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Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head 3 Pack

Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Brushes

Key features

  • Deep Pore Brushes

Honest reviews


Deep cleaning in a flash!

I love the deep pore cleansing brush. It feels a lot different than the sensitive brush head, like I’ve been given a facial. Awesome!

Heather La Conner, WA


These heads arrived very quickly and were in small plastic bags inside a larger white box. I haven’t used this particular head before but it fits the Mia2 and they look just like the original ones. I’m pretty sure that they are the actual clarisonic cleansing head and I’m pleased with the purchase.

Sonya Norway, MI

A legitimate Clarisonic Product

Item was exactly as described. It came in the original Clarisonic packaging and the brush head fits onto the unit perfectly. Fantastic deal and well worth the price. I purchased from Optimum Outlet.

Laura Walnut, IA


The price is right and they fit my Mia sonic care great. Would recommend this. Will reorder this when needed.

Della Jackson, NC


I usually use the normal heads, but chose to order the deep pore cleansing brushes this time. This was my first time ordering brush heads online too, as I usually purchase them in the stores, but this was a good deal so I thought, why not. I was certainly weary because some reviews stated they were not authentic products, however, when I received them in the mail, they looked genuine and work as if they are the real thing- and I have to say, I LOVE THE DEEP PORE brushes! I am not disappointed one bit, although I am only 1 brush into my pack of 3. Overall, I am impressed.

Shelley Bushland, TX


These are the best heads for the clarisonic mia. I use my pretty often, and this head has lasted awhile. The cheapest price I have found.

Cherry Sidon, MS

Every night for best skin

I just love a clean face!! Makes my face feel so clean, like I really have gotten any and all make-up and dirt off.

Roberta Golden Valley, AZ

They mean it when they say “Deep Pore”

Great price. Just be aware, when they "Deep Pore" they really mean it. These brushes brought out everything – I had pimples all over my face because they are so effective. The longer I used them, the more pimples popped up. Maybe it’s just my skin, but I had to stop using them because my skin couldn’t handle any more purging.

Laverne Chalkyitsik, AK

I use them everyday

I even washed one of them in the washing machine to lean it. I have been pleased with these brushes.

Brandie Cedarville, NJ