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Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up 5A Medium Ash Brown

Extend the life of your hair color. Root Touch-Up gives your hair color a boost, covering roots and grays anytime between regular colorings. The targeted Root Creme works in just 10 minutes and matches any leading shade –even salon color.* (*Among leading retail permanent shades and pre-formulated salon color).

Key features

  • Permanent color that blends seamlessly, no matter which leading shade you use
  • Lasts up to 3 weeks
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Precision Brush for quick and easy application
  • Just 10 minutes to say goodbye to roots and grays
  • Permanent color that blends seamlessly.
  • Lasts up to 3 weeks.
  • 100% gray coverage.
  • Precision Brush for quick and easy application.
  • Just 10 minutes to say goodbye to roots and grays.

Honest reviews



This is a gimmick, and I am embarrassed to say that I fell for it. It was not very effective in covering my root color, and I would recommend using this only in an emergency. I don’t know why I just didn’t buy another pkg of hair color and just do my roots. At least I would have received the conditioner that comes in the pkg. This Root Touch Up by Clairol did not have that and it was sorely missed.

John Newton, TX

Easy to use and really works to hide gray roots

I just turned 40 a few weeks ago, but have had to dye my hair for at least eight or nine years because of the gray. I usually try to eke out 8-10 weeks between salon visits, but I’ve been growing my hair out and my stylist says I only need to come in every four months for a cut. Since I didn’t want to drive an hour each way just for color and since I really only needed a root touch-up last month, I decided to give this a try. I went with this brand since a beauty editor at _Allure_ magazine had recommended it. It works great!It’s been years (probably since college) since I’ve dyed my own hair, so I was really nervous about using this and botching up my salon color and highlights. Since you’re only applying it along the part and exposed areas, it’s really easy to use and it did a great job of hiding my grays. I used the blue brush, and it didn’t make a mess and was easy to control.One bit of advice: I went to a local store and matched my hair to a box of this before purchasing it here on Amazon, and I’m glad I did. I almost bought a lighter brown color that would have been really off. The Dark Brown was a perfect match, and while it seemed a bit too dark for the first week or so, after a few shampoos, it blended right in. I’d definitely recommend doing an in-store match if you can before purchasing.Additionally, the price here on Amazon was less for two boxes than what I would have paid for just one box at my local store.Overall, a great way to extend your color between salon visits! Now I can use that extra money I saved for a fab pair of fall shoes! 😉

Cathryn Red Oak, NC

quick and no fuss grey cover up

I just did my first application in dark brown to cover my 1″ roots. I have light brown shimmering high lights and red brown coloring job on therefore i was not sure if the dark brown would blend in well with the lighter shades. During the waiting time, i noticed how dark it was and my worry was not lassened. However, as soon as i finished blowing drying, i can’t tell the cover-up. i was really impressed how well it blended with the existing lighter color. the amount is just perfect for roots, not for the whole hair unless u have very short cropped time i’ll get the reddish brown just to see if it works.very happy with this product!

Enid Colusa, IL

Just enough and fast acting

This contains enough product for me to do just my roots, which is perfect to cover those pesky stray grays between salon visits. This works quickly within 10 minutes of application. Im happy I tried this, no more wasting most of a regular bottle, easy applicator and this works so much quicker.

Christine Easton, TX

Use this for eye brows and works great.

Grew back my over plucked brows and used this to cover the greys. My brows look great, and are solid again. I used a disposable mascara wand and mixed a little of each chemical. I was able to get four uses out of one kit.

Annette Gregory, SD

Great product!

I use Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch-Up in between my every 6 week hair dye. This product is perfect for that touch-up. I have been using it since it came on the market. Love it!

Charlotte Hillsboro, GA


I was disappointed in the color which came out with more brown than the picture on the package indicated. My hair felt "sandy" after the application and this lasts only 3 weeks. I had much better results with the similar Loreal product.

Nanette Syracuse, NY

Old stock?

Perhaps this product is old, but it just doesn’t work as well as the same product sold in stores. I use it to cover grays in my part and my hairline, following all instructions (leaving it on an extra 5 minutes for stubborn grays). My hair looks nice for about a week, then the color starts to fade. I don’t want to touch up my hair every week.It also took about a month to ship, so what I’m left guessing is this vendor waits until stores want to dump old stock, then the old stock is sold online. Just a guess, I really don’t know. I gave this product 3 stars because the hair color does look nice for that first week before the grays start reappearing. When I’ve used this product purchased from a store, it’s at least a month before my hair needs retouching.

