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Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color 116b Natural Light Caramel Brown 1 Kit

Nice ‘n Easy with Color Blend Technology gives you up to 8 weeks of rich tones and contouring highlights and 100% gray coverage. It’s a blend of tones and highlights in one step for color that comes alive with dimension.

Key features

  • Layers rich tones and contouring highlights – in one simple step!
  • Ultimate natural-looking color with our exclusive Color Blend Technology.
  • Weekly conditioning treatments with ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss.
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Up to 8 weeks of color

Honest reviews


Honestly–this time Clairol really let me down

Amazon’s delivery of this product was very fast, and everything arrived intact, so that was a plus!–however, when I used this particular shade of Clairol, I was expecting to have it turn my hair the shade that was shown on the box–instead, my hair came out way, way too red!–I could not believe my eyes!–I have some pictures of just how red it was, because I had to attend a memorial service and monument dedication in a township near us here, in honor of our son, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan, and my photo was taken for the local newspaper–and, having my hair that too-red of a shade was very upsetting to me!–oh, it was a lovely shade of red, and I would probably have loved it IF I’d wanted my hair to be RED!–but, I’d hoped for what the box stated it was supposed to be–Caramel Brown!–needless to say, as soon as possible, I used a competitor’s brand, and changed my hair color!–I used to consider myself a regular "Lady Clairol Junkie" when I was younger, and I’d never met with a disappointment from those Clairol hair color products as I did with this one–I can’t understand what went wrong, either–I hadn’t used any coloring on my hair for a couple of years before I used this one, so I thought everything would turn out great–when it didn’t, I was non-plussed to the max!

Diann Artesia, CA

Maybe it’s the formula?

I had a deep suspicion why this product wasn’t available in stores and I found out the hard way. Basically, my hair came no where near the color on the box. I got mixes of orange, mahogany and dark blonde. Needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend this.

Jasmin Berlin, OH

Like this color !

Comes out as color on package and stay for a long time.I will use this all the time as long as I can get it. Fast shipping and got this before time

Pat Burlington Junction, MO

I love this color!!

This hair color is my favorite color and is hard to find in stores. I color my hair about every 5 – 6 weeks because the grays grow out. I just turned 50 years old and have a medium amount of gray hair in the front only. Great price! Great color! Fast shipping! What more can I woman ask for… 🙂

Sydney Mohawk, NY

True to Clairol

I just LOVE Nice’n easy. My hair always has a nice tone and highlights. They have so many colors to choose from, so I am always changing it up. This obviously had nice red highlights. It has great gray coverage as well. I can’t say how long it last, because I use Wen or a sulfate free shampoo, but I also color every 3-4 weeks. HATE they grey to show!

Justine Washington, KY