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Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color 35, Ebony Mocha, Brown Black 1 Kit

Switch to Healthier* Hair Color The Natural Instincts system is the healthier* hair color indulgence – a non-permanent, ammonia-free formula with aloe, vitamins, and antioxidants. A perfect recipe for clinically proven healthier color,* the Natural Instincts system has coconut oil, aloe, vitamins, and antioxidants. And, there are even more reasons to make the switch. The Science Behind Healthier* Hair Color Ingredients With Less Guilt, More Gorgeous Hair, just like skin, is susceptible to environmental factors that attack the proteins in your hair, which can weaken the hair structure and ultimately lead to breakage. In most cases, this process is amplified when you color your hair. Our ammonia-free Natural Instincts system with coconut oil nourishes and protects your hair with clinically proven healthier color.* The antioxidant properties prevent the formation of highly reactive, damaging molecules by helping to inactivate the metal ions that cause their formation. This leads to predictable color results, and hair that’s actually healthier-looking than before you colored! Types Of Hair Color Nice ‘n Easy Perfect 10 Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch Up Natural Instincts Natural Instincts Vibrant Number of Shades 24 42 23 18** 23 13 Gray Coverage 100% 100% 100% 100% Up to 50% 100% Color Type Permanent Crème Color Permanent Crème Color Permanent Crème Color Permanent Crème Color Demi-Permanent Crème Color Permanent Crème Color Color Lasts Up To 8 Weeks Up To 8 Weeks Up To 8 Weeks Up To 8 Weeks Up To 28 Shampoos Up To 8 Weeks Works In 10 min 25 min 25 min 10 min 10 min 10 min Formula Micropearls for high-gloss color Color Blend Technology for highlights & lowlights Color Blend Technology in a drip-free foam More shade choices to match any shade Clinically proven healthier* formula with no ammonia Antioxidants help fight damage *Natural Instincts non-permanent Level 2 vs. leading Triple Protection permanent Level 3 color crème based on amount of surface damage. **Formulated to match any shade

Key features

  • Natural Instincts is Ammonia Free formula, gives you healthier-looking, radiant color and blends away gray in 10 minutes; Color lasts up to 6 weeks
  • See radiant color, and feel touchable softness after coloring
  • Our demi-permanent Natural Instincts system with Aloe, Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil; It’s proven less damaging
  • Lasts 28 shampoos
  • Professional advice from the Clairol experts: If you are not sure which shade to choose start with a lighter shade

Honest reviews


Minimal Damage dye HIGHLY DAMAGING “refresher”

I like that minimal damage was done to my hair with this dye. I was not expecting it to be so black but I don’t mind it. I am afraid to use the color refresher as I’ve read MANY reviews on how awful it is. I may just skip it. I’m just glad this dye didn’t totally fry my hair._______________________________________________________________________________UPDATE: I was afraid the color refresher would give me red hair as many have commented but it did nothing for me color wise.It did however cause a lot of breakage immediately after rising and continuing on afterward.I contacted Clairol and they said “The ColorFresh Revitalizer is basically a tinted conditioner so it definitely shouldn’t be causing any breakage,” and then said “At this point, I would suggest using a strengthening product like the Herbal Essences Honey, I’m Strong Collection ([…] to help get your hair back in better shape.”I think better advice would be: stay far away from this “refresher.”

Myrtle Charleston, AR

Beautiful, healthy color

I use this in Ebony Mocha and it’s a gorgeous brown/black color. Very, