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Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Color, Black 2

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I like the color and comb applicator but it did nothing on my gray hair

Since the age of 18 I have been going gray (some wierd genetic thing from my dad’s side), so this is not my first time dying my hair.I left the color in for an extra 15 minutes to make sure that my gray strands were completely dyed. I was very disappointed that I had a few visible spots that was not 100% covered. I loved the color and the conditioner is great. My hair felt soft afterwards. I loved the comb applicator as well. I just wish it covered my gray hair like it said it would!

Alisa Nobleboro, ME

Not quite perfect yet

My wife and daughters use various shades of this product with their shoulder length hair. Their experiences fall between that of the other reviewers. They love the applicator and the layered look it creates. However, they also find that the color doesn’t last as long as the old hair color that they left in for longer and smelled terrible. Still, they like the results enough to keep buying this new version.

Libby Walton, IN

Imperfect 10

Yes, I was able to color my hair in 10 minutes. However, the color lasted a whopping 10 days! Then it was back to the shade I started at and my grays are showing yet again.

Arline Durant, OK

Worst Dye I’ve ever used! 010 Lightest blonde

I’ve been dyeing my hair for 10yrs now so this isn’t my first dye and I must say no dye I have ever used has fried my hair this much. My hair is like stretchy string and we all know what that means. I’m so upset.My color is uneven and looks awful so no points even on color. While applying it my eyes and throat burned, I should’ve stopped right there but stupidly I left it in for all of FIVE MINUTES, not ten. I had to write this review and try and spare others my horrid fate.

Carla Tina, MO

Perfect indeed

I bought a different color, admittedly—the medium brown—so I can’t speak to this color. But I love this product. It does smell a bit, so keep the bathroom ventilated, and YES use two bottles if you have longer hair. However, the color lasts and looks shiny and beautiful. It washes easily off the sink and anywhere else you happen to get it. Finally, everyone compliments me on it and even my hairdresser thought it was professionally done.

Patty San Antonio, TX

Perfect 10 is perfect!

This is the BEST home hair color I have found. I have tried tons and I love this because of the ease of use, the great grey coverage and the speediness in which it works (I do keep it on for 15 minutes for extra grey coverage). It is now the ONLY hair color kit I use.I have also tried it in different shades and each time it has come out perfectly.

Angelique Clemons, IA

PERFECT is right!

I’ve been coloring my hair for 20 years, and it was always a long, smelly messy process. But not anymore!! The bottle has “comb” like fingers instead of a dumb applicator tip. So I just comb it into my hair, all the way to the roots. I get really high-quality color that sets in 10 minutes vs. 45.In fact, the whole process (including applying the color) takes 12 minutes–TOTAL. Thank goodness for this product. Clairol, please don’t ever stop making it!

Carmella Blair, WV

Great Yeald, but I would be Cautious

Colorwise, Perfect 10 providest the best shades. I had random women on the street asking me where had I done my hair.Nevertheless, when the color penetrates your hair within 10 min and not like it used to be back in a day ( 30 min to an hour), you have to wonder how truly toxic it is.Both my mother and I used this product many times, and we both began noticing significantly more hair lost, even weeks after coloring. Granted, some hair loss is normal, and additional hair loss due to a chemical explosure, but not THAT much!From now on I will stay away from this product. Too bad they wont invest more money in making it less toxic to hair and a body, as opposed to waisting money on branding it to set themselves apart from other products.

Bridgett Paw Paw, MI


I am a natural blonde and with age I am getting some Grey’s. I had been using nice and easy med blonde and decided to try this perfect 10 In light ash blonde. The color washed out after 3 washes with color safe shampoo. FAIL.

