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Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Intensive Treatment, For Color-Treated or Highlighted Hair, 1.96 fl oz

Love the intensive conditioning treatment that comes in your box, but wish there were more? Now you can have more! Color Seal Conditioning Gloss is a specially designed intensive weekly conditioner for color-treated hair, like the one that comes in your haircolor box! Color Seal Conditioning Gloss is an intensive weekly conditioner specially designed for color-treated hair. This two minute miracle helps keep your color looking healthy, long lasting and shiny, for up to six weeks! Treat your hair once a week to Color Seal Conditioning Gloss to keep your color at its beautiful best. Only Color Seal Conditioning Gloss has our exclusive Color Seal complex that seals the hair cuticle helping to keep your hair from looking faded, dull, and dry. Color Seal Conditioning Gloss works wonders when used with any at-home or salon color-treated hair – even highlights!. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Contains a special blend of aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E, no ammonia and no peroxide
  • Specially designed for color-treated hair
  • Exclusive color seal complex that seals the hair cuticle helping to keep your hair from looking faded, dull, and dry
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


Fantastic for me

This is the stuff in the old Loving Care coloring. I am highly sensitive to perfumed products, but it doesn’t seem to bother me. They no longer make Loving Care, but I remembered how great this stuff was. My hair gets really dry. So I searched and this appears to be the same stuff. Just a little bit made a huge difference. I read some complaints on the size of the package for the price. It says use a "quarter-sized" amount and I did. There is plenty in there for weeks and weeks of weekly conditioning. Very pleased. The smell is stronger than the one in the box, but not so bad that I cannot tolerate it.

Violet Fosston, MN

So much softness

I was initially introduced to this product through my purchases of the Clairol’s Natural Instincts hair color, a 1 oz sample (called color treat) is included with the hair color and I loved the instant softness that this product provided to my hair. I am AA and I have thick (4A/B) relaxed hair, you apply this product after you have colored your hair and also as a maintenance product to help maintain your color and as an intensive conditioning treatment. I have never been able to achieve such softness as far as conditioning unless I apply a conditioning product, apply a plastic cap and sit under my hair dryer for 30 minutes or more; this is one of those products that can achieve those same results in a shorter period of time or if you are short on time and still desired that deep moisturized effect. When I first used this product, I immediately returned to the store to see if it could be purchased separately and I was not able to find it in any of the local grocery or drug stores, I then searched on line and came across the Clairol’s nice’n’easy intensive treatment and this product provides the exact same results as the color treat (obviously because they’re both made by Clairol), I am in love with the product, and will be purchasing much more of it. I do wish that the company would distribute the product in a larger container such as in a 16 oz bottle or tube. The product is reasonably priced and Amazon in my experience has always provided excellent customer service and I promptly received this item within 5 days of ordering it. This is a product that will be a staple item in my hair regiment. I would give this product a 5+ but because of the 1.96 oz tube that it comes in I am giving in a 4 because I would like it in a larger container, come on Clairol listen to your consumers!!!!

Dolly Mooreville, MS

Best conditioner for colored hair – please bring it back!

I think this is the same color fast conditioner that comes with Natural Instincts color. It’s the best to moisturize and protect hair color. I wish it was still available. The tubes that come with the color are getting smaller and smaller.

Heather Azle, TX

The absolute BEST!

Yep, like others, it came with the hair color and OMG, it really works. I have tried many, many “intensive” treatments that swear this and that and its all baloney. My son told me the other day that my hair looked frizzy – yikes!!!! I live in south Louisiana and it’s always 100% humid along with extreme heat in the summer months. But with the use of this product, my hair is soft, shiny, no-frizz, and absolutely manageable for a change in this horrible climate. So, I was delighted to see it written on the tube that you could buy this product separate. I looked at several locations but it was unavailable. But with my trusty Amazon site, I can always get the hard to find products. Thank you Amazon and thank you Clairol!!!

Samantha Centerville, AR

Love this stuff

I found this stuff in a bottle of hair dye and after a couple uses found it online and ordered it right away. Out of all the products I’ve tried – professional and drugstore brands included – this is one of the best!

Young Springport, MI

The best conditioner

A sample of this Nice ‘n Easy conditioner was included with my hair dye. It’s so wonderful, I’ve never used a conditioner like it before. I thought I’d look to see if they sold it separately and they do! My hair feels soft and looks so shiny. Love it!

Lauren North Granville, NY