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Clear 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner, Complete Care 12.9 oz

Clear Men Scalp and Hair Complete Care 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner is clinically proven to help eliminate dandruff symptoms at the source with Pyrithione Zinc (with regular use). Clear Men’s Complete Care 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleanses and conditions to leave hair manageable with a deep clean sensation. Formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10, Clear Men’s Complete Care 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner provides 24-hour resilience against top scalp challenges (with regular use).

Key features

  • Clear Men’s Complete Care 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner is clinically proven to help eliminate dandruff symptions at the source with pyrithione zinc
  • Clear Men’s Complete Care 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with Bio-Nutrium 10, giving you 24-hour resilience against top scalp challenges
  • Clear Men’s Complete Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo plus Conditioner gently cleanses and conditions to leave hair manageable with a deep clean sensation
  • For best results, use Clear Men Complete Care 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner daily

Honest reviews


Works great for me, but I’m not the target here…

I don’t know if I’m the perfect person to reign in on this, considering that I have never had a dandruff problem. I snatched this up mainly because I needed some shampoo and I often look to try new products to see how they feel on my scalp. I also really like the combination shampoo/conditioner products because they give me a clean feeling with the added bonus of softening my hair, and I kind of hate the feel of conditioner on its own. The first thing I noticed was that this product looked like milk in my palm, very loose and milky, and it smelled wonderful. It has also given my hair a pillowy soft texture, which is great. But, this is advertised for those who suffer from dandruff and from what I read here and from what I’ve heard from friends, this doesn’t do that trick well at all. If you don’t have a dandruff problem, then this works great, and it is a nice alternative to the more aggressive tea tree based products (my wife uses those and I prefer this more subtle product). So, for me this works fine (and would earn four stars) but if you are coming into this for the reason of dandruff issues then be weary. It is for the `false advertising’ that I subtracted a star and left it at three.

Rosetta Sterling, MA

If you don’t have dandruff, it’s still a nice shampoo/conditioner

I don’t have a dandruff problem or a major scalp issues. Still, I was curious to try this product out.The product smells nice (as others have observed). I’m not super picky about shampoos, and this one seems great.Amazon is smart to package it well. They wrapped the bottle in plastic. This was useful because when I received it, it had opened a bit in transport, so a little shampoo had leaked out.

Jodi Slater, IA

In reality, 3.5 stars — better than passable, but not the best

I’ve been using dandruff shampoos for decades and prefer the brands with Zinc Pyrithione — for a well known example, Head And Shoulders. Lately I’ve been using a 2-in-1 anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner made by Fructis which works as well as Head And Shoulders but has a slightly better smell and consistency. But when I can’t find that particular variety of Fructis, I’ve been known to use the drug store Head And Shoulders knock-off and/or Suave in order to save money.With that preface, I’d say this shampoo is okay but not great. The smell is okay, but I find its consistency a little watery and it just doesn’t seem to lather up as nicely as many other brands I’ve tried. As to the added mint, ginseng, and tea tree extracts, I cannot say whether they are of any benefit. One certainly cannot detect them in the scent of the product.Would I buy this brand? If it was among the least expensive options available and I needed more shampoo, the answer is yes. At a premium price, the answer is no.I hesitated with giving this product 4 stars and was tempted to give it only 3, but since I do think it’s a little bit better than just “okay” I bumped it up to 4. In reality this deserves 3.5 stars.

Greta Yorkville, IL

It Works for Me!

I have a mild dandruff problem. I have used a few other products with no success at all. I came across this one and gave it a try. It did work for me! I have to say that dandruff is very particular, and some products may work for you, and some others won’t. If you have not found a product that works for you, I would strongly suggest you give this one a try.Other reviewers have indicated a problem with the shipping, the bottle dripping or something like that. I will say my shampoo came perfectly fine. Remember you are buying through amazon, which is 100% guaranteed, so if something is wrong, they will refund you or replace the product.

