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Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System, Lavender

Mia is the new, go-anywhere sonic skin cleansing system in a great compact size. the one-button, one-speed mia fits your active lifestyle for beautiful, glowing skin wherever life’s adventures take you. all the great benefits of the clarisonic classic in a new, smaller size. the perfect compact cleansing system for use at home or on the go.

Key features

  • Helps reduces the appearance of oily areas, dry skin patches, blemishes and the appearance of visible pores
  • Gentle for cleansing all skin types, even skin conditions such as rosacea and acne
  • International plink charger for worldwide use
  • Includes one brush for sensitive skin and trial size cleanser

Honest reviews


it works for me

I gave in and bought this product months ago because of the reviews. I do not use it every day.If I use it too often I get a red, bumpy, irritated look to my skin. I don’t think people should be exfoliating twice a day as clarisonic suggests! If I use the clarisonic for just a few seconds a few times a week — like a flash facial, my skin feels cleaner, looks brighter and my pores appear tighter. The key for my sensitive skin, is not to over do it. I also try not to press the brush into my skin, but just hold it gently on top as I move around my face. You’ll want to press it into your skin, but don’t.The truth it, I have seen the same results with my clarisonic, as when massaging with my cleanser for a full minute or two — as suggested by an aesthetician, or when using my wash cloth, in small circular motions, or scrubbing with a micro-bead cleanser. Exfoliation is exfoliation. I think it is just a matter of finding the right kind for you, that is non irritating.But the clarisonic does feel good on my skin and is much quicker and easier than manual scrubbing. It also feels like I am getting a uniform clean all over in just a few seconds. So basically it works, in my opinion, because it’s convenient and takes less time than other methods, NOT because it’s the holy grail of all exfoliation.You can also use it on your back or body to help with breakouts as well which is a plus.

Aline Northborough, MA

Wow! Amazing tool- worth the money!

Yep, this is expensive. But if you are sick of suffering skin problems like I was, get over it and just buy it. When I first heard about the Clarisonic, I thought it was just some fancy pamper tool for women who were wealthy and stupid and didn’t know any better. I’ve always had “fairly good skin” but in recent years it has gone haywire. The last several years I’ve suffered acne but managed it with products like Proactiv. As I headed into my 30’s the acne became much worse and responded to nothing except prescription products (oral antibacterial meds, birth control, and retin A). Skin was clear for about a year, then acne came back with a vengeance except this time it brought a couple of ugly, unwanted friends too: flaking, dry yet oily, dull, and clogged pores. My face was a mess.This was a week ago.In complete desperation and lack of faith in topical facewashes and other products (the retin A cream makes my skin sensitive, so everything harder that CeraVe made things worse), I ran out and bought the Clarisonic to fix my skin issues.My skin peeled after the first two times I used it. It peeled off in big flakes, felt dry, and burned a little. This was annoying, but i realize now the Mia was doing what it does best- powering through all the gunk that keeps you from having good skin. Over the next few days I began to notice that my skin looked brighter, felt softer, pores were smaller, and acne was improved. I think my acne scars are fading as well. My skin seems much more balanced and my makeup looks fresher. This is all after one week, using Mia 2x per day.

