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Clear 7 Day Intensive Treatment Tubes, Color and Damage Repair, 7 Count

Discover the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair with new clear scalp and hair beauty therapy, a range of shampoos and conditioners that feed your scalp and give you stronger, more beautiful hair in just 7 days (due to less breakage upon combing vs. Non-conditioning shampoo).

Key features

  • With nutrium 10
  • Each treatment tube deeply nourishes the scalp and provides the hair with a powerful dose of intensive damage repair
  • Intensive damage repair in 7 days

Honest reviews


confusing instructions

When I first got this, I found the lack of directions very confusing. Use it on dry hair/scalp? Wet? Does 7-day mean a tube per day? Consecutive days? I went to their (Clear) site and it took some searching but I finally found a little bit of clarity. Here is what is on their site:”To use, gently massage one tube into scalp and hair daily for 7 days. Leave in for three to five minutes and rinse. For best results, use the 7 Day Intensive Treatment Tubes one time per month, or anytime hair is in need of intensive damage repair.”So, I used it while showering for five minutes before I rinsed it out. I do not wash my hair daily as it is too damaging; I wash it every other day so I used this product every other day, using one tube over ten days. They say to do this once per month and I am in the “off” period and haven’t tried a second tube yet. I do not see any improvement over my normal routine of shampoo and conditioner with a deeper intensive treatment twice per month. I will update my review if a second or third tube ends up giving me improved results but, for now I don’t think this is worth it.

Lilian Moselle, MS

Sexy Scent vs Flat Hair

I tried to use this on 7 consecutive washes as recommended, but found that the conditioning element just gave me flat hair. My hair felt clean and healthy but did not have the usual bounce. I have color treated, but oily hair so maybe this would work on drier texture. I also didn’t love the single serving tubes which is never the right amount. Maybe good for travel emergencies but not for regular use. One thing though, I really really love the scent. My hair smelled just yummy.

Elaine De Kalb, TX

pay attention to what it promises

This is a product where the selling is all in the wording. Pay attention, because it’s promise is to repair hair and give intense results in as few as 7 days. But, their proof is in the combing out of tangles using it VS. a non-conditioning shampoo. Let’s see, if I have damaged hair, would I be using a non-conditioning shampoo? I’d either be using a good one OR added conditioner. Most shampoos are sold with a corresponding conditioner. Would you rather not buy that corresponding conditioner and pay $16 for this? I think not.It just doesn’t make sense. If you use conditioner, any kind, you’ll end up with the same results or better for much less. In fact, if you are using a non-conditioning shampoo, you’re virutally using dish detergent which is going to make your hair like straw. This product is trying to convince you that you need it for damaged hair when a good leave-in (Paul Mitchell or Tresemme both make ones) would do far more for your hair and last longer, justifying the cost.Don’t let it convince you that you need it: just buy a good conditioner (even Suave Moroccan is good) and use it with your shampoo and let someone else spend their money on this.As it was, I did try and I did still have tangles! Not many, but a few. So this is not the answer you may be seeking if you have damaged hair.

Josie Eagleville, MO

Gave as a gift to a friend

I gave this product as a gift to a friend. She told me that she didn’t see much difference. She has curly hair which may not be suited to this type of treatment. She has told me, however, that other products by this company are usually beneficial. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts….

