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Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo Blonde & Silver 31.5oz

Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo brightens white and gray hair. Shampoos away yellow, and refreshes faded highlights.

Key features

  • Tones down brassiness.
  • Maintains ash-toned color.
  • Leaves hair shiny with no residue.
  • No patch test required.

Honest reviews


Works Great!!! BUTTTTTT…….

This was recommended by my hair stylist to take out the brassiness of my highlights. I thought it was Pretty spendy, but I figured if it helped take out some of the brassiness from my hair, I would be thankful, and I was and am still happy with the product and what it does. Definitely a 5 Star product….BUT………………….I was at Wal-Mart the other day and randomly saw this shampoo called “Jhirmack Distinctions Silver Plus”, it was in a silver and purple bottle and claimed to do the same thing so I figured I would try it because I just ran out of my Shimmer Lights and WOW is it awesome, I think it is even better then the shimmer lights.. (it is even purple and looks exactly like it is the same shampoo) and to make it EVEN BETTER… It was less than $3.00!!! Compared to $11 for the small bottle of shimmer lights… (for that kind of price difference, that is why I gave Shimmer Lights only 3 stars)Another thing that I love about this shampoo is that when I wash my hair with it one day, I could seriously go 2 days w/o washing my hair and my hair doesn’t look bad at all… I mean I usually wash my hair every day but when I go camping or have to get up super early the next morning and want to take a shower the night before it is awesome!!!Oh, and I just want to mention, I have only ever used Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Jhirmack Shampoo, I never tried any of the conditioners. ALSO Amazon does have the Jhirmack Shampoo & Conditioner on the website, but its definitely more expensive then what I paid at Wal-Mart. (I don’t know if this will help but at Wal-Mart it was to the right of all the Aussie products)

Erin Robinson, IL

No More Brassy Brunette

This shampoo is amazing! I deviated from my normal go-to hair color to try something new and the result was horrible: brassy orange roots/highlights in my medium brown hair. A friend recommended this to me, but I was hesitant to try it based on the description for silver/blond hair. But, I’m glad I did because I could tell a major diffrence after just one shampoo. Great product with amazing results!!

Johnnie Pierce City, MO

Works even on darker blond shades

After a trip to the salon a few weeks ago, I came home sporting a new dark caramel hair color with very dark brown streaks mixed in. I had gone in with very dark brown hair. Just a shade lighter than black, and on the warm side. I wanted to go a dark blond color, and after about 75% of my hair being foiled with bleach, it came out a deep caramel color. I liked the color, but it was a little brassy for my liking. I like warm tones, but it was just a little to dark caramel for my liking.After my stylist pulled out the foils, she started washing my hair with a purple shampoo. She asked if I had ever heard of it before. I said no and she preceded to explain what it does. THANK GOODNESS she told me about it. She had mentioned that I should get some and within a few washes my hair would be perfect. When I got home I just couldn’t quite love my new hair shade, and felt it needed to be either a hint lighter or darker, one way or another. It was just too brassy. Then I remembered what the stylist said about the shampoo.After looking around, I decided on this Clairol Simmer Lights purple shampoo. I ordered it and couldn’t wait to get it. When it arrived, I had all kinds of apprehensions about how long to leave it on. I knew my hair was dark enough that it needed some time to work, but I also was worried I would end up with a purple hue. I ended up deciding to leave it in for about 10 minutes (on wet hair). After washing it out I deep conditioned it, then got out and began drying my hair.I did notice a change, a subtle one. It hadn’t changed the color, but seemed to just take away the warm brassy red undertones and give the caramel color a cooler tone. I was so pleased, I decided the next day to use it again. This time it actually seemed to lighten the hair color. Instead of a caramel brown shade, it lightened to a dark blond shade. I was so pleased, since this was just the color I had been looking for. Now I maintain this by using the purple shampoo about once or twice a week.Keep in mind that this shampoo is not going to make your hair super soft and manageable. If anything, it’s super drying and can make bleached hair even more brittle. You will need to use some deep conditioners to apply after washing your hair with the purple shampoo, to help make it smooth again. But it’s SO worth it. I had no idea there was a product out there like this. If you’re any shade of blond at all, and are looking to tone down brassiness, THIS is what you are looking for.

