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Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head Twin Pack for Acne Cleansing

Two Acne Cleansing replacement brush heads in one box. Acne cleansing replacement brush head for any clarisonic system. Extra-plush bristle gradation helps to provide ultra-gentle cleansing for sensitive and acne-prone skin. All brush heads are precision-designed to oscillate bi-directionally at a sonic frequency

Key features

  • Safe for use on acne-prone skin
  • Helps removes impurities, reduces oily areas
  • Minimizes the appearance of visible pores
  • Improves absorption of creams and serums
  • Gentle for sensitive skin

Honest reviews


NO happy!


Dawn Hesperus, CO

Clarisonic can’t be beat

I know there are a lot of imitation face brushes out there now. Many are cheaper, and may do a good basic job. However, these brushes and my clarisonic pro really gave me new skin. I have had bad skin since puberty (im 30+) and since using this system along with Philo. Purity made simple. I have new skin.

Freida Thorsby, AL


Product works great! After about 2-3 weeks I started to get compliments from everybody! I love it! It is worth the money spent!

Wanda Greer, SC

Really cleaned out my pores

I was worried that my skin would be too sensitive for these brushes. I was wrong. You get a deep clean without any irritation. They made my Clarisonic even better!

Gwen Catawissa, MO

Clarisonic is the best!

The Clarisonic does a great job at cleansing and I decided to change heads for a deep pore cleansing. The best idea ever. I will continue to purchase from this seller!Anyone with problem skin you must own a clarisonic.

Maude Bloomington, IN

Clarisonic is fantastic!

Just started using my Clarisonic Mia. LOVE IT! With these brush heads, and the Mia, I could tell a difference in my skin after two days. So much smoother and REALLY CLEAN!! HIGHLY recommend.

Beverley Rapids City, IL

Great for moderate acne

I have been an avid user of the Clarisonic since 2008. Love this thing!! I have moderate hormone related acne with monthly breakouts. I have noticed a decrease in the severity of these breakouts by changing from the sensitive head to the deep pore cleaning brush. I also have a very pale complexion that is naturally prone to redness and have no issues with these brush heads causing redness/irritation.Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope you found it helpful in making a purchase decision.

Fern Wabash, IN

Excellent Brush

This brush is terrific! It says it is for deep poor cleaning but the brush is very soft and gentle and can be used on any type of skin. I love the way my skin feels after using this brush! Of all the Clarisonic brushes, these are my favorite!

Jacqueline Trussville, AL

Squeaky Clean!

This brushes were suggested by my dermatologist and the twin pack is a great deal as they are a little expensive.

Kristen Plymouth, IN

Love these!

This is now the only kind I use in my Clairisonic! I would highly recommend these to anyone! Cant beat Clairisonic, its the BEST!

Gay East Prospect, PA

Way too harsh for my skin

I should have taken other reviewer’s words on this brush head. It is way to rough for my skin. I feel like my skin is going spastic right now. I am experiencing breakouts and dryness. I have big old under the skin blemishes that are painful and my face has been more red than usual. With the brush head that came with my Clarisonic (the sensitive, I think) I didn’t experience any of this. My skin just felt clean after using that brush. Do not buy this if you have even remotely sensitive or acne prone skin. It isn’t worth the breakouts.

Lola Lafayette, TN

Okay, but a little fishy

These definitely don’t seem like totally normal Clarisonic brush heads. The packaging is normal, but slightly battered. The brush seems normal but the color is slightly off and the bristles seem a little different somehow. I don’t know if maybe these are from an older batch or something? Anyway, I guess they’ll do for now, but next time I will probably order directly from the Clarisonic website to make sure what I’m getting is authentic. I’m just concerned that a lower quality brush won’t be as beneficial to the skin.

Renee Brodhead, KY

Good replacement brushes

What can you say. They are Clarisonic product. They work well and last long. Hard to tell the difference in gentle, acne, body etc. they all seem to be close in texture. That said the price is great. If you need replacements buy them.

Myra Berwind, WV

My favorite replacement heads

Clarisonic is a premium product and I have found all of the brush heads to be good. I generally choose the replacement heads based on price, but I do believe that I like this one the best. It seems to be a good balance between soft and stiff that gets the job done.

Justine Bellamy, VA

Clairsonic replacement heads.

After a year I had to purchase a new head for the clairsonic brush. They arrived so quick I was surprised and cheaper than on their site. Even tho they are their brush heads.

