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Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer, 1.7 oz

The Matte Effect Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer is an easy way to clear extra oil from your skin and give it a matt effect. This makes your skin appear smoother and softer. It’s oil free and lightweight. This moisturizes and works to remove oil from inside, thus giving a long lasting result. Moderate protection against sun burn Super absorbing Gives matt look Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer also has SPF 15 and does not clog pores. So you can say bye to oily complexion and flaunt your silky skin with a naturally beautiful finish. Just For You: Oily skin A Closer Look: Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer is formulated with long-lasting mineral and complex attracts that captures oil and prevent oily shine from appearing on your skin’s surface. You Won’t Find: Oil Get Started: After cleansing apply in moderate quantity and spread over face and neck whenever needed or even before stepping out in the sun.

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  • Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer, 1.7 oz

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AMAZING, but no longer in production?

This product is absolutely phenomenal. I swear up and down and sideways by it. It is the absolute best moisturizer to wear under makeup, and it works fabulously all on its own as well.But where did it go?! Nobody but Amazon carries it anymore, which makes me fear they’ve discontinued it. I’ve bought several extras to stock up, but I really will be heartbroken if they discontinued it. I can’t find it on their official site or in any major retailer. :’-(

Imogene Ocoee, TN


This totally saves my oily skin. Amazingly smooth and the finishing color is absolutely gorgeous as long as you have medium to light skin tone. I have used Clean&Clear for years and tried to find something else to replace it. But it comes out that their moisturizer is the BEST for me. Highly recommended!!!

Gloria Center Sandwich, NH


I can’t even remember what I didn’t like about this. I’m sure it had to do with my acne and oily skin. That being said what I can remember is that I disliked this so much that I threw it out after two tries. I wasn’t going to wait it out and see if things got better.

Mona Erie, CO


I saw a review on this from a woman with darker skin and she said this made her look very ashy..I didn’t believe her. How could a moisturizer make you look ashy?SHE WAS RIGHT!I have Tyra Banks skin color and my skin is oily so I bought this because of all thge other great reviews on how it worked really well to get rid of shine and give a matte effect. When I first out it on I couldn’t get it to sink into my skin. It DID make me look INSANELY ashy because this does NOT sink into your skin at all. No matter how little you put on or how much you rub in it doesn’t snk into skin and this is white so if you are like me you end up looking very ashy and pale and it’s gross. And for some reason on my skin it doesn’t even moisturize. After it dries my skin actually gets really dry and ashy! I was bummed because I spent money on this and didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning it so now I just mix a little of this with another matte moisturizer I have and it works a bit.I won’t be buying this trash again. Darker skinned females beware.

Zelda Amalia, NM

Absolutely NOT for people of color 🙁

This moisturizer does what it says, it absorbs the oil for hours. What it doesn’t say is that if you are a skin tone other than pale white you will look ashy-pale or ghostly-white!!!! No matter if you use a little, a lot, or wear under foundation, if you are caramel, cocoa, brown, tanned, your face will look painted.I am actually saddened that Clean & Clear did not think enough of people of color to tint it, test it better, or just market it for specific complexions.

Nicole Cropseyville, NY

Not the best.

It gets the job done with moisturizing and protection, but it makes my skin look sickly and pale. I will not be buying this again. Its nothing like the Clean and Clear Pore Minimizing Moisturizer (which I highly recommend for those looking for an inexpensive moisturizer).

Pansy Coleville, CA

Ehh – just ok and it “pills”

I wanted to love this. I REALLY wanted to love it but it only worked okay. I still was using Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets by 10:00am. I thought maybe I should use more but then it “pilled’ on my face (not sure what a better way to describe it would be). After reading other reviews I opted to try out SKIN79 BB cream and I am in love! It controls oil better and has a nice light coverage. I

Carmella Folsomville, IN

too much SPF, not enough moisture

I bought this to use primarily as moisturizer, because that’s what it’s initially advertised as, it being sunscreen as well was just an extra. However, it takes too long to absorb and my face is left looking way too white. I wish they made just a mattifying moisturizer.

Cora Oceana, WV

SO SAD it’s gone.

This moisturizer is a life saver! It completley covers my oil for the whole day, I wear it everyday under my matte foundation, and it actually blends very easily and leaves your skin feeling fresh and moisturized and matte. My matte foundation can leave my skin feeling oily but with the two products together you can’t see any oil for over 12 hours! even if I feel it, i can’t see it. I only use a pea sized drop or less and it spreads very well. I WILL not go without it even on days I don’t wear makeup. I had problems for years always looking very shiny and extra shiny if I wore makeup that day. I am very upset this item is discontinued and worried I will never find a close match for the price. Also the 1.7 oz bottle has literally lasted me a year, I have used this product for four years now and only gone through 4 bottles! Yes it may seem white at first, but it will soak in especially if you put foundation on top of it. This product was a complete game changer for me. I am so sad its discontinued and nervous to spend money on products that wont satisfy me. STOCK UP if you can! this product is likely not for those with bad acne or very dark skin, but it is perfect for my medium tone and oil.

Denise Loop, TX