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Clean & Clear Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, 0.75 oz.

Clean & clear advantage acne spot treatment. This treatment contains breakthrough technology that actually dissolves oil and allows the maximum strength acne medicine to penetrate into your pores. This formula works fast to reduce the visible signs of acne.

Key features

  • Salicylic acid acne medication
  • Oil free
  • 100% of people showed clearer skin in just one day
  • Won’t over dry skin
  • Clear your pimples fast

Honest reviews


Very small,

Let me start by saying that I did not use this product yet, but it shipped super late. I just got it today. Second, it didn’t come in a box or anything at all, it was just a wrinkled tube of it. Third, it looks pretty big in the description photo, its very small though in real life.. I will be using this product and will actually REVIEW it in a week.

Lilian Ethridge, TN

Not that great..

I purchased this product about 6 weeks ago. I’m in my late 20’s and have severe environmental allergies with dry, sensitive, blemish prone skin. This product has not been effective in treating my mild acne. It’s very drying and almost makes my skin worse! It seems to exacerbate the area and cause more zits to form. Plus, it’s rather pricey for the amount of product you receive. It seems like a lot of great things are advertised on the packaging that are impossible to occur in the typical person’s 8-hour night sleep.. Don’t be fooled by the promises!

Anita French Village, MO

Didn’t Work for Me

I tried this spot treatment for four months. I applied this salicylic acid treatment almost nightly to any acne blemishes. It burns pretty bad but, beyond that, I don’t think it works. I ran out of this stuff a few weeks ago and my skin looks the same, if not a little better. I should mention that I may be finally adjusting to the ortho-tri-cyclen that I was prescribed to help with my moderate acne but, all I know is my skin didn’t seem to improve at all with the use of this product.

Kristy Dillsboro, IN

Like others, this did NOTHING for shine control.

After using their previous oil control product called Finishes Mattifying Cleanser and loving it, they discontinued it and replaced it with this. I was sadly disappointed, it did not deliver any shine control and actually seems to make my pores larger.I can’t attest to the blemish fighting power since I hardly get any in the first place. I’ve stocked up on the previous product which I find at Big Lots until I can find a new product that actually controls shine or they bring back the previous product.

Mindy Thomasville, PA

Very happy

Out of nowhere, I started to develop adult acne. I mainly break out twice a month. So whenever the redness and marks would start to go away, new acne would pop up. So I always had new pimples and old marks. I was so frustrated. I used the top acne lines out there and they almost seemed to make it worse. So I tried this product. I would cleanse my face, apply this to the effected areas and then use a moisturizer. This has worked better for me than the well-known acne treatments. And the best part is that it’s inexpensive.

Carrie Caseville, MI

Helps to zap those zits!

I got this as part of theClean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kitand this was by far my favorite part of the kit – quickly addressed any breakouts I had. I did not care much for the moisturizer so stop using it, the face wash ran up quickly, but the mark treatment has lasted for a long time. I don’t put it all over my face but only on my problem spots – I would not suggest using it on areas that don’t need it or they will dry out. It is 2% salicylic acid so it does burn a little when you put it on, but dries out the pimple quickly.When I get a zit/pimple I want it gone quickly so I attack it with a vengeance. I put this on it AT LEAST three times a day until it is gone – which takes no time at all with this product.Now that you can get it cheaper as an add-on item and/or get a subscription to it (thus making it cheaper) I cannot imagine why anyone fighting acne would pass up on this!!!

Elda Delta, PA

nothing special and it does NOT control oil

Read a highly regarded review which gave this product a best in class award, well to me, this is nothing special and I can’t find a single reason as to why anyone would think so. My skin is just as oily after I apply this as it was before.

Kim Switz City, IN

This stuff works & it works fast!

Saturday morning, I could feel the tell-tell signs of a pimple: a raised mound of skin, pinkish, & throbbing. Unfortunately, I had to go out of town that day & my tight schedule didn’t allow for me to stop by a store to pick something up. Sunday morning, pimple-threat-level was gaining, so I ran by a CVS & picked up the Clean & Clear Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste. To be honest, I was looking for another brand of drying paste that wasn’t so “new” but Clean & Clear was all they had and I was desperate. That night, I put it on, was able to sleep with it on, and the next morning, my was encroaching pimple had receded to about half its original size and the throbbing was gone! Monday night, same routine and the next morning, all signs of my blemish was gone–just amazing! I know this stuff is supposed to be for pimples that have been popped, but it worked as a preventative for me. Now, to be fair, I’m not riddled with pimples, nor am I particularly prone to them, but for my one minor blemish issue, this stuff worked and it worked fast.