Mattie Lowder, IL

great for grays!

I have dark brown hair naturally, that I color to blend gray hair away. My hair, although dark, pulls extremely red, so I have had quite a time finding an ashy enough brown color. So, I use John Frieda medium brown, and Natural Instincts brass free brunette interchangeably.My daughter was set to flower girl in a wedding, and in my focus to get her set up, I realized the night before that I had some pretty sparkly grays kicking. I thought this would be great to quickly remedy the situation.I was right. In fact, I think this did a better job than my normal color. I did have some after color conditioner I used, and it came out great. I am totally going to use this stuff to extend my color. Blended perfectly.

Marylou Loma, CO

Great root coverage

I was skeptical that products like these really do ‘blend’….but they do. The color does fade some as it grows out but it does a really good job of covering gray. My grow out that is 6-7 inches still has a good dark tint despite a little fade.

Leola Hamden, CT

My go-to

I rely on this produce in between salon visits. I’ve used it for several years and foresee a long relationship!

Marcy Robards, KY

hair color

I am so happy to buy this on amazon. delivery is great. I had a hard time finding it in the stores. it’s a perfect match for my color and it is so easy to use.

Lena Arroyo, PR

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up 004 Dark Brown (Pack of 2)

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up 004 Dark Brown (Pack of 2) great price love the color and good for the roots with a little gray.easy to use dont take long at all plus i got a discount so its all good…..

Katharine Linden, WI

Doesn’t cover Grays

I used it as per the instructions and left it on an additional 5 minutes.I still had gray hair after my hair dryed.Total waste of time.

Deana Hilltop, WV

Won’t Use Anything Else!

Honestly, this root touch up matches all medium browns, just as they advertise. I wouldn’t use anything else! It really is a beautiful color and it is very quick to do between your normal colorings.

Alejandra Bob White, WV

Quick and Easy to touch up part and front

The little mixing bin and touch up brush make it super easy to color the new growth in my part and around my face. Now I can keep my hair looking natural by spending about 15 minutes every three weeks or so. The 006R color was a little more brown than the 6R Perfect 10 that I use on my whole head, but I doubt anyone would notice that except me. The root touch up is an easy, quick, and economical way to keep my hair looking great and not subjecting the rest of my hair to such frequent coloring or wasting dye by using a regular kit only for the new growth.

Melisa Tropic, UT

Very impressed!

I thought I’d try this to go longer between having my highlights done and I’m so happy I did. The color matches my own color exactly and it seems very gentle on the hair. My hair is fine and tends to be fragile, but this color left my hair in perfect condition. The amount seems small when I first mixed it, but it turned out to be more than enough for my touch-ups. I will definitely buy this again.

Caroline Ayr, NE

Did a good job on my Golden Blonde hair

But, there was just enough product to do the top of my head (where my hair parts) and around my face. I needed another touch up in less than three weeks. It would be 5 stars if there were more product. And the brush – it mostly just tangled my hair so I used my fingers to apply.

Felicia Southfield, MA

Clairol root touch up

nice stuff, I got it for $5 for 2 pack, otherwise, $10 for 2 pack would be too expensive, since you need to use it on your new roots every 2-3 weeks depending on your hair growth.

Pamala Palos Hills, IL

Fantastic when you cannot get to the hairdresser in time….be sure to shampoo after 10 minutes!

A friend recommended this to me when I had an interview pop up with only a day’s notice. I could not get to the salon for a ‘root fix’ before the interview and I didn’t want them to notice my grey roots! This is a great kit and it’s easy to use. It comes with a small plastic tray, a plastic brush (stiff bristles), a tube of color, and a small bottle of white stuff that activates the color. You mix the color and white liquid in the plastic tray and paint it on, just like they do at the salon. In five minutes, my roots were invisible. I agree with their advertisement that it blends with ‘any’ hair coloring. I purchased light brown and it has matched well with several different salon colors. It gives me 6 more weeks before I have to go back to the hairdresser!Now for one word of caution…. Though my scalp never seems to have problems after salon coloring, I do develop itchy scalp and sometimes small scalp bumps from this solution. I HAVE to shampoo twice after applying the color to minimize the reaction I’m getting to this product. Though I followed the instructions and tried it first on a small area — with no reaction, the back of my head, front part area, and sideburns do react when it is left on for the recommended 10 minutes. Itching is my primary complaint. Bottom line is that I use it only when I’m in a jam, and it works great for that.Amazon pricing is equal or better than Target’s price, so I buy it here.