Danielle Shepherd, TX

A day by day review

I am going to write comments for each day of using the product.Day 1 – the dental hygienist who I see every 6 months commented how nice my hair looked, a casual observer in a ladies room commented that she liked my perfume – I explained that it was the smell of my hair.Day 2 – another person commented how nice my hair smelled.Days 3 and 4 – washed my hair in the shower on a tiled floor at the gym – floor became very slipperyDay Off – seems tedious to wash my hair every day – so I take a day offDay 5 – my hair is so silky it falls in front of my eyes while I am playing the piano, it also slips out from under my bike helmet, hair is very softDay 6 – hair is more shiny and is flattening (less frizz)Day 7 – hair looks shiny and feels silky, husband likes itMy regime was not to use any conditioner or shampoo during the test. I would rinse my hair thoroughly in hot water then apply the hair cream. The first 6 days I put it in my hand and then rubbed it on my head. My hair is very thick and it was hard to get it through my hair on to my scalp. The tubes could have been 3 times as big to thoroughly coat my scalp – I only had enough to cover the top and front sides of my head. On Day 7 I used the probing nozzle of the tube to get the cream directly on to my scalp – there still wasn’t enough cream. My conclusion – the packaging is quite wasteful – why not have a single bottle with a cap to measure and markings on the side of the bottle?I wrote an email to Unilever asking whether this was a substitute for shampoo and conditioner, or whether it was to be used as a standalone product. I didn’t receive a reply – or if I did it went to a spam filter or junk mail.I compared the ingredients with those ofCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid OunceandCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Damage & Color Repair Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce, both of which I have reviewed on Amazon. Most of the ingredients in the 7-day treatment are found in the shampoo and/or conditioner.Ingredients in all three products are:DimethiconolDMDM HydantoinFragranceMethylisothiaszolinoneTEA-dodecylbenzenesulfonateWaterAloe Barbadensis Leaf ExtractAscorbic AcidGlycerinGlycine Soja (Soybean) OilHelianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed OilHydrogenated Coconut OilLysine HCINiacinamidePanthenolPrunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) OilSodium ChlorideTocopheryl AcetateZinc PyrithioneZinc SulphateIngredients in the shampoo and 7-day treatment, but not the conditioner are:Citric AcidDimethiconeIngredients in the conditioner and 7-day treatment, but not in the shampoo are:Cetearyl Alcohol – emulsifier, foaming agentBehentrimonium ChlorideDipropylene GlycolIngredients in the 7-day treatment that are neither in the shampoo nor the conditioner are:HydroxyethylcelluloseParaffinPyrodoxine HCISeed OilSodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C)Trideceth-5 (defoaming agent)The conclusion is that my hair feels silky and my husband likes the feel. The little tubes could be convenient for taking to the gym. For home use, using conditioner and shampoo will give you almost all the ingredients. So the 7-day treatment seems a repackaging with minor changes of existing products. It was fun to try the product, but it is labor intensive to use and wastes packaging. So in the future I’ll stick to shampoo and conditioner, leaving my hair to rest a few days between washes.

Francisca Petersburg, TN

Nice Conditioner

It is a good conditioner.It rinsed out easily and my hair did feel (at the roots where I mainly applied) much silkier. It also had the bonus of not leaving my hair feeling greasy, which a heavy conditioner often does. (I have very fine hair, which tends to be dry on the ends and is also colored.)I don’t know that my scalp was any better for it, however.The amount in the tube is enough to work into a good lather all over the scalp area. The tube is also easy to open and dispense in smaller portions to work onto various areas of the scalp.If I were looking for a bit of a pick up to my hair I’d be willing to pick it up at the store. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to order this specific product.

Sarah Bruno, MN

very nice

I use the Clear shampoo and conditioner and really jumped at the chance to try these.I have long, highlighted hair that is thick and straight. I often have trouble getting a comb through it and it’s very heavy.I tried this product and followed directions and my hair was very soft, manageable and easy to comb.I have very thick hair and I really didn’t think one tube would be enought but it really was. The scent is very nice, and the treatment just spreads through your hair.After you rinse it out, your hair is softer and feels healthier.When I’m done with this sample, I will go to the store to buy these.You may not use them every day but maybe once a week if you blow dry or curl your hair or damage it any way.very nice product and I really like this product line.

