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Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser for Normal/Oily Skin – 6.0 oz

Clarisonic® Skin Care System Nourishing Care Cleanser Normal/Dry Skin Luxurious Hydrating Cream Soothes and Protects Green Tea (Antioxidant), Shea Butter, Vitamin B5 Paraben free A pH-balanced creamy antioxidant cleanser to nourish and protect. Scientifically formulated by Robb Akridge, PhD to leave skin feeling and looking smoother when used with the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush. Made in USA

Key features

  • Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser
  • 6.0 oz

Honest reviews


WHOOOAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 updated…

UPDATE: I am super disappointed because they changed the formula- I’m not sure why but it is no longer the same. The new one DOES NOT WORK the same at all. I’m so sad because I had finally found something that worked for my skin…the new formula may work for you, but it doesn’t for me. The search continues…Whoa!!!!! WHAT IS THE MAGIC INGREDIENT!!?!?!I have no idea what they put in this, BUT IT WORKS.I have tried SO many face washes- from very high end organic ones to chemical-laden proactive. I tend to use pure, organic, and chemical free face washes most often though. I’ve tried probably at least 20 different kinds and they all have been just so-so. Nothing has cleared up my skin.I also have an organic, nutrient dense, gluten/dairy/sugar free diet and am very healthy- but my skin constantly breaks out- not horrible acne, but still enough to require cover up and to leave red scars that linger for months and months.I finally decided to invest in a Clarisonic Mia. When I got the Mia there was a sample of this face wash- so I decided to use it with the Mia. My skin looked DRASTICALLY different immediately. I was shocked and attributed it to the Mia, thinking that wow- what everyone says about the mia is true!!!!I went outside with hardly any make up for the first time in FOREVER.Well, I ran out of the sample of the face wash but didn’t think anything of it, and went back to using another face wash with the Mia. My skin suddenly went back to looking like CRAP!So, I went and bought a container of this face wash and sure enough, my skin looks AMAZING. What I love about this is that when I first started using it I had active blemishes and overnight they were reduced with no dry skin. Also, this has DRASTICALLY lessened my red marks.I am going to keep using this and hope it continues to work. All I know is I am SO excited, because like I said, I’ve spent 1000s on facial products and nothing has changed my skin except for this!

Billie Scott, AR

Pairs well with the Clarisonic

When I bought the Clarisonic, I had heard that a lot of users had troubles with the cleansers. As someone with sensitive skin, I expected to use my own cleanser with this, but I tried it to see how it went. I loved it! It seems like this is made to go with the Clarisonic, and I did not have any issues with breaking out (which I fully expected) or other problems. I only use this and the Clarisonic once per day (evenings), but I love it and will continue to pair them together.

Kathrine Danville, WA

Simply the BEST

I received the mia 2 for Christmas & it came with a sample size of this product. I have normal to oily skin that is prone to breakouts during pms. My pores are also large & get blackheads easily. After just 2 uses my skin feels clean & soft & my pores are already smaller looking! Other washes have made my skin dry out so bad that it flakes. It’s pricy compared to stuff I have used in the past, but worth it to have amazing soft skin! I’m going to get another attachment so I can do my hubby’s face too : )

Lizzie Galva, KS

The Best

I keep trying to switch to some regular ole cleanser to use with my Clarisonic, but nothing is as good as this. So, I give up. You win, Refreshing Gel Cleanser. I will use you forever.

Rochelle Lafayette, MN

Nice face wash

I bought this based on other reviews and have to say I’m very happy with this product. The smell is incredible and my face feels very clean after I use it.

Katelyn Mc Louth, KS

Probably better for younger skin

I really like this product to use with my Clarisonic, but I understand that the creamy product they sell would probably be better for my aging skin. However, I like this, it works well, rinses off well, and leaves my skin feeling great – then I apply moisturizer and am ready for the day.

Paige Sunnyvale, TX