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Clear Conditioner, Color and Heat Conqueror 12.7 oz

Clear Color and Heat Conqueror Shampoo and Conditioner soothe your scalp. Our ANTIOXIDANT BERRY EXTRACTS infused shampoo and conditioner leave hair vibrant and shiny, and our formulas with NUTRIUM 10 deeply nourish the scalp. Coloring, blow-drying and frequent processing and use of heat tools may leave your scalp feeling dry and tight. Our Color and Heat Conqueror system is designed to restore the scalp’s natural moisture barrier. BERRY EXTRACTS rich in antioxidants are known to help prevent damage. Used daily with the shampoo, the conditioner alleviates dry, tight scalp leaving your scalp feeling moisturized and healthier.

Key features

  • Clear Color and Heat Conqueror Shampoo and Conditioner soothe your scalp
  • Conditioner designed for Dry, Tight Scalp
  • Our ANTIOXIDANT BERRY EXTRACTS infused shampoo and conditioner leave hair vibrant and shiny
  • Our formulas with NUTRIUM 10 deeply nourish the scalp
  • THE RESULT: Nourished Scalp. Use regularly with Clear Color and Heat Conqueror Shampoo

Honest reviews



I like my regular conditioner better. I didn’t see anything special this conditioner did, no glowing or silkiness. I guess it is just okay. I wouldn’t buy it. Soybean product in conditioner? I don’t like the idea of soybeans in my conditioner. Maybe that’s why the hair didn’t glow or was silky. This conditioner might be good for some, but not for me. Oh, it’s usable if you don’t have anything else, but I wouldn’t buy it. It could have gotten 3 stars, but the soybeans brought it down to one.

Christa Cross Timbers, MO

It’s Supposed to Help, but …

I love the scent of this product. That’s the good news.But in my old age, I have developed a horrible itchy reaction to certain hair products, namely WEN, which gave me an awful rash on my hairline (front and back) as well as my entire neck. So when I saw this product, I thought it would be a relief now that my itchy WEN rash is finally (after SIX months of healing) a thing of the past.Sad to say that I was wrong. I used Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty conditioner and shampoo three times in a row and guess what happened? Yup. Same sort of irritation and itching in all of the same places.There must be a very specific ingredient the makers of hair products are including in their respective cleansers and conditioners because the fact that this has happened AGAIN literally has me scratching my head in disbelief.Again, this conditioner has a lovely scent – but I will not spend my waking and sleeping hours scratching myself like a cat with fleas. If you have any sensitivity to hair products, avoid this one.Boo. So goes this product the way of WEN. In the trash.

Ashley Silver City, MS

strong scent!

I was unable to continue to use this conditioner due to the extremely strong, perfumey scent. And in addition, I didn’t really feel like it condutioned that well. My hair felt very dry afterwards. Sorry to say–this product ended up being thrown away.

Rochelle Jacobson, MN

Expected more for the price

I’ve been coloring my hair for over 10 years, along with using a blow dryer on an almost daily basis. Because of the on going damage done to my hair I have found several inexpensive products that work well for me so that I’m not breaking the bank just to fix my hair. The pricing on this product is slightly higher than what I normally pay and because of that I expected it to be a better performing conditioner.I used the conditioner for a full 7 days expecting to see at least some results at that point. Unfortunately I did not see my hair get any better, it actually stayed the same. I know that quite often they suggest using the same brand shampoo, in addition to the conditioner, but I have found that this isn’t always necessary to get good results. No matter how little or how much conditioner I used, I didn’t see any improvement. Eventually I had no choice but to go back to my old brand because my hair just couldn’t take it any longer.I gave this product 3 stars because I didn’t see any improvement, but since I did not use it in conjunction with the same brand of shampoo I didn’t rate it any less. Whether that would actually make a difference I don’t know?

Latoya College Corner, OH

Good Conditioner; the Packaging Needs Work

I have fairly thick, shoulder length colored hair that literally has a mind of its own. A standing joke that’s only part joke in my house is that the hair I wear all day is the hair that I woke up with. It really is that thick. So one of the things I look for in any conditioner is whether it can make my hair behave. And I am pleased to report that this conditioner passed that test.I used it for three weeks and for that entire time my hair was amenable to the brush. In other words, I got to have some (not complete but way more than normal) control of it. I also noticed that I lost less hair than I do using regular shampoo and conditioner. So the claim that the conditioner is good for the scalp is probably accurate.It feels good when I put it on–a kind of silky feel and when you wash it off, I can really feel how soft and pliable my hair is. The other nice thing is that it didn’t seem to discolor my hair more than regular conditioners do.The only thing I didn’t like, quite frankly, was the packaging. It leaked. And, while this doesn’t sound like a big deal we have two very curious little dogs at home and about the last thing I want them to eat is hair conditioner.Overall though, I would say that this is a good product that, given the benefits I experienced, is reasonably priced.

