would purchase myself in the future.

Ann Wingate, IN

A Decent Product But Not My Go To

I am mildly impressed by this product. It is very lightweight and does a decent job adding moisture without making your hair feel weighed down and oily. I have a very sensitive scalp, and it did not seem to irritate it like some conditioners do. The scent was mild enough that I did not even notice it. I would rate it as a decent conditioner but not remember-able, or anything that I would go out of my way to purchase again.

Vicki Lake Harmony, PA


Great consistency!Great rinseability!Great smell!Great price!I would spend $6 for this.Always get up side down bottles.

Dixie Hamilton, NY

Wife loves it

Clean smelling and made her hair and scalp feel nourished. She found it excellent for her long dry hair. It didn’t damage her hair color much. She recommends it.

Nikki Melbourne, KY

Doesn’t hydrate

Previously before I started using this, I was using the Clear Frizz control and it wasn’t helping with frizz and it was actually drying out my scalp. So, I decided I would give this one a try since it is scalp and hair intense hydration…well after two weeks of using this,with the shampoo, it has not hydrated my scalp one bit! It is still dry. I have never had this problem with any other brands.This one does moisture my hair more than the frizz control one and I do have less frizz than I had with the frizz control. But that is it. The smell is barely noticeable so that is an okay thing about this product, but overall, this conditioner doesn’t do what it says it is going to do.

Hester Denver, IA

big fan

I’m a big fan of this line of products. my hair is long, thick and color treated. I always have to get it thinned out before I get my highlights or my stylist complains about her arms hurting. I need a conditioner that allows the comb to get through my hair without me pulling it out of my head. This is great. Not only does it de-tangle my hair, it makes it soft and manageable and it keeps it hydrated.When i blow dry my hair, it does feel dry normally but I have to say, I do notice a difference when I use this conditioner. To be honest, the main reason I like it is for the de-tangling capabilities but a hydrated head is a plus ! It smells nice and rinses clear and fast.

Ester Scotland, CT

Really seems to make my hair soft.

I’ve tried the accompanying shampoo with and without conditioner, and can tell you this conditioner makes a big difference to my final results. I’m careful about hair products because I have very long hair and I have to take good care of it or it looks shaggy and unkempt. This product smells nice and doesn’t feel really greasy or oily. It rinses out very clean–which made me think at first that it had all rinsed off or something, but once my hair dried out I really noticed how soft and smooth my hair was. And my husband noticed the same things and wondered what I’d done differently! Definitely going to get this conditioner again. My only real complaint about it is that its container is almost identical to the shampoo, so someone with very poor vision might have trouble picking up the right bottle in the shower. They have differently-shaped tops and sit upside-down, so after a while I got the hang of it.

Carmella Wadmalaw Island, SC

Good for hair that’s on the dry side

I have thick, wavy hair that tends to be dry. I have used several Clear shampoos and conditioners, and this one is one of my favorites. The scent is nice and I don’t need to use a ton of it to get rid of tangles and smooth my hair. It works almost as well as my favorite salon conditioners. The bottle is well designed and doesn’t leak. This is a nice, affordable product for dry hair.

Tammie Telegraph, TX

No better than cheaper products

My wife doesn’t care for it. For the expense, you would expect more from this conditioner. It seems no better than cheap products like Suave or Tresseme.

Willa Jerome, AR

Good Conditioner

I’ve liked using this Clear Scalp Intense Hydration Conditioner. It works well with dry, over worked hair to make it soft and manageable. An extra plus is how shiny and healthy looking my hair is after using this conditioner. I’ve only had minimal benefits from some of the more inexpensive conditioners that I’ve tried, but this one produces pretty good results. It smells nice and is a thick, fairly rich formula. It doesn’t make hair feel heavy or weighed down and produces nice results. My hair has more bounce and shine than normal even after blow drying and using the flat iron. This is a beneficial conditioner that has provided good results for my fine hair.