Margery Putnam, OK

Fast and fabulous home hair color

My favorite thing, by far, about this product is that it only takes ten minutes. I am a busy mom and I just don’t have time to stand around with color in my hair for 40 minutes. The application takes my about 3 or 4 minutes, wait for 10 minutes, shower and I’m done. Besides the time factor, I actually find that I like the results better than other products I’ve used before, including nice and easy, garnier, and loreal preference. After using this for about a year, my hair was getting too dark on the ends. Now I only apply it my roots and don’t work it into the rest of my hair, even at the end of the developing time. You might think this roots-only approach would produce a striped effect on my hair, but it doesn’t at all. Now my hair color looks more even and better than ever. My greys are completely covered, my hair looks color looks rich and natural, and I’m a happy camper. I’m a very frugal shopper, and this product is absolutely worth a couple a extra dollars compared to other brands.

Esperanza Cornwall Bridge, CT

My favorite color

I have a lot of natural highlight in my hair. This is a gorgeous shade of rich brown. My hair feels and looks so soft and healthy after application. I love the conditioner that is included and wish I could buy it individually.

Emily Nenana, AK

Quick, rich color

I like this product because the color is rich and the process is fast. Fast is important not just because of the convenience but because (if you need to color frequently to cover grays) less time processing seems to cause less damage to the hair. I love the results.

Sondra Mammoth Spring, AR

Love it!

This is totally natural Ginger! Finally something I can use to cover my greys. I can go back to my natural red instead of the fake looking red i’ve been doing to get rid of greys!

Bobbie Bolingbroke, GA

My Box Color Said Darkest Brown, My Hair Color Result Was Blue/Black

My Box Color Said Darkest Brown, My Hair Color Result Was Blue/BlackI am not happy.I would never use this again.

Madge Sweet, ID

Ok if you like the color

The Perfect 10 light auburn is not the same light auburn as the regular Nice & Easy. Perfect 10 is more like the color on the box (duh, right?). I prefer a lighter strawberry blonde color.It may lighten later and I can speak to the lasting power. Time will tell.The 10 mins is great though! 😀

Jamie Bishopville, SC

Mix ‘n Match

As other reviewers have noted, this color may end up more strawberry blonde than golden blonde. So I also purchased their dark blonde and mixed/stirred 1/2 a color tube of each of the two colors in one bottle of the creme peroxide from one of the kits (you can save the other tubes for later) and applied the mixture to my hair. The final color ended up a warm honey and I was very happy. I have primarily light gray hair that I wish to cover and it had some residual blonde from a previous dye. I left the mixed color on the recommended 10 minutes. I have used Perfect 10 for a long time and find the color lasts through many washings and my hair stays shiny. While I rarely use the entire amount (I have short hair), for the price I far prefer this product over the root touch ups that leave my hair dull after a short time.

Lynnette Crozet, VA

Maybe it’s my problem, but not recommended for long hair

I’ve been using foram color for long and I decided to switch a little bit. This one, comparatively, it’s harder to use. The comb is really tiny and it doesn’t collect long hair very nicely. I have to use my hands to apply the cream. It also burns on my scalp, so I washed it maybe in less 10 min. The conditioner comes along is a big plus

Mona Hastings, OK

Have used since it came out!

I was so grateful to find this brand and the hair color "Medium Brown". It is so easy to use and it ONLY takes 10 minutes and you are through – WOW! I actually left my 14 yr hair stylist because they never could get the color I want (and they used top of the line Salon products). I read about it winning an "Allure" award one year so I gave it a try and I have never looked back. I will use this product for as long as they make it. There is a secret I learned, though . . . . if you are using a medium color in any brown shade – don’t put it on the ends of your hair (I have long hair and don’t put add any coloring beyond the roots most of the time) and you won’t get that "dark, dark look" because the ends are more porous. It makes my hair feel & look great!

Misty Snow Camp, NC

I love this hair dye and the color is beautify.

I have used the Perfect 10 for years and it works very good.The Golden brown in this kit comes out very good, and it is beautiful.

Kristine Markesan, WI


Medium champagne blonde turned my light blonde hair – SILVER.. The company also took forever getting it to me(I had 2 day shipping!) and wouldn’t refund me for my purchase. Now I have spent $150+ trying to fix my color and having to deal with fried hair! Ugh! Never again dealing with this seller and never again buying this product! Never had such a problem before!

