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Clarisonic Pro For Face and Body 4 Speeds – White

Clarisonic Pro Sonic Cleansing System is a professional-caliber brush that uses gentle sonic micro-message action to helps keep your skin looking young, vibrant and healthy. Clarisonic gently removes embedded dirt and oil, resulting in healthier, more beautiful skin. 6x more makeup removal. Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, including sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. It cleanses so well, that products absorb better, pores appear smaller, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced and your skin tone and texture improves. The Clarisonic Body Brush Head gently care the areas of the body needing extra attention including the decollette, hands, arms, elbow and feet.

Key features

  • Three speeds for the face and a fourth speed for the body needing special attention
  • Reduces the appearance of oily areas, dry skin patches, blemishes and the appearance of visible pores
  • Gentle exfoliation increases skin firmness and skin brightness
  • Waterproof
  • Includes Sensitive brush and three trial size cleansers for the face. Body brush and refining skin polish for the body

Honest reviews


A Skincare Must!

This is one of those products that you have to try to really believe. I work as a typist and don’t make a lot of money, where my pay varies on how much work I do vs. hourly/salary. As a result, I tend to take my purchases, big or small, very seriously. While this certainly made a dent in my bank account, I definitely feel that it was well worth it. In fact, I keep bragging about it to everyone.I purchased this off a home shopping channel site, which seemed to offer a little bit more for a fair price (more brush heads, full-sized products and samples). Plus, the payment plan option sold me in the long run.I’ve had the Clarisonic Plus system for about a month now. I noticed pretty big results, even just in the first week, seeing my crater-sized pores reduce to near-nothingness and now noticing that the worry line along my forehead is going away, as well as the ones along my mouth. Mostly I’ve seen a huge improvement on the softness of my skin and the bad acne completely vanishing. I couldn’t be more thrilled!I also am prone to blackheads along the nose, but with the help of Biore strips (which don’t always do so well on their own), they’re almost gone. In fact, I hadn’t used strips in several months, but did so after a few days of using the Clarisonic, and hardly anything was left on the strip. It’s not perfect for it, but it certainly helps. The crepe-looking skin along my neck is also much better, and I’m noticing a huge difference in the texture that I never realized was an issue before.The soaps are pretty average, but are holding me over until I can afford the brand that I usually prefer (Bliss – Youth as We Know It). I admit that I’ve not been using much else than toner and a cheap moisturize until I can afford the rest, yet I’m still seeing fantastic results in what was once seriously ravaged and neglected skin. Even my partner, who hardly washes his face or even that well, has been saying he might use it and has been noticing a difference in my skin. I plan to get him one of his own for Xmas. This baby’s mine!I would recommend doing your own research to determine the right Clarisonic model for yourself, but I am more than happy that I got the Plus, even though I tend to a Gadget Geek, normally preferring top-of-line models, like the Pro. I absolutely love the body brush as well, and it’s really helped with the dry patches left behind by dermatitis issues, hard water and dry weather. It’s also great for pedicures, too. If you use anti-aging products, like Alpha Hydroxy, and are seeing flakiness, then I noticed altering how much I put it on also helped. However, you may need to exfoliate once a week or so, especially if you have a lot of dead skin built up.If you’re not seeing results or suffering from drier skin, etc., then try switching brush heads, soaps, or alter how many times a day that you use it. I started off with normal, twice a day, but have since moved to sensitive twice a day on a lower speed in the morning and higher one at night, depending on what my activities are or how hormones are fairing. This is also great for those who struggle with exfoliating regularly or sticking to a regimen, especially teens, since it feels good to do and it’s almost fun. Addicting, even!You can find comparison charts on the Clarisonic website, but in short the differences are mainly as follows:The Mia** Smaller-sized and good for traveling** 1 speed: normal** 1-year warranty (website)The Classic** 2 speeds: low and normal** 30-minute rechargeable battery life** 2-year warranty (website)The Plus** 3 speeds: low, medium and normal (for face)** Body Mode (when body brush is attached): normal and pulse** 30-minute rechargeable battery life w/ face brushes; 20-minute life w/ body brush** 2-year warranty (website)** Separate control buttons to control power and speedsThe Professional/PRO** 4 speeds: low, normal, high and professional (for face)** Body Mode (when body brush is attached): normal and pulse** 30-minute rechargeable battery life w/ face brushes; 20-minute life w/ body brush** 2-year warranty (website)** Separate control buttons to control power and speedsNote: I’m not sure how the warranty works with Amazon, so you may want to check up on this.Body Brush vs. Face BrushesThe difference is that the face brushes are set on a timer (20 seconds on forehead/nose, 20 seconds on chin/jaw, 10 seconds on each cheek), which pauses during the process in order to let you know when to move elsewhere, and then it stops once it’s done. When you attach the body brush, you can set it on normal speed or pulse, but you won’t have it stopping on a timer so soon, like you would with the face brushes.It is possible to use the face brushes (Classic/Mia), but rather annoying if you’re trying to buff your entire body. However, the body brush does seem to pause every 5 minutes, possibly as a reminder of time or to move elsewhere. I’m nearly 6ft tall and do my entire body, yet still have plenty of juice to do my face without any problems. The 20-minute recharge bit is more than generous, as I usually can do it in about ten.Water SplatteringWhen researching reviews, I saw a few people commenting on how you would get splattered by water if you tried to watch what you were doing while cleaning your face. This happened to me, but I learned that as you wet the brush to tip it a little and allow the excess water to drain into the sink, then apply your soap and wash your face. This seems to lessen any splattering quite significantly.I’ve tried hoards of skincare products in the past and I even worked as a beauty consultant, but I couldn’t be more pleased with this product, nor can I rave enough about it. It’s probably one of the best purchases that I’ve made in a long while and I wholly recommend it to men, women and teens.Edited to Add – Month Two: I noticed my skin, while almost acne-free, still had little bumps that I couldn’t get rid of and would vary too much from oily to dry, depending on the weather. I ended up switching soaps again from the Bliss to Burt’s Bees Orange Cleanser (which smells like heaven, but may not be good for typically oily skin) and my toner. My skin looks fantastic now! Thrilled! The mini wrinkles are almost impossible to detect without seriously looking, and I’m noticing old acne scars disappearing, too (probably with the aid of other products, mind).So, for those who use natural, chem-free soaps, the Clarisonic works great with the brushes, though I try to make sure it’s truly clean when I’m done. I also let it soak in a vinegar/baking soda solution once to twice a week, which really helps to remove oils/bacteria, and may not be a bad idea for any soaps used. Just make sure you rinse well.

