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Clarisonic Pro 3-Power Skin Care System, White

Clarisonic PRO helps keep your skin looking young, vibrant and healthy. Clarisonic gently clears your pore, cleansing deeply for better absorption of your skin care products. Deeply cleanses and stimulates the skin leaving it feeling and looking smoother – Guaranteed. The Pro model has 3 different power levels vs. only 2 levels with the standard Clarisonic model.

Key features

  • Waterproof brush with 3 power levels, 2 lower speeds for face and 1 speed for the decollete and neck
  • One minute T-timer indicator when to move to another part of the face
  • Includes Clarisonic PRO skin care brush, charger, sensitive brush heads, trial size cleansers

Honest reviews


loved it…until it died 4 months later

I got great results from the clarisonic. I bought it in November 2007. And then it died in April 2008. I used it daily, kept it clean, and charged it as recommended. It no longer takes a charge. So I should send it back to get it fixed right?Wrong. I’ve been using a $12 supracor to clean my face and am getting way better exfoliation and results than the clarisonic. This new item is easier to clean and it’s less expensive to get two supracors than it is to get one clarisonic replacement brush.Clarisonic: I’m so over you and your $200 price tag and $25 replacement brushes.

Gracie Rodman, NY

I Love This Product

I love this product!!!! It helps bring fresh skin to the surface, it exfoliates which is important in keeping your skin soft and supple. The best thing is it is machine opearted so you dont have to do it yourself the machine does all the work so it works even better than doing yourself with a face brush. Go out and get this product, everyone woman should have one. Nalo Jones, professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles, […]

Charlene Independence, OR

I’m now a converted devotee!

I was never a hard-core beauty fan. I like to keep things natural and simple. Only one time in my life did I ever go for a facial over an issue with break-outs, and the clinician said my skin was so great (from my home-made herbal facial scrub) that she didn’t need to treat me at all. (But she did sell me the expensive Obagi line.)My point is, I already had the exfoliation deal under control. I’ve been dealing with my skin and health through diet and learning about detoxing. That’s where I learned about body brushing. Transfer that knowledge to the face and add sonic cleansing, and here I am buying this facial brush. And I LOVE IT!! It’s far superior to all the stuff I’ve done before. I actually look younger, glowing and fresh. It’s done a ton to boost my confidence. The fine lines I was developing as I age are almost all gone, and my son comments I look 10 years younger! I take it with me when I travel, and I swear by it. Save money from facials and get one of these–and get your facial done every day!I did find when I started using it that in combination with Obagi’s foaming cleanser, it stripped my skin’s mantle and made it start over-producing sebum, that shiny oil we get on our skin. So I use Obagi in the morning and a non-soap cleanser (NutriBiotics Super Shower Gel) at night, and that seems to be the right balance.As for break outs, I still have to watch my diet, but when I do and use this, my skin is so beautiful, I feel like a movie star!UPDATE: It’s been three years now and I’m still in love with my ClariSonic! I have not had a single problem with it. I tried changing the brush heads as recommended at the beginning, and then just started soaking and washing the same one to avoid the extra cost and it’s completely fine. It still charges well and works perfectly. I still love my skin when I use it! If it ever breaks or needs replacing, I will certainly get another one. My skin is amazing and I will never be without it. And it really does make your skin absorb product like 10 times as much. It just sucks it right in. I still love it! After 3 years it is still my number one beauty secret!

Shawna Washington, IA

Does NOT perform MIRACLES, but is a GREAT product backed by EXCELLENT customer service