Gina Nallen, WV


Did not care for this product. Came opened and spilled all over package.Tryed a little of left over. Did not enhance highlights. Just made hair color run together.

Carly Jacobson, MN

Updated review…won’t buy it again…

Having highlighted hair, my stylist recommended this product to contain any brassiness or redness that would appear between salon visits.Beware, it is purple and your towels will have streaks of purple, which wash out easily.It does work to some degree but I would not recommend using it often.Also, after washing and using conditioner, hair seems darker, but that disappears as you switch between other quality shampoos and conditioners.It also leaves a drying effect to the hair. If you are coloring and highlighting your hair, it becomes coarser and generally does not benefit from further drying out.

Tracy Bath, ME

From a super blonde

I am blonde and I love it! My hair is naturally a medium blonde, but I have been getting my hair professionally done in a salon for as long as I can remember to make my hair as blonde as possible. While I don’t have all bleached like I used to, it’s still almost as blonde as you can get. I am so sick of looking for the perfect shampoo for me.I want my hair BLONDE. I don’t want it gold, I don’t want it to look brassy, I want it blonde, blonde, blonde!I have tried so many shampoos, from really expensive to really cheap. An example is a bottle of Pureology shampoo that I bought for about $80 (it was a super big bottle). That is rather pricey. It made my hair look brassy, had a smell my boyfriend hated, and I didn’t feel like it was nourishing my hair at all. One day when I ran out I tried my boyfriend’s cheap-o Head & Shoulders Shampoo/Conditioner combo, and it gave me more shine and less brass than that ridiculously expensive shampoo. What???While it’s generally true that salon shampoos are better for your hair because they don’t contain as much wax as the cheap ones (so says my hair colorist), that still doesn’t mean an expensive brand is going to make your hair look any better than a cheap brand. And while I care about the health of my hair, I care equally, if not more, about the looks of it.With the good reviews of this product and the very decent price, I thought, “Why not?” Let’s just say that it was a great decision!The color is a little shocking at first. It is a very deep purple – was not expecting that! It also has a very strong smell, kind of like you have been in a salon all day. I saw a very noticeable difference after I blow-dried compared to my last shampoo. My hair was soft, felt healthy, and it was NOT brassy. It brought some of the blondeness back to my hair and I loved it.Sometimes I can’t get to the salon every 2 months to get my hair done. Sometimes my hair colorist is out of time, sometimes I’m lazy, and sometimes I am just too busy. I have been looking for the perfect shampoo that can keep my hair still looking shiny and fresh even if I’m a little late for my next treatment. And this is definitely it! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a strong, shimmery shampoo that will help take out the brass and put the blonde back into your hair.UPDATE: Make sure that you get ALL of the shampoo out of your hair. I have really thick hair, and typically take a bath for this reason. If you can’t get it all out, parts of your hair may look a little purplish-blue, especially the super blonde parts. It also turns my blondest hair a little silver, which is odd.

Mai Haxtun, CO

Great for Gray

I got this for my aunt after she had been looking for something to help keep her gray hair looking nice and get rid of that weird yellow-y shade that can creep in. I had heard good things about this type so I passed it along. She was thrilled with the results and her hair looks great!

Hope Locustdale, PA

Foul smelling product

I have mid brown hair with ashy blonde highlights that tend towards brassy and I purchased this after reading all the reviews here on Amazon. I have to say that after using it my hair was dry and smelt so bad that I couldn’t wait to wash my hair again to rid myself of the odor. Yes, it worked a little but the smell was so unpleasant for me that I will not use this again. I was avoiding people all day so that they wouldn’t smell me! I would consider using this again only if they improved the smell – yes it was that bad! I will continue looking for a better product. Clairol Shimmer Lights – Blonde & Silver Shampoo – 16 Fl. Oz., 16 Fl Oz

Melinda Rock View, WV

Takes yellow out of white hair.

My hair isn’t yellow, but it would take it out if it was. It makes it bright and soft as is.

Edwina Dwight, KS

Works so well

Came in on time. It works well gave me a soft hair as well. Took out the bronziness in my hair while making it look and feel healthy.