Jaime Pontiac, IL

Mimics much more expensive conditioners

I love this conditioner.Pro’s
• You don’t need a lot to cover your hair (I have medium length very thick hair)
• You don’t need to leave it on your hair longer than a minute or two.
• It comes out of the bottle onto your hand very thick, not thin and runny like most conditioners at this price point.
• It makes your hair extremely soft in a very short amount of time.
• Bottle rests upside down which I prefer, none wasted.
• Hair remains soft, even after drying.Con’s
• I really cant think of any. I tried this product because of Amazon Vine sent one for review, but I will continue to buy it as it is about 75cents to a dollar cheaper than my old conditioner and I think it works better. It is suppossed to increase the health of your scalp, but I am not sure how I would notice that type of change. I will also say that I am allergic to many shampoos and conditioners and I have had no problem with this after 4 uses.Great product, great price.

Roxanne Hermiston, OR

Ok for once in awhile?

Has made my daughter’s very curly hair (like mine) more manageable for a time, but very drying. We both can tell that this product is not good for our hair, especially considering its high alcohol content… Could be used as a decent de-tangler when used sparingly.Update:Had to downgrade my reviews for this line when the skin on my arms and neck started breaking out after accumulated exposure-washing my daughter’s hair in the sink in addition to using other products from same line on myself that day. Not the best choice for sensitive skin.*Found a “silver lining:”When scalp became extremely dry as a result, with dandruff “raining down” to the touch, I did an internet search. I found that VINEGAR is an excellent conditioner. I used 1/2 vinegar/water-amazing results! My scalp calmed down and my hair seems to have recovered-now soft to the touch instead of brittle.

Annabelle West Nyack, NY

Good Basic Conditioner

This is a good conditioner, but I don’t think there is anything really special about it. It has a pleasant, apple-y scent. It left my hair reasonably manageable, though I still used a leave-in conditioner. I would buy this if it were on sale, but I don’t think it’s noticeably better than less-expensive products (such as Herbal Essences).

Minnie Derry, PA

too many chemicals/dyes

I looked at the ingredients and it’s a bunch of chemicals and dyes that I don’t know whether they are safe or not (A Google search listed several of them as harmful, irritating or toxic)…and I won’t continue using it. It also burns your eyes if you happen to get any in while rinsing.Here are just some of the ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone and the list goes on of all these chemical sounding ingredients.

Melinda Elyria, NE

My wife loved it

My wife loves this shampoo. It smells really good and she says it doesn’t wash out her color. She has been using this for over 4 weeks with good results. This is a good product developed for people who dye their hair.

Jami Bergton, VA

Great conditioner

This conditioner is really nourishing, but I can’t use it daily without it making my hair greasy. I have a dry, itchy scalp with oily hair…I’m not sure how that works, but it does lol. I use this conditioner every other time I wash my hair and it works well for me.

Diann Crisfield, MD

Great conditioner, just what I wanted

When Vine offered this conditioner, I was looking to replace my brand. I have fine, fragile, medium-length hair, which I dye with permanent dye every two months. I never use a blow dryer, which would dry out my hair too much, but I still have problems with breakage.After trying it, I find that this conditioner is what I need. It leaves my hair soft, smooth, and tangle free–I almost don’t have to comb it after washing. It’s neither too thick, too thin, too greasy, nor too watery. It’s easy to apply; I just rub on a little bit and rinse it off after about two minutes. The fruity scent is rather strong, but pleasant, and it does fade a little soon after application.I don’t know why some reviewers say this conditioner has a “salon price.” In the city where I live, this conditioner has a drugstore price.

Mary Barney, GA

***Conditions*** Well! Good Price, Too!

So far I’ve used the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY DAMAGE & COLOR REPAIR CONDITIONER for about a month. I’ve got coarse, dry, and thick hair, which tends to poof up in high humidity. I also dye my hair, so I was looking for something that would not only condition my hair, but preserve the color in between tint jobs.I colored my hair about 2 weeks before starting the CLEAR SCALP CONDITIONER, and now, about a month and half out, the color still looks fresh and my hair is nicely conditioned (however I do add a leave-in conditioner afterward because if I don’t my hair looks like a helmet, but my hair felt nice and soft and detangled right out of the shower before applying my leave-in).It softened the first time I used it and has a fresh — but light — scent that smells like a combination of citrus, strawberries, and some flowers. There was a brand called “Liante” in the orange bottle that I found in a Korean Supermarket and this smells like that.Another thing I should mention is that I’ve been breaking out on my scalp, not from this product, but I suspect it might be one of my styling products and so far this conditioner hasn’t made the problem worse and I haven’t had any issues. I was using a shampoo and conditioner with Neem Oil in it, which I read helped with scalp issues until I used this one.CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY does have a formula that supposed to help with dandruff and other scalp maladies but it contains, like most, Pyrithione Zinc, which hasn’t really helped me.Anyway, I think it works better than similarly priced conditioners so give it a try.