Kimberly East Enterprise, IN

This works for me

First, let me say that I think whether this product is for you depends on your hair color and whether you are trying to cover up grey hair vs. non-grey roots of another color. I use the Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-up to cover totally grey roots on dyed medium brown hair. For me, the Root Touch-Up actually works better than regular hair color.Like all hair color, this stuff changes (oxidizes) after a few shampoos. So, Dark Brown initially starts out VERY dark, but after 2 to 3 shampoos, it lightens up a bit. ALL permanent hair coloring does this, but I find that the Root Touch-Up lightens LESS over time than regular hair dye. In my case, I am covering up VERY grey roots in my center part and along my temples and it covers VERY well, blending nicely into the rest of my hair. I estimate that my hair is probably 60-70% grey, but because I color it all the time, I only see it at the roots. And no matter what hair color I use, I can see a teeny bit of grey within a week because hair GROWS. Other than parting one’s hair differently, there isn’t much you can do about that. Grey roots against dark hair are obviously far more noticeable than grey roots in blond hair. But in terms of actual grey coverage? The Root Touch-Up is PERFECT. Unlike other "dark brown" regular hair dye, my grey hair actually becomes dark brown with the Root Touch-Up. Every other hair color I’ve tried gives me some light or orange-y version of brown because the grey is not fully covered. Although the product contains only a small amount of product, the pigment is much more highly concentrated than regular hair coloring and a little goes a long way. I think that there’s a safety advantage with this too: probably best to use the least amount of hair dye you can.Also — and this is key for me — the color of the Dark Brown itself is a true neutral brown. I detest red and brass overtones, which are present even in brown dyes advertised as "ash" or "neutral". THIS PRODUCT IS A TRUE NEUTRAL BROWN. As my hair grows (I wear it long, to my mid-back), the color of Root Touch-Up does lighten a bit BUT STAYS NEUTRAL BROWN. No red overtones. No brassy overtones. This is critical for me and what makes this product ideal for me. It’s the ONLY hair coloring product I’ve ever use that gives me the brown shade I want.I find that my roots stay colored for about 3 weeks with Root Touch-Up; this is the same amount of time for me as with regular hair coloring. Again, if you have high-contrast roots (grey on black or dark brown), you are obviously going to see the regrowth in a more prominent way. Hair coloring comes with many tradeoffs but for me, the trueness of the color, the excellent grey coverage, as well as the ease of application make this a great product.

Loretta Samuels, ID

This stuff is great!

I have done my own hair forever, and this buys me another couple of weeks. Sometimes I use it twice in a month just because it’s so much easier than a complete hair dye job. It always blends — I use medium or light brown depending on the color of my hair at a given time. Highly recommend.

Gracie Bishop Hill, IL

The brush and basin are great and reusable.

The dye is kind of harsh (but is super fast setting).I bought this to reuse the brush and basin using a better dye like color silk.I did use the dye, it matched my black and was quick (a little hard on my hair).

Louise Oakfield, WI

Great for in between colors

This is a great product that makes it easy to color just the roots in between coloring. Matches perfectly to the original product. Quick processing time. Recommend that once you apply, comb through toward ends so that you don’t have a line of where you applied the product.

Pamela Olympia Fields, IL

Wife Likes It

My wife likes this a lot and asked me to order a dozen of them for her. She uses two at a time because she has a lot of thick hair. I like how it looks on her too. So I would recommend is for woman that think they need it.

Dollie Venus, TX

Very easy to use, as fast as a cover-up pen

This is the easiest and fastest root touch up (I’ve used others, like Revlon’s), and this one is by far the best. The grey coverage is good (leave it on for 15-20 minutes, just before you shower, and make sure that your hair wasn’t just recently washed, either, or the color doesn’t seem to last as long.It’s as easy as applying mascara, and the color match is pretty true. I love this product better than the other root touch-ups on the market, mainly because it’s permanent (unlike a touch-up stick) and will easily last for 2 weeks to extend your color, and it doesn’t have a strong odor.

Latanya Newdale, ID


The idea is nice. I used the Dark Brown. It blended nicely with my previous color, but it did not cover grey well.

Shannon Berryville, VA

My Best Friend, “Miss Clairol”

Great product for touching up roots, nice color. I am between a medium/dark brown shade. I have tried all brands available, some lift the color too, resulting in making my roots to be too light or reddish. Not this one, it does the trick, Blends nicely. So easy and hassle free to use, process time is only ten minutes! The Coverage is 100% and last for about 10-14 days. The best part is that it is "Easy" on my hair. I will buy more for sure!

Gay Otterbein, IN