Darcy Luxemburg, WI

Another very good product

I have tried several of these Clear “Men” shampoos and like the results on me. The perfume is subtle–not strong at all–and the cleaning results are postive. While other stronger anti-dandruff shampoos leave my hair dry and frizzy, this product does not. In fact I find combing my hair afterwards smoother than had I used a non-dandruff shampoo with conditioner.I would recommend this product for someone who wants to give their hair a break with a less abrasive product. I feel no itchiness or oiliness with this shampoo.But the price is steep for the 12.9 ounces.

Anastasia Caneyville, KY

Leaves hair feeling soft and gets rid of dandruff

I like the texture and smell of this shampoo/conditioner. It cleans my hair, conditions it, takes care of dandruff and smells good, too. I think the price is a little high but other than that, I like this product.

Vicki Almelund, MN

Nice smell and works on the dandruff

This Clear Men Scalp Therapy shampoo works as good as other leading brands in controlling the dandruff and it smells good too. Lathers nice. The bottle is slim and easy to grab. I would definitely buy this again.

Dominique North Berwick, ME

I preffer other shampoos

In the never ending quest for good anti-dandruff shampoos, I decided to give this one a try. After a week of use, I am not too impressed. It cleans well enough, has the same quantity of effective ingredient (1% zinc) as the others and does leave my hair looking good – but I am still not real pleased with this. The big issue is that like many all-in-one products, my hair feels overly slick right after I use it. I honestly feel like I should be shampooing my hair right after using this product.I think Head and Shoulder products are better over all and I will definitely not be buying this next time around.PASS!

Rena Ona, WV

Giving Up on this Line

Leaves son’s hair stiffer, strong chemical smell and he’s now breaking out across forehead and on hands when his skin was perfectly smooth before. He has now tossed all these products and is back to using bar soap on his hair (I know…).However, he had me feel the difference it makes. I have to admit, the bar soap (ivory with aloe) was MUCH better, and without all the extra junk in it that is so irritating to his skin (and mine-see my reviews on their female counterpart hair products).Too bad, we had high hopes…

Rowena Ruthven, IA

Good Quality

This product has a very comfortable and nice smell. Additionally, the smell stays for a long period of time. This is an anti-dandruff shampoo, so it kind of makes your hair drier than usual. However, it does reduce dandruff quite significantly. Considering its price, this is a good product.

Olga Grand Coteau, LA

Decent product

This product seems OK. Smells decent, seems as effective as any other shampoo/conditioner. I don’t really have dandruff, just a little dry scalp from time to time. It hasn’t seemed to make much difference with it. Otherwise it’s fine.

Earline Laceys Spring, AL

Leaves hair with nice shine

I tried CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Strong & Full, before this one and actually I don’t feel or see any difference between the two (I liked the former a lot, too). None-the-less, this is excellent shampoo.Not much shampoo is required to get a good lather going. It has a very nice light scent and leaves my hair smoother with more control and less frizz.I recommend it.

Arline Brooker, FL

Perfect for Middle-aged Male Heads

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to know that men are much less likely than women to buy a separate conditioner to go with their shampoo.Not only is it convenient, but it leaves my hair soft, and it soothes my scalp without feeling all tingly. I like how it goes on my hair: It clings to my hair, so I don’t feel like I have to reapply it like I have to with some shampoos. I hate to say it, but it looks and has the consistency of glue. Again, it never seems to go to waste.I don’t have a dandruff problem, but so far it has easily curbed my middle-age tendency to have bad hair days. It lists Pyrithione Zinc as its main anti-dandruff ingredient, and as a draw, the label touts ginseng, tea tree, and natural mint as among “10 Nutrients” that together “nourishes deeply”. Now I am no expert about the former, and I only thought of the latter for diet and supplementation, but I do like the results.Compared with the skimpy choices for men’s shampoos short of the acceptable women’s selections or Head & Shoulders, Clear Men Scalp Therapy is about the best you can find.

Marcia Bingham, IL

Outstanding product

I have been using this product for over a week, and am very impressed. It cleans well, has made a good start on controlling my dandruff, and the “conditioner” part of the ingredients actually makes my hair feel like a separate conditioner has been used, unlike many combination shampoo/conditioner products.

Liz Barkhamsted, CT

So Far, So Good!

The New Clear Men Scalp Therapy Complete Care 2 in 1 Anti Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner looked perfect for my teenage soon who has terrible dandruff problems but he has to alternate between different anti-dandruff shampoos because after awhile they just stop working on him. My son’s dandruff is moderate but he has to wash his hair everyday just to keep it under control, but with the Clear Mean Scalp Therapy Shampoo his hair is free from dandruff and he is not constantly scratching his head everyday from irritation as he had with the other shampoos. I also noticed that he no longer has dandruff flakes on his shirts and I fully appreciate that.I like that this has the conditioner added so that he can get everything he needs all included. I love that this has the added ingredient tea tree because I use tea tree oil to help control my dry scalp, so I know this will help alleviate his dry scalp and dandruff and I think that this will last a great deal longer than the others and also continue to be more effective.

Trisha Balm, FL

Good, but a bit floral scented for men

Ok, call me sexist, but I really expected this particular shampoo to smell more masculine. Instead, it has a bit of a floral overtone – not that men can’t smell flowery, but it surprised me.I appreciate the fact that it combines both a shampoo and conditioner, and as far as dandruff, it gets the job done. Still, I couldn’t convince my husband to try it, so I used it on my Own shorter hair. I found that it left my hair a bit heavy feeling compared to the female version, so if you have thinning hair, this might bulk it up a bit.

Tisha Little Mountain, SC

A decent shampoo, but don’t use as your only conditioner

The biggest problem I find with most shampoo/conditioner combinations is that the conditioner just isn’t very effective. That’s why I typically stay away from them and just use separate shampoos & conditioners. The same problem is present here with the Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s a pretty good shampoo and it works as promised as far as its dandruff control goes, but the conditioner side of it is almost useless. Therefore, I still feel the need to use a secondary conditioner after washing with this, and that just seems wasteful.Still, this Clear combo is otherwise very good. It has a great smell, great feel, and it doesn’t burn the scalp with harsh chemicals like a lot of other anti-dandruff shampoos. It gently moisturizes in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve had a lot of nasty chemicals poured on your head.Overall, I would recommend this simply as an anti-dandruff SHAMPOO, but I would urge buyers to still use a conditioner along with it, at least some of the time.

Susanna Myton, UT

An Acceptable Alternative

My brother used to battle the flake when his hair was longer and he used old fashioned styling product (think sticky hair tonic). Since then he has cut his hair short and uses no styling aids. He likes this shampoo/conditioning combo. He says it leaves his hair clean and is as good as anything else out there.I tried it even though it is supposedly designed for men. The scent was fresh and invigorating. Notably it did not linger my hair. Although the convenience of a shampoo/conditioner is tempting, it is counter-intuitive. I found the conditioning effects minimal and thought my hair felt and looked dry after use. When I used a separate conditioner on the ends in addition to this shampoo, my was looked and felt nice.This certainly is an acceptable, relatively inexpensive alternative to other products out there. I wouldn’t count on much conditioning however.

Tamika Neoga, IL

Keeps your scalp healthy

I don’t have much problems with dandruff so much as sometimes just having an itchy scalp. I’ve always tried to use some dandruff shampoo at least a couple times per week because it seems to help. This shampoo is well geared toward men – not much scent, lathers well, and works. The lather is very dense, and the shampoo cleans well.My only complaint is the bottle – it’s top heavy and one of the two bottles I received had leaked even though the lid was taped shut. Therefore, I wouldn’t throw this in a suitcase or gym bag.

Denice Coal City, IL

So far, so good

I’ve tried many many shampoos over the years in an effort to find one that jives with my scalp chemistry. The best I’ve ever used was Helene Curtis Sea Source Conditioner, but unfortunately, it was short-lived and discontinued long ago. Unlike any conditioner I’ve used before or since, it was fatty, slippery, and had a very weird wet feel, but it worked. It nourished my scalp and I have not since found a mass market shampoo that did that.So far, this Clear Men scalp therapy is pretty good. My scalp doesn’t feel itchy or dry. The bottle has a very easy to use pop-up spout design. The shampoo/conditioner has a very pleasant and understated fragrance, without dyes (unlikeSelsun Blue). The active ingredient is pyrithione zinc. The shampoo is opaque white and a small amount works into a rich later.I’ve used it about 7 days now and so far, it’s proving to be effective. Everyone’s chemistry is different though, so you’ll have to try this out for yourself.UPDATE: I’ve been using this regularly for 5 months now and am quite pleased with it. It has lasted me all this time and about a half bottle remains. A little goes a long way and you only need about a quarter-sized dollop of the product. It works into a good lather.

