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Clarisonic Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser, 6.0 fl. oz./177 ml

Formulated with salicylic acid, this cleanser helps clear and prevent new acne blemishes from forming by gently exfoliating to unclog pores and help dry excess sebum. Enriched with vitamins and botanicals, this comforting, foaming cleanser helps reduce the appearance of redness and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Use with the Clarisonic cleansing system.

Key features

  • Gently exfoliating to unclog pores
  • Helps dry excess sebum
  • Enriched with vitamins and botanicals
  • Use with Clarisonic cleansing system

Honest reviews


Excellent acne face cleanser

This is an excellent product for acne. I suffer from adult acne and I’m always on the look out for a great cleanser to try. This product works wonderful on my face, leaving it clean , smooth and my pores is getting smaller. I also bought the Clarisonic brush to go along with this cleanser. You just need a liitle bit to work wonders on your face and it smells great. I have seen results on my face in like 2 weeks.

Blanche Center Cross, VA


I am so thankful I found this cleanser. I have been using this cleanser for a week and my skin is clearing up fast. I use this cleanser evening time only and Josie argan cleansing oil in the morning. It seems to work well. I’ve used tons of acne cleansers and this is the best with using the brush. It doesn’t dry out my face. Im loving it!

Bridgette Thompson, UT


I believe this product is just way overpriced for what it is, but because i wanted to give it a chance, I succumbed to the hype. Never again. Use any soap, it works just as well.

Rae Bloomington, MD

Don’t like it at all

I am not a fan of this cleanser at all. It doesn’t lather or foam in any way, and it doesn’t leave my face feeling clean. I will not repurchase.

Vonda Halma, MN


Smells kind of funny. Didn’t notice an improvement while using this cleanser. I wouldn’t spend my money on this and just use your favorite cleanser with your clarisonic.

Pearl Hamberg, ND

Works great with Clarisonic machine

nice cleanser! this help to keep my skin clean and it works great with the machine. other cleanser does not work as well.

Angeline Pulaski, IA

Like it, but it is strong!

I really like this wash and it keeps my skin clear, but the redness can be bad at times. Invest in a good moisturizer!

Alice Willow Spring, NC

Very effective

I first tried this cleanser as part of the Mia 2 Acne Care system. I loved it from the first try – it cleanses deeply, yet your skin feels soft and not stripped or dry. It works equally well with the Acne brush head and the Deep Pore head. The only thing I really don’t like is the fragrance (it doesn’t smell nice at all) but it works so well I just put up with it. Also, buy it here – way cheaper than at Sephora or Ulta and it is the authentic product.

Concetta Bethel, AK