Margarita Cayce, SC

Feels light

I am impressed. The conditioner does not have the heavy cream feel so many do and my hair does not feel weighted down. In fact my scalp even feels as if it has been given a special treat. I have fine naturally curly hair which is usually weighed down by a conditioner so I have to be very careful which I use. Oils are a disaster. This has a lovely light feel to it and seems to be well suited for hair that is fine. I suggest trying it if you are looking for a soothing conditioner that does not leave your hair feeling heavy and unmanageable.

Berta Glenwood, NJ

Soft, silky hair

I was a little skeptical about this conditioner because I have used others that advertise to be ultra hydrating, but after using it am really impressed. This conditioner delivers really soft and silky hair – I normally use conditioner daily but after one day of using this, I could feel a difference in my hair. I really enjoyed the smell of it too.

Ilene Sully, IA

Good hydration for my naturally curly hair

I have been using theClear Scalp and Hair Intense Hydration Nourishing Shampooalong with theClear Scalp and Hair Intense Hydration Nourishing Conditioner. My hair is mid-back length, naturally curly and also color treated. With this conditioner I have found that it’s best for me to use it every, while only shampooing every other day. I have noticed a bit less frizz in my hair, which is most likely from my hair being less dried out. This conditioner also has a nice scent that stays with my hair even though it rinses clean. Overall I am very pleased with the results of the two products combined and the price isn’t so high that I can’t afford for it to be my regular brand.

Amelia Sutton, VT

Decent, especially for the price

I have long hair that falls to the middle of my back. I am always looking for conditioning products that make my hair manageable without the greasy feeling.This shampoo does a fair job of that. It’s got a very pleasant smell and is at a great price point. After use, my hair does look and feel clean. No greasy feeling whatsoever.The only con is that this stuff is pretty thick and I have to use quite a bit of it to get my wet hair to a point that I can put a pick through it while in the shower. Once I’m out of the shower and my hair has been towel dried or blown dry…it’s still kind of hard to get a pick through. I’ve had better luck with similar priced conditioners.

Ashlee Springwater, NY

Light but need to use a lot

Since I have long hair, I tend to go through conditioners fast. I know I don’t need to use a lot but to get my hair coated takes a bit of conditioner. While I really like the scent of this brand, I feel like I have to use A LOT in order to cover my hair and even then it feel like it disappears as soon as I put it on. It feels like there’s nothing in my hair after I start to rub it in. My hair seem to be a bit frizzy after I dry it, not sure if it’s due to the new conditioner. On the plus side, it smells very nice.

Millie Waurika, OK

Maybe Not So Great for Hair that Just Needs a Small Boost of Moisture …

I am a tremendous fan of Clear products. I have experimented with more of them than I can count. Now, this new incarnation is a bit perplexing. It contains cactus extract. Could this be the reason why the scent is a little like aloe? And it has a somewhat greenish tint?I used this in tandem with the matching shampoo. The final results were a little “over-moisturizerd.” My hair was slightly “greasy” looking (I honestly do mean “slightly”). And, it had a stringy quality that I usually do not see with these products.As far as packaging, I love the “upside down” bottle … especially, with a thick conditioner.If I had to guess, I think this conditioner could be fantastic for those with genuinely damaged hair. For me, who still needs a touch of moisture as this harsh winters melts away, I think it was just too much.

Lisa Dunlap, CA

works great

This conditioner works and smell great. I love how soft my hair is after I have used it. It really helps get the tangles out of my daughters long hair.

Kate Thompson, IA

Excellent Companion For Clear Shampoo

This is a high end conditioner. The container is professional grade and stands up on the end with the dispenser so the product is always at the ready to use. The aroma is pleasing and the feel of the product is of a richness found in higher grade conditioners. It is easy to apply, feels good on the scalp and rinses off well. The product left my hair feeling fuller and easy to style. I used it after shampooing with another product by Clear. Hair and scalp felt good.

Jan Liberty Mills, IN

Love it!

I love just about every product that the Clear line puts out. I used this conditioner along with the coordinating shampoo and I was very happy with the results. My hair feels clean. It looks shiny and it feels healthy. The price is great. And the quality is definitley comparable to the overpriced salon products. Once again, I am very happy with this line of hair care products!