Tiffany Anderson, TX

Makes your hair silky, soft and adds volume but doesn’t smell the best

This package comes with 7 tubes of deep conditioning treatment. Each bottle is individually sealed and contains 1/2 ounce of conditioning treatment. The entire box contains 3.5 ounces total. 1/2 ounce of conditioner is enough to thoroughly cover pretty much any head of hair. If you hair is really dry or damaged then you may want to use it 7 days straight but you can also just use one as needed to give your hair a boost. I tried it two different ways to see the difference. First I used it for just one day and then several days later I used it for 6 days straight. In my opinion it’s just as good to use as needed and most people probably wouldn’t need to use it every day for a week straight. It makes your hair very soft, silky and adds volume. But I will say that I don’t really care much for the scent at all. Not to mention that I most conditioners will give you very similar results if you use that much at a time and leave it in your hair for 3-5 minutes before washing it out.

Yesenia San Antonio, NM

Same Results as Normal Conditioner

Unlike the other reviewers, I was not impressed with the results from this conditioning system. I saw no difference from the results that I get from my normal daily conditioner (L’Oreal Paris EverPure Moisture Conditioner, 8.5-Fluid Ounce). The L’Oreal EverPure products keep my color-treated hair in very good condition, but I do enjoy deep hair treatments now and then and so thought I’d give this one a try. I was hoping for a rich, luxurious head of hair when the 7 days were up, but nope, my hair pretty much looks like it always does. One tube of my L’Oreal conditioner costs $6 and lasts a month. Given that this Clear product costs more than twice that and yet is designed to last only a week, I am highly unlikely to purchase this product again.

Christina Kinmundy, IL

I didn’t expect to like it but I did

I have very fine, sparse hair so many conditioners weigh my hair down. But the Clear 7 day intensive treatment did not. In fact my hair held together and I did not need to reapply it every day. (Plus I could get 2 days treatment out of one tube- your mileage may vary.) I am quite happy with the product.

Gwendolyn Ong, NE

can’t say enough good things

I have been using the Clear scalp and hair shampoo and conditioner for some time. I love how great my hair looks. I am not young my hair is silver and is so healthy I am stopped often by strangers to say how amazing my hair looks. So I was happy to try the intensive treatment tubes. I do not color my hair but like I said it isn’t young and so I am sure there is some damage just from daily wear and tear. If possible I love the look of my hair even more now. Great product.

Kenya Ross, TX

works great!

I got this for my sister, who’s hair is very damaged from coloring and perms, she used it and really liked how its helping her hair–much less dry and brittle thanks to the treatments.

Tia Boling, TX

Clear 7 Day Intensive Treatment

I have shoulder length hair, so an entire tube was a little much for me; a half of a tube worked better. I have highlighted hair and during the winter it can become a little dry, but after using Clear 7 Day Intensive Treatment, I could immediately feel the difference. My hair is soft and shiny, with out the heaviness that some treatments can leave. I would buy the product again for occasional treatments.

Tabatha Cottonwood Falls, KS

Good Conditioner For My Hair

My hair is naturally curly and needs tons of conditioner. This product has worked very well. My curls hold in place and my hair feels soft and looks healthy.I like the pre-portioned containers. My hair is long, and there was enough product.The conditioner feels thick and rich. It’s pleasantly scented but not overpowering.Most conditioners are too weak for my hair. This has worked out very nice.

Amelia Deal, NJ

Really softens with just one treatment

My hair doesn’t get a lot of chemical processing (frankly I’m way past due getting the gray covered), and I don’t blow dry it much (not many folks at the office care if we’re perfectly coiffed or not), but it’s always nice to give it some extra pampering anyway. The hair therapy comes in a box with seven very generous tubes that you’re supposed to apply for seven days running for full repair. There was more than enough in one tube to cover all my hair, plus some left over to share or use another day. My hair came out very soft and shiny, this is a product I would use again. My only minor quibble is the scent is a bit strong, but I am sensitive to strong perfumes. I got a blast of the scent just opening the packaging it arrived in, and that’s with the product box unopened. Still, it did dissipate rather quickly after it rinsed, or I got used to it. Not sure which 🙂

Lilian Morley, MO

Good conditioner

I have very fine hair. This product left my hair feeling soft however did not weigh it down. So as far as the hair goes I feel it did a good job. I did not however notice any affect on my scalp.The title “7 day” leaves the impression it is used for 7 days — however reading the box it implies that it is to be used as needed.

Jo Moline, IL

Didn’t do much for me.

All I can really say is that I get better results from my regular daily conditioner than I did from this. My hair is pretty damaged, so I was hoping this would help, but it really made no difference. The product is pretty thin – maybe this makes it less effective. Not sure, but it just didn’t meet my expectations.

Leona Leslie, MO

Delivers on it’s Promise

I was very impressed with this product. I found it delivered on it’s promises and the price is an excellent value for what you get. I’m not sure why other reviewers found the instructions unclear. They’re easy, you get 7 tubes, you put one tube on your hair every day for 7 days in a row. You can buy a new box every month and do the treatment again for 7 days each month.I have extremely long hair and at first I thought that there was no way one of those little tubes was going to cut it. But I was really surprised, one tube was more than enough for my hair. If you had short hair, you could totally get away with only half a tube at a time.I noticed a difference in my hair after the first day. It’s shinier and softer and much easier to comb out. It’s a great product at the right price point.

Aida Washington, NJ

No thanks.

I have long, straight, easy to manage hair.I quit this after day two, possibly due to my own errors but I can’t be sure because it doesn’t exactly tell you what to do, because my hair was disgusting and greasy. No thanks.

Gussie Malone, KY

“Ok hair conditioner, but nothing special”

I ordered the Clear 7 day Intensive Treatment Tubes, Color and Damage repair, 7 count, for my daughter-in-law. She has very, very thick, wavy, medium-length beautiful hair. She gets salon highlights every few months and does high heat blow-outs every few days. Her hair is not damaged, but since it is color treated and exposed to high heat, she thought an intensive treatment every month or so might help keep her hair healthy. She used the box of tubes a month or so ago and her comment is the title of my review, “ok, but nothing special.” Here are the specifics:1. Each tube did not contain enough conditioner to coat all of her hair. It would probably be enough for my fine, thinning hair, though. This caused me to question the nature of the packaging. I’m not sure what is so special about having a separate tube of Treatment for each day – maybe if the Intensive treatment was packaged in a larger bottle or tube, one could regulate the amount of product needed.2. It was inconvenient to have to use the Treatment every day for 7 days. She does not usually wet, dry and style her hair every day and neither do I and neither do a lot of women I know. I wonder if the Treatment would work as well, if one just used it 7 times in a row over the course of a week or two?3. The Intensive Treatment worked well as a deep conditioner. It just didn’t seem to be any better than any other deep conditioner that she’s tried.So, the conclusion I’ve come to is that if you have a lot of hair, the amount of Teatment in each tube may not be sufficient for you. If you usually wash your hair every day, you might be ok with having to use the Treatment 7 days in a row. If you don’t, it seems pretty inconvenient. In my opinion, the individual tube packaging is not needed. I forgot to mention that the Clear 7 Day Intensive Treatment Tubes, Color and Damage Repair, does have a noticeable fragrance. It’s not unpleasant, but some women prefer not to havea strong scent in their hair. This is product that works well, but it’s inconvenient and not well packaged. There are other intensive hair treatments on the market that I believe work as well as this one does and are easier to use.

Priscilla Berwick, IA

Some improvement

I was actually surprised to see some results at the very end of this treatment. I don’t wash my hair every day so I used these tubes for 7 consecutive washes. I didn’t notice much difference during the first 5 tubes, in fact, my hair felt heavy and with some residue. My hair is wavy but med/thin and it weighs down easily. By the 6th and 7th tubes, I notice my hair was a bit bouncier and the frizz control had improved. I didn’t see a dramatic change, like super silky or shiny, but I did notice the almost no frizz – and we have had rainy days, so I know it helped.My hair is brown with some highlights. This treatment didn’t make the highlights dull or fade away (like other heavy treatments have done). I didn’t use a special shampoo, just used this treatment instead of conditioner (with longer waiting time). I didn’t use any other styling products either. Each tube has plenty of `cream’ and I wonder if a person with short hair would be able to use half the tube at a time. My hair is about 3″ below my shoulders now, and I could’ve used 2/3 of the tube and have plenty.Overall, the 7 ‘day’ treatment improved my hair but didn’t change it dramatically.

Rosalind Fairfax, VA

Salon results right at home!

I am constantly coloring my hair, and I am constantly using heat to dry and style it, so my hair sustains a lot of wear and tear. I am fussy about taking care of my hair so that it is not greatly damaged. Still, my hair can always use a pick me up, and this 7 day treatment pack is just the ticket. I have really liked a lot of Clear products in the past, so I was excited to try this, and it did not disappoint.The package comes with 7 tubes of treatment. Each tube has a generous amount of product inside. I have thick hair that is midway down my back, and there was more than enough product to saturate my hair. People with shorter hair could probably use half a tube at a time, and make the pack last longer. The products fully saturated my hair. I let it sit on the hair for several minutes before rinsing, and when I rinsed the product from my hair it felt smooth. My hair was not weighed down, nor did it feel like there was any residue. The product rinses completely out.In terms of price, I have easily paid 10-15 dollars for one intensive conditioning treatment in a salon, so this is actually a bargain. As I said each tube contains a lot of products, so it could be stretched into more than seven treatments. Once the initial seven day treatment is complete, you could always use a tube once a week, as maintenance.I am on the last day of my treatment and I can see a difference in my hair. It is softer, has less flyaways, and feels moisturized. I will definitely use this again in the future.

Rosanne Emerson, GA

Smells great!!

I have tried the Clear shampoo and conditioner and sadly did not like them. I did not think they smelled good or worked well. However, in comes this hair repair.Have you ever used the VO5 oil repairs for your hair? If so, these are the same size without the mess! The VO5 you would have to hold under the warm water and cup it in your hand and pray that you got most of it in your hair before all of it left the tube. These are really easy to open; you twist the top off and apply. I lathered my hair with my normal shampoo and then applied the treatment. It is a heavier cream, like a conditioner. The first thing you will notice is the smell, it smells so good! Why could they not make their regular shampoos/conditioner with this smell?! After a few minutes you rinse and it. It did feel really soft. I usually apply leave in treatment to my hair but passed to see if this worked. It was softer but not as much as I was hoping. But the smell is what really wins it for me. All day I could smell my hair and it smelled great!I read a few other reviews and was surprised some people did not shampoo their hair first. It clearly states to shampoo your hair before applying. It makes no sense to put it on dirty hair. Also I read that it was hard to use the containers because you were not able to save the leftover or it leaked out. I do not find that possible, it is a heavier cream and even with the container cap pulled off I was able to have it on its side and nothing leaked out. Because of that I was able to stretch the 7 days into 10 days! I put one in the shower each time and covered my hair but it did not require the whole tube so would start with what was leftover the next day.I would buy it for the smell but can’t say it really left my hair very soft perhaps because I am already using something that works daily which is leave-in Infusium treatment. The smell though was so pleasant, that alone is worth it right there!

Francine Mcgregor, MN

Works well

I did appreciate having something that is marketed for the scalp as well as the hair. My scalp feels dry and itchy at times, probably from swimming so much. This is a treatment that is used once per day for seven days, to condition hair that is badly damaged.I did use this as instructed, using an entire tube every day for seven days, then rinsing and lightly shampooing. I found that these gave my hair new life and body and shine. My hair came back to life. This is a bit heavy, and is only for people like me with damaged, dry, unruly hair that needs serious help. I found that using this every day for seven days, the full tube each time, soaked my hair with conditioners. If you try this, I recommend using it as the instructions say. It is very effective. I feel it is an intensive treatment regimen that does work wonders if used as directed.