Mellisa Washington, CA

Good product.

I really enjoy their regular combo lotion that looks just like this in the white pump bottle- but I’ll use this one over it because of the added break-out protection I get. I have very sensitive skin & this product never bothered me or made me red like the other review- it works really well to prevent breakouts. I use it in the morning before make up & then after I scrub my face at night.I will admit though- this is not moisturizing. I wait about 10 minutes for it to absorb & use an Olay lotion over the top- it makes my skin feel very tight & thirsty. That’s the only reason I don’t give it 5 stars.Definitely worth the dry skin because it works so well!

Francisca Ecorse, MI


I get little breakouts occasionally and because I have sensitive skin, I can not use the typical acne cream or gel, which is usually Benzoyl Peroxide. Because THIS product is Salicylic Acid, I can use it without overdrying my already sensitive skin.I compared this to the similarClearasil Ultra 4 Hour Treatment (Tube) Gel 1 Ounce.and another brand’s version of the 2% Sal. Acid gels, but got more for my money with this Clean & Clear gel.This literally does shrink my pimples to a QUARTER of their original size within a couple of applications. I tried the Rapid 4 hour treatment Clearasil and another brand offered, but there was no difference in its performance and this gel, which claims to take 8 hours. *****Realistically, it will take acne a few days to heal with any treatment***** so the best bet is to keep skin clean and treated, but not too dry.I have this handy gel in my makeup bag as my primary acne-fighting weapon. The thing I found with this is it can be put on OVER moisturizer and makeup, but can also be worn under makeup.My younger cousin who is in Grade 9 secondary school also uses this product and it works for her everyday acne. I would definitely recommend this product to my fellow 20+ year old female acne sufferers.

Nona Amma, WV

Works Every Time

I apologize that this is not an ‘Amazon Verified Purchase’ as I usually look for that when reading reviews to make sure they’re legit. Even though I have not bought it through Amazon yet, I wanted to review this product because it’s a staple in my hygiene regimen and my first and best defense against acne. In other words, when my face wash and special moisturizer routine is not enough and a pimple or two pop up, I swear by this product to keep my skin clear and healthy!Background: My skin is normal to dry, and I break out mostly in the T zone (forehead, either side of my nose/cheeks, and chin). Since I am in my 20s now my skin is a lot better than it used to be, but I still get a few annoying pimples of varying sizes at least once a month.For some reason, my skin loves Salicylic Acid, and this product packs the perfect amount to obliterate my acne every time no matter if it’s on my face or a rogue one on my body. The tube is easy to squeeze and the gel is actually clear on the skin, but comes out thick and translucent whitish grey in color. It does not have a smell that I can recall (certainly nothing unpleasant). Absorbs into my skin within 30 seconds of application and leaves no residue. Can apply under makeup, sunscreen, multiple times a day. Most of the time I apply it to prevent any acne from surfacing.Every time I feel or see that I am about to breakout in any area on my face, or have found a pimple on my body, I apply a little bit of this and make sure to rub it in. If it’s just one pimple, I apply a generous amount to it, sometimes breaking the skin slightly to let out any pus before applying it, and it barely stings at all (I find that it works faster that way, but it’s not necessary). There’s hardly any scabbing after applying this product: the acne simply shrinks, redness decreases, skin goes back to normal. It also works for me on larger patches when I smooth it on in a thin layer.I would describe it as the perfect acne product, and recommend it to acne sufferers all of the time. I have never ever suffered from dryness in the areas I’ve applied it to, even if I apply it multiple times a day. It never fails to demolish the blemishes completely, without any type of skin damage, within a day or two (I can see improvement as early as a few hours or overnight). It leaves my skin feeling amazing and I get compliments on my face. This is to give credit where credit is due: to my favorite acne zapper, Clean & Clear Advantage acne spot treatment.