Yolanda Woodland, GA

Fine – But Not For Me

I am allergic to just about every shampoo & conditioner that I’ve tried over the last decade or so. One of the very few that I’ve tried that I can use without itching intensely is Clear, which I discovered a couple of years ago when practically at my wits end. (I had resorted to the baking soda “wash”.) As my hair is rather dry of late, I had high hopes for thisClear Scalp and Hair Intense Hydration Nourishing Conditioner- until I tried it. It did make my hair manageable and less dry but my scalp still hasn’t recovered!Grandma’s $0.02 – If you’re using Clear because it is non-irritating to your scalp like I’ve been, do be aware that this may not have the same non-irritating properties. Otherwise, does a great job.

Rocio Pelkie, MI

Nothing special and not cost effective

Ok I gave this a try and…bleah. Out of the tube and in my hand the stuff seemed very thin and took a bit of work to lather up. I used my usual shampoo so the only variable was the conditioner and while my hair does feel very soft. Unfortunately it also seems very flat and lifeless. It does not, according to my wife, have a strong scent which is a plus.So it does the job, but nothing else. At $5-6 a bottle you can get the same quality (or better) in a supermarket. Add on shipping costs and this really does not seem to be cost effective here.

Bessie Marion, CT


This stuffs smells awesome. I loved it. It feels great to use.But it left my hair really weird. It felt soft but dry. It was so soft, it didn’t do anything. It left my hair flat and un-styleable. It wasn’t shiny. It was just this weird flat lifeless mess. I tried it with and without the shampoo. Both ways weren’t great.I also tried this on its own as a co-wash. It washed out nicely. But my hair was just limp.

Maxine Mount Storm, WV

Fixed my dry, treated hair

This is one of the best conditioners I’ve used in a while for my over-processed hair. I have had it dyed in strange colors for a while (hot pink), which means stripping it with bleach and re-applying these short-term dyes every couple of weeks or so. That does a lot of damage, unfortunately, which means I have to do all sorts of treatments to prevent my hair from looking like neon-colored hay. This conditioner got it feeling very soft and looking remarkably healthy. I was not very familiar with this brand before, but I’ll look out for it now!

Brandi Pearson, GA

Fine Conditioner

This is a highly-concentrated conditioner. A small amount goes a long way.It conditions well, leaving a very clean feeling.The perfume is light.All in all, a fine product that should work well for others, if my experience is representative.

Jerri Beaver Creek, MN

Not completely wowwed.

The description copied from above says "Clear scalp and hair has a dual-action formulation: a white stripe of deep hydrating treatment, and an aqua stripe infused with cactus extract." So I was expecting some aquafresh toothpaste looking substance to come out of the bottle. But my conditioner was all the same color. Perhaps it got mixed in shipping? I am not even sure how they’d keep it from mixing since conditioner is a lot more liquidy than say… toothpaste.Anyway the smell was pleasant to me. Going on it seemed like normal conditioner but after rinsing it out my hair felt greasy and heavy. It didn’t look greasy it just felt heavier and weighed down to me. Could get a comb through it with ease so no complaints there. Even after the shower my hair continued to have a weighty feel. Definitely no frizzy… but I lost some of my volume I think.I just don’t think this is the right conditioner for me. I think this is meant for more severe dryness than just winter dryness and I was a little put off because I was expecting a dual color conditioner based on the description the company gave and what I got was something different. Perhaps after a few more uses the "dual" color will come out… but then that makes me wonder how they can ensure that you are getting the "correct mix" of each color (if there is two colors in there). It kind of seems like hype to me.

Anastasia Hunt, NY

Cleanest feeling scalp and hair ever

I have been a fan of the Clear Scalp products since I first tried them a year or so ago. They really do make my hair feel cleaner and stay clean longer. I generally wash my thick wavy hair every other day, but with these products, even if I go a third day, my hair doesn’t feel icky.This intense hydration is infused with cactus extract and so has a slightly different scent than the other Clear products. I prefer it slightly — it smells sort of clean and grassy.These are by far my favorite hair products, and I now have a new favorite amongst my favorites.

Connie Alpharetta, GA