Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color, 117 Natural Medium Golden Brown 1 Kit

The secret to our natural looking color is Clairol’s exclusive ColorBlend Technology, which expertly blends 3 complementary tones into every shade. The result? Natural looking color that’s perfectly true to you!

Key features

  • Superior natural looking color with tones and highlights
  • 3 salon tones in 1 simple step
  • Nice ‘n Easy provides 100% gray coverage and color that lasts up to 8 weeks
  • Permanent color. Available in Blonde, Brunette, Black and Red shades.
  • CC Colorseal Conditioner adds intense shine, helps lock in natural looking color and protects hair between coloring.

Honest reviews


Natural strawberry for ones who were natural red heads!

When I saw Clairol Nice ‘n Easy 107 advertised I ran right out hoping to buy it. Not on any shelves & when stores tried to order it from warehouses they found they weren’t carrying it. They didn’t understand, but I do know why. “Natural” red hair colors over the counter are very hard to find – people who look best in them are only about 2% of the world’s population. So, sales won’t support the products & computers track quickly which colors aren’t selling. I’ve been mixing 1 part Loreal’s Preference Natural Light Blond with 3 parts of their Light Reddish Blond (not that “natural” on its own) for a few years. Very sick of mixing & the sometimes uneven results. From birth until my mid 40s I was a deep strawberry blond. Then it darkened (actually saw some black in there!) & now it is graying/whitening as is often the pattern with natural strawberry blonds. Problem is we still have the same skin coloring & only natural orangey shades keep us looking healthy. So, this wonderful little product I’ve enjoyed ordering from the only place I’ve found it: Amazon. No special measuring or mixing; over in 1/2 hour & a realistic color framing my aging, now healthy looking, face. PLEASE help keep this color on the market! Buy & try! Scientists are saying natural red heads may become extinct in the next 100 years because they are produced by recessive genes – I doubt that will happen, but just in case the numbers dwindle further, let’s keep the memory of 1 of the colors alive in Clairol’s 107!10-18-13 I’m adding a comment to say I’ve solved my color problem by mixing 2/3 Clairol’s 108 red with 1/3 Clairol’s 99 blond. Since I’m trying to cut down the use of dye I started streaking or “low lighting” this mixture on my hair to keep enough red blond color amid the gray & white that I don’t look ill:)

John Chappells, SC

A Hair-Brained Review*

I love my hair stylist. She really knows what she’s doing, whether it’s cutting, coloring, perming, or styling. Her work is magnificent! But she charges a LOT of money to color hair, so I do my own. And I’ve tried no less than a dozen brands of hair color.The first time I tried Nice ‘n Easy, at least ten years ago, I hated it. The instructions said to start with wet, unshampooed hair, and the processing time was 45 minutes. What?!?! a hassle. It worked, but 45 minutes can be a glacial eon for a working woman. It worked, but I swore I’d never try it again.However, as more of my hair turned gray, I experienced difficulty getting good coverage. There are new coloring products, like the ten minute ones; more costly and less effective, then there are the foams, which state you don’t have to do your roots. Fact is, you can’t! You have to pump foam onto your hand then put it on your head. I got so frustrated I finally broke my vow and bought the Nice ‘n Easy this summer, and have used it a couple of times. Now, wild horses couldn’t make me use anything else.First, the wet hair and 45 minutes are history. You CAN process your color for up to 45 minutes, but the recommended processing time is now a total of 25 minutes, bringing this product in line with all the rest.Then there are the components. The gloves are large and unpowdered. They’re surprisingly easy to put on and remove. They feel sturdy, too. The color bottle pairs nicely with the developer bottle. It’s very easy to add the color to the developer. You won’t spill it. The opened tip is the right size: not so large the product runs out uncontrollably, and not so small as to make it difficult to apply the product. Even the conditioner is packaged in an easy to open and close tube. If you’re reading this review, you’ve had problems with hair color components, and understand why this is important.The box says the color will last up to eight weeks. It does last better than other brands I’ve used, but really, unless your hair grows extremely slowly you will need to color in four to six weeks. Otherwise you’ll have that skunk stripe on your head! So forget about that claim, and keep your expectations realistic. The hair color works, the conditioner is wonderful, and it really is nice and easy. By the way, ignore the claims of color sealing with the conditioner from this or any other hair coloring product. The conditioner doesn’t have pigment. It won’t make color “stay” on your hair. It’s darn good though, so just use it up as you wash your hair.TIP: My hair stylist advised me that hair color (any brand) will drip if the user or the room get too warm, so make sure to keep yourself cool.Finally, this product is available in a multitude of shades. You’ll find one that suits you. Stick a fork in me. I’m done. This is great hair color, and I’m worth it.*I just could not think of a title.