Lottie Holyrood, KS

Let’s just say… I don’t take quick showers anymore!! Taking care of my skin is a life-long investment.

PROS+ Easy to use, easy to handle, not heavy. Clarisonic is like a mechanical toothbrush.+ There are two buttons, one to turn it on/off, and the other is good for the speeds. For the “Pro” Model, there are 3 speeds for the faces, and 2 speeds for the body.+ 60-Second timer for your face, which is plenty of time to fully remove make up, so my white towels stay white when drying off. I can no longer be lazy to wash my make up off before going to bed. I can see that my pores are clean and it feels like my facial products, like moisturizers, can work more effectively now.+ 3-Minute timer for your body, so I will focus on one part of the body each day, or use it multiple times in one long shower. I hate scrubbing my body with a loofah sponge or a face towel. Let’s just say… I don’t take quick showers anymore!!+ Clarisonic claims that the battery life is good for 30 minutes (or washing twice a day = 2 weeks). I found it lasted a few days when washing the face twice per day plus a few times for my body, which did not last during my 1-week vacation, so I was out of luck for a few days since I did not bring my charger.+ Comes with plastic covers/caps, one for the facial brush head and another one for the spot body brush head, which are handy when traveling or trying to dry the brush heads. By the way, buying replacement brush heads usually include a new plastic cover/cap.+ Battery life indicator (4 green dots) is on the back of the handle.+ The brush heads are easy to rotate, remove, clean and replace. The brush heads are supposed to last 3-4 months, but I have only had it since February. After I clean off my foundation make up, I rinse the brush head, wash it for a few seconds with hand soap, and then leave it out to dry. By the way, the brush heads can be found for $20 nowadays (save $5 off retail price).+ Waterproof so it can be used in and out of the shower.CONS (or room for improvement)- The power cord is permanently connected to the docking station (charging base), so it’s not easy to wrap up for traveling.- Does not come with a travel bag, but there is a Spot Therapy Kit on sale for $50, which includes the Spot body brush head, exfoliating Clarisonic Body Polish (6 oz, full size), and a travel bag.- The brush head does not seem to dry overnight, so make sure to tilt or face it down to drain the water. I suggest removing the brush head once in awhile to get any trapped dirty water out.- I don’t always leave it in the docking station because a tiny bit of water collects at the bottom even though there is a small hole for draining.- The retail price of $225 is pricey, so I bought my first one on eBay which included extra brush heads, but now Amazon is offering it at a competitive price, so I plan on buying a second one to keep at my boyfriend’s place. Please note that Clarisonic sells the “Plus” version, which is 3-speeds, since the “Pro” version with 4-speeds is supposed to be used by professional. But can you really put a price on your skin?? Consider this a life-long investment. Maintenance is much cheaper in the long run and much less painful than face lifts and botox. I still get monthly facials, but the Clarisonic is an effective tool for everyday use, like a mini facial in the privacy of my own home.- The size of the docking station for travel purposes.Overall, I love my Clarisonic brush and definitely recommend it to friends and family!

Angelica Chewsville, MD

Why can’t I just get another head for my sonic toothbrush?

