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Classic Cotton Balls

Classic Cotton Balls (100 Jumbo Size)

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  • Classic Cotton Balls (100 Jumbo Size)

Honest reviews


Good Product

You can’t go wrong with genuine "cotton" balls for softness and durability. I especially like them for removing eye makeup with a good/gentle makeup remover.

Lucia Shiocton, WI

Just good ole cotton balls!

Its a bag full of cotton balls, good price, good quality, no complaints. its just exactly what i needed and what i expect for a bag of cotton balls

Carolina Dexter, MO

Small and expensive

One of the things I actually liked about these cotton balls is they are small (usually I tear the big ones in half.) But as you can see they are supposed to be jumbo! Also four times the price of instore….

Rocio Cannelburg, IN

they’re okay

they’re very dense. Not really jumbo like the description says, more like regular. other than that they do the job. I think i’ll go for the namebrand next time

Linda Arcadia, IA

Misleading Title — Small balls!

If you’re expecting jumbo cotton balls to come in the mail, you’ll be very disappointed. These cotton balls are tiny! About the size of a medium grape or large raspberry! Otherwise they’re fine, but I like the BIG balls for removing nail polish and eye makeup.

Michell Clark, NJ

Very useful

Good deal, always use cotton balls and this bag is plenty, got it as an add-on so an even better deal!

Malinda Port Deposit, MD