Rosalind Napanoch, NY

Worth Every Penny – LOVE It

Since I was a kid I had the horrible habit of constantly picking at blemishes on my skin. The result at 23 years of age is uneven tone and ugly scarring. I also have very large pores on my nose and on the apples of my cheeks.My mother and sister have the larger version of the Clarisonic (the one that can be used for face and body). I did not notice any change in my sister’s complexion, but my mother’s complexion changed drastically, and her skin not only looked healthier, but her pores seemed more minimal. After reading reviews extensively I decided to give it a shot.I did not experience the “6 feet under” rash of pimples after a week or so of use, which seems to be a common trend. This may have had something to do with the fact that not a week before I received my MIA I had a facial at the salon. I charged it for 24 hours before I used it. My first use was very pleasant – I was happy I could incorporate the process into my shower and my face felt brand new afterwards.I have had my MIA for about two months now. Since beginning usage, my skin tone has improved and looks decidedly less patchy. I am now comfortable wearing only the sheerest foundations on a hot day with some simple eye makeup, whereas before I was careful to layer on concealer and foundation to cover the discoloration. My skin is much softer. I still break out occasionally around my period, but the breakouts are not bad and my skin is clear for the rest of the month. My pores are shockingly diminished. I also notice that after using the MIA, my moisturizer is absorbed much more quickly and effectively. Even the scarring seems less.I love my MIA for all the above reasons, and on top of that it is perfect for travel – I would not leave home with out it. The only potential con is that the MIA does not hold a charge when not plugged in. If you charge it all the way, and then unplug it to put in a suitcase or away in a cupboard, it will not have a full charge when you retrieve it for use. Also I stopped using the Clarisonic cleanser that came with it because it was causing itchiness and dryness, and went back to my Boots No. 7 skin care line.Replacement brush heads are a tad expensive (usually $20 apiece) but if you take good care of them they last a long time and the cost is negligible compared to the great service you’re getting for your face.This product is worth every penny and I highly recommend it.

Vickie Burdette, AR

Worth it! My kid said you don’t have wrinkles!

Ok, I kid you not. My kid said Mom you have no wrinkles after it used the Mia twice. She did not know I purchased it!I am not a sponsor for Clarisonic products to let you know. I have had facials all over the world, and this brush works wonders.In two days it has diminished sunspots, dry skin and toned up my face. The skin is clearer and softer. I love it. I purchased theDeep clean brush, but for most people the brush that comes with it will do especially if you want to use this device twice a day.I did also purchase the olay brush to compare. The Olay brush is very good too but works by mechanical spinning, versus the Mia which is the sonic technology. For the price the Olay does a great job and where it beats the mis is the size. The Olay brush is half the size of the Mia and works better for around the nose. If blackheads and clogged ported in the nose area are your biggest concern, get the Olay.If you want anti aging, and sunspot removal get the Mia. Look at it this way. I figure two facials in NYC downtown are at least sixty dollars…I can have a facial everyday with this gizmo.Tip! Use any moisturizer for the skin, it can be inexpensive. Coat your face with cream, wet the brush and use the Mia!Works super well.I wish I purchased this sooner! Would love for Clarisonic to make one even smaller Olay size and then it would be super great for travel and small areas.

Lora London, TX

Best face care product ever

I’ve been battling acne since I was a teen and about a year ago I consulted with a dermatologist. I had tried Proactive when I was younger, but it dried out my skin, making my skin more oily and made my breakouts worse. I tried TONS of different facecare products from Neutrogena to Clinique but nothing worked. So my dermatologist put me on two different medicated face products one after another (differin and atrolin) but both made me break out more as well. Because I was really concerned about clearing out my pores and getting rid of the blackheads in my T-zone (in addition to ridding the cystic acne), my derm recommended the clarisonic. I went for a couple months debating whether or not to buy it since it was so pricey. Plus, I didn’t know whether I wanted the original, plus, pro, or mia. After reading TONS of reviews on all of them wherever I could find them, I decided to purchase the mia because of it’s smaller size. I absolutely LOVE it. I can’t imagine myself ever going without it again. It makes my skin SO smooth and removes every bit of makeup so my skin absorbes my moisturizer so much better! And if I use it on a regular basis (2x per day), my pores look SO much smaller and my face is acne free!!! I didn’t use it with the enclosed cleanser, I use Origin’s checks and balances cream face wash and then use Origins A Perfect World moisturizer. Nothing has ever worked before Origins and clarisonic. This does. I cannot recommend it enough!!! So far, two of my friends and my grandma all tried using mine since I rave about it so much and they IMMEDIATELY all bought their own. All of them have different skin concerns (aging, dryness, dark circles, etc) and ALL of them are now in love too. Whether you have acne or not, you will LOVE this product. Buy it now!!!!

Olive Bernhards Bay, NY

I don’t understand the hype.