Kim Key Colony Beach, FL

An adult cure that works

I like the product because it really works on adult skin. It doesn’t over dry and it works super fast

Angelique Tuckahoe, NJ

treatment could be stronger

It didn’t work as well I thought it would after applying it on my oily face several times a day.

Delia Candler, NC

Sadly didn’t work for me

Embarrassingly enough I was using this on nearly my entire face. I have always had mild acne but since I have had a lot of upper GI problems this year my skin has been outrageously hateful towards me. I have been using it daily for about 2 months now with no improvement for my acne.

Pamela Puxico, MO

Amazon, smooth clear skin

This stuff is a godsend. I am 28 and all of a sudden started getting small acne all over my forehead and lower cheek and mouth area. I tried and tried to get rid of it. Finally turning to Paula’s Choice product reviews online (her skin care advice really helped me in my youth) I tried this Salicylic Acid treatment from Clean and Clear. SA is great for mature skin apparently and not as irritating as Glycol which had really turned me red and sensitive. After the first night I had already seen a huge improvement…color tone was calm and even zit drying up and disappearing, skin really smooth. I’m so glad I remembered her product review page because this really saved me and I didn’t have to break the bank to do it. I’m going to switch my other products over to ones she recommends in her Best Choice area. Remember that Salicylic like any exfoliation treatment can be a touch drying. I use it only at night and put a really good moisturizer on first then I spot treat or do thin layer across forehead, nose, cheeks. I also switched my moisturizer to her recommendation of Neutrogena Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser Lotion Fragrance Free in the morning and the extra gentle foaming one at night because it takes my makeup off well. Skin is getting so perfectly balanced now. Also make sure there is Nooo alcohol in your toner. That is one of the worst things you can do to your skin it dries skin out without exfoliation or any benefits and can actually cause the skin to breakout more. Toning with a cotton ball should be about wiping away dead skin cells and adding nourishment. Paula doesn’t really have any good inexpensive recommendations since she is a bit indifferent to toners but I have found and love the Thayers Witch Hazel alcohol free Rose or Lavender toners. Hope this helps you on your journey to clear glowing skin.

Nadia Somerset, VA

Wouldn’t buy again

I chose this over the other Clean&Clear treatment because it also contains glycolic acid to fade marks. This isn’t a bad formulation – its a clear gel that soaks in well. Burns a little bit going on, but nothing drastic. The smell is very overpowering for me and I wouldn’t buy it again because its so loaded with perfume. But its not bad for a 2% salicylic acid product.

Angie Hughes, AK

Bought For Age Spots

My dermatologist recommended this for fading out dark spots on the face. Some call them age spots and some liver spots but it had the key ingredient in it he recommended. So far I see some fair results and to be fair it has only been a few days. Never had acne or facial break outs. Just tired of buying all of the different items and they do nothing for you, The price is good on Amazon compared to other stores.

Haley Hamilton Dome, WY

No more trouble!

I use this cleanser when the weather gets hot and humid.(only around oily T-zone. Not around eyes)Or, when I am lacking sleep and know that the troubles are going to show on my face.Contains Benz. Peroxide which makes this cleanser very effective and quick.And I like the cool, refreshing feel after washing my face with it.This cleanser is more affordable than Proactive or Murad products but as effective as they are(if not better)!I would recommend this cleanser to others.

Latasha Diamondville, WY



Celia Wharton, TX

affordable and effective

I’ve been using this for over a year as part of my daily skin care routine and couldn’t be happier. I’m an adult in my 30s who has tried every acne treatment under the sun. Most acne products are weirdly too drying for me, even though I have incredibly oily skin.I believe Clean & Clear and Neutragena are the only ubiquitous skin-care brands that sell affordable BHA exfoliators, and (hooray) Clean & Clear’s Oil Absorbing Treatment works remarkably well for me, despite being comparably cheap. It keeps my sebum under control throughout the day (I apply it first thing in the morning), and it seems to help my makeup stay put (probably because my skin is less oily throughout the day). I use a BHA moisturizer at night and have not had issues with excessive drying. I’ve also been known to apply this product more than once a day when my skin is being particularly difficult, usually in the summer.While I don’t think there is such a thing as a cure for my probably hormonal acne, this product has helped me manage it pretty successfully. I would say that the severity and frequency of my breakouts has diminished by more than half since I added this product to my skin regimen more than a year ago.

