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Clairol Natural Instincts Loving Care Color, 727 Dark Golden Blonde

Revitalize your color with a gentle, hassle-free formula. Natural Instincts Loving Care gives you natural-looking, illuminating hair color that leaves even fine or thinning hair looking full. Gently blend away your gray—and get volume that’s hard to resist!

Key features

  • Natural-looking, illuminating color to flatter your skin tone
  • Leaves even thinning hair looking full of volume
  • Subtle gray coverage from a one-step application
  • Gentle formula with no ammonia or peroxide
  • Revitalizing Conditioner restores healthy-looking shine

Honest reviews


Incredibly product – so sorry they no longer make it

I wrote to the manufacturer and they just said they changed the line and wouldn’t reconsider. This is the perfect hair coloring product for me. It not only covers my gray, but makes it golden and lifts the color of the brown hair. My best friend, who is very snobbish about such things, said it always looks like it was professionally done. I am very chemically sensitive, and though this does have a smell to it, it is lacking some of the chemicals that really cause problems. Glad I can still get it through Amazon.

Goldie Burnt Cabins, PA

Bring it back!

This is the best hair care color out there and unfortunately they’ve taken it off the market and it is verrry difficult to find AND it’s more expensive now. But I was glad to be able to find it here at Amazon because it’s the only product that matches my hair color exactly, which is what I want.In addition, since it’s a rinse and not permanent, it gradually fades and looks more natural from start to finish! The ash brown works best on grays that used to be lighter as in my case, then the rest of my hair.

Misty Mapleton, ND


LOVE THIS BUT UNFORTUNATELY CAN NOT FIND IT ANYHWERE NOW and wish I could because I would buy it up if not too expensive

Carmen Lebanon, TN

reddish brown, did they say?

I’m happy to have found some of the old Loving Care product they’ve discontinued – along with the lovely conditioner Clairol used to include before they decided to get cheap and put in the useless stuff that comes with Natural Instincts. I just have to wonder a bit about the color, and whether this stuff might “go bad” after a while. I was expecting my mostly light brown hair to look like the woman’s on the box, it’s not even remotely that red, not even orangey, mostly just brown with my grays looking dark yellow.

Cathy Brewster, KS

Don’t buy

Don’t bother. This is no longer being produced. I can not recommend this to anyone because of this. Sorry, Sorry

Rosalie Shullsburg, WI

Good Product

This is a good product. It is gentle and has no offensive odor. My hair feels healthy and shiny. The color is much brighter and more flattering than my natural color which was becoming dull. The color looks incredibly natural. When applying it, I was worried it was going to be too dark but it is a very nice deep chestnut shade and is a close match to my natural color. The only problem is that it didn’t cover my gray hairs 100%–I probably got about 90% coverage. I am about 15-20% gray and most of the hairs are covered but some are still visible. They are a lot less noticeable but not completely gone, especially around the temples. I took a lot of care to saturate that area with the dye so I am not sure what happened. Perhaps I didn’t leave it on long enough (I left it on 20 minutes). Next time I will leave it on longer.Overall, this is a great product and I would highly recommend it for people who are wary of permanent dyes with all their harsh chemicals.

Darcy Nanticoke, PA