Yes, it gets your makeup off. But so would a wash cloth. The brush head is not really exfoliating, and if you have dry skin that peels or flakes off, this won’t do anything to help that. It does lather up your normal face wash, and I guess it is a hands-free way to wash your face, but other than that I don’t really see anything special. The dry spots on my face still get little peelies, my pores at the same, my skin looks the same, everything is the same except I paid a ton more money for this little device. The charge on it is also really minimal, no way you can use it more than twice without having to recharge the batteries. The charging also takes forever, you can’t plug it in an hour before you want to use it and expect it to turn on and work for you. You also can’t use it while it is connected to the charged, so you are just SOL.

Lenore Latimer, IA

Love this thing

MY SKIN IS SOOO SOFT!! and my skin was so rough from all my acne! now it’s smooth and acne free and i didn’t even change the products that go on my face this is a miracle worker n_n i did send it back though because I wouldn’t be able to have the warranty should anything happen to it.

Ina Keithsburg, IL

MIA and clarisonic rocks

Oh ya -oh ya- oh ya! I am a licensed esthetician and I have tried every skin care product and done it all when it comes to skin care methods and this clarisonic product is the real deal.I bought the mia on Amazon becuase they had best price and I wanted a smaller device for home use. After 2 uses with sensitive skin brush head my skin glows and is so beautiful. Use your own skin care products Obagi, Image whatever pick your “skin care poison” and def use your own products and watch your skin improve after as little as 2 uses. If you are seeing a dermatologist and being prescribed a facial cleanser for acne like Benzac wash or proactive this clearsonic will rock those out also.I have only used it 2x’s and I had to look a few times in the magnifying mirror because my skin looks that good. Products and makeup will apply better and you will see immediate results no joke. I use air brush to apply my make up and having this as part of my skin care regime now I am not so sure I will have to do so as much since clarisonic really makes those pores invisible.***Only draw back- I am a clean freak and I especially like sanitary when it comes to anything used on my face or in my bathroom and the fact the brush head doesn’t have a sterile case to put in or a sterilizer in general *like a sonicare toothbrush head sterilizer that uses infrared to clean between uses (are you listening clarisonic folks?) is not cool. So I have the cap on the brush head for now until I figure out how to make this work for me to keep that sterile. A good soak of the brush between uses in alcohol solution is a good idea.*If you have other ideas to sterilize let me know as I don’t like a unsterile brush head touching my face defeats the purpose so I cap it and put it in my make up drawer for now but I like the idea of clarisonic coming up with a infared cleaner for between uses like sonicare toothbrush.GREAT product it will work on any skin type and do use it on your *chest area also ladies helps to make that area glow as well. !This is a great tool you will love it!Here’s to good skin and good health!!!

Arline Seaview, VA

Too much hype.

I bought this because of the rave reviews I had read on the web. It made sense that it would work well, but I found that it didn’t work any better than a regular washcloth. The ultrasound technology intrigued me, and it sure feels good on your face, but it leaves much to be desired as a cleansing brush. I see that you can order an exfoliant cleanser at Clarisonic, but I thought that’s what the brush was supposed to do. I’ll stick with my sugar scrub in the better than the Mia.

