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Clairol Natural Instincts Haircolor Light Cool Brown 6A

Natural Instinct Tweed 14 Pack of 1

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Relying on a glowing review from a famous talk show star’s magazine, I decided to give this a try. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. This product turned my hair into a dry dull orange bush. Not only did it not provide shine, it did the polar opposite. Now I am growing out a rough orange mat of hair that was only made worse by trying to dye it natural black again with another product. I could not comb through my hair. It became fragile, wispy and prone to heavy duty breakage. Shine happy put a layer of dullness over my hair that lead to complete un-manageability. This product should be removed from the market.

Suzette Goodhue, MN

great color

I have been using this now for a few years. I have strayed away from it in the past always thinking there was something out there better. But there is not, I keep coming back to this brand and the same color. This is a beautiful shade of red with out looking punk or anything like that. I am fourty and I can wear this color confidently with out feeling like a teenager. I have customers at work complimenting me all the time on my hair color. When I tell them it’s from a box, some of them can’t believe it. My own stylist says the color looks amazing on me even though she wishes that I would have her color my hair (of course). I used to have her color my hair, but it is so exspensive to have a professional do it. Plus it doesn’t last any longer than when I do it at home. And of course I am saving a TON of money. I get beautiful grey coverage for four weeks, maybe a little less. I am about 30% grey by the way. I don’t mind coloring every month because this has no amonia in it and it is gentle on the hair. It covers grey wonderfully. My hair actually feels better after I color it. Yes, some of the colors deposit a little darker that what may be on the box. If you are unsure go one shade lighter as they always suggest. This is a great first time color for women or girls who have never colored their hair or are afraid too. It will fade with in four to six weeks. Plus there are no roots that show and I absolutely love that. The color will just gradually fade until you are ready to color again. Trust me, I have tried them all and this is fool proof and an amazing product. I hope they never stop selling this. If you are a brunette and you want a red tone to your hair, this color is beautiful.

Letitia Durand, WI

did nothing

There was a slight shine but sadly this product lightened my hair. not happy! i got to figue if it is safe to recolor my hair yet

Donna Richwood, OH

clairol natural instincts med golden brown

I had gray hair, my hair is coarse and porous. This color DOES NOT WASH OUT IN 28 SHAMPOOS!!!! I have wanted to go back to the gray. I am on 42 shampoos and the color is still holding. It has stained my hair which it is not supposed to do.Clairol is telling me it does not wash out in 28 shampoos duh! Someone should sue them for false advertising!!!

Wanda De Tour Village, MI

Cant write a review on a shade

But i have to say i always liked nutmeg color #28. Overall its one of the safest dyes. You dont have to hold it in your hair for 45 min like we used to back in the days, but only 10 min. I think its perfect. And color treatment included is amazing. Wonder if they sell it separately in bigger amounts because it smells great!

Sierra East Montpelier, VT


you can trust natural instincts for good level 2 color. im trying to grow out my hair after coloring it, and am using this dye to ease my roots in. also, the tube of conditioner that comes with is very nice.

Bonnie San Bernardino, CA

Beautiful, very honest-looking color!

I love Natural Instincts but it appears they are going through some changes. I’m stocking up on my favorite colors!

Laurel Bedford, IN

Great idea, but the color enhancer is horrible

What a good idea, I thought – a color enhancer after two weeks, so I’m not wasting my money on something to cover my roots or re-applying after 3 weeks – AND something that only takes 10 minutes.The initial application was normal – which is to say that it didn’t do the greatest job on the grey hair at my temples. No matter how hard I try to cover it and to keep from washing that area for a couple of days when I wash my face to make sure the color sets, I never have good success with that area – not with Clairol and not with any other brand. But otherwise, I was happy with the “cool brown” hair color.After two weeks I applied the color enhancer. It added a brassy reddish gold color to much of my hair and colored part of my scalp (the area where I normally part my hair – I was trying to be especially careful to get my roots colored there) red as well. My one-and-only said he liked me as a redhead, so I left it in a day or two. When I washed my hair again, the brassy reddish stuff did wash out. My hair is now perhaps a slightly warmer brown than I would have chosen, but not bad. And the roots are somewhat better – enough to go another couple of weeks without coloring, probably. I’m inclined to give it another chance, since the undesirable results weren’t uniform, and maybe I can figure out how to make this stuff work. As I said above, the IDEA is a great one – 10 minutes and a color enhancer that comes with the hair color so I don’t need to buy a root touch-up kit. But only if it colors my hair something close to the right color, and leaves my scalp alone.

Lee Gladstone, NM

Clairol Natural Instincts, 013, Suede, Light Brown

I’m rewriting the comment.Actually, I’m liking the Clairol Natural Instincts 013 Suede, Light Brown.I hair colored before going to trip this July. It does look and feel very natural.I chose this color because it’s almost like brown blonde. I would highly recom-mend this to those who wants that natural beauty to their hair.T. M.

Catalina Jasonville, IN