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Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser, 5 oz

Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser not only removes dirt and oil, it also features a porepenetrating technology that deposits acne medicine to help fight and help prevent breakouts long after you wash. Your skin is clean and becomes clearer with continued use.

Key features

  • Fights breakouts long after you wash
  • Benzoyl Peroxide (10%)
  • Porepenetrating technology
  • Helps prevent future breakouts
  • Daily formula

Honest reviews


toss in the garbage

it is way to strong for my face, i had use a dime size all over my wet face and then rinse,after i look in the mirror my face was red all went straight in the garbage,but what i do like is clean and clear blackhead eraser scrub,it smell really good and leaves my face super soft,so i will continue to use clean and clear blackhead eraser scrub,as for the clean and clear continuous control acne cleanser never again will i put that crap on my face.

Pauline Hartland, MI


I’ve had some luck with Clean & Clear products so I had no qualms picking up the Continuous Control Acne Cleanser from the store. However, as soon as I used it I became a bit frustrated.To begin with,the formula is very watery and thin. I prefer something a little thicker and this didn’t feel like it stayed on my skin long enough to do a very good job. While it might have helped with acne a little, it definitely does not live up to its name.I also felt that it made my skin more oily and I quickly stopped using it to switch to a different product. Over the course of the day, my skin would become uncomfortably oily. Where is the continuous control in that?Clean & Clear’s Continuous Control Acne cleanser sat in my shower for quite some time before I finally picked it up again, a sure sign that this product was no doing its job adequately.There are definitely other acne products, some even from Clean & clear, that I prefer of the Continuous Control Acne Cleanser.

Annabelle Oden, AR

Works great but….

I absolutely love this product. it doesn’t dry my skin like it did to other reviewers. but, after about two weeks of using the product, i noticed the expiration date. It expired in 2005. that was SEVEN years ago. (It is Dec 2012 now).

Georgina Harrisville, MI


While this may work on your skin issues, it will RUIN your towels and sheets that aren’t white. The benzol peroxide ingredient seeps into your skin and ruins towels, sheets, pillowcases, and clothes – left our gray towels blotched with pink and purple spots and ruined our sheets.Definitely recommend trying a product with salicylic acid instead – same results, no damage to your linens.

Letha Middletown, IA

One of the best OTC acne treatments

I have been using this cleanser since my late teens. It is one of the best OTC acne medicines available, and slightly cheaper than other drugstore cleansers like Neutrogena. When used twice a day, the Clean and Clear greatly reduces the number of pimples I get. Also, it contains menthol, so it feels pleasantly tingly on skin (but do not get it into your eyes; it burns like the flames of he11!). There are only two drawbacks to this product: 1) It will dry out your skin, so wear a lotion and 2) The active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, is a bleaching agent, so it will bleach fabric. I recommend using old wash cloths to wash your face and be very careful not to get it on your clothes.

Jerri Beaver Meadows, PA

Works great but…

I’ve been using this for about 6 months. Before I had been using Proactive. Proactive worked great for me for a while but eventually stopped clearing up my skin so I switched to Clean and Clear Continuous Control. My skin cleared right up and stays clear other than whiteheads. The only problem is that it’s a little harsh on my skin. Usually irritates it if I leave it on but for a second. It also dries out my skin a lot. So I use it every other day. I get a couple pimples by using it every other day but it is still better than Proactive and AcneFree.

Shanna Hartville, OH

Works well

Helps, nothing kills acne all together. I got this for my son. I know when I had acne as a teen, I went to the dermatologist for years. It comes and goes no matter what the treatment but these products help a little. Nothing is a miracle cure no matter what the ads say. Well, age is. You really will outgrow acne where it gets to the point you might have a zit every now and then.

Lula Grandview, TN

Average Skin Cleanser

Clean and Clear’s Continuous Control Acne Cleanser is your typical run of the mill benzoyl peroxide wash. I can’t tell if I like this product or not since it worked very well within the first week or two of use but then I started to get one of the worst break outs I have had on my face in quite some time. It is still going away. Maybe that was just because final exams were rolling around in school but, either way I have a couple issues with this product.First and foremost, the ingredients contain petrolatum, a petroluem based jelly. I can’t help but feel that putting in petroleum jelly which can further aggravate acne in a good chunk of people with more sensitive skin to be a bit counter-productive. I am sure that for those without sensitive skin issues that the petrolatum would be no issue. I am guessing this contributed to my problem because the amount of the solid “gunk” that could be seen in my pores increased. I know some of you know what I am talking about.Second, I feel it takes a pretty good sized glob to get a good lather going. Otherwise it feels like I am rubbing mostly water on my face. With a small blob the cleanser just gets watery and runs down my arms, which is annoying I must admit. It’s tough to find the “right amount” for this product.I decided to ditch this product for Stiefel Labs’ Panoxyl. Much nicer ingredients list and I have used it before and been very pleased with the effects.

Kathleen Pawnee City, NE

No more pimples!

