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Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing for Face and Body – White

All the benefits of the Classic Clarisonic (2x more effective than manual cleansing, 6x more make up removal, 61% better absorption of vitamin C, etc.) PLUS a 4th speed for the Spot Therapy brush to care for areas of the body needing extra attention: hands, arms, elbows, feet, decollete. Kit Includes: Cordless Clarisonic PLUS with 4 speeds. Universal charging cradle (100v – 240v AC; 50/60Hz). Sensitive face brush head Spot Therapy brush head. 2 oz. trial size Refining Skin Polish.

Key features

  • Three cleansing speeds for the face plus a Spot Therapy mode to care for areas of the body needing extra attention.

Honest reviews



I purchased this same product from Ebay (sorry Amazon!) and I LOVE it! I use it every week and cannot say enough good things about this kit. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. My face feels and looks so clean week after week. I even use other face cleaners instead of the ones provided and still get a good result. You get what you pay for! Highly recommended.

Chasity Summerville, OR



Lucille Moyie Springs, ID


I had purchased the Oil of Olay brush a few months back and saw a difference in my skin but didn’t see the difference I was looking for. I tend to have oily, acne prone skin and I wanted something that would really help me clean my skin and help alleviate/prevent the acne. I LOVE this Clarisonic Brush.There is absolutely no comparison and once you use the Clarisonic brush and go back to the Olay brush… you will feel like nothing is happeneing to your skin! haha The Clarisonic brush is completely different then other brushes on the market. It slightly vibrates while it brushes and leaves your skin feeling really clean and incredibly soft. I noticed a difference in my skin the first night I used it. Over the past month or so, my skin has transformed. The texture of my skin has improved, my pores are slightly smaller (they are definitely still there but much less noticable, and my acne (I only have a few breakouts here and there) is practically nonexistent.I did end up trading in my regular brush head for a deep pore and that made a HUGE difference. So if you have oily skin or acne prone skin, I would recommend using the deep pore brushes.I also like the body brush… this is fantastic for areas prone to ingrown hairs. I use it around my bikini area pre-shave and it definitely minimizes ingrown hairs and red bumpms. Also, I use it after to keep them from re-appearing.The Clarisonic wahses that come with it are ok, but I rather use my own skincare products. I tend to take my makeup off first by hand with something cheap and gentle like Cetephil and then I use either a benzoyl peroxide wash or a glycolic acid wash by Glytone with my Clarisonic. I know you don’t have to but I don’t like the idea of makeup getting all over my brush. Plus you can’t use the brush around your eyes anyway and I wear a ton of mascara! Either way, these cleansers in conjunction with my Clarisonic really keeps my skin nice and exfoliated.I know some people had issues with irritation. I use this morning and night… more than the recommended 60 sec. cycle (more like 3 cycles each time) and have very sensitive skin and yet I have no irritation with this brush at all.The Clarisonic brush my be expensive but it is well worth every penny… don’t waste your money on knock offs… they will never compare to the real thing!

Eula Silver Creek, NE

Great product just a bit bulky

Let me first start by saying that I am a 28 YO male that purchased this product not through Amazon but through the Clarisonic website with free engraving but costing $235. The product itself is very well built, a bit heavy(ish) and bulky with the charger.As for cleaning your skin it works very well and I have noticed an increase in the brightness and clarity of my skin and I use this about 2x a week for a week now, so a total of 2 times so far. I think I will continue to use it 2x a week as that seems to be perfect for my skin type (combination). It clears out the pores, which is good for me since I have quite a few blackheads with very few whiteheads. Anyway, so I have only used this 2 times so far and I have noticed a definite reduction in pore size and blackhead amount which is amazing. I also am using higher quality products, mainly Jack Black and Anthony, and that seems to be working too.The Clarisonic seems like it would be good for makeup removal and is definitely good for clearing of your skin, my only complaint is the size of the unit and its charging base. It is very large in comparison to other gadgets that make up my bathroom routines.It does come with a few products that I have yet to try as you can use it with your normal products. The one I bought straight from Clarisonic came with a travel bag, Face Brush, Body Brush, 6oz Restore Body Serum, 2oz Refining Skin Polish, 1oz Refreshing Gel Cleanser, 1oz Nourishing Care Cleaner, and 1oz Gentle Hydro Cleanser. It also came with instruction manual and $25 off future purchase. Overall I am happy with this purchase and would recommend the product to others.

Deana Pleasant Grove, AR


This is an amazing product! The other copy cats are not as good. I use it every day. I love it! It is gentle on my skin and cleans well. The product arrived on time and was well packaged.

Lacey Muncy Valley, PA


I’ve always washed my face twice daily and thought I was doing well at keeping my face clean. I’ve always had problems with acne and washing my face is essential. I have to add that I’m horrible for sticking with anything for more than two weeks and when it comes to beauty products, I continue to shop around even if I’m totally satisfied. With that said, I’ve been using this Clarisonic every day for four years now! I couldn’t do without this device and my younger teenage years would have likely been less acne plagued if I’d had this. I absolutely love it and I never realized how much cleaner my face could be.

Gail Alabaster, AL

your skin will thank you

I’ve been using the Clarisonic for over four years now. My skin stays clear, no more breakouts unless I get lazy and skip a couple of days here and there. When I do skip a day or two I am always surprised at how smooth and soft my skin feels after using it again. It makes that much difference in the texture of my skin. Gives the perfect balance of gentle exfoliation. A true five star product!

Diane Lilly, GA

Makes a Difference!

My skin used to be pretty darn bumpy in spots and this has buffed them all away! I use it on my face every day and in the shower about three times a week all over my body. Those bumps are gone and my skin feels so nice and smooth now! It’s the best gift I’ve ever bought myself!!!

Violet Dozier, AL

Clarisonic PLUS……Great Product!!!

I rec’d the Clarisonic Plus a couple of weeks ago. I started using once a day, now I use 2x a day. I can really tell the difference in how clean my face feels after using the Clarisonic. Your face feels like it is really, really clean. I purchased the Body brush, not knowing that it was already included in the kit itself. So now I have the replacement whenever I need it. I also just rec’d the Deep Pore cleanser that I ordered and I cant wait to use that brush head. I dont use the sensitive one that the kit came with, because it feels too soft; my son uses that brush head instead. He also likes the way his face feels after using the Clarisonic. I hesitated to buy it, only because of the price. After reading great reviews, I decided to order it and try it out for myself. I’m glad I did! I use my own cleanser and afterwords use a face moisturizer. You can just feel your skin absorb the moisturizer. I have noticed that my pores have really reduced in size, which is Great! This Clarisonic Plus was the best purchase I could have made when it comes to taking care of my skin. It is high priced, but I think it is worth it!!

Cassandra Nesbit, MS

Better than I ever expected!

I have a friend who loves her Clarisonic – but I was hesitant because I have very dry sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. Once I studied all the models (Pro, Plus, Mia, etc) I decided if it was going to work for me, I was going to use it on my full body – hence my decision to get the Pro (with optional body brush handle). The first week, I eased into it every other day, had a mild irritation using their soaps so I returned to my basic Cetaphil that I have been using for years. Within the next week, my skin glowed! Well worth the investment for gentle exfoliation and cleansing! I also encourage purchasers to get the travel/storage bag that is offered by other sellers on Amazon. The Clarisonic, charger and spare heads are too bulky to fit most cosmetics or small travel bags – and the Clarisonic bag offered is also water resistant, as well as holding all the parts.

Renae Lone Rock, WI