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Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, 5 Fluid Ounce

From the invigorating Morning Burst collection comes Morning Burst Facial Scrub. This formula is infused with Vitamin C and Ginseng, and BurstING Beads which burst with energy and vitamins, and helps nourish skin. It gently cleanses and exfoliates tiredlooking skin, leaving you feeling radiant and refreshed.

Key features

  • Gently exfoliates for visibly healthier skin
  • OilFree
  • Vitamin C & Ginseng
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • With Vitamin C & ginseng

Honest reviews


Clean and Invigorating

This facial scrub makes your skin feel indescribably good. The front of the tube says “With Bursting Beads. Wakes you up. Gently exfoliates skin.” That is very correct!!! It does wake you up, and it does exfoliate the skin. It feels so good, it is one thing you can look forward to each morning along with your coffee. I love cozy, comfortable situations. Exfoliating your skin each morning is a wonderful, cozy feeling (and we all know how cozy coffee is).This product makes the skin feel so good, I don’t just use it in the mornings. I can use it any time of day. I also like it in the evening and right before bed.This product is fresh, clean, and good.And, as an added “mental” comfort, I love the orange tube. Orange is one of my favorite colors. Even though I am an official red/pink-aholic, orange is a lively, energetic, beautiful color.

Doris Gassaway, WV

Must have daily!

This is my favorite morning face wash in the shower. The little beads gently scrub and really leave your skin feeling nice after you rinse. I am 50 years old and I have oily t zone and this does such a nice job of scrubbing and cleansing and getting my skin ready for makeup. Nicely scented, and such a great deal on subscribe and save! Now I don’t have to go to Target or (ick!) Walmart to get it!

Tanya Eolia, KY

I’m used to the St. Ives (or EQUATE) Apricot scrub – this is TOO “gentle” for me…

I see the glowing reviews and I do believe the ingredients in this might be good for oily/acne-prone skin. I bought the sample size and I’m glad I only spent $1.00 on this.I like the Equate Apricot exfoliating wash much better. It REALLY exfoliates! And it feels wonderful!This Clean & Clear feels really "gooey" to me. And the "bursting beads" are few & far between. That’s my personal opinion, I just don’t like the goo on my face, and the fact that it doesn’t really exfoliate much. Not compared to the Apricot Scrub.To each his own. I won’t buy this again. It’s sort of icky. (but…. maybe it’s good for skin with some acne. Could very well be. I don’t know.)

Kimberly Windsor, WI

Good Product

It doesnt dry out my skin or strip it. Keeps me clean. Great for all ages not just teens or pre teens

Leanna Sand Springs, MT


I’m very happy I found this, as it’s the thing that has cleared up my skin. I’ve been struggling with fairly mild but annoying acne for several years. I’ve tried many scrubs and washes. Some, like St. Ives, were too harsh. I actually found that medicated ones made my skin worse. I started using this, and my skin is almost completely cleared up! The beads aren’t too harsh and the formula is mild, so it doesn’t dry out my skin. However, it’s strong enough to exfoliate and clear out my pores.I have combination skin that is dry but oily in the T-zone. It’s very sensitive. I’ve also had luck with Aveeno face wash. I would highly recommend trying this product!

Dorothy Little Rock, MS

My Favorite Face Wash

I have combination/oily skin ESPECIALLY since I have moved to a humid climate from a dry one. I get moderate acne on my face but also I am 25 and don’t want to harshly dry out my skin. I want to keep it youthful and taken care of but clear at the same time. This face wash does what it says, it gives my skin a glowing look and also gets the oil out without over drying.It it gentle but strong enough for combination to oily skin tones. I love the smell of it and the beads are big and soft enough to scrub oil and dirt out but not hurt your skin in the process.I love this face wash and I have tried SOOOOOOOOOO many different ones and this is my favorite. I have even spent 50 dollars on washes and cream washes and this is number one for me.

Nola Crossett, AR