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Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets, 50-Count Sheets

Oil Absorbing Sheets soak up excess oil from your face without smudging makeup or leaving behind a residue. Softer than paper, these silky smooth sheets can be used easily around your nose and other areas of your face.

Key features

  • Instantly soak up excess oil and remove shine from face
  • Use anywhere to remove oil and shine throughout the day
  • Soft, silky sheets won’t smudge makeup
  • Sheets measure 1.9 by 3.1 inches; for external use only

Honest reviews



I thought these were rice paper sheets but turns out they aren’t. They work Ok, but not as good as the rice paper sheets.

Debbie Deedsville, IN


I’ve spend years using tissue to blot my face. My friend was going to take a picture of us and told me I was oily so she pulled out this product and told me what to do. It is truly amazing for those of us who have shinny skin. This is a life changing little product that I wish I knew about years ago. I would give this more stars if I could and I do not give praise easily. This is so very worth buying and keeping in your purse.

Mattie Arnold, KS

Just as if I bought it in the store

My boyfriend ordered these for me as we can’t get them where we live. They are a must have and I will order again.

Kaitlyn Wewela, SD

I Always Come Back to These

I always try new products hoping for a miracle for my oily skin, but always come back to these.I bought the Rice Papers by Palladio which were HORRIBLE and gave me terrible breakouts, leaving a thick caked up residue on my skin (see my review on Amazon about those!).Clean and Clear is great because you don’t need a mirror as it doesn’t leave behind a residue. It is soft and pliable and gets into all the creases and curves on the face. I need to just stop looking for something better as these are the best! I use them every couple of hours.

Kellie Doylesburg, PA

Great for shiny faces –doesn’t disturb makeup

My kids use these all the time to help with their oily complexions. It soaks up oil without messing up my daughter’s makeup. The sheets can eliminate that mid-day shine without having to find a way to wash your face (and perhaps re-apply everything) in the middle of the school day. We use this product enough to have a standing subscribe-and-save order.

Shauna Cisco, TX

the best i’ve used

i have combination skin with a particularly oily t-zone, so i purchased this product to help strike a balance with my skin. since i started using these sheets, my t-zone has fewer breakouts as oil no longer pools on my skin and irritates my pores. love it!

Michael New Leipzig, ND

Great for reducing shine!

Much like Rudolph, I tend to have a very shiny nose — especially when the warmer weather hits. These sheets are a godsend: They really do absorb oil and reduce shine to leave your skin matte and fresh-looking. They come in a slim little packet that fits easily into a purse pocket, and the “pop-up” feature is a nice touch to ensure that you only pull out one sheet at a time. I also like how the sheet becomes clear where it’s been used to blot oil, so you can tell easily where you’ve already used it.If your whole face is very oily you may need to use more than one sheet at a time (I use them mainly on my T zone and sometimes have to use two sheets to get rid of all the shine), but really, these have been a great addition to my anti-Rudolph beauty arsenal.

Kelsey Hepzibah, WV

Rice Paper is Better

These are good for a drugstore quick buy if you need them, but in my personal opinionPalladio Rice Paper Blotting Tissues Naturalare better.You have to use 2 or 3 to absorb all the oil on your face, even if you have dry skin. My best friend in high school used these and she had super oily skin, she’d use like 5 or 6 of these at once! There aren’t many in the pack to begin with, so she was always having to buy more. 50 sheets sounds like a lot, but if you are using several at once, a pack is not going to last long.

Cindy Busy, KY

Must-Have for oily skin

I have to use these no matter what I use on my face in the morning.I use primer, mineral foundation, and setting powder.Nothing helps prevent oil (I have tried lots of stuff) so I need these to clean up the oil.Two or three sheets will do around mid-day (I live in hot, humid Louisiana) and they minimally disturb makeup (Not enough to notice).

Emma Castleton, IL


I used these in high school thinking they would hinder my acne. This did not happen but it did remove the shine. Years later, I started using them again and I rediscovered how awesome they are and they wick up all that nasty oil when I can’t wash my face. I get oily quickly and these keep my face matte. Without them, I look like I smear Crisco on my face after 10 hours at work.

Louise Swartswood, NJ

My favorite type of blotting sheets

I’ve tried a lot of oil blotting sheets, but I always come back to this one. Nothing beats it! It’s portable where I can hide it in my pocket if I’m going out, and it does a good job keeping me shine-free. They are fairly cheap too, about $5 a pack at stores, and sometimes there are $1 coupons in the Sunday paper. I always keep this on me and I use it daily. It really does remove shine and keeps me matte without removing my makeup.