I couldn’t resist this because all I needed was to read ‘smaller pores….’After a few weeks, the pores do appear smaller, but (YIKES!) there are now wrinkles where I never noticed them before!That being said, I’ll now explain that a clean pore is less noticable than a clogged one. My pore size is the same, but they are indeed less noticable. And the wrinkles….well, lets chalk that up to my new Clairsonic-induced need to peer into a magnifying mirror. Only the bravest of women should dare own a magnifying mirror. I suspect that the fine little laugh lines are partly more prominent due to the dry skin from the excellent exfoliation this gadget delivers. I can’t say this strongly enough…invest in a good cream to apply after each cleansing! I didn’t care much for the products that come with the unit. LOVE the fact that it can be used in the shower. It also held a charge for a few days, making it fine for weekends away.If the price is a bit daunting, I suggest the 3-speed model. To be honest, I wish I had gone that route, as 4 speeds are overkill. Truth be told, I wish they just made an attatchment for our sonic toothbrushes, the technology is about the same!So, all in all, this is a terrific item if you have the type of skin that needs deep cleaning, and/or you wear a lot of foundation. It will scrub every bit of makeup off. Otherwise, just get a nice exfoliant like Philosophy’s Microdelivery.

Bonita Cleveland, TN

Great but expensive!

This product removes my make up completely. When I apply my toner afterward, there is no make up residue on the the cotton pad. This has also helped reduce my blackheads, and I don’t break out as much since I’ve been using my Clarisonic. I was using the sensitive brush head, but I’m now using the delicate brush head which is supposed to be even gentler. I aslo like that there is a timer to let you know when to move on to a different area of your face. I do find it annoying though that it automatically shuts off after one minute though.I regret buying this model and not the Mia. I could’ve bought the Mia and used the normal brush head on my body. You do not have to buy this model if you want to use it on your body. Clarisonic themselves even suggest that the normal brush head can be used below the neck on their brush head manual. Although I may have had to contend with it shutting off automatically after each minute. With this model, when I put on the brush head for the body, the Clarisonic does not automatically shut off after a minute like it does with the facial brushes.I also purchased my Clarisonic at Sephora, that way, the warranty was guaranteed.Bottom line: Don’t feel like you have to purchase this item to take care of your skin. If you can afford it, that’s great. If not, your skin will not suffer. You can also use a washcloth to wash and exfoliate your face and body. Although I have no complaints about the Clarisonic other than the expensive price tag and expensive replacement brush heads, I will not be purchasing this product again. Furthermore, if you have extremely sensitive skin, this product may hurt your skin more than it helps. Sensitive skin types should proceed with caution or consult their dermatologists first before making such an expensive purchase.

Sheila Prattsburgh, NY

Clarisonic Pro For Face and Body 4 Speeds – White

No receipt came with the order, although it arrived in a reasonable amount of time. There’s a warning you can’t return it without a receipt, so that should arrive with a product & that is a first not receiving an invoice/receipt with an order. That’s part of why there’s a 4 star rating given. The other part of why is, it is a good product, but you get the feeling that even a better level can be obtained in a stronger, durable, lasting, facial machine. Facials just feel good, & I know they can feel even better. As for the product, I was glad to get it in the mail & experienced facial relief at first for the first nice facial. I use a really neat powdered clay product that give the best result of any facials I do with other nice products. ZeoForce is one of the neatest internal detoxifying powdered clays, but when used as a facial after wetting the brush of the Clarisonic, there is a very refined noticeable nice affect on your face/neck. I wish there were larger facial brushes sold though, the size given & sold is good, but it’d be nice to have a facial brush the size of the body brush. Sometimes the Clarisonic feels like a nice facial massage, but needs to cover a larger facial/neck area. I’m not sure if the Clarisonic supports enough power to affect a larger area of your face for a purposeful facial massage or not, but that kind of a machine would be nice.

Tabatha Virginia, MN

Only had it for a week, but so far, so good.