Beverley Newport, NE

Excellent product

My hair is very fine, so I am very careful about which conditioner I use. I need one that will make my hair soft, but not greasy. This conditioner fit the bill. My hair feels very clean and soft without feeling like it has a ton of conditioning product in it. It also seems to be more shiny since I’ve been using this.

Isabella Lake City, IA

Very Nice Conditioner

Having also reviewed the shampoo which accompanies this conditioner, with comments which apply to the products used together, I will summarize my previous review.Clear Scalp and Hair conditioner is packaged very nicely in a bottle which is inverted and opens from the bottom. It is very easy to get the conditioner out of this bottle, unlike some conditioner bottles.The conditioner has virtually no odor, and feels soft and creamy.It distributes well and rinses easily from my hair.My hair is nice and soft after blow drying and flat ironing, although it is a little fly-away.I really like this shampoo/conditioner combination, but it does not help with frizziness, which my hair has a tendency to, especially since I live in very humid Florida.I will be trying some leave in anti frizz products, which, if they work, will make these products really good.Both the shampoo and the conditioner are priced very reasonably.

Krista Riverdale, ND

Soft Hair & Legs!

If you didn’t know that conditioner can also double as a shaving lotion, you do now. It’s a great cheap(er) alternative to buying shave lotions or gels and IMO works way better.As a hair conditioner, Clear works really nice. My hair feels just so soft and silky after I use it for just one day. The only thing I’m unsure of (and I have noticed this with some other conditioners, but not all) is that after I use it I seem to shed a LOT of hair. So, that’s why I didn’t give it 5 stars. I do love the way it makes my hair feel, though.Given how soft and silky it left my hair I decided to try using it so shave my legs. Doing so gave me a really nice smooth shave but also doubles as an in-shower lotion, leaving my legs feeling super silky smooth and soft.

Elisha New Almaden, CA

Soft, silky

I have color treated hair that has gone coarse and a bit brittle from coloring. After a few weeks of use, my hair feels soft and silky after washing. I was concerned over how it would affect the color over time, but so far, it seems to have no negative side effects.

Deirdre Eddyville, IL

Not For Me…..

I have color treated hair and wanted to try this conditioner in combination withCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ouncein hopes of keeping damage from color treatments at a minimum. The shampoo works great and I continue to use it but this conditioner leaves my hair frizzy and unmanageable. I wondered if the combination of the two was causing my problems but I have since used the conditioner withAlberto VO5 Tea Therapy Healthful Green Tea Smoothing Shampoo, 15 Ounceand my hair is still frizzy and unmanageable so it’s not my shampoo causing the problem. Something in the conditioner doesn’t agree with my hair and I do not like it.

Meagan Port Orange, FL

Works Good

I had already tried the Volume shampoo in this brand before trying the conditioner;both work well. The conditioner is a nice consistency. The smell is too flowery for me (on both products) a very strong scent. Also, the conditioner bottle has the opening on the bottom of the bottle instead of the top like the shampoo. I’m sure this is to distinguish between the two–but I’d rather just have two different colors. This worked well on my layered long colored hair, but it seemed to make my hair straighter then normal. Maybe I used too much. A good product, except for the strong scent.

Sonya Beaver, PA

Moisturing but not color protecting.

My husband and I tried this product along with the corresponding shampoo. His hair is dry, thinning, and brittle, very curly but not color treated. Mine is normal, slightly wavy, with good body, and salon colored.He likes this product for the moisturizing effect. We have tried just about every product we can find but his hair continues to be fragile. This is the first product that he said actually makes a difference. His hair is softer and breaks less after only 2 weeks.For my color treated hair, it’s made no positive difference. I don’t like the texture feel of the hair when wet, and my color has faded twice as fast as it does using John Frieda conditioner for red hair.We’ll probably keep buying this product for my husband’s brittle hair, but I’ve stopped using it on mine.

Deidra Drasco, AR

Love this!

I really like this conditioner. I have thick, wavy hair that is fairly long, and lots of grey around my scalp that likes to curl. Most conditioners are too heavy to put on the scalp area, leaving me few options for the gray. However, when I use this, it tames those coarse gray hairs for at least two days. Not only that, but since I have been using both the shampoo and the conditioner, my hair has gotten more compliments! I have found that it is smoother, shinier, and just looks healthier. I was curious about this new brand after seeing a commercial, and I have to say – I really like it!

