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Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, 1.7-Ounce Box

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Beauty Flash Balm–/1.7OZ Design House: Clarins

Key features

  • Beauty Flash Balm Brightens, Tightens 50ml/1.7oz.

Honest reviews


Best $50 bucks I’ve ever spent…

This is a MUST HAVE if you wake up tired, haven’t slept or your skin needs help. This gives you a vibrant flush and helps you look as though you have slept a good 8 hours!! This and Guerlain’s Midnight Secret should be in every woman’s beauty aresenal.

Nikki Franklin, NH

Good for dull skin

I needed something that would make me look more awake on nights that I don’t get my required beauty sleep.I tried this and it really works. The trick is it use it as recommended. A thin layer is all you and it needs to be applied in long strokes. You can follow it up with your favorite foundation or BB creme. Don’t wait too long or the foundation will flake.You can follow it up with some blush and it will give you the “glow ” you need!Feel free to ask any questions regarding the product or my review and leave me feedback !Thanks

Brandie Clayton, GA


Excellent product….feels so nice and smooth… Brightens the whole face , I feel like a completely new person…. Use it sparingly so that your face does not get used to it..

Elena Dewey, AZ


I have been using this balm for long. I used to place orders from Clarins official site when they offer some discount. This year I missed it so I turned to some Amazon seller.When the parcel arrived, I found that the tube design is a bit different from those I purchased before: new package, I thought. Then I found the balm comes in slightly lighter color: new formula, I thought. And next I applied the balm on my face and noticed that even the texture changes, it feels a little watery, like diluted. Later I also detected the scent differs in a very subtle way…I am not so sure about this, maybe this batch of products just comes like this. Luckily this version did not do any harm to me, so I use it as mask now, put on and rinse after 10 min. Just bought an another authentic balm from Clarins…

Sarah Strang, NE

It works!

I don’t know why this product works, but it does work well. I pat a little on my face then immediately put on my foundation. It makes my skin glow and look healthy. I use it off/on throughout the day. I’m hooked! Now it’s time to try the beauty flash balm for eyes.

Silvia Hilliards, PA

It’s OK

I bought it because my skin often looks tired and dull. I can also be a bit sallow, so using radiance boosters helps correct the tone and makes my skin look more vibrant. You can use this as either a facial mask or as a type of primer underneath your makeup. Personally, I will NEVER use this underneath my makeup again. I have oily problem skin and this product has a thick, sticky texture which caused a small breakout after only one use as a primer. Additionally, even though I rubbed it in completely it still left my skin tacky and made me look shiny (not glowing, mind you, but greasy). My skin felt like there was a film over it all day and by the time I got home my skin looked so greasy I looked like I never washed my face. Not good all around.I also absolutely hate the smell…and its strong! It smells like cheap potpourri or old play makeup my grandma gave me as a kid. This is by far my biggest issue with the product.Aside from that, I like to use this as a mask in the morning. It takes 10-15 mins to get the full benefits, which isn’t really practical time-wise to use before work (which is when I would personally really like to use it). Still, I’ve used it before going out on weekends or after work to look refreshed. It does work at improving radiance and making my skin glow, so for that I’m happy to have it. I just can’t get passed the smell.I’ve been using this for a few months now and 1 tube has lasted me quite a while, which is also nice. With so many other products on the market though, once I’m done with this tube I’ll be searching for something else. Between the smell and the clogged pores, I don’t think this product is the best for me. I also feel its over-priced.

Selma Joppa, AL

This stuff rocks

I don’t know how I ever wore make up before discovering this stuff. My face looks flawless every time. I don’t know how to explain it, but this is a must have. I feel late for just getting up on the hype…and boy do I understand the hype. Buy it. You won’t regret it.

Justina Elma, IA