Lucy West Union, IA

OK. Great for Those Who want a 2/1. For an Anti-Dandruff it is Nothing Spectacular

My spouse does not spend a lot of time on his hair, yet he likes his hair to look nice. Consequently, this 2/1 anti-dandruff shampoo seemed to be the answer for his morning routine.Overall, the 2/1 worked OK. For him, as an anti-dandruff it seemed to be as effective & his head & shoulders shampoo, but with an additional conditioner, he thought that his hair was a little “lighter”. He has fine hair, so “lighter” could mean fly-away, but in this case, it combed down & looked the same as it did with the H&S; product.The 2/1 seems to have a slight floral note, but it seemed to not bother my spouse (in the past, he wouldn’t use a floral bath gel). The smell seemed to dissipate over the course of the day.Final verdict was that the Clear 2/1 works OK. Spouse would buy it again if the price were competitive with his H&S;.

Lena Howells, NE

good anti-dandruff shampoo

This anti-dandruff shampoo contains Pyrithione Zinc (1.0%), which is the same anti-dandruff ingredient found in Head and Shoulders shampoos. Head and Shoulders is the shampoo my family (husband and sons) have been using for the past several years. They tried this line of anti-dandruff products and have had good results so far. My son says he prefers this line over Head and Shoulders because they smell better. They are lightly scented and I find that they are similar to the scent of the non anti-dandruff line we have tried from Clear.I’ve heard before that adding conditioner to shampoo does not really work because the shampoo just washes it out. My son said he didn’t really notice a difference between the shampoo and the combined shampoo and conditioner that he tried, but since the price is the same it doesn’t hurt to use the one with the added conditioner.

Leah North Chili, NY

comparable to Head & Shoulders

I’m female but I tried this even though it is marketed as a men’s shampoo. I’m pretty sure male and female scalps aren’t that different!I usually use Head & Shoulders, but my dandruff isn’t severe at all. Sometimes my scalp itches but that’s about the extent of my problem.This shampoo/conditioner seems comparable to the Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 products. Same opaque white color. It does have a more masculine scent, a little muskier. I didn’t like it at first because I was expecting it to smell like a medicated shampoo, but now I like it a lot. Smells good.It also makes a crazy good lather. Suds all over. But still rinses clean.No tingly sensation.Overall I liked it. Seemed comparable to Head & Shoulders. If choosing between the two, I’d probably just buy whichever was on sale.

Deena Thornburg, VA

Works Well, Smells Nice – Recommended

This Clear “Complete Care 2in1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner” works well to clean my hair and control my dandruff, while leaving a fairly pleasant scent. We generally choose Head and Shoulders or a “store brand” knock off, and find that this Clear shampoo is just as effective, but has a much better smell.The shampoo lathers nicely and leaves my hair somewhat “dryer” than most other conditioning shampoos, which is good for my very short hair but not to my son’s liking since he has fairly a long and full head of hair.Recommended, with the caveat above.CFH

Katheryn North Freedom, WI

A 2 in 1 shampoo that works

I have never been a big fan of 2 in 1 shampoos – they always seem to light in either cleaning or in the conditioning. That is not the case with Clear Men Scalp Therapy it does a good of cleaning and conditioning.Notes– A nice scent- it smells *clean* and slightly herbal (I know that sounds pretty corny) and is not overpowering. I hate the shampoos that make it smell like I washed my hair with a jar of strawberry jam.- Dandruff protection – I can’t comment, because I have never really suffered from dandruff.- A nice amount of lather.- It does seem to make my hair feel a little “Fluffy” … which is my only real complaint since, as a guy, I really am not trying to achieve fluffy hair.Final Verdict – While I never get too excited about shampoos there are many more that I dislike than what I like. I can confidently say that the Clear Men Scalp Therapy is one that is firmly in my “like” category.4 Stars

Alisa Central City, CO

Works well and leaves hair soft

I’m pretty pleased with this shampoo/conditioner combo. The anti-dandruff properties seem to work well (at least as well as Head and Shoulders) but unlike other dandruff shampoos it does not leave my hair dry. It lathers well and rinses easily.My only quibble is the scent. It’s just OK – not objectionable, but it is a bit more medicinal than I care for. Not enough to warrant detracting a star, however.