Wilda Crowley, CO


DON’T BUY THIS ON AMAZON! All of the low one-star and two-star reviews mentioning that theirs is “fake” and “counterfeit” and a “knock-off” and all of that, there’s a reason why this is the case-CLARISONIC DOES NOT SELL THEIR MIA ON AMAZON! Give them a call like I did and they’ll tell you this themselves. So if the company doesn’t sell their products on Amazon, what product do you think you’re receiving?I purchased my Mia from Macy’s in the middle-end of April of this past year, so I’ve had it for over 3 months, which is important when reading a review because a lot of the reviews of products are inflated due to the “honeymoon phase” in which customers are so elated and excited to have purchased the product that their euphoric mood inclines them to give positive reviews of the product they purchased. I’ve read reviews of this product in which reviewers mentioned buying their Mia’s a week earlier and seeing results or being optimistic, as though they could decipher whether or not this product aided them in that little time.I gave this product two stars out of five because I don’t believe that it’s necessary. Your hands work just as well, perhaps even better at massaging your face of the dirt and oil. I’ve generally used the Mia twice a day, one minute solely focusing on the face, another minute spending 30 seconds on the rest of my face that I didn’t clean and the final 30 seconds on my neck, so two minutes total. Where the Mia does a good job is visibly showing you the dirt that it cleaned off of your face onto the brush, this is especially true when you run the brush on your neck.But part of the problem that I have, is this claim that Clarisonic makes that their brush removes makeup 6 times better than using your hands and that using their brush allows 61% “greater absorption of vitamin C after use.” I don’t wear makeup but dirt, oil, pollutants, topical creams and lotions etc., can accumulate at the end of the day. Does that mean this brush can clean all of that residue 6 times better than one’s hands will? Also, 61% of vitamin C absorption, does that mean that if I put acne cream or anti-wrinkle cream or skin toning lotion/cream or moisturizer or toner, etc., that then those products get absorbed into the skin 61% more (I’ll even accept half of that) thereby enhancing my skin’s health and potential beauty dramatically than if one used their own hands? I’m not sure, because like I stated before, I owned and used it for nearly over 3 months, but I haven’t seen any drastic positive and noticeable results from those two claims made. And if this product is SOLELY concentrated on make-up and vitamin C alone (as opposed to the various things I listed earlier in this paragraph), then who the hell cares? Make-up and vitamin C alone aren’t amazing claims to warrant purchasing this product.I tried it and gave this product a reasonable chance for a reasonable time period to see for myself.Also, you have to replace the brush heads every 3 months. They cost $25 each, and around $40 for two of them (regardless of the type of brush head you want: sensitive, delicate, normal, etc.).Pros:-Can visibly see dirt scraped off of face.Cons:-Takes longer to wash your face than using your hands.-Takes an entire day to fully recharge your Mia.-Exorbitantly expensive at around $140 (with tax) (doesn’t even include many features like timed zones for the different parts of your face (forehead, cheeks, nose)).-Cleaning maintenance. You have to clean out the dirt and bacteria on the brush head. They advise that you do it at least once a week.-Even the softest brush head, “delicate” can be a little abrasive (though it’s not painful or anything, just a little irritating to the skin).-Does not feel like a face massage like many of these “reviewers” exaggerated and embellished that it does.

Bobby Horse Branch, KY

Help preventing acne

When i first got the Clarisonic Mia (CM), I had mild-to-medium acne problem so I waited for my skin to clear up a little bit before I started using it because I was worried that the brush might carry the bacteria from the affected area to the unaffected area. I don’t know this for fact but thought I’d stay on the safe side and waited. Good thing my skin got a little bit better (thanks to AZTEC SECRETS Indian Healing Clay from Amazon) then I started using CM for twice a week. The experience has been positive and quite pleasant I have to say. I haven’t had as much break-outs and even if there are a few bumps here and there, they go away pretty quickly. My skin feels cleaner, softer and smoother. It’s easier to apply makeup on now than before and the result is great, i don’t look like I’m wearing makeup but my skin still looks healthier and natural.The improvement on my face is definitely visible. Although I think it might be the result of using both the CM and the mask twice a week (not the same day). I’d definitely recommend these two products to people who suffer from acne. One other thing about this device is that it does not need to be charged constantly. I charge mine around once every two – three weeks. Although I guess it depends on how often you use it. Good luck!

Paula Ahsahka, ID

clarsonic pink

I am so sad. My money went away. I bougth the product, the results were good, but the joy of having it didnt last. Suddenly one day before 6 months of using it it just didnt work anymore. It would not charge. I live overseas and returning it will be expensive for me. I am just fustrated. It is so expensive and a lost my money.