Dominique Haledon, NJ

Friends Noticied Immediately

I can’t rave about this product enough! My hair is not dull by any means, but two days into this 7 day treatment, my best friend noticed how great my hair was looking. She got online and bought this package as soon as she got home. The treatment doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy, which is something I was worry about, as my hair does tend to get oily at times.Since my hair is short, I didn’t have to worry about the quantity of the product. However, if you have extra long or thick hair, there might not be enough in the tube.

Kristi Albion, RI

Leaves hair soft and silky, same effect as a deep conditioner.

The Intensive Treatment tubes left my hair softer, silkier and less frizz. I used a tube every time I shampooed which is every other day, so they were used over a 15 day treatment. I think that a 7 day straight treatment would have been too much for my fine hair and caused too much build up of the paraffin wax that is contained in this product. It is a nice product to use after a color treatment as hair can get damaged and dried out or for those who are swim as chlorine can be very harsh on the hair.Overall, it was pretty effective in taming the frizz and making my hair silkier but I have used other products which had the same effect, so I can’t say it’s a revolutionary product. It’s pretty decent for the price though, and the tubes are convenient to use.

Kristina Chadwicks, NY

Does what it promises

In the interests of full disclosure, I received this item through Amazon Vine. However, I try extremely hard to write my reviews as if I had paid the full purchase price, for I think this is only fair for those who read and rely on reviews.This does what it says – in seven days your dry, damaged hair will be noticeably more silky and moisturized. In fact, by day seven my hair actually looked a bit greasy! The tubes contain a very generous amount of product. I used a whole tube every day, but I have pretty long hair. I think people with shorter hair could easily get two uses out of every tube. Plus, this stuff smells *great* and my hair definitely held the scent.Although it’s a bit of an investment, I think this would be a great option for people whose hair is extremely damaged. I would repurchase.

Claudette Rogersville, MO

It worked fairly well

My wife is a huge fan of Clear shampoo/conditioner. It’s all she uses. So, when I got the chance to try a colour-repair treatment, I jumped on it. She really enjoyed it. It brought back a lot of luster, softness, etc., that she had lost from colouring/treating her hair. It doesn’t affect current colouring at all, but simply undoes damage from previous styling.Overall, it’s easy to use and very effective.

Jewel Whitmore, CA

Conditioning But Not Cost Effective

This is a nice quality conditioner contained in seven little tubes. Applied after shampooing the conditioner is to be left on for 3-5 minutes then rinsed. After 7 days of use, you should notice marked improvement in the condition of your hair and scalp.The instructions are skimpy. It is not clear whether you are supposed to use these seven days in a row or seven times in a row. I opted for seven times in a row instead of daily application. My hair is fine and is easy to overcondition. The conditioner itself had a pleasant fragrance. One you get the cap of the vial off, it is easy to apply. It rinses cleanly. It did leave my hair soft and well conditioned, almost over conditioned.This is a decent conditioner although I can’t say it is superior to others on the market. While the vials are convenient for transport, I think supplying this in a full sized bottle would be more convenient and cost effective. My hair length varies. Depending on my mood and the weather, I either lop it off or grow it long. Obviously longer and/or thicker hair would require more conditioner than shorter hair. Indeed, it may be too much for those with short or thin hair.The standard of comparison for improvement is less breakage upon combing after use of this product compared to a non-conditioning shampoo. A no brainer there. So while it did make my hair feel soft and silky, I will opt for conditioner in full sized bottles.

Carolina Warsaw, VA

OK (Expensive) Conditioner

I’ll admit that I’m not an expert on “intensive treatments” like this and it was my first. I was expecting a huge difference between normal conditioner but I didn’t really see it. Hair did come out smooth and soft but it does with normal conditioners as well which tend to be much cheaper per ounce.Also, I found that the tubes didn’t have enough conditioner to actually get down to the scalp. If you have shorter hair that may not be an issue, but with sholder length or longer, thick hair I wish you good luck.For my money, I’ll look elsewhere next time.

Carly Paguate, NM