Liza Belk, AL

Best dye for a more natural red

I love Perfect 10 as a red head who’s hair was a vibrant copper up until my early thirties this has proven to be the easiest and closest color to my youthful shade. I have tried L’Oreal, Feria with fairly good results but not as good as Perfect 10. And never use Vidal Sasoon if you want a natural shade of red!It is so simple to use and the comb applicator does a very even coloring job

Courtney Georgetown, SC

Best Haircolor ever made!

I have very long, very thick hair, thus it takes two boxes to do one coloring. However, it is worth it to have my hair look so natural and SHINY! Why can’t other hair colors leave your hair shining? Don’t know, but this one does.I have gray in my natural hair and this color wipes it out without a flaw. I wouldn’t color with anything else! Now that Walgreens and Walmart are not carrying it in their stores, I will order online. Whatever I have to do to get this is fine with me. You can’t go wrong with Perfect 10.

Annette Sheldon, ND

Great color, minimal fading, covers white hair, leaves hair silky

I have naturally red hair. Now that I am older it seems to have lost some of its vibrant red color, plus I have white hair in the front. I have used many different hair dyes and Clairol Perfect 10 in 006r Light Auburn is the best ever. The color is bright and natural. Once I have covered my roots and then run it through the rest of my hair I only have to leave it on for 10 minutes. It leaves my hair very silky and conditioned. I try to only use it every 4 weeks so I can use it on my whole head each time. It leaves my hair in such great condition that now I am going to let my hair grow long again, something I have not done since I started coloring years ago. Other hair colors that I used left my hair dry and brittle in comparison. I like Perfect 10 much more than the Clairol Nice N’Easy I had been using. Apparently Perfect 10 uses a different process that is much kinder to your hair. I am so grateful that I can purchase this through Amazon as I live in a remote area. Thanks to Clairol and Amazon.

Marisol Nogales, AZ

who has time to sit around with color on top of their head?

Somebody had me in mind when they shortened the time to leave the color on before jumping in the shower to rinse it out. I LOVE the conditioner that comes with the color, wish I could buy it separately.

Sherrie Battle Ground, IN

does what it says

I am so glad I found this. I barely have 10 minutes to color my hair. It colors well, does not fade like other brands and has reduced my frequency of coloring.

Brittany Surrey, ND

Finally back to my original color

I had dyed my hair previously into a lighter brown color before using this product. However, after a few weeks, I wasn’t too keen with the idea of re-dying my roots so Plan B were to revert back to original color. For people wondering about accuracy of color in terms of what is portrayed on the box, I can vouch by saying that it’s pretty darn close. I appreciated that the package came with two, but I was able to achieve my preferred color after one bottle. My mother liked how it turned out so she asked if she could have the other package. Although she hasn’t used it yet, I’ll update on her input sooner or later…

Brittany Lucerne Valley, CA

My favorite hair color

I love this hair color and you cannot find it anywhere anymore. I am glad that I have a place I can still order it.

Leonor Tolna, ND

Love it!

I have always used Perfect 10 for my hair color and the price was just right, I recommend it to anyone

Florine Sitka, KY

wont cover grey and it fades fast

I will be brief.1. If you have a lot of grey it will not solidly cover it and washes out with in days if you wash your hair often. It leaves a faded, lighter at the roots demarcation line and looks terrible. But most of all,,, it dried the bejeebers out of my hair. Would not recommend at all. I by good fortune after much searching found a great, quality hair color that covers 90% grey without fade out and amazingly it left my hair softer than what I started with…. that would be Redken Color fusion. My hair used to feel like rope after rinsing hair color. Not with Redken!

Leticia Yukon, WV


I have been coloring my own hair for 30 years, but have mostly used professional grade products. Thought I would give this a try, and was very surprised at the ease, the time, the depth of color, and the coverage of grey. Will definitely buy again. Very pleased.

Leah Northport, NY