So far, I like my Clarisonic Pro. I’ve only had it for a week,. Although it’s still a bit of a wait-n-see deal with me, I have cautious optimism. I’ve always had highly-sensitive skin. Now, as an adult, I’m dealing with eczema and adult acne. Dermatologist haven’t been able to do much for my skin, even after spending money on medicinal creams.The beauty counter has usually been a bust for me. I’ve used highly-advertised products like Neutrogena’s facial brush (with the disposable soap pads). After less than a week, my skin broke out terribly, and skin reddened after every use. Plus my face didn’t necessarily feel clean after the Neutrogena brush, so I stopped using it.I heard a lot of word-of-mouth on YouTube about the Clarisonic. I wanted to try it, when I found out how much it cost… I almost turned and ran. But, then I thought I’ve spent $100s on dermatologists, so it wouldn’t hurt (if it worked.) So far, I’m pleased with the results after less than a week.When it starts, there’s a cute little “beep-beep-beep” to know it’s about to begin. The device alerts you when you have to change sections to start cleaning the next section. The Clarisonic is water-resistant so you can use it in the shower. The brushes feel light against the skin… I’ve been tempted to press hard for a massage (but I’ve read anecdotal advice that if you massage your face too hard, it breaks down the tissues and can cause premature aging.)I’ve also been using the facial cleaners from the spot therapy kit that came with the book. The place where I bought it from (on Amazon) was nice enough to include a complimentary Skin Polisher (large size) with it. I’m planning to switch to all natural products soon, though, rich in Vitamin E.So far, I’m pleased with the results. My face feels clean, and it’s the softest its been in ages. This is miraculous, for me. I wash my skin twice a day, and never get the squeaky-clean feeling I do, except when using a Clarisonic — even when following with the handy cotton ball wet with toners or astringents. The reddened eczema areas around my nose (which always look red and irritated) have also healed: this after less than a week’s worth of use.When using, I make sure to wash my face first, then follow with the Clarisonic Brush. After use, I also take the time to clean my Clarisonic brush(and even my Phillip’s Sonic Pro Toothbrush) with a little soap and rinses it. I do this to kill any bacteria collecting in the brushes. I am going to change the brush head at the recommended time too (Hopes this tip helps those who have acne, like myself.)I’ve only given it three stars so far, but if it continues to perform, my rating will raise. If there are any changes in my satisfaction with this product, I will add it.Update: It’s been two months since I got my Clarisonic. I use it twice daily, and my rating has bumped up to four stars. It’s much better than any other skincare brushes I’ve used in the past. My delicate skin has cleared up a great deal, but I still have the occasional pimple here and there. My acne has cleared up by 85 percent (crosses fingers hoping this stays the same ;). My eczema has cleared by 80 percent (minus one problem right eyebrow that’s slowly clearing.) My problem red areas (my mouth and nose) have completely healed. My acne scars haven’t diminished that much, but the Clarisonic can’t do it all. The Clarisonic has four speeds. I’ve switched to the lowest speed possible and use it lightly & avoid pressing it too hard into my skin to avoid wrinkling and breaking down the facial muscles too much.

Michaela Dunnigan, CA

Good product for some; makes botox degrade more quickly

This is a good product (overpriced in my opinion) for many people and does clean the skin well, if you’re careful and don’t overuse.However, If any of you get Botox injections (between eyebrows for example), and you use it in the same area often, your botox effects will NOT last long. I am saying as this happened to me — I couldn’t figure out why my botox injections weren’t lasting as before and figured this was the reason. You might want to use a peel or something in those areas and not use your device there. Just an FYI to any other mature folks out there like me who may indulge in the freeze or the fill here and there!

Brittany Manset, ME

Your skin will love this !!!

Ok first off I admit I am a gadget and product freak. I have been using the Clarisonic for about a month now and I can not believe the difference it has made in my skin.I mean HUGE difference, where my sister said “what are you doing to your skin it GLOWS” !! I am also using the Resurgence Skin care line and will say after using the cleanser and the Clarisonic my skin feels and looks fantastic. I had a little bit of redness and breakouts at first ( and this was only on my cheeks) which concerned me as I did not have breakouts even as a teenager, and thought it might be the Resurgence- but called them and they recommended I try it for at least 30 days to let my skin get used to the new products I am so glad I did!!I grew up on the beach in the days of face baking and at 50 was starting to see some sun damage, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, white heads, blackheads (yuk) etc etc etc. The fine lines are gone and my skin is tight and smooth and a light foundation goes on flawlessly. (Yeaaaa!!)I loved the Skin Polish that came with the kit but was so-so on the cleaners…It was a little pricey but after reading the reviews of the other brushes that rusted. I am so glad I got this. You will not be disappointed. Let’s face it girls when we look good we FEEL good. ; )

Rachel Coldiron, KY

Drink this Koolaid – your skin will thank you for it!

I truly love this product. In fact, I got one for my mom the week after I got my own.When I was first debating over this product, I was on the fence about forking out so much money for it, but after hundreds of rave reviews from users on Sephora, here, and my personal friends, I decided to give it a try.I am SOOO glad I did. This product is really life-changing! It’s everything it’s promised to be and more. After using it just for a day (AM and PM), my skin was glowing and looked noticably healthier.Also, I have noticed that my products have worked better since using Clarisonic!Yes, it is expensive, but if I’m going to spend so much on my skin products (moisturizers, eye creams, exfoliants, anti-aging creams) every year, I want to make sure I get the most of them by having the cleanest skin possible.Everytime I use this, I feel like my skin can breathe (no need to get expensive facials anymore!). I have also noticed my blemishes heal about three times as fast as they did before.

Ivy Meadowlands, MN

I love this brush!