Christy Buckner, KY

WOW- totally get what the fuss (and the price!) is all about

I have been wanting a Clarisonic for years but couldn’t justify the price. I’m an endurance swimmer and I have to put tons of sunblock on my face to keep myself from getting hyperpigmentation/age spots/wrinkles/cancer, so when I get out of the pool I really like to have something that gets all the sunblock and chemicals off my skin and out of my pores. I’m the kind of person that likes squeaky clean skin on my face.When Olay introduced their own “version” of the skin brush system, I eagerly jumped on board. I have been using the Olay brush daily for a few years now, and I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. But I always wondered if the Clarisonic was better, and this year, I finally got one for Christmas (thanks, Mom!) …… and the Clarisonic is better. MUCH better. The major difference is that the Clarisonic doesn’t spin- it vibrates. When I first turned on the Clarisonic, I was actually put off by this. Surely it couldn’t do as good of a job cleaning my skin as a brush that spun. But after using the Clarisonic, I
• get
• it. It’s a completely different clean. It’s still very vigorous, but instead of just sort of going
• over
• the skin like the Olay brush, I could feel it getting
• into
• my pores. And it really feels wonderful- it’s like a massage. It’s just a whole different experience. It’s relaxing and soothing as well as cleansing. You can feel the blood rushing to your skin in response to the ClarisonicThe brush is also much larger, which makes it easier to cover your entire face and neck in a smaller amount of time.When I got out of the shower, my skin was glowing. I put my regular skin cream on and I could literally feel it going
• into
• my skin as opposed to just sliding it over my skin.I’m not one to go on and on about skin care or products related to skin care, but… WOW. I’m totally a convert. I went ahead and ordered a few different brushes (mine came with the sensitive brush and I wanted to test out the deep pore cleaning brush, as well) I feel like this is more of a treatment or an experience than just another product you use.As far as ease of use- the Clarisonic is a VERY simple setup. It comes with a simple magnetic charger that will charge the brush for 15-20 uses, so if you are using the Clarisonic once a day, you’ll only have to charge the brush twice a month. When you first get the Clarisonic, you charge it for 24 hours. The charger is simple- it’s a magnetic clip that attaches to the bottom of the brush. No bricks or weird cables or anything. It literally just sticks, magnetically, to the bottom of the brush in the right spot. After the first full charge, you unclip the charger and bring the brush into the shower with you (or wherever you do you your cleansing routine)- the brush is fully waterproof and is charged for about 15-20 uses. You don’t have to keep charging this brush every time you use it. When the battery starts to lose charge, you bring it back out to the charger and clip it on and let it charge again. No batteries to change, like the Olay. Just keep the charger out of moisture and you’re set.The brushes are supposed to last for about three months if kept clean (rinse well after using). They are a MUCH higher quality than the Olay brushes.I’m pretty excited about it, if you can’t tell. It feels like such an indulgence. I’m completely bummed that I didn’t get one before now, but I’m so happy that I finally have one.If you are considering an upgrade from a drugstore system or just considering purchasing a Clarisonic as a starter system, go for it! If you know you’ll use the brush, it’s a good investment. It really does make a difference, and it feels wonderful on your skin.

Kathy Blount, WV

Yes, it does

Clarisonic is the very last products that I chose for my facial. Experimenting with Chemical peel, I wondered why alcohol soaked cotton balls stains when wiping skin of freshly washed face. Used Nutrogina Wave Sonic, it is the same. It seems like nothing can beat Clarisonic, but is it true…? I chose this for only cleaning purpose but for "a 61% better absorption of Vitamin C" as the maker claims.Wanted to know how true it is about removing makeup more, I did an experiment. First, used makeup wipe, then washed manually as I usually do, and wiped with a clean towel. Then, I used Clarisonic for a min. to wash again. I knew it does the work when I see soap foam left on the brush being not white but the color of my foundation. The brush that I thought it would be rough is soft enough that it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. It feels good.I also use Clarisonic while using facial steamer (Panasonic NanoE) and Super Hyaluronic Acid massage/ cleanser cream (Naris Up). My routine after cleansing is applying Vitamin C serum, Super Hyaluronic serum while using micro-current (NuFace), and moisturizer.

Susan Mayfield, UT

Really cleans your skin

Really great. The past few months my skin has been so congested and just hasn’t felt clean at all – no matter what wash / scrubs I have used. I could feel a difference the first time I used it. It’s been less than one week but my face looks and feels better than it has for quite a while. I highly recommend this. I like the compactness but I’m not crazy about the charger. There is no good way to place it; it just lays down and won’t stand up. I guess if that is a bother to you, you might want to think about the larger unit. It’s been great for cleaning up my skin.

Sheree Servia, IN

World of Difference for my Skin!

I never would have thought I would be praising a beauty item so much that I’ve been telling all my friends, my family, my kids school teachers…heck, I even bought a few for family because I believe in this thing so much! The Clarisonic is nothing short of amazing. With the one minute of cleaning time, my skin has gone from dry in some spots and acne prone in others to bright, clear, and smooth. I’m simply amazed – my skin hasn’t looked this good since high school! I ended up buying one for my sister who has highly acne prone skin. After about a month of use, her skin is looking much clearer, and smooth in some places – something that she has been trying to achieve for years! She has tried everything, from Retin-A, to dermatologist visits, and a bevy of products – Clarisonic was the only one who gave results like this!Usage is easy – magnetic plug to charge once a week, lather up your face a little, then use the Clarisonic for a minute in the shower every night (or morning, if you choose). The big trick – DO NOT OVERUSE! I’ve read that some people who go overboard and use it twice a day end up with the opposite result…your skin going nuts trying to overcompensate (aka breakouts!). I’ve been using the Clarisonic as directed and my skin looks great! It’s always wonderful having people comment how great my skin looks! All in all, highly HIGHLY recommended!

Marla Norwood, MO

love it

it makes my skin cleaner and softer.. it cleans my skin so deepi used it only after foundations.. first using makeup wipes then clarisonicoh my skin like babies afterwards looli love it

Juana Buckhorn, NM

A Fraud!

I bought this a year ago and realized that I never reviewed this awful product. It’s a fake!!!!!Mine came straight out of the box, and never worked!! I charged it before I used it, just like the instructions told me to. I waited the instructed amount of time. I was so excited to use it and I turned it on and….buzz…buzz…buzz. The thing sounded like it was having vibrating convulsions! Definitely not a steady sonic vibration. I’ve used a real Clarisonic Mia before so I know how it works.I called Clarisonic with the product ID and was told that I bought a fake. I can’t believe that Amazon lets sellers sell fakes. A real shame for Amazon’s reputation.

Toni Sunset, LA

Phenomenal tone, texture and clarity in just two weeks

I’m a product junkie yet I’m always looking to find the best products while staying on a budget. I don’t frivolously buy the “next big thing” especially if it’s expensive.Before I took the leap to spend $100 (on sale) on the Clarisonic Mia, I read many consumer reviews and justified its cost because the manufacturer’s Sonicare toothbrush has done wonders for my teeth and gums and I thought I might be able to skip or eliminate costly facials in which I very rarely indulge.While I’ve always had good to very good skin, I can honestly say that the Clarisonic Mia is one of the best beauty purchases I’ve made. In two weeks’ time, the small areas of pigmentation I had from pregnancy 5 years ago have begun to fade and the tone, texture and clarity of my skin have dramatically improved. My skin positively glows.Since my skin’s aged well despite years of abuse (I smoked for too many years before quitting plus sleep deficits and stress take a toll on your skin) strangers have always been taken aback when I tell them my true age (48). I’m usually pegged in my mid to late 30s. I admit I’ve always enjoyed the surprised looks I get when a cashier looks at my driver’s license or an acquaintance appears little stunned when I tell her I’m closing in on 50.I feel with the Clarisonic I can stop the clock and even turn it back a few years to that “mid-30s” look that was beginning to fade – until Clarisonic Mia.From moisturizers to BB cream, they now glide over my skin. The tone of my skin is so even that I can easily skip make-up except for a little under-eye concealer and still look refreshed and awake. For a great day look, I use a touch of mascara, liner and lipstick and I’m good to go.I highly recommend the Clarisonic Mia.

Deann Temple, ME

I love it !

First off, the price here in amazon is much cheaper, such an awesome deal.The reason why I bought it is because I have flaky skin, whenever I apply liquid or creamy foundation, my skin screams “Look, she got flakes on her skin”, thus foundation do not go smooth and I had to stick to powder foundation. This sucked all the moisture out of my skin, even though I try every single heavy moisturizers, they work a bit. Recently, I’ve been using Olive oil at night, and it worked nice and amazing, yet flakes takes time to leave. There comes my clarisonic mia, I was thrilled and hoped it works for my flakiness, guess what? It did, so glad I bought, I used it about a week now and my skin is smooth and I couldn’t believe I can apply foundation with 0 flakiness.If you have flaky skin, make sure you get this.