Tabatha Marydel, DE

Dried out my hair, made it look like straw

I have heavily processed hair, undergoing removal of dye to go blonde. Beauty supply employee recommended this to me and what a waste of money! My hair is already heavily damaged, and this shampoo made it look like straw. Like an exploded dandelion!!!I use Joico Color Endure Violet and it makes my hair silky. I tried the Pureology Platinum for blonde hair and it was ‘ok’ but it didn’t tone out the brassy like the Joico. Either of these are better than the Clairol at moisturizing hair.

Tori Entriken, PA

Product is fine, but packaging leaves a lot to remedy!

I’ve used this product for a long time and felt that ordering it from Amazon would save me some money. Instead I lost product(some of the shampoo which leaked inside of box material and ran over the ream of paper causing loss of lot of ream of paper and a wet cloth bag containing a bracelet I order, but this came late and in the wrong color metal-I ordered rose gold and was sent yellow gold bracelet). Need I say more? I am steamed from cleaning up in and outside of my home andvery disappointed in this company’s packaging and unless something is done to rectify this awful mess, I will not use this shipper again.I know I am only one customer and probably don’t matter to you, but if this happens to several hundred "ones", you’ll lose a lot of money because of negligence.

Serena Immokalee, FL

My Favorite Lightening Shampoo

I’ve been using this product for a couple years and have always been so happy with the results. I leave it on in the shower for about 10 minutes 2 times a week and it works wonders! Love the lavender tint that I get sometimes too.

Elizabeth Maumee, OH

clairol shimmer shampoo

If you have silver hair this will make it appear a dark drab gray. Go with ghirmack,ghirmack makes your hair look white!

Patsy Banquete, TX

Delivers What It Promises

Clairol Shimmer Light Shampoo Blonde & Silver 8 oz. is a popular-priced shampoo that really, so far as I’m concerned, delivers what it promises. It reinforces blonde or light brown hair color, giving it lots of sheen; and it punches up blonde highlights, in between those expensive trips to the beauty salon. (And we all know that to go blonde, even just for highlights, means you might as well keep a sleeping bag at your favorite salon.) And, although I haven’t tried most of the colors, I can tell you that several years ago, I wore my naturally reddish hair in a reddish shade, how’s about that! And the Clairol Red Shampoo punched that up almost too much. Finally, this shampoo is relatively economical as just a little dab will do you, and it lathers up nicely, with a pleasant aroma, to which perfume, thankfully, I am not allergic, and I’m allergic to so many scents. No downside that I can see.

Paulette Clyde Park, MT

Necessary for Lightening Hair

I’ve been highlighting/blonding my for about a year now. Purple shampoo’s in conjunction with John Frieda’s Blonding Shampoo’s. Purple shampoo is good for right after lightening your hair where warm (yellow/orange) tones can be obnoxious.This product won’t be a fixer for seriously brassy hair but it will neutralize a warm hue you might have after dying.

Pauline Flasher, ND

Great shampoo for highlighted hair

I’ve tried other "for grey or silver hair" shampoos and instead of brightening my blonde hi lites, it made my hair too ashen. Don’t overuse this shampoo or it will leave a purple hue to your hair that you can pick up in the sun or bright light.

Joni Glen Flora, TX

It does work!

I have never used this shampoo until today. I really like the product. It makes my hair silky and definitely shiny! I have highlighted blonde hair and it was looking rather brassy and a little dull, after one use, this product made a difference.

Carolyn Highwood, MT

Amazing for platinum and baby blonde hair!

I used this as a toner since my local beauty store was out of my usual toner and my salon was out of my favorite violet shampoo, so I applied this to damp hair and left it in for around 15-20 minutes before rinsing it out and conditioning. It took me 2 applications but it brought my yellow blonde hair to a soft baby blonde. So not quite the platinum I wanted, but very very close and it looks quite natural too. Just don’t leave it in too long or you’ll end up with grey dingy purple hair.A word of warning, it’s drying on the hair so be sure to follow it up with a good deep conditioner, especially if you plan to be using a blow dryer or something after washing with it. It’ll be hard to manage otherwise. Still, I think it’s a small price to pay for how well this stuff removes brassy tones from the hair.In all, I like this product a lot as a cheap alternative to my usual purple shampoo which is the Joico Violet Color Endure. I greatly prefer that product, as it is much more gentle and sulfate free, but I feel that Shimmer Lights, though not as good, works very well too.I docked a star for the sulfates in the shampoo as my hair doesn’t react favorably to products that contain them and it’s not good in the long run for people with heavily bleached/lightened hair to use them. They cause drying out, frizz, and product build up which all lead to breakage in bleached hair. As a once a week shampoo this is fine, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for daily use.