I had thought that the Clarisonic was just a rotating brush and for that it was grossly overpriced, like by $150. I read several testimonial at the dermatologist’s office and was still skeptical but decided to look up the reviews on Amazon, and was surprised- so much so that I ordered one right away. I’m just crazy about that brush! It’s a super cleaner, and you get a pretty great face massage as well. My skin feels cleaner than it ever has when I’m done. I am getting the regular brush, I think the one that came with it is not quite enough for me, but overall I have discovered a really wonderful tool for my skin and can’t recommend it enough.

Janna Kalaupapa, HI

Buy this, your skin will love you.

This is the best thing you will ever purchase for your skin. Really. It seems like a big investment, but it’s really only the cost of a few facials, or trips to the dermatologist. Or think of all the skin care items you have bought, it adds up quickly! I used to spend a lot more money on skin peels, injections for acne, and prescription medicine. Now I only use my clarasonic! I have very dry skin and the clarasonic gently buffs away dry skin and makes my moisturizer absorb much better. Especially in the dry winter (works on flaky chapped winter lips too). I used to use a lot of expensive prescription medicine for my acne, that was also drying. Now that I regularly use clarasonic I rarely use the medicine! My mom and sister also use a clarasonic, we all have different types of skin and it works wonderful for all of us. I have the PLUS version, but my mom has the regular version. If you are only going to use it on your face the regular is just as effective. The only big difference is the PLUS has 3 speeds. I mostly only use the ‘regular’ speed. So if you are hesitant to buy, go with the regular clarasonic. Unless you want to use it on your body too, then the other speeds are nice to have. My dermatologist office suggested the clarasonic, I wish she would of mentioned it a long time ago, it would of saved me time, stress, and money! I highly recommend this product!!! You won’t be disappointed.

Tanisha Mobeetie, TX

Good product

This is my second Clarisonic. I dropped the first three times and it broke. I really missed the greatresults. I’ve always had a good complection with very few breakouts. This is worth having for meBecause it keeps the dead skin sloughed off. It makes your skin feel so soft and smooth. YourFoundation goes on so much nicer and doesn’t cake up any where. I like to take it in the showerSince its waterproof. The charge stays good for quite a long while, so I don’t have to take the chargerwhen I take a short trip. Using this product everyday will increase your skins texture,circulation,andreduces the appearance of pores. I love it!

Angela Hobart, NY

These are a few of my favorite things…

I have been wanting a Clairsonic facial skin care thingamajiggy for about years now and I finally have one. My only regret is not getting it sooner!! For those who don’t know, it works like a ‘sonic’ toothbrush but instead has a much larger, round facial / body brush. Supposedly they say that it cleans your face much more effectively and that serums such as vitamin C is absorbed into the skin much more effectively. I just know that the very first time that I used it, my skin felt SMOOTHER, SOFTER and it literally had that ‘glow’. What I love about it is that even after using various exfoliants on my face, they sometimes are a bit too harsh or at other times, not as effective as I’d like them to be but this Clairsonic gives me the effect of a gentle exfoliator – not too much and not too little and unlike some exfoliators, it’s not at all drying since you are essentially using your own cleansers and this ‘sonic’ cleansing action.I have the Pro Deluxe version which comes with 3 various levels / speeds for the face and 1 for the body. I personally prefer the 2nd setting for my face and decollete area. Although I’ve read both descriptions, I can’t figure out what the real difference is between the Pro Deluxe model and the ______ model. Both seem to have 3 settings for the face and 1 for the body. Both come with a facial brush and a brush for the body (FYI: The body brush is really soft like the facial brush, to me it just seems like it’s bigger but the texture is the same.) My kit did come with a tube of “Skin Polish” to use on the body…basically an exfoliating gel to be used with the Clairsonic but there is no reason why you can’t use your own body polishers / body exfoliators and cleansers.I will say that any downside if there is any is that the Pro Deluxe version is a bit bulky to hold…a really petite woman, young pre-teen or something with arthritic hands would most likely prefer the smaller Mia or Classic versions instead. I knew this going in but opted for this model anyway because of the 4th body ‘polishing’ option. I almost wish for the size of this, I wish there was an option to purchase a larger body brush to use on my body. It makes any skin surface so smooth that I seriously want my whole body this smooth and soft!!! If I travelled a lot, I’d definitely purchase a smaller version to take on the road with me. One REQUEST that I’d love Clairsonic to consider is to make a wall mount charger…this one sits on the counter and has a cord that you plug in…I’d prefer it be stored off of my bathroom counter and on the wall instead. Between an electronic toothbrush, Hydrofloss, facial steamer and now this, my bathroom counter is looking busier than I’d prefer…For those who are wanting a miracle makeover, I can’t say that there really is a such thing out there but I will tell you that I noticed a difference after using it just ONE time. I’m on day #3 now and I swear – I do NOT have the greatest skin (I’m 38…still get some blemishes, I have discolorations and large pores in my T-Zone) and I can tell a SERIOUS difference now. My pores DO LOOK smaller. Make no mistake, I don’t believe that anything can MAKE your pores shrink but I do think that if your skin is cleaner, your pores will of course be cleaner and then appear to be smaller in size. I hope that over time, I see more improvements in my skin. I’ll be sure to post any updates!If I had a list of my absolute favorite things, (material that is! My children, hubby and family come first) this would DEFINITELY be included on my top 10 – MAYBE even top 5 list!! Just maybe…Considering that my water ionizer, car GPS system are my top 2, that’s saying A LOT!!Men out there, PERSONALLY, I think a Clairsonic would make an AWESOME girly gift for that special lady in your life…whether it be your wife, girlfriend, sister or Mom. Without sounding like a commercial, ladies, this item is TOTALLY worth treating yourself for!! Like I said, I only wish that I had it sooner!! Be prepared to add on a few minutes to your morning & night skin care routine.PS- The mfg suggests removing the brush head and cleaning it out once a week…personally I’m reluctant not to do it after every use…I rinse out my handle and each brush and let them air dry to avoid it getting icky.