Anne Springtown, TX


At first I was pretty excited to order these heads because I thought they were a great deal. However, when I received them I noticed that something wasn’t right with them. The heads that I received were too fluffy and not rigid enough. A lot of the strands were also out of place. I compared it to the one I had previously purchased from ULTA and noticed that it wasn’t an authentic Clarisonic brush. Just to be sure, I also went back to ULTA to compare it to others in the box and noticed the same dissimilarities. All in all, the brush is too soft for it to deep clean the way it is supposed to. These brushes are NOT the clarisonic brand, and do NOT perform the same way. I won’t be buying these online again.This really should be considered false advertising- I could see it saying Clarisonic compatible, however it’s deceiving any other way.

Neva Prattsburgh, NY

A little rough on my skin and I think it made me break out a little more

I have really sensitive skin and I have been using the sensitive brush heads and love them, so I thought I would like these. They are a little to rough for me and I felt like I broke out more with them.

Sheila Homer, IL

Great product-Great price

The items arrived on time and were authentic. I almost couldn’t believe what a good deal I received until I was shopping at a major retailer and saw the price of the brush heads. I returned home and inspected them to make sure they were authentic. By all reasonable means, they appear to be. I would shop with this seller again.

Marsha Westborough, MA

Just wish I’d bought one of these sooner.

These brush heads are softer than I expected (softer than the sensitive skin ones, I think). I don’t notice a big difference between which brush head I use, as long as I use the Mia.

Ginger South Byron, NY

like it

love the pricing of the 2 cleaning heads, the packing came a little torn up and looked used. but the brushes looked and work great

Estela Saint George, SC

Amazing, must-have brush heads for Clarisonic!

I was not expecting much from the acne brush heads when I ordered them as replacements for my Mia 2 Clarisonic. These brushes are so much better than the standard one! They thoroughly deep clean my face. A very powerful scrubbing action! Totally worth the money- great deal!

Ollie Stillwater, NJ

Good Product

Great for sensitive skin and for acne prone skin. it does not grate at my face and leaves me feeling refreshed!!! Be sure to soak the brush in alcohol every month to get rid of any bacteria in the brush!

Stefanie Cleveland, NM

Sensitive skin no Problem

I have Acne Prone Skin and Sensitive skin i spend 5-6 days a week in front of Lights and cameras with tons of Make up on not good for acne prone skin these brush heads work to clean my skin without making acne worse and sensitivy flare up

Sybil Elyria, NE

Pretty good product but too pricey

I was hoping for a firmer brush head. I thought they were too soft but then again, if they’re for acne-prone skin I guess they should be soft. I’ve gotten used to them, but when I first started using them it didn’t feel as if my skin was getting as clean as it did when I used the normal/original brush head. I also think that the price to replace these brush heads is ridiculous if you go with Clarisonics brand and recommendation to replace every 3 months. I’ll most likely order the deep pore cleansing brush heads but in the generic form next time.

Lorena Shartlesville, PA


I love my Clarisonic cleaner and this was a great price for two heads. I would order these again whenever I need them.

Adela Shoreham, VT

Does Not Fit

The brushes I received do not fit into my Clarisonic. I don’t think there is much more to say.Not Recommended. prisrob 06-04-13

Stacey Rowe, VA

Works well, but are showing some wear

I love my clarisonic and take very good care of the brushes. I remove them every time I use them and allow them to dry overnight. I use my clarisonic once a week and my skin stays very soft and smooth. This product does not reduce pore size, but it does keep my pores so clean that they are invisible. The directions say these brushes are gentle enough to use daily but I haven’t needed to use my clarisonic that often.I purchased these heads to replace the one I had. After just a few uses, the brush is showing some wear, it still works but I can see the bristles are slightly bent. My other brushes lasted much longer.

Frances Barneveld, NY

What Can I say

Clarisonic is great in anything they make. Stick with the best that works and this is one of them to add to their line

Bobby Longlake, SD

love these

i don’t know if they are clarisonic original items or not but they work just as well. i love these brushes

Ilene Weston, PA

I love the deep pore best

I use my clarisonic daily and I think the DEEP PORE works better than the normal or soft brush head. I will not buy the other brush heads anymore. Also you can’t always find the deep pore so thank GOD FOR amazon.

Deirdre Gillett, WI