Rosalind Waverly, IL

Works well for me.

I’ve been using this product for over 2 months now and am really pleased with how effective it is. I use it on any big problem pimples I get on my face, and by the next day the pimple will be much smaller! For me, this product dries out the pimple and “purges” it, making it come to a head very quickly, so it goes away quicker. If you have dry skin, be prepared for a little bit of peeling around the area you put the product. (I have extremely dry skin, but this doesn’t cause excessive drying or anything uncomfortable, just peeling.) I’ll definitely rebuy this product!

Mellisa Sioux Center, IA

wish it came in a big container

I’ve used this for acne, keratosis pilaris, etc I love it! I wish it came in a big container! can’t go wrong with this product

Audrey Bison, OK

Best product yet

You can’t beat the price and performance of this product. When it arrived, I had three spots of acne on my chin. I applied the gel right after I received it, and before I went to bed. When I got up in the morning the redness had subsided and the acne was practically gone. One more application before bed clinched it.I’m 61-years-old, so this is later stage acne. For mt, this product did an amazing job. It has a pleasant, fresh aroma and, unlike creams. leaves no cakey white spot where the product has benn applied.

Jerry Buxton, ME

Very nice, but it smells weird and reacts with other products

While this is much stronger than other salicylic acid products I’ve tried, it smells really, REALLY funky. It also reacts weirdly with any other products I use, like moisturizer or the Persa-Gel – the other product sort of pills up and rubs off really strangely.

Emma Truth Or Consequences, NM

Really makes a difference! (But for red pimples only.)

Usually when I’m using an acne treatment, I’m kind of blindly hoping that it’s doing something without really seeing any distinctly noticeable results. However, this spot treatment made a difference that I could immediately see. It really worked to help individual blemishes disappear faster, a little bit at least.However, when I don’t recommend using this for deep/cystic acne. When I have tried it on large, deep, flesh colored acne blemishes, it seems to cause them to become more irritated and painful. I don’t know why this is, but I’ve noticed it several times so will not be using it on those blemishes again. It appears that maybe it is causing those blemishes to “come to a head” when they normally wouldn’t, which I suppose has it’s benefits and might ultimately help them to go away faster. But it made they area so painful that it just wasn’t worth it.Also, it doesn’t seem to help red blemishes that already have a white head. I recommend this product mostly for plain red bumps, and maybe blackheads.It has an interesting wine-like fragrance.

Sheena Granville, WV


MATIFYING is NOT CHEAP! Most “matifyers” are $10-$30 for a tiny amount. THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT! and SO CHEAP! For men with OILY SKIN, this product will keep you looking fresh without the worry of looking like a walking oil spill…truly I KNOW! Fragrance is very generic and NOT feminine and a LITTLE goes a LONG way…the cream cleanser is also great…combined, you’ll see a HUGE difference in your sebum/oil production.

Lynette Malone, WA


omg. i love this product so much, and it really works as well. the thing this product has that most acne products dont have is that it smells good for once. reallly happy about this product and worth your money.

Agnes Meredith, NH


It worked really well at first, making pimples disappear in 2-3 days. Now, it either works in 5-7 days, or does nothing. Note: It makes applied area shiny

Lavonne Eatontown, NJ

Not as powerful as you’d probably like

This stuff does an okay job of clearing up your skin but it takes a few days. It’s not a one-time-use miracle cream. (see: Benzoyl Peroxide) and it smells AWFUL. I get self conscious whenever I wear the stuff because I’m afraid someone might be able to smell it on me, that’s how bad it is.I’d say this is good for if you’re skin is starting to flare up and you’re going to be spending the day at home and want to treat it.

Joanne Sundown, TX

Cleans and polishes

It really cleans your face without leaving residue. I was seeing improvement after just one week of routine use. My face looked less dull. It didn’t dry out my skin like other clensers have, so if I didn’t moisturize after, it was okay. Alas, it was confiscated at the airport because of the size. I dound this at a local store and I still use it.

Kara Rock Point, MD