Blanche Heath, MA

A little underwhelmed

I was really excited to try this product because I absolutely love my Sonicare toothbrush. I’ve had this product for about a month. While I do think it does an excellent job of cleaning my skin, and my skin definitely feels cleaner, I was a little underwhelmed. I did not have any amazing changes in my skin and it’s quite pricey. If I had it to do all over again, I would buy the Clarasonic Mia. You really don’t need more than one speed, it would be more compact, cheaper, and I find I’m not using the body brush anyway.

Cassandra Cut Off, LA

Glad I finally forked over the $$ for this!

I wanted this for a long time before I was finally able and willing to spend the cash to get this brush -I bought it based on all of the great reviews and I’ve not been disappointed. The brush will get your skin VERY clean and really clear out your pores. I don’t mind the sample cleansers that came with the brush but you can use other cleansers and it really will work just as well, may be some trial and error there to find what you like. However, do be mindful of what you put on your skin AFTER you use this brush, since as I mentioned your pores will be pretty open, if you use a moisurizer that is too thick or put make-up on right away, I think you could have a little problem. That having been said, I am sure there are many people who don’t have a problem with that, it probably just depends on your skin and how prone you are to breaking out. In any case, my skin never looks better than after using this brush followed by a good mask and favorite cream, it was worth the money. Oh, but be warned the battery can run out quickly, I make sure to always store it on the charger so I don’t find the battery running out on me when I need it.

Shirley Amherst, WI

A true staple in my beauty routine!

I LOVE THIS! It’s even better than I imagined. I got the Clarisonic Pro from a local Plastic Surgery doctor’s office after receiving a facial. I never even looked into the Clarisonic before because of the price, and thought manual cleansing with my hands would be just as good. It’s not until I talked to the esthetician about it, that it clicked in my mind. She said that it was the same premise as a Sonicare toothbrush (which I have) in that it’s pulsating action is what deep cleans, and not in a harsh way. The brush in the middle does not spin. It’s not even technically a exfoliator. This made perfect sense to me because my dentist has shown me pictures of the state that my gums were in before and after I was using a sonicare toothbrush at home (you just wouldn’t think it would make that big of a difference!). I was sold. So I asked for one for Christmas and have been using it nightly ever since.I have oily skin with large pores, a few active (although small) pimples at a time, and my skin is in no way sensitive. I use Retin-A every other night for just general skin maintenance (tretinion gel 0.025%). As I mentioned, my skin is not sensitive at all, so I was surprised after my first use that the brush felt too abrasive on my skin and I had the tight "clean" feeling after one minute. I knew what the Clarisonic was supposed to feel like because the esthetician had used it on my face before my facial and this seemed too harsh. After reading on makeupalley about different brush heads, I came to the conclusion that a lot of people switch from the "sensitive" brush head that comes with the kit to "delicate," even people that don’t have sensitive skin. I also read great reviews on the "deep pore" brush so I decided to try that one as well. I have not used the "sensitive" brush since.Most nights I use the delicate brush on the low setting for one minute by following the indicating beeps and the results have been amazing (and using Fresh’s Soy Cleanser). My pores are smaller, my face is less oily, and my overall skin health is just… better. I will never be able to go back to hand cleansing. I have traveled with the brush as well and it is sooo easy! Every time I’m done with the brush I rinse it out, then turn it on while applying it to a dry towel which dries it pretty thoroughly, then I put on the little plastic cap and screw the head off (it’s easier with the cap on) and place the handle back in the charger.Do I think that it’s necessary to get the Pro (or the Plus)? Well, I got the highest-end one because I have back acne and want to use the body brush (have not tried it yet). I also wanted the widest range of speeds that is offered. But after actually using it, I don’t see myself going much above the lowest speed, if at all, for my face. If you don’t want the body extension, I would say save your money and go for one of the other versions of the Clarisonic because I think those will work just as well if you’re like me. Also, at stores like Sephora there’s a bigger selection of trial cleansers included with the Clarisonic instead of just Clarisonic brand cleansers (I recently saw a Josie Maran set with a super cute pink travel bag!)CAUTION:Do not use the Clarisonic longer than recommended, especially at first! The second night using it, I kept turning it back on after the automatic shut-off to cleanse longer. The next morning I woke up with two HUGE pimples on my cheek and one on my chin. It was the horrible, big, painful, under-the-skin type. It took forever to resolve itself and I’m still dealing with the pigmentation from it even though the rest of my face looks marvelous :(. Don’t make the same mistake I did, it some how miraculously cleans out your pores in just that one minute. This was the only negative side effect I’ve had, and I did it to myself.NOTE ON OCM:I have also done the oil-cleansing method using the Clarisonic and I like it. I use my own concoction of oils (castor, grape seed, jojoba, lavender), rub it on my face, then run the deep-pore brush over my face on the lowest setting for one minute. I only use the deep-pore brush with OCM because I don’t want to contaminate my other brushes with the oil since it’s hard to get out of the brush. After cleansing, I rub the head on a bar of soap and gently scrub it and rinse it out, the rest is the same as the delicate brush. I’ve only done this twice with the Clarisonic so far so I will have to update on whether I think it is an improvement to OCM on it’s own.Sorry this is so long… hope it helped!! 🙂