Autumn Fancy Farm, KY

this light ash blonde has saved me !! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever bleached your hair and got a yellow -brassy color..your roots look like a lemon. well I am telling you the thruth. Get this and leave on full 25 minutes and you will be amazed!!! you will get a sheer champayne color. a beautiful natural blonde. not a yellow mess. good luck and I will never change colors again. my hair came out soft too.I love this color!! gets orange out also!

Letitia Petersburg, WV

plz dont waste ur money

Ladies, if you are a brunette looking for something to take your hair lighter, do not buy this. Not only did it not lightened my hair, it turned it the brassiest red color. Just horrible. My hair is light brown. I was looking to lighten it to around the color of the box though i knew the color on the box is never the end result but i figured it wouldn’t be far off. Wrong. I hate the color it turned my hair. My hair is not blondish, nor even brown as it started but red. Very unhappy. Plz do not waste ur money, go for something different.I dont want you to be unsatisfied with your end result and with this honey you will be. 🙁

Cristina Raymond, SD

I always come back

This is my favorite for ease of use:- Mix- 20-25 minutes- shampooGreat gray coverage.Works as a shampoo and done.The tube of conditioner is wonderful for softness and shine.I have been using this brand for over 20 years and occasionally try something else. I am always disappointed and come back.Now that I am mostly gray, It is the ONLY one I will use!

Traci Hartstown, PA

Best Blue/Black Hair Dye

I have been dyeing my hair black for many years now and have never found a color as satisfactory as Clairol’s Blue Black. It’s one of the darkest blue blacks I have managed to find with a color that actually manages to stay in. Most blacks tend to fade a bit nearly looking dark brown in color but this one holds onto the color vibrantly after many washes. It is also a hair dye that doesn’t leave my hair feeling rough immediately after use like some other dyes and even comes with a conditioning treatment as well to prevent that even after the initial dyeing process.One of my favorite things about this color is the subtle blue tones that really seems to shine through when stepping out into the sunlight. I have been complimented many times on the rich hair color that has a luxurious gleam to it giving it a much more natural look to it than other black hair dye brands. The nice thing about this color is that it doesn’t look heavy and fake like many other products, the subtle blue tones break up the colors nicely making it seem much more than just jet black (some people have even believed my hair to be naturally blue black).Plus, you can’t beat a product in bulk!

Mitzi Springfield, SD


First off, I would like to say that when I received my package, a box of haircolor was leaking. I contacted Amazon and they gave me a full refund. When I opened the box, I saw that the one that was leaking had indeed leaked some but because the cap on the color was loose. Nothing was actually broken, just leaked out. So I’m thinking it may have vibrated loose in shipping or something. Anyway…about the color…It is THE PERFECT SHADE OF CINNAMON BROWN. I expected it to be lighter than it is, and am sooo glad that I was wrong. It is RICH, THERE ARE LEVELS AND SHADES OF HIGHLIGHTING, and it left my hair (after the color gloss) absolutely decadent! Shiny, soft, sweet-smelling, full and the perfect, natural-look I wanted. It is my favorite from now on. The price here is AWESOME and IF there should be any problem (which there usually isn’t) Amazon will make it right. What other reason would you need to give it a try for $5 a box????Oh, and one more thing….I have hair down my back, and though it is layered, it is still quite a lot of hair….with this haircolor, I only needed about half of the second bottle. So if you have average length hair, this set of 3 boxes will be enough to do your hair for 3 mos or more. NON-DRIPPY.

Patti Stella, MO

What happened to Medium Golden Blonde??

I have used Clairol Nice n Easy Medium Golden Blonde for years. It normally turns my hair into a caramel blonde which I love.This time my hair is way to light and I don’t see the gold at all.I am confused as to what happened. Thank God I only left it on the ends for 5 minutes. My roots, unfortunately were under the dye for 25 and they are so light I look bald.I don’t know what happened to my medium gold blonde.I don’t want to add insult to injury so am afraid to do a thing to my hair right now, other than wait for it to grow out.I am very disappointed

Bridgett Palmer, TX

Great Color!