Delia Washburn, WI

It is really as good as they say it is.

I’m usually the type who really isn’t blown away by all of the hype; especially on what seem to be expensive purchases. But I have had so many issues with hyperpigmentation, dry flaky skin, and a rough texture to my face that I was desperate to try just about anything. After all, Amazon has a wonderful return policy and what could I really lose?Here is what I noticed with the Mia after roughly a month of use:Firstly, when I was doing my research and watching videos, this thing looks so rough on the skin… especially when you watch people scrubbing away with what appears to be a thick and bristly brush. I was afraid to try this because my skin is so sensitive and acne prone. Everyone promised it was definitely okay, but I had a hard time believing that. I bought this with a sensitive brush and I use it in small circles along my face without pressing down or applying a whole lot of pressure… and it really is what they say: gentle and effective. I am not sure about any other brush than the sensitive, but so far I have been surprised at just how much gentler it is than it looks.Also, many say they broke out within two weeks of using this and then their skin cleared up again. I didn’t experience any phase like this. My skin went from consistent breakouts to a perfectly smooth face despite my hyperpigmentation. I have ALWAYS had issues with acne on my chin and some along my cheekbone, and for the first time in so many years, my skin is smooth and soft.The exfoliation on this is amazing. As I said, it makes your skin very smooth and soft; I did notice it a bit after the first use, but you really do have to give it a week or two before you REALLY start to notice just how much softer it can make your skin. My flaky patches and rough texture slowly melted away. My moisturizer not only seems to soak in much easier as well, but my makeup goes on much smoother. There is no longer anything dry or rough for my makeup to cling to and the texture of the skin really improves.For those of you who may have the same question I did in the beginning: I use currently use Clinique’s cream cleanser, which is meant to be applied to skin when dry. The Clarisonic instructs users to wet the skin and brush, and I had to ask a Clarisonic rep if my cream cleanser would be okay for this. The answer is yes; it can be used with anything that doesn’t have exfoliating beads or shells. What I tend to do is apply the cream to my dry skin and then wet the brush. This helps me rest easier knowing the brush isn’t moving against dry skin, and it seems to work well for me.As far as technical details, this little magnetic charger is very compact and very neat, in my opinion. As far as noise, the Mia is pretty quiet. I think it’s nice that it goes off after one minute, and yet at the same time, sometimes I need it for a little longer. And the timers on the Pro version? I don’t even miss them. Also, if you use this to remove or wash off makeup, even after a makeup remover, be sure to scrub your brush with soap at least once a week. This will help minimize stains on your brush, if that bothers you.So happy with my investment. It really is an amazing buy!

Irma North Freedom, WI

A great replacement

My Clarisonic died several months ago, unexplainably, and after the warranty expired. I couldn’t find a replacement online except for the Mias, so I shrugged and bought this. It works great, and I enjoy knowing my skin is that much cleaner every night!

Daisy Hedrick, IA


It leaves my skin soft, smooth and it isn’t rough on the skin UNLESS you apply too much pressure. Just after ONE use, I could feel the difference on my skin. Glad I read the reviews and decided to purchase this item.

Lilia Riverton, IL

Don’t know how I lived without it for this long.

I didn’t get mine from Amazon, I got mine from Sephora who had the best deal at the time. I went with the Mia because I didn’t think it was necessary to have an extra speed setting or extra anything for that matter after doing a ton of research, other reviews agreed the Mia was the bare minimum model, and works just as good as any other models.I don’t know how I lived without it for this long. I am 24, and was starting to get an uneven skin tone. I hardly ever wear make-up, but when I do the Clarisonic along with Purity Philosophy cleanser works it’s magic to get all of my makeup off. I was impressed with how clean my skin was.I have only been using it for a week once a day, and I can already see a difference. I had to be careful not to purge my skin, because I was so tempted to use it 2-3 times a day. I did one day, not a good idea when you’re first starting out. Once a day, or every other day is enough to start out…and during my second week I will try twice a day and see how it goes.My skin is already better, it’s a lot smoother and is allowing my other face products to work more effectively. My skin is a lot brighter, and overall feels healthier.