Nicole Batesville, TX

Does NOT perform MIRACLES, but is a GREAT product backed by EXCELLENT customer service

I purchased my white Clarisonic PRO Deluxe Professional 4-Speed Skin Care System with Spot Therapy Kit five (5) months ago directly from Amazon. I REALLY like it, as well as the results. I don’t know if it is worth $225, but I haven’t found anything else that delivers the same results. Let me start off by saying that it does NOT perform miracles, but I do see results. I have (that is, had) flakey combination dry/T-ozone oily skin. Now, no more flakes, less visible lines and just a generally smooth overall appearance. Again, no miracles, but clearly nicer looking skin. I personally think the level of results that you see depends on the cleanser you use with the Clarisonic. I saw WAY better results using Neutrogena products, than I did using other products. So, finding a good face cleanser for your skin type is definitely key to seeing the best results with the Clarisonic.I’ve used the various Sonicare toothbrushes for years and loved the results, which is what attracted me to the Clarisonic. And, yes, Clarisonic has the same EXCELLENT customer service as Sonicare. I was a little hesitant since one reviewer said that Amazon was not an authorized seller. Anyway, after two months of use, my handle was taking forever to charge and then not holding the charge. I called Clarisonic’s 800 # for customer service. They didn’t even ask me WHERE I purchased it, they just asked for the serial number. They told me that my brush had a full 3-YEAR warranty (that all brushes purchased in 2010 were protected one-year longer than the standard 2-year warranty). They immediately sent me out a FULL replacement via UPS and a pre-paid UPS label to send my defective one back. VERY HAPPY with that level of customer service that is rare these days!The one thing that I do not like about the handle is that it does NOT hold a charge for very long. And, unless you speed race over your body, there won’t be enough charge to do your body and your face at the same time. It certainly does not hold a charge like a Sonicare. So, if you are traveling, you will need to bring the charger.A few things I noticed about the Clarisonic and some suggestions …1. Facial cleanser used determines the results you will see with the Clarisonic. The better the face cleanser for your skin type, the better the results.2. Take the brush head off after EVERY use and wash the handle and brush good. Leave the brush off to air dry while the handle charges.3. I usually clean my face for 2-3 cycles of the face cleaning (i.e., I go over my face 2-3 times) because the face cleaning is on a timer and shuts off. (Beeps like the Sonicare to tell you to move to the next section.)4. If you have bad acne, use caution. You might want to use on one small section to see the results BEFORE you do on your entire face. I noticed that initially it made the acne more obvious. But, after using several times, it actually cleared it up faster and gave an overall smoother appearance/complexion. But, I personally, do not have bad acne … just an occasional blemish on my forehead or nose (and I noticed it initially … but not anymore).5. Worked great on smoothing knees and elbows.Overall, with the EXCELLENT customer service and GREAT results, I give this product 5 STARS. I just wish it weren’t so expensive. Although, the price has come down since I purchased it back in May for $225.UPDATE APRIL 2011: In January 2011 my REPLACEMENT HANDLE stopped holding a change AT ALL. It would sit in the charging cradle, show fully charged and the battery would INSTANTLY die when the on button was pressed. Again, I called Clarisonic’s 800# and explained my problem (that the handle was not holding a charge). They were very nice, asked for my name (I was already in the system from the previous replacement) and the serial # on the handle. I received my replacement handle and charger via UPS within a week (along with a prepaid label to send the defective/non-working one back). This replacement looks slightly different. The charger plug is now a regular small plug (a definite improvement), not a huge hair dryer type plug (like was on the previous 2 I had) and the writing/font on the handle is a slightly different color. Also, the brush head fits tighter and is a little more difficult to taken on/off (nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely not a loose/easy fit like the first 2). I have been using this latest replacement for almost 2 months with no problems, but the 3-4 month mark is where I had problems on the other 2. I will update this review if this replacement starts to have issues.

