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clarisonic Skin Care Mia 2 Sonic Skin Acne Clarifying Cleansing Collection

Pairing the power of clarisonic’s patented sonic technology with our acne cleansing brush head and acne daily clarifying cleanser, this collection simplifies and improves the cleansing process. In one easy step that’s safe and gentle enough for use twice daily, you can remove dirt, oil and impurities more thoroughly and begin to treat acne blemishes.

Key features

  • Two speeds with one minute pulsing T-timer
  • Cleanses 6 times better than with your hands alone in just 60 seconds
  • Acne cleansing brush removes dirt, oil and impurities more thoroughly and begin to treat acne blemishes
  • Includes Universal pLink Charger, Acne Cleansing brush head, Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser 3.4oz.
  • Includes protective travel case

Honest reviews


Love my Clarisonic Acne kit

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Mia 2 Acne Clarifying collection on Amazon; I was a little concerned that the product may be a fake from reading other reviews about Clarisonic products but the package I received was authentic. I saved at least 30$ over what other beauty stores are charging for this kit. I don’t have acne per se but do suffer from clogged pores and congestion, and their Acne Cleanser really does the trick for refining and clearing pores. The storage case is pretty useless; I just keep the brush head cap on when not in use and instad purchased the Clarisonic barrel bag to store the kit. I loved the acne cleanser provided and have already purchased a full-sized tube (the scent is rather offputting but it strikes the perfect balance of exfoliation and moisturization so I plan on continuing to use it)

Carolyn Carmen, OK

It’s ok – would not buy it again though

Got this with hopes it would help with my cystic acne on the chin. I’m 46 year old woman. The acne is driven by hormones. Was hoping this would help, but it doesn’t. The cleanser is nice. The device works fine. But, don’t expect any miracles. Turns out using an antibiotic and Finacea gel (rx) are the only solutions that clear me up.

Bobbi Pahokee, FL

Great Product

I love my Mia2! This has helped clear up my skin and I will never use another product! It is strong enough to clean my pores but not too harsh on the skin.

Katina Haskell, TX

It’s not some magical panacea, but I really like it!

I have really enjoyed using my Mia 2 with the acne brush and sometimes the deep pore brush (haven’t tried any others yet). I have been using it for about 6 months now. I use it once (or sometimes twice) almost every day, but I do skip a day or two if my skin is extra irritated. I struggle with moderate acne and that’s what made me purchase this. It hasn’t cleared up my acne in any noticeable way, neither the red pimples nor the blackheads. However, it definitely makes my skin look and feel better overall. My skin is softer, smoother, and brighter.I love that this brush exfoliates effectively yet GENTLY. I used to use harsh grainy scrubs on my face to exfoliate and I thought it was okay and necessary for acne-prone skin. But since I started using this brush, I can’t stand those harsh scrubs anymore and I’m a lot more aware of how they really damage and scratch your skin. This is the way to go! It exfoliates just enough to clean your face thoroughly without scratching or scraping. My skin looks better and feels more comfortable.I usually have to charge the unit about every week or so, sometimes not even that, depending on how often I’m using it. I don’t always use it on my body, but sometimes I do (using a separate brush as instructed) and when I do this I may have to charge it more often. When I first got it I was using it twice a day plus a few uses for body, and I was charging it every six days. (Since then I decided once a day was enough.) Anyway, it’s nice for traveling because even though I usually do take the charger along, I don’t have to stress much about keeping it charged!I always use the battery up until it stops working before recharging. This is a pain if I forget to charge or if I don’t notice that it ran out, but it’s not the end of the world- I’d rather protect the battery life!

Martha Athens, ME

Good value

Good value.

Anastasia Glenwood, MN

you won’t regret it~

Love it!!!It’s an investment that I haven’t regret. Got this for two months and love itttI use it to remove my face makeup every night, cleans your face like no other.Would’ve gotten the mia but so glad I went with the mia 2.The normal speed setting makes me break out like crazy, probably too drying and too harsh. But with the low setting, it just cleans my pores and makeup in one sitting.This isn’t a magical wand that makes your acne go away just like that. Give it some time and your skin will thank you for itP.S. I have extremely sensitive skin

Virgie Noxen, PA

Just buy it–amazing

I will never go back to washing my face without this. Even with all of the holiday sales, Amazon still has the best prices.

Helen West Millbury, MA

From an acne and rosacea sufferer in her late 30’s…

I have been reading reviews for the Clairsonic for quite a long time. I finally broke down because my face has broke out in the worst fashion, I just became fed up and bought it at Nordstroms on my recent trip to Utah, so I’ve had it for a few days. After using it for 2 days with the accompanying cleanser I have noticed my face looks much clearer, my acne and rosacea has reduced and my skin looks and feels softer. I also notice that my moisturizer seems to really get into my skin and not just sitting on top of it. I useBabor Pure Day Creamwhich is not inexpensive and I was on the verge of getting rid of it because I felt it was not working. I was a huge skeptic at first now I am a believer and convert. I love that the brush is so soft because my skin has a tendency to be sensitive, specifically on my cheeks. I like that the Clairsonic will automatically stop after 1 minute and the pause feature that lets you know when to move to a different area on your face. I am very pleased with this product.

Aida Elkhart, TX

my skin is smoother

This seems to work; after a few months my skin is definitely more smooth and glowing. I am no longer struggling with dead / dry skin flakes clogging my pores.

Ida Plainfield, GA