I’ve been dying my hair blue black for a long time, and after Hydrience stopped making its blue black, I couldn’t find another satisfactory at home dye. I tried Garnier 100% color which washed out quickly for me, Feria Starry Night which was one dimensional shoe polish black and lacked any blue tones, and any other at home color I could find in blue black, including some L’oreal and other brands in Canada too. Apparently its a hard to find color.I had to use some brands that I didn’t like until I found this one… and always regarding “nice’n easy” as dye for people who want subtle color and to hide greys, but I really like bold funky colors. I didn’t think that it would have a color that I liked, or I suspected that the blue black would be more black then anything else. (I really like having the blue tones in the sun) But I was wrong, actually the color is phenomenal! I don’t know why I thought such silly things about Nice’n easy, but the color is vibrant, and multifaceted even though its black. It looks lovely, you can see the blue tones in the light easily, and when you look at my hair its soft and natural looking, it doesn’t look like shiny jet black shoe polish on my head, an undesirable side effect of many black dyes.I really like this color and I’ve been using it about two years give or take. It doesn’t destroy my hair either, I find it soft after coloring and it doesn’t have that horrible dry brittle feeling when you are washing out the color either. The weekly conditioning gloss treatment that comes with the color also keeps your hair SUPER soft, I wish I could buy it separately. Its a great product that makes my hair look amazing!The smell isn’t terrible either, I have noticed much less staining with the Clairol Nice ‘n Easy then with other dyes, both on my skin and on my sinks and such.I know this stuff eats your hair, but I have used Herbatint natural vegetable based hair dyes, which are supposed to not damage your hair, and not eat away at the hair like these chemical dyes normally do. However, I can say that when I used Herbatint, which I did for a couple years, my hair ended up much more dry and damaged for whatever reason then it does after using the clairol. So, all around, very good dye. I haven’t had any skin reactions either. Beautiful lasting color. 🙂

Terry Tomales, CA

114 Natural Light Ash Brown

I got tired of expensive salons. Used to also do the foil highlights. Then later, stopped doing the foil. Every time 2 new hairdressers did my hair, a week later my browns turned red, even with neutrals or ash. Very alarming, saddening AND costly! Even the redout products did not help me with the sorry and ugly looking red. I do not look good as a redhead!. So being I don’t like going to beauty shops I started using this 114 Natural Light Ash Brown. Wow, not only is it saving me a ton of money, it is the best color and no red starts showing up on me. My hair does not grow fast, and really is good for 6 weeks, not 8 weeks. But being it is so easy to use, no worries!! Also covers grays. I just do roots, not whole head of hair, why overdo the hair itself.

Harriet Kotzebue, AK

It’s too brassy

I have searched and searched for a “cool” brown. Fredric Fekai had the best hair color that was cool no brassy red under tones, they have stopped making that color so I am now on a search for an anti-brass home color. I ordered this pack and it was ok color came out as expected, but there was red golden undertones. Most box colors seem to have those tones in them so I have come to expect it but it is not what I want I just want brown rich color. The search continues.

Stephanie Cleveland, NC

Turned my hair FIERY red!!!

“Natural Medium Golden Brown??” Try it turned my naturally medium brown hair fiery red! My husband was getting choked out by the smell (as was I) and asked why it smelled that bad. When I washed it out, it looked okay then I turned a cool hair dryer on it and the drier it got, the more horrified I became. The roots especially were bright, brassy red and the texture of my hair was completely fried. (Yes, I followed the directions to a tee) A week later, I used a creme hair color in an effort to not be so harsh on my already fragile hair and it covered the majority of it but the roots were still RED. It took me using Argan oil for 3 weeks to get my hair to not crunch. It’s been 3 months and I used Olia by Garnier which uses no ammonia to hopefully cover the remaining red. No dice. The rest of the hair looks great (and isn’t crunchy and dead) but the roots, which I heavily concentrated on are still red. My hair doesn’t grow fast so I guess I’m stuck with what Clairol did to my hair. Colorer beware!

Matilda Deep Gap, NC

works with some not so grew t chemicals

I usually use the other less chemical intensive coloring that this brand offers, but it has caused the color to fade too quickly. so I now use this once a month to make the color more permanent whilst using the other color in the interim weeks. this actually lasts a long time and I am not worried about recoloring every 10 days, which was becoming a pain in the neck. I will sacrifice a little more chemicals for at least 3 weeks without another touch up! thank you for great value offered on amazon.