Caryn Winnetoon, NE


Probably the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.My skin has always been terrible. Well, since middle school. Acne, adult acne, oily, dry, patchy. It’s been a small nightmare. Now that I’m in my 20s, my skin has a bit less acne and a bit more dryness. Mostly in patches. Anyway, this little scrubber has done wonders. I used to exfoliate daily and my skin never felt “clean”. It always felt like there was a still huge layer of dead skin. Not anymore. My skin feels the way I never thought it could. It’s smooth, it feels fresh, it feels clean. When I use this on a regular basis, I have virtually no dryness. (I do moisturize.) I don’t know what else to say about how great it is. It’s just really improved the texture and overall look of my skin.The only downside is the battery life. It’s pretty squat. Basically, it has to be charging when not in use. With the face heads, I could probably get 2-3 uses out of it in 2 days before it has to be charged. Lately, I’ve had the body head on it, and even if it charges all night or 24hrs +, it doesn’t even last 1 min off the charger. Not sure if there is something wrong with mine or that’s normal. But it never did that with the face heads.But overall, the battery issues aside, I love, love this product.

Reyna Lubec, ME

very good exfoliation

I’ve been using the Clarisonic PRO Deluxe Professional 4-Speed Skin Care System for about a month now and I’ve been pleased with the results so far. I use it twice daily on my face and neck with my own cleanser (noevir). My skin was very dry from having air conditioning blowing on me all day at work (I live in Hawaii) and my skin needed exfoliation badly since I was using heavier creams for my dry skin. I actually have had very oily, acne-prone skin most of my life. Now that my skin is exfoliated by the Clarisonic, my skin is smoother and my makeup goes on much easier without emphasizing a lot of rough areas of skin. Many tiny bumps have gone away or grown smaller and the skin on my neck has a younger texture. I wish I had more facial brushes so other family members could have their own individual brushes to use with the one Clarisonic.

Melva Lueders, TX


BUYER BEWARE: I’m absolutely furious with Clarisonic. I loved the unit when it worked, but now it is completely dead and Clarisonic won’t fix it since it was purchased through Amazon, who is a “non-authorized” retailer.” They told me the retailer that sold it to me wasn’t legitimate, yet it uses their brush heads, it came in their exact packaging, and has a registration number stamped on the bottom. I contacted the retailer and they confirmed that this unit was purchased DIRECTLY from Clarisonic. Why is Clarisonic selling units to others for distribution if they aren’t backing them? This is a very reputable retailer and I have never had problems with them before. The reseller blames Clarisonic and Clarisonic blames the reseller. Meanwhile, I’m left with a totally useless unit. Their customer service rep told me they are very aware of this problem, but can’t do anythning to help me. Clarisonic – if you’re aware of this, why won’t you fix it??? I had no idea when I purchased this that I would not receive the advertised warranty. And plan on spending about 30 minutes on hold before you can even talk to a customer service rep at Clarisonic. Great product, infuriating service.

Corina Lawrenceburg, KY


This may seem expensive…it’s your skin/face/neck…you MUST take care of it!!! This cleans so thoroughly. It also works like a “light” dermbrasion in the sense that it keeps your skin clear of radicals & makeup from the day, removing dead skin. Your creams absorb better & your skin has a glow. How much better do you want it???? (ALWAYS include your neck from back to front!)I have had my machine for over 5 years w/o any trouble. It lasts a long time & so worth the money.Always use a liquid gentlewash soap (CeraVe works very well.) A GOOD eye creame (Swiss Ultimate Serum,) face creame, neck creame (MD-Direct Serum soon to be sold on Amazon.) Wear a SunScreen & you will have beautiful skin, I promise!To tighten your facial muscles purchase Cenoire (from Amazon) it helps to stimulate & infuse your creames. (It is on back order but a “must-have!) A very wonderful gadget at a very reasonable cost.Also, The Mister……great item to feed the skin on those hot summer days (all days really.)Enjoy!!!

Kristina Dolores, CO

New found love

I have acne prone, combination skin and ever since I began using this I have gotten so many compliments on my skin. The cleanser that come with it are not really impressive so I use this with my regular cleaser, but the brush definitely is impressive. This leaves my skin smoother, glowy and it is gentle to the skin so there is no irritation. I have also noticed that the skin products I use on my face are working so much better because this brush somehow helps your skin penetrate the products better. This has been a great buy for me and it will definitely be a staple in my skin care routine.

Becky Gunlock, KY