I always seem to get pimples on my chin when I stress out. Well this has always gotten rid of them for me. I don’t use it continuously but when I do the pimples go away. I love it!I compared it to other products and this is the only product that contains 10-percent benzoyl peroxide. Other acne products usually contain .5 – 2% Salicylic acid which for me doesn’t get rid of pimples.

Tamera Cumming, GA

One of the best things for acne

This stuff is amazing!! when u put this on it feels kinda of like mint! It made my skin a lot better! i use this at night and also a little goes a long way!! LOVE THIS <3

Nichole Ethel, WV

It really works!

Clean and Clear Face Wash really works. I really love it. It has a cool minty tingle that makes your face feel refreshed, and it really prevents pimples. In general, I have pretty clear skin and this face wash keeps it that way. I go through this product so often that I am constantly buying it. Only, I have one recommendation. Be very careful with this product. It is very strong and it will bleach your clothes and towels. This happened even when I used it in the shower. Make sure to use a white towel or a towel you don’t care about. Besides for that problem, the product works great and I am very satisfied!

Maryellen Death Valley, CA

Average at best, did not notice any changes

I like Clean & Clear but I’ve never noticed any big changes from using this line. The cleanser is nice and tingly (a little, not much) and feels good but it’s not anything terribly special. I have used it consistently only for a period of time and then stopped. I wanted to do the review and give it an honest rating and I’m afraid it didn’t do what I was hoping it would do for me….

Allison Holley, NY

Bye Bye Acne

I have a busy life i am in front of the cameras with hot lights and tons of make up 5-6 days a week so its inevitable that i will get acne and this stuff not only gets rid of existing acne but keeps new acne from forming its a life saver

Earnestine Plymouth, PA

It’s working when nothing else did

I am in my mid-20’s and have had mild inflammatory acne since my early teens. Over the years I have used a number of different topical benzoyl products to keep it at bay, but none of them ever totally eliminated the problem. Then I picked up Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser at the grocery store, and after a few weeks of daily use I haven’t had another breakout and most of my preexisting acne has healed as well (woot!).Obviously I am very happy with the results that this cleanser has produced, but to be perfectly honest I don’t really care for the product itself. It’s VERY thick, more of a paste than a liquid really, which makes it difficult to lather and rinse off. It also stings my eyes no matter how carefully I avoid getting it near them, and the menthol sometimes makes my face uncomfortably “tingly” and raw afterward. Moisturizing is also a definite must when using this wash because it WILL dry you out no matter how accustomed your skin already is to 10% BP products (but honestly, moisturizing is a good idea regardless of what cleanser you use).In the big picture these issues are really a small price to pay for clear skin and I have every intention of continuing to use this product, but they are irksome enough that I had to give this cleanser 4 stars instead of 5. My recommendation is that if you can find a more pleasant face wash that works for you, get that. If you are fed up with persistent acne and are ready to pull out the heavy artillery, buy this stuff.

Denise Lutts, TN

Awesome product!

Awesome deal! I have those red bumps on my upper arms and I use this stuff every time I shower. I slather a bunch onto my arms and let it sit for about 45 seconds and rinse with warm water. Red bumps are almost gone! It works great on my face during a breakout too. My skin feels really clean after rinsing off.

Judith Rock Springs, WI

Works well, though slightly irritating

I was using a Murad salicylic acid cleanser before this for a while, which was okay but it didn’t do much to clear the minor breakouts I had. I decided to give this a try since it was a lot cheaper than Murad. It didn’t take long to notice good results, and my face was finally starting to clear up. After about a month of using it, my face is pretty much free of blemishes. I’ll still get a few occasionally ranging from minor to large and painful ones, however it’s usually if I skip washing my face at night. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about my clear complexion.However, the only downside is that it can be fairly irritating to my face, specially if I use a little too much. My skin will be somewhat red and have a slight burning sensation after I wash my face. Which I wasn’t too shocked to experience, I do have pretty sensitive skin. I’m thinking about alternating using this cleanser with a more gentle cleanser. Bottom line, if you have mild-moderate acne and your skin isn’t too sensitive, this product will most likely work for you. Definitely can’t beat the price

Neva Healy, KS


I dug this stuff out from under my cabinet…I had vowed never to use Clean and Clear again after my disaster breakout with the blackhead cleanser. But since this had no beads to irritate my skin, I decided to give it a try and it really worked!! 2 days after putting it on once or twice daily, I could see breakouts that were starting to come had faded, and my blackheads were actually disappearing from my nose! There’s a little bit of a stingy feeling, and if you get it in your eyes it hurts like a bitch, and your face is pretty red afterward, I’m assuming from the chemical contents. But it makes your skin smooth as a baby’s bottom if you use it everyday, so your skin has a daily regimen and can fight breakouts. I highly recommend and will be back to buy more<3 I’m a 15 year old girl if that helps.

Geri Vona, CO


Left this on longer than the 30 seconds and felt I had better results. It’s a great cleanser, although it stings a bit. I think the fact that this cleanser has menthol makes it great, as menthol is known to reduce acne inflammation. It didn’t get rid of acne but it definitely helped reduce outbreaks.

Yolanda Weatogue, CT