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Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Hair Color, Maxi 1 Kit

Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Maxi gives you all over lightening in 1 simple step

Key features

  • Maximum Blonding
  • You can go from black to blonde in just one step
  • The longer you leave it in, the lighter you can go.

Honest reviews



IF…you have VIRGIN HAIR=UN-dyed ever before, this will work for you. IF you have COLORED your hair a darker color this will NOT work for you! Hair color STAINS the hair shaft and it cannot be removed with a product like this! It must be removed with BLEACH, and if your hair is really damaged you will run the risk of turning your hair to slime by using bleach. Even professional color removers the Clairol remover system will only get you to a hideous orange color, this product will also get you to that lovely orange no one wants. It will however make your new hair growth blonde! So if you plan on having blonde hair once its been dyed dark? You need to see a professional or cut your hair off to whatever length your re-growth is. Don’t complain that something doesn’t work for you when you have ZERO educational knowledge of hair coloring. This is a good product if you understand how hair color works, just don’t use it if you have dyed your hair a dark color.

Ursula Grantham, PA

Works for me

I have dark dark brown hairCurrently I use it on my roots and my hair comes out pale yellow/blonde. But bleach is not suppose to be the only lightener. It’s suppose to be followed by a toner. So I do not expect this to bring me to white. It is not damaging! My hair actually feels healthier after using this!!!!Previously I’ve used it on dyed jet black hair and it came out orange ish yellow. But I expected that being it wasn’t being used on natural virgin hair.

Abby Costa, WV

I Swear by This Brand

Let me start off by saying one thing: Those of you moaning and groaning about getting orange hair and crap obviously haven’t tried lightening hair before. Anyone who has experience in making major changes to hair would know that the brass and copper tones in artificial dark hair such as black and auburn will ALWAYS cause your hair to be an orange color the first time you bleach it. It happens. To. Everyone.The best way to go about using it, if going for a blonde look, is to use this once or twice before using an ash-toned blonde. You aren’t supposed to be using this to actually go blonde, this is more for making the big super changes.I’ve been using this product for YEARS now and I haven’t had a problem with it other than the fumes. It’s super gentle and lightens a LOT – even on my boyfriends stubborn wolf hair – so it’s my go to for every hair color change I decide to do.The fumes are why I took a star away. While it’s gentle and easy to use, this stuff makes my eyes burn. I usually have to turn on the fan and open the bathroom windows or else my eyes tear up and feel like they’re igniting.Other than that, though, this stuff is the bomb. I’ve used it to go from black to white, blue to red, purple to blonde, and so on.

Alissa Black Rock, AR

works great

Fabulous. Works great. I nought it on here with my prime cause it was cheaper than going down to walmart. I swear that this smells worse.though.

Aida Cotton, MN

Worked for me!

After reading the bad reviews here, I wanted to make a few points:-If your starting color is medium blonde or darker, your hair is likely to turn orange. If it looks orange, leave it on for the full 90 minutes. If it’s STILL orange, follow it up with a toner. (such as Natural Instincts, a demi-permanent color that is less damaging). If the toner STILL doesn’t help, bleach again! You’ll get there eventually.-I had dark strawberry blonde hair, and this product worked REALLY well for me. I was pale yellow-blonde, just like I was supposed to be, after the full time.-Bleach is very damaging to hair. This IS bleach. If you’re thinking about bleaching, please make sure your hair is in good condition first! My hair is still in good condition, but I have very thick hair.Just some advice for all you girls with blonde ambition! 🙂

Mitzi Spofford, NH

I’m surprised

I have medium dark hair and needed to bleach it so I could lighten it to a light brown color. Long story short it lightened my hair very well.

Glenna Bryans Road, MD