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Clairol Professional Liquicolor Lightest Neutral Blonde 10N/12B1

Your favorite permanent color, Miss Clairol, is now Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente. Clairol combined Miss Clairol and Torrids into 56 inter-mixable shades. Same shade results. Delivers the 4 signs of healthy-looking color: deep conditioning, reflective shine, multi-dimensional shades and long-lasting results.

Key features

  • 84% more conditioning than leading brands
  • 61% more shine (versus untreated hair)
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Long lasting results
  • Multi dimensional results

Honest reviews


A great, improved product, if you can find the right shade!

I have dyed my hair red my entire adult life. Before using Miss Clairol professional, I always started out with tomato colored hair that faded to orangey blonde, and had a hard time maintaining the just right phase in between. Then I started using this and my haircolor stayed true without fading. For years I had been using “sparkling cherry,” which I would describe as a true, basic auburn/red. However, when they switched to the soy, the same color came out much darker and with a weird pink cast to it. I liked that my color did seem more “multidimensional,” conditioned, and shiny, but I sure didn’t like the magenta Sharon Osborne tint. I had already been thinking about going more strawberry blond, so the next time, my hair dresser used “lightest neutral red brown”-I nearly busted a vessel when I saw a swatch of that later because it looked completely brown, in fact the name was “sunsparked brown,” yet my hair still looked red. The next visit we went a shade lighter to dark red neutral blonde/sunny auburn. I groused to my hairdresser that the color looked 100% golden blonde to me versus red, but she said all the reds not labeled neutral had the weird pink tinge. We agreed to switch to redken if we didn’t like it. Luckily, it came out very, very pretty-a perfect mix of red and gold(my hair would be 75% gray without dye, and the rest is very light reddish brown naturally). However, it doesn’t look much like the swatch at all. My only beef with clairol’s otherwise improved product is a)had I not already had an urge to go back to strawberry blond, I couldn’t find an equivalent color to the auburn I had before b) the swatches, at least in terms of reds, don’t look like each other(i.e., the reds shown on clairol’s soyplex pdf chart look nothing like the swatches from sally online or the ones posted here on amazon, which in turn look like the ones my hairdresser had), and the swatches didn’t look like the ultimate color I ended up with. If you are going for red, and you are mostly gray or have hair that is light brown or lighter, I recommend going for a shade that looks less red than what you are aiming for.I am happy with the color I settled on, and the added shine its given my hair, I just wish it would have been less of an “odyssey” to find the right shade, lol. I think clairol could fix this by improving their swatches.

Rosario Hull, GA

Lovely color, and pretty gentle.

I did a swatch test of this in the 8GN, a few nights ago on an easily hidden strand of hair, hoping the gold would cancel out the horrid gray tone my previous color left me with and the neutral would keep the gold from being too yellow. I was fully prepared for too dark color or super gold hair, but the color turned out wonderful! It’s almost exactly the color the swatch at Sally’s was, warm and natural looking. It was surprisingly gentle on my hair too, especially considering I used the 30 volume developer to lift the previous color just a bit. My hair was very dry previously due to the multiple processes and it doesn’t seem to be any worse than before, it’s very shiny though!Also, I didn’t notice anything about a bad smell like others have said, and I’ve smelled some pretty bad hair color. Ion is particularly strong smelling. This had a clean scent, and a very subtle one as well. I will definitely be doing my whole head with this color, and I’ll probably stick with it for quite a while too.

Bridgette Shickley, NE

Horrible change

Og My Gosh I cannot believe Clairol made the Soy Plex change, it stinks, it is runny. I must find another hair color, should not be that difficult with L’Oreal or Wella. You never change a good thing.VERY UPSET!

Lynette Washington, KS

great coverage

great coverage for gray and good color retention. have been using for years mixed with other clairol blondes (see my other reviews).

Christie Fostoria, IA

a lotta Hmmmmmm jury still out maybe??

Not as good as the original but nothing bad to report as far as causing ill health or bad results. I THINK this one fades a little faster..but I am not sure…I THINK that it takes a LITTLE longer to soak in..not sure again..BUT I think this formula is worth those little I THINKS because my hair overall seems less damaged and chemically abused than previous formula.

Ann Brunswick, GA