Tania Bude, MS


This is actually a pretty good product. I have occasional light dandruff and once a week I use a dandruff shampoo unless greater frequency is warranted.Bottom line is any product that obtains zinc pyrithione is going to be effective according to my dermatologist. As this is a combo product which shampoos and conditions, it does a nice job.I washed my hair, let it sit on my scalp, and then rinsed it thoroughly. My hair smelled clean and looked clean. It was manageable and doesn’t seem drying which is sometimes a problem for me.I give this two thumbs up and would recommend it for value, effectiveness, and convenience.

Isabella Clarksburg, WV

Smells great! Gender-neutral botanical scent, excellent 2in1

For starters, this has the same active ingredient (Pyrithione Zinc) and concentration (1%) as every other dandruff shampoo, so if they’re effective for you, this will be too. While it contains botanical ingredients, it doesn’t rely on them for the dandruff-fighting properties.What is much better about this stuff is the smell! It’s fantastic, not the usual 70s Dad dandruff shampoo smell or the 1920s Grandpa medicinal pine tar smell. This has a much more refreshing, modern, botanical scent from the tea tree, mint, and ginseng (honestly, I don’t know how ginseng smells, so I’d pin it more on the tea tree and mint). It’s crisp and clean smelling, with a light citrusy note, not medicinal like a lot of hippy dippy tea tree shampoos. Either way, it doesn’t have the I HAVE DANDRUFF smell, but more of an Aveda-type scent. For a “men’s” product, this has an appealingly clean, light scent, not at all like the heavy cologne scents many men’s products have, making it suitable for anyone in the family. Definitely gender-neutral.The shampoo cleans well and the conditioning component is light and effective. Probably not as conditioning as a heavy separate rinse, but certainly does the job–especially for short hair.(For reference, pretty much any Pyrithione Zinc 1% dandruff shampoo, from the fancy stuff to the store brand, is equally effective in eliminating my dandruff. If you have clinical needs & the off-the-shelf stuff won’t do for you, this probably won’t, either.)

Sophia Leighton, AL

Works well for my hair and scalp. It makes my hair super soft and prevents itchy scalp and flakes

I have to be selective about what type of shampoo and conditioner that I use because many do not agree with my hair and scalp. If I use the wrong shampoo it will make my scalp itchy and will cause flakes. Some shampoo will make my hair feel very oily as well.I usually use Anti-Dandruff shampoo about half of the time and then a regular shampoo the other half. I have been using Pantene Anti-Dandruff shampoo recently and it has been my recent favorite. However I think that I like this shampoo slightly better. It has a nice scent and lathers very well. It’s also a thinner consistency than most shampoo. It is also competitively priced.It has twice the Pyrithione Zinc that most Anti-Dandruff shampoo has, which makes it very effective. It also moisturizes my hair very well and leaves it super soft and manageable. It leaves my hair softer than any other shampoo / conditioner combo that I have used so far. I believe this will become a regular shampoo for me.

Staci Gantt, AL

Good Anti-Dandruff Hair Care

“Clear Men Scalp Therapy Complete Care 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner” is a very good shampoo/conditioner for those who suffer from dandruff and dry scalp. The product is very thick, and has a good fragrance that isn’t overpowering. I suffer from dry scalp and mild dandruff. After using Clear Men Scalp Therapy for a couple of days, I haven’t noticed any dandruff at all. If there is a negative, the price is a little higher than similar products that work just as well for me. With that being said, I give it 4 stars and recommend it.

Polly Nursery, TX