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Clean Logic Exfoliating Body Scrubber Extra Large

Clean Logic Large Exfoliating Body Scrubber, is a soft textured bath sponge with a hand strap that provides a secure grip when scrubbing your body. This is a great product for the active consumer who wants to take their favorite body wash to the gym. The consumer can use the strap to put the sponge around their wrist while washing their hair, rather than placing it in a public shower that fosters germs and bacteria.

Key features

  • Eliminates Dead Skin Cells
  • Creates Full And Rich Lather
  • Made With Textured Nylon Fibers. Colors May Vary
  • Deeply Cleans And Revives Dull, Dry Skin
  • Leaves Your Skin Feeling Smooth And Refreshed

Honest reviews


Great sponge with no pillage

I’ve been using this sponge for about a month now, and it has held its shape nicely. It has great exfoliaters on it and they have not balled up or turned to pillage yet. It has an elastic handle on the back that I haven’t used and I don’t see the purpose of it, but it might be useful to someone, I suppose. Not that it matters, but mine is pink, even though the picture is blue.

Aida Barnett, MO

Great for the first couple uses, then it’s not really an exfoliating spoinge anymore it’s just a sponge with a strap. But nonetheless I still use mine and I’m somewhat satisfied with it.

Willa Markleysburg, PA

not as coarse as I’d hoped, but it really works

This sponge is about the size of a sandwich, covered with a rough material on both sides, and has a elastic band over one side so that it’s sort of like a "mitt" for exfoliating. When I first got it, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more coarse (it IS coarse, just not super rough…) because I figured the more coarse it would be, the better it would work. Regardless, it works great- with a little shower gel or body scrub this sponge foams up like crazy and gets skin super smooth and glowing. I especially love the way it works on my knees and elbows (they tend to get super rough).Highly recommended.

Virgie Atlantic, IA


Love this larger body scrubber it has a loop on one side to hang in the shower, it does exactly what it was made to do, EXFOLIATE

Estelle Bozeman, MT

Not strong enough for me

The pad feels great and it works ok but I’m used to using a loofa. This is more like using a wash cloth that wasn’t softened by fabric softener.

Amy Corrigan, TX