Melba Pottstown, PA

never living with out it

this is a permanent staple in my skin care routine it forever holds its place no face scrubs or other cheap exfoliates can compare to the power that clarisonic holds. It has changed the way my skin looks and feels it has re-texurized my skin giving it a smooth appearance this will be 1 year since owning the same one obviously trying different brush heads with it but the normal brush head and deep pore cleansing one works great. also the face wash i use with it rotates with the nubian heritage bar soap or the dr bronners castile soap both of those help cleansing my skin of make up and debris its not good to stick with one cleansing product so i rotate with these because they never irritate me. also i use the conair steam facial system which can be also found on amazon along with my using my clarisonic i get a nice deep cleansing spa treatment at my own home sounds nice right? it is!if something were to ever happen to my clarisonic and i would repurchase one in a heartbeat

Toni Wilson, WI


Love it. Just wish the replacement brushes weren’t so expensive. It is a good investment for your skin and makes your cleansers last a lot longer.

Jenna Glen Fork, WV

Smooth skin

I just got the Clarisonic Mia and it does really help with clearing out the pores. Skin feels really soft and clean after use. I also used on my back and it felt very smooth and soft after one use. I wouldn’t say that it completely eliminates pore blockage but it does certainly help reduce it. I have had trouble with keeping pores clear even with using top of the line cleansers and toners. I currently use Cosmedix and could not be happier with it. However, as it is an all-natural non-irritating line of products, it can not completely reverse my genetic tendency towards big pores and blockage. I think the Mia will help with keeping pores clear so the products I use will work more effectively.After two weeks of use, I don’t have huge white/black heads to try to extract! They are much much smaller and softer. I can just use an extracting tool (the metal thing with loop on end) gently and I can get out a lot of excess sebum in the pores. Before using the Clarisonic, I would have to use Biore strips once or twice a week and after one strip, I’d have what looked like a forest of plugs on the strip! (GROSS!!!) and after a few days I’d almost have to do it again because the sebum buildup kept continuing. Now, I’m down to just having tiny soft plugs that are much easier to extract and I can see my pores diminishing. I also started to have some small milia on forehead and cheeks that were not extractable except by an aesthetician (they have really precise tools) and I knew they were going to grow back, but so far, they have been kept at bay but regular use of the Mia. It has been awesome so far! Best results of any mechanical cleanser I have tried before. And I have tried lots of things, including this weird looking light therapy oxygenator thingy that did NOTHING and the Phillips pore cleanser vacuum thingy….and other devices.

Lena Dorchester, IA


It’s been a little bit over a year now….and mind you…I am not a heavy user…I use maybe….once a week if not less than that…so this "burnout" is not due to overuse.I just plugged it in right now and it won’t stop pulsing. Googled this issue and apparently….this is a huge problem for the MIA. Of course, I’m outside the year warranty mark so I am SOL. Such crap. $100+ for maybe a year’s use out of it? Better off getting yourself one of the other much cheaper cleansing brushes….they’ll crap out after a year or two too, but at least you only shelled out twenty bucks.

Jacklyn Barre, MA

Purchased the REAL Clarisonic and I love it.

I debated on whether or not I should purchase the Clarisonic system for a long time until I finally caved and bought it (don’t worry – I didn’t purchase a counterfeit "knock off" and made sure that the serial number fit a genuine product). I’m extremely glad that I purchased it, as it has become a daily staple in my skincare routine. I use it on a daily basis (sometimes morning & night) with a gentle cleanser and it works extremely well. It definitely cleans my face better than a wash towel and gets deep in the pores to remove oils and dirt. This product is entirely waterproof – I love how it could be taken into the shower and/or bathtub. The only things I really don’t like about the Mia is that it takes FOREVER to achieve a full charge and it dries out the skin a bit. Other than that, it’s a great product.

Tina Onalaska, WA

A must have!

This gives my skin a deep clean and gently exfoliates without drying. I love it…I have really dry skin but when I started using the clarsonic to clean my skin that tight feeling isn’t as tight. My skin gets cleaned with less maniupulation than a wash rag and Im a lot more gentle.

Gwendolyn Bassett, NE