Ines East Concord, NY

Bottle is hard to use

My biggest complaint about this product is that the bottle makes it very hard to dispense the product after a while.The slightly crescent-shaped design of the bottle makes it hard to squeeze it anywhere but the middle, since the middle part is the softest area. So when you squeeze it in the middle, you end up expelling the air out of the bottle, and then after a while without any air in the bottle, it becomes impossible to get the rest out. Having to handle a slippery, wet bottle in the shower makes it even more difficult to exert enough force to squeeze the conditioner out.This starts to be a big problem about halfway through the bottle.The consistency of the conditioner, in my opinion, isn’t creamy enough. It leaves my hair feel “squeaky” and dry. The smell is blah and boring, too. It smells exactly like circa-late 90s Herbal Essences.

Katheryn Eclectic, AL

I like it!

I like the smell and the consistency. I have colored hair and my hair gets oily, but the ends are like straw. This conditioner has helped my ends stay soft throughout the day. I will be buying the shampoo and trying that too. Hopefully it will help my oily scalp too after I have used it for a month or two I will update my review.

Lea Wetumka, OK


i recently tried and reviewed another conditioner by Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty that I loved. I thought I would try this one because I color my hair red which can fade fast. This was not very nourishing at all. It left my hair frizzy when I air dried it and that doesn’t usually happen. This is more for someone who needs a very light conditioner, not hair that gets damaged or repaired.

Mable Dalton, PA

Great conditioner

I have long, fine very curly salon colored hair and a sometimes flaky scalp, so was eager to try this conditioner. Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Damage & Color Repair Conditioner has a lovely but not overpowering scent, goes on smoothly, doesn’t require a large amount to evenly coat my hair, and leaves my hair feeling soft and silky without being weighed down. It’s definitely doing a good job of conditioning my hair. I’ve also noticed it has helped my flaky scalp. I wouldn’t call my hair damaged but it does get dry and frizzy fairly easily. I’ve been using this conditioner with the Clear Complete Care shampoo, both of which I received free of charge from Amazon Vine, but will be purchasing my next bottle because I like it so much.

Elisabeth Stowell, TX

great conditioner!

Smells great, works very well and was a great price. I wouldn’t say it’s the best conditioner I ever used, but for the convenience of shipping and price that cannot be beat, I say 5 stars!

Sarah Armstrong, MO

good conditioner

I’ve tried a few of the “Clear” brand conditioners. Like the other ones I’ve tried, this one is lightly scented and I would have to say that I like the scent. I’m not sure exactly what the scent is but it is pleasant. The consistency of the conditioner is okay but I prefer thicker conditioners. It rinses out well enough and leaves my hair soft.I like that the spout is on the bottom because this helps the conditioner settle and makes it easier to get the last bit of conditioner out of the bottle.

Beulah Wickliffe, KY

Doesn’t leave my hair very soft and silky

I’ve tried and liked the Clear Shampoo, but this Conditioner was a bit disappointing to me. It just didn’t leave my hair as soft and silky as what I’m accustomed to. In fact, I was convinced for awhile that perhaps I actually had two bottles of shampoo in my shower instead of shampoo and conditioner. Basically it leaves my hair feeling as if I never conditioned at all. I’m also not a huge fan of how this product smells. To me it has an overpowering floral scent. But this is also a matter of personal preference. I like things that are more subtle in nature or are unscented. It’s too bad because I do like what the shampoo does for my dry and sensitive scalp, but I miss how soft and silky other conditioners make my hair feel. That said there is one plus in that using the Clear shampoo and conditioner together I seem to notice less oil and build up when I wait a few days before washing my hair again. I do appreciate that since I have sensitive skin and try not to shampoo and condition my hair everyday. However it is a bit disappointing that in order to get there I have to deal with dry feeling hair the first day my hair is washed.

Kaitlin Levels, WV

wonderful product

This is perhaps one of the best conditioners for treated hair I’ve used in a long time. The shampoo was lovely but when i used the conditioner I could immediately feel and easing and smoothing of my normally okay hair. I don’t have long hair or anything unusual to test this prodcut but when I used a hair drier I could tell how much more manageable my hair became. This is a great prodcut and one I hope to use again.

Dolores Pioneer, LA

Good conditioner

I’ve been using this product along with theCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Damage & Color Repair Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ouncefor two weeks. I’m very satisfied with the two as a pair. My only complaint about this conditioner is that it’s fairly thin. I prefer a thicker conditioner that feels like it’s sticking to my hair. After I rinse it out, my hair doesn’t have that ultra-smooth, luscious feel to it … but that’s a minor quibble. This conditioner does its job, and I’m satisfied.

Adeline Fort Washington, MD