Jami Jacksonville, NC

Little miracles

I’ve been using these sheets for years. They are wonderful for oily skin. I love how you can blot the oil off of your face and your make-up stays put. I use one in the afternoon and my face feels so much fresher and it looks fresher, too. I hope they never stop making these.

Yvette Tinsley, MS

Works great with or without makeup!

I really like these little sheets, they do help remove oil off the face.. Will keep these stocked. (I noticed my boyfriend has been using them lately too lol)

Aurora Morgantown, PA

I love these

I am very loyal to this product. It works incredibly well. I use this in the summer and winter. I like that I can tame oily skin without removing all the natural moisture as a cleansing wipe or face was would do.

Lucia Rushford, NY


These are amazing, they really will clear any oil off your face without messing up your make-up. I ALWAYS keep these in my purse and make-up bag, have used them for years now. If you have oily or combination skin, these are miracle workers. I always use these before doing any touch-ups to my powder during the day, and I know this has been a great help in keeping my skin nice and clear, love it!

Odessa Barksdale Afb, LA

Must Have

I have very oily skin and I use these all the time. They are great for removing oil without messing up my makeup.

Marta Zapata, TX

Crazy Awesome

These are about the best oil-blotting sheets on the market, as far as I’m concerned. They’re a bit more resilient than those with a more tissue-paper type consistency, and they really mop up the oil well. These weren’t the first product of this type on the market, but I’m convinced they’re the best. And they’re available at the drugstore! I’ll definitely keep buying these.

Renae Calvin, KY

Beauty staple

If you have oily skin this product is an excellent staple to keep in your purse.My tzones get super oily and I just swipe these across and the oil is gone.This is definitely a wonderful product that’s worth repurchasing.

Yvette Andrews, NC


The first time i used it I saw the entire sheet wet with oil. This is great. It will capture all of the oil from face. I’m a guy and don’t use any stupid foundation after shave for reducing oily skin. So my skin becomes very shiny throughout the day. The sheet is small, easy to carry in pocket or even wallet. Takes just seconds to use.

Ava Arecibo, PR

Never leave home without them! Better than generics

I don’t ever leave my house without these. When your skin gets oily, don’t just layer on more powder, absorb oil with these perfect blue sheets. I have tried all the fancier (and thus more expensive) brands of blotting papers as well as the generic ( thus cheaper) store brands, and the clean&clear line is BY FAR the best. You can see the oil as it absorbs easily. Some high priced lines color their paper white and its more difficult to see the oil. And some dont feel as clean on your skin. I cannot live without these in my bag at all times, especially in those melting hot summer months. For more reviews check out pimples and wrinkles online.

Ashley Assumption, IL

Great for oil absorption!

I love these oil absorbing sheets. I found out about these from a fellow oily faced person that swore by them. I have tried numerous ones in the past and they either did not absorb enough oil or they left my face with a ghastly white hue because they deposited powder. The fact that the sheet turns clear once it has absorbed oil is satisfying…so you know if you have to use another sheet. Also, my makeup stays intact and appears refreshed after use. I keep these in my purse and at my desk at work. I definitely recommend them.

Casey Watsonville, CA

Bare Escentuals & Oily Skin

I bought the two-pack, came just as you see in the picture. The product works well, I have tried worse, so I am most definitely pleased. I have oily skin and I can definitely notice a difference when using these. I usually use 1 sheet at a time for my normal oily days. If it counts for anything, Bare Escentuals is the makeup I use nearly everyday and these oil absorbing sheets don’t seem to take any makeup off my face- just oil. Does what it says and I’m content so 5 stars.

Vilma Wilson, NY

Their OK

Ordered one (2 pack) and they sent me two (2 packs) so I got four packs. A mistake on their part I would imagine. Anyways, their alright, but I feel like after I use a pad, like a half hour later I could do it again. Could just be my greasy face. They are nice at work though, I work outside sometimes, so it’s nice to use a couple during my lunch break, feels good (for about an hour)

Virginia Santiago, MN

A great buy, as always!

This is an easy to use product that absorbs excess oil from your face. They do tend to smear makeup, so dab when you are wearing it.I highly recommend!

Concetta Speed, NC

Works really well!

I like these a lot! I’ve never used an oil-blotting sheet, even though my face is very oily. I tried these and the Neutrogena oil-blotting sheets and these win hands down. These don’t stick to your face and lift your make-up. As mentioned, my face is very oily, for me, these work for about 2 hours and then it’s time to do it again. Don’t hesitate to purchase, they are worth it.

Erika Broomall, PA