I purchased myClarisonic PRO Deluxe Professional 4-Speed Skin Care System with Spot Therapy Kit, Whiteback in MAY 2010 directly from Amazon. I REALLY like it, as well as the results. I don’t know if it is worth $225, but I haven’t found anything else that delivers the same results. Let me start off by saying that it does NOT perform miracles, but I do see results. I have (that is, had) flakey combination dry/T-ozone oily skin. Now, no more flakes, less visible lines and just a generally smooth overall appearance. Again, no miracles, but clearly nicer looking skin. I personally think the level of results that you see depends on the cleanser you use with the Clarisonic. I saw WAY better results using Neutrogena products, than I did using other products. So, finding a good face cleanser for your skin type is definitely key to seeing the best results with the Clarisonic.I’ve used the various Sonicare toothbrushes for years and loved the results, which is what attracted me to the Clarisonic. And, yes, Clarisonic has the same EXCELLENT customer service as Sonicare. I was a little hesitant since one reviewer said that Amazon was not an authorized seller. Anyway, after two months of use, my handle was taking forever to charge and then not holding the charge. I called Clarisonic’s 800 # for customer service. They didn’t even ask me WHERE I purchased it, they just asked for the serial number. They told me that my brush had a full 3-YEAR warranty (that all Clarisonic PROs purchased in 2010 were protected one-year longer than the standard 2-year warranty). They immediately sent me out a FULL replacement via UPS and a pre-paid UPS label to send my defective one back. VERY HAPPY with that level of customer service that is rare these days!The one thing that I do not like about the handle is that it does NOT hold a charge for very long. And, unless you speed race over your body, there won’t be enough charge to do your body and your face at the same time. It certainly does not hold a charge like a Sonicare. So, if you are traveling, you will need to bring the charger.A few things I noticed about the Clarisonic and some suggestions …1. Facial cleanser used determines the results you will see with the Clarisonic. The better the face cleanser for your skin type, the better the results.2. Take the brush head off after EVERY use and wash the handle and brush good. Leave the brush off to air dry while the handle charges.3. I usually clean my face for 2-3 cycles of the face cleaning (i.e., I go over my face 2-3 times) because the face cleaning is on a timer and shuts off. (Beeps like the Sonicare to tell you to move to the next section.)4. If you have bad acne, use caution. You might want to use on one small section to see the results BEFORE you do on your entire face. I noticed that initially it made the acne more obvious. But, after using several times, it actually cleared it up faster and gave an overall smoother appearance/complexion. But, I personally, do not have bad acne … just an occasional blemish on my forehead or nose (and I noticed it initially … but not anymore).5. Worked great on smoothing knees and elbows.Overall, with the EXCELLENT customer service and GREAT results, I give this product 5 STARS. I just wish it weren’t so expensive. Although, the price has come down since I purchased it back in May for $225.UPDATE APRIL 2011: In January 2011 my REPLACEMENT HANDLE stopped holding a change AT ALL. It would sit in the charging cradle, show fully charged and the battery would INSTANTLY die when the on button was pressed. Again, I called Clarisonic’s 800# and explained my problem (that the handle was not holding a charge). They were very nice, asked for my name (I was already in the system from the previous replacement) and the serial # on the handle. I received my replacement handle and charger via UPS within a week (along with a prepaid label to send the defective/non-working one back). This replacement looks slightly different. The charger plug is now a regular small plug (a definite improvement), not a huge hair dryer type plug (like was on the previous 2 I had) and the writing/font on the handle is a slightly different color. Also, the brush head fits tighter and is a little more difficult to taken on/off (nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely not a loose/easy fit like the first 2). I have been using this latest replacement for almost 2 months with no problems, but the 3-4 month mark is where I had problems on the other 2. I will update this review if this replacement starts to have issues.

Concetta Norman, IN

Extraordinary results – this really works.

I have been using the Clarisonic for several months, and I have been so pleased with how easy it is to use, and with the astounding results.I first got the Clarisonic when I sent into the salon where I get my facials and dermabrasion treatments. I saw a pamphlet for it, and the salon owner recommended it. Even though this product is not cheap, I figured if this did work, it would save me a lot of money since the salon treatments are so expensive.It does work. I have tried products similar to this in the past, and have stopped using them either because they felt too flimsy, or because they were too complicated and messy to use.This isn’t – it’s a snap. It’s heavy duty, and it’s so easy to use and clean. I use it every night, and sometimes in the morning, and my face is noticeably smoother and my pores look smaller – especially around my nose and chin.As a result, I now no longer go in to have facials or any other skin treatments at that salon, since this seems to do the trick. (Talk about a conflict of interest for the salon owner!)One word of caution – I have normal to dry skin. If you have very sensitive skin, this may be a little rough, but the Clarisonic does come with an extra gentle brush and you can put it on slow setting.So I am highly highly highly recommending this product. It’s not a gimmick, you won’t be looking for the next new thing because this works and is simple to use, and you will see a difference in your skin. (I don’t care how much you wash your face – you will see all the dirt on the brush when are finishing up.) It does exactly what it says it will do.

Clara Mont Alto, PA

Love This Product!!!!

I have only had this item for a couple of days but I love, love, love it! I take exceptionally good care of my skin (I use a number of Philosophy products) however this took my skin to another level. I have always had tiny blackheads/clogged pores on my chin and I have already noticed those diminishing. My skin feels so soft and looks so good. My husband also tried it and it made a noticeable difference the first time (he doesn’t take good care of his skin). I will continue to use most of my philosophy line with this product and I am convinced they will be more effective. This item is expensive however if you compare it to the cost of a couple of peels, you will get your money’s worth in no time. Highly recommended and so happy that I tried it!!!!

Lula Dunlo, PA