Louise Greenwood, WI

Nice color

I like to mix the Natural Dark Auburn and the Dark Spice to get the perfect shade for my dark hair. It creates a deep brown-auburn tone, not too orange, not too purple. This seems to be a great option for protecting my hair… it doesn’t feel as dry as some other boxed colors do, and it’s always soft and shiny afterward. I also kind of adore the smell of the little conditioner tube that comes with it. Good stuff.

Claire Placitas, NM

Fantastic color just for me!

I was born a natural reddish blonde and have always tried to maintain that color. I am now 67 years old and still want that color. Nowadays, Walmart does not carry Natural Reddish Blonde in Nice ‘N Easy hair color. I had used it for over 45 years and missed it a lot. I tried other companies’ colors that were labeled "natural reddish blonde", but they just weren’t right. Thank you so much, Amazon, for giving me my hair color I have had all my life! The box does not show the actual color. It is not as red as shown on the box and does not fade or look brassy like other manufacturers’ hair colors do. GREAT color!

Leona Adamsville, TN

It’s dark brown, not dark blonde

My hair was highlighted blonde but I wanted a softer blonde so I tried this product last night. Wow, my hair is dark brown now, and forget the dimensions, I’ll need to do the highlighting asap.

Lawanda Blair, WV

Really pretty and natural

This line of colors is designed for dark hair and will not turn your hair red like so many other colors.If you are looking for a rich brown that looks natural then this is the color for you.

Lea Avawam, KY

Great Shade

This is my favorite hair color ever. I have tried different colors over the years and this is the one that I’m staying with. It isn’t one shade of blonde, but different shades mixed in that make it look so good. Love the color.

Ericka Idlewild, MI

I was a little disappointed in the shipping.

I was worried about the product coming intact. Sure enough one of the containers came opened. You can tell it was from shipment. Even though I lost one of the product it still was cheaper buying this way. I would probably order it again. Try it one more time. It was not an expired product. And did the job beautifully.

Helena Antelope, MT

Beautiful Color

I just love this hair color! It leaves my hair very shiny and manageable. I get many compliments on it, and has excellent gray coverage! Highly recommend!

Lora Novice, TX

Love this product!

Color is stellar and leaves my hair shiny and soft. Couldn’t ask for more from Miss Clairol Nice’n Easy! A++++

Lindsay Hodge, LA

Lots of compliments

I’ve used this color twice now and have gotten lots of compliments on the color and highlights in my hair. At first I thought it had too much red, but after a couple of washes it’s perfect. I have no idea what happened to the other reviewer with her hair falling out because I’ve had no problem whatsoever. Great color, great product.

Deena Morriston, FL

A Glowing Rechead!!

I’m a natural redhead and finding the best color has been frustrating. I’ve used so many colors through th years that are discontinued after a year or two. I loved this color the first tie I used it. It’s 108 Natural Reddish Blonde. The problem has been finding it, very few stores have it. I used Loreal Medium Redish Blonde , y hair was too brassy, the Light Reddish Blonde wasn’t much better. I decided to order hair color from Amazon and I found my favorite hair color.I’m very satisfied with the color and the way my hair feels with the Colorseal Conditioning Gloss.I’m a happy womanThank you Clairol and thanks Amazon. Karen Hogan

Letitia Jerusalem, AR

Tried them all and this one is a clear winner. Thank God!