Willie Shonto, AZ

It Works

This is a fantastic purple shampoo that works after just one wash. You can literally see a difference in your hair color the next morning.

Marva Humboldt, MN


I haven’t used this product in a while but once I lightened my hair again I needed some. I ordered a new bottle on here because Sally’s beauty Supply has some ridiculous pricing…and what the hell free shipping and only $8 compared to $15 and the price of gas to get to Sally’s. This stuff works well, a little slower than I’d like, I have used it four times once daily since I got it and my hair still have yellow tints to it, but compared to what it was, I know it’s working. I don’t use the matching conditioner because I have the John Freida version already which works well for me.

Helena Manomet, MA

A Big Mistake

I must admit that coloring my hair for as long as I have been is probably not a good thing. And doing it myself is probably an even larger mistake. But I have and right now I can’t afford to go to a salon every couple of weeks, so I do the best I can.This last time my hair came out too red. I’ve been trying for an ash blonde which suits my coloring better than a strawberry blond. I hate the clownish red highlights so I have been looking for a product to neutralize them. I have been using John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo, 8.45 Ounces (Pack of 2) and John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Conditioner, 8.45 Ounces (Pack of 2).However, I had been told that this Clairol product works much better.It does NOT. I have been using this for about a week now and it has stripped all the color from my grays which made it appear that my hair had neutralized somewhat,but the end result was a frizzy, ultra dry fly-away mess of hair, that I am now going to have to have 6 inches trimmed off because of all the breakage.The smell is quite strong and since my hair came out so dry I was afraid to was and condition it again the next day with my old product.

Suzanne Holt, CA

Silver Hair

For those of us who have silver hair and want to wear modern styles and not have "blue" hair, this is the shampoo for us.I’ve used it for years.

Kim Falling Rock, WV

Brightens my Blonde!

This really pulls the yellow or brassiness from your hair when it starts to fade a little. I let it sit on my hair and it really helps with making my blonde, blonder!

Lesa Saint Peters, PA

Grreat for color treated hair

My aunt uses it all the time — so I got some to stock her up, Only issue was that one (of 2) lid came lose and a lot spilled out

Michele Tillery, NC


It dries hair a bit but I use it on the first shampoo only…It gives your blonde a wonderful shine

Letitia Roggen, CO

Works like it states just invest in a good conditioner.

It does what it claims it will do. Careful it will make your bright blonde hair gray silvery. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 is it dries my hair out bad!! I have medium blonde hair and when I wash it it doesnt change the color much but when you leave it in for awhile it definitely does take out the yellow brass color. I left it on the first time for 10 mind and it helped alittle then I left it on for thirty and it all went gray purple. After 2 washes the purple was gone. The scent it abit strong and flowery but not that bad. The only thing I don’t like is it dries out my hair bad so I use Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner and it helps a lot. Overall. great toning shampoo.

Terri Kissee Mills, MO

Reduces the brassy-ness

My hair dresser recommended a “shimmering lights” shampoo for me to use once a week. She said this brand was as good as anything double in price. I use it once a week to reduce the brassy nature that can happen to my hair, colored and grey, over time. I leave it on for a few minutes and it has made a difference. My colored hair is not turning brassy-ish between appointments and my grey hair has a beautiful shine to it now. Worth the price.

Alfreda Garfield, KY

Favorite Shampoo for Blonde Hair

This is my favorite shampoo for my blonde hair. It helps keeps out the brassiness that my hair is prone to, but is gentle enough to use multiple times in a week. I use this after I go in a chlorinated pool and it keeps the tone of my hair perfect. Definitely use with the conditioner for extra color-stay!

Cindy Natalbany, LA

Brightens my blonde

Love this shampoo to brighten my blonde. Do not use everytime you wash and do not let it sit in your hair or it might tint your hair purple. Does dry your hair out so use good conditioner afterwards.

Vonda South Sioux City, NE