Trying to find the right hair color for *your* hair is mostly trial and error…well, mostly error and then you find The One serendipitously.My hair color history is an extensive one, since high school, in fact. That’s 15 years of trial and error and trying all kinds. I have dark brown, fine and oily hair that either doesn’t take at all or isn’t even remotely close to the color represented on the box or ends up entirely what I didn’t want. It doesn’t matter if the dye is meant for ‘darker’ hair colors, in which case, my hair never lightens as much as depicted on the box, and hence, barely noticeable. To be ‘visible’, it usually meant bleaching then dying, which is horrible to anyone’s hair.Auburn has always been the most flattering on me but finding the right hue has been frustrating, as ‘auburn’ is usually interpreted as garish types of ‘red’. However, thankfully, Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy Natural Medium Auburn is both balanced and just enough while complimenting my skin tone and providing enough dimension and difference to my eyes for my comfort. Most people didn’t even notice–which is fine with me–as I prefer a more subtle approach to a change then out loud bold. Under the sun, it’s that perfect auburn glow and indoors, just a hint that makes people stare a little longer. Even though it’s only semi-permenant (6-8) weeks, with the color difference not being so disparate between my natural color and the dye color, and from experience, I know I can go for a couple of months before it’s obvious I’d dyed my hair and ‘need’ to cover my roots.I don’t have any gray (yet) and there was enough to cover every strand of my shoulder length hair. I did my roots first and let that marinate for a good ten minutes before doing the rest the strands and let that sit for another half hour, just to make sure it’s an even color all over. It’s your standard 2 bottles, open both and mix with the third tube being the conditioner (which is to be used 1/wk for 6-8 wks) though I use a salon brand conditioner for colored-treated hair. The consistency was a bit soupy but not as bad as some I’m used and just drip all over the place and down my neck. It does stain your skin but comes off after a good shower. I found that this version really covered evenly, even fine baby hairs along my hairline, which tend to really soak in the dye and is over bright but I didn’t have that with this dye. All in all, I’m very pleased and will continuing using!

Tonya Andover, SD

Nice ‘n Easy IS Nice and Easy!

I like this product a lot. I would like it more if they sold dark brown with gold tones instead of reddish tones. I would love it if they made the Clairol Gray Solution in 4G. But they only make the 4, which is not any different than the 120A that I currently use. But you can’t beat the price. People are surprised that I do it myself.

Valerie Buellton, CA

Perfect Hair Color

This hair color is not only true to its description, it is by far the cheapest way to buy it in bulk. I recommend Clairol hair color, and ONLY Clairol hair color, to anyone who is covering gray or just wants a change.

Angeline Hustisford, WI

Absolutely the best Hair Color product I’ve ever used

I don’t normally like to write reviews, but I just applied this product to my hair and having tried countless other Hair Coloring products, I was blown away by how beautiful my hair turned out. There was no damage to my hair other than that of the L’oreal Product I used to bleach just 2 days prior. This Nice’n Easy hair color even lightened a couple of areas where the Bleach didn’t get to, and the color came out so nice and even. I absolutely recommend this product. I will definitely continue using it indefinitely. 🙂

Tracie Cherokee, TX

Redheads who want dark Auburn — try #112!!!

I have been back and forth for years between dyeing my own hair and having it done by a beautician. My latest beautician did a great job, but the price was rising all the time, and it made me mad.I keep trying to find the “right” red, a red that won’t fade on me (light reds tend to fade quickly), but that won’t look too dark or weird with my coloring. FOUND IT!!! #112 looks almost BROWN on the box, but on my white hair (underneath the dye), I have found through trial and error that it’s mostly the RED that attaches to my white hair. It is a LOVELY, deep auburn that looks like a natural red. Yes, NATURAL RED. That is almost impossible to find in a box.I did a test patch on an underneath section of hair, saw that it looked pretty good, and then took the plunge and did the rest of the color. I am very happy. Now, it will be interesting to see if it fades… but hopefully, the color is dark enough to fade less than lighter reds.If you have white hair, then have faith that this brown-looking color will actually look more red on your white hair…Edit: Also, if your hair is thinning, use the Auburn XFusion fibers to kind of fill in the thin spots in your part and thinning parts on top of your head. It matches with the Nice and Easy #112 nicely, and just using the hair color itself thickens your hair for a while. The #112 color does fade, but it stays pretty good for at least four to five weeks. You can’t really ask for more than that.

Corinne West Mineral, KS

LIGHT brown? Maybe later, but not at first!

Holy crap. This stuff makes my hair almost black-brown when I dye it. It will soon fade but sheesh, don’t put this stuff in your hair if you have some sort of event (even work) in the next couple of days, because after you rinse it out and use the conditioner, yes, your hair will be soft and feel lovely. However, it has the “I just dyed my hair” look. Wow. I am so surprised that this stuff is so obvious. And it will stain your skin. I couldn’t get it off my face or parts of my neck for an entire day.It is effective. Covers white-grays. It does condition your hair. But again, for the first 2 days, it’s really, really obvious that you’ve home-dyed your hair.

Yesenia Adamsville, PA

Right shade

Clairol is the product of my choosing. This color is perfect for me and I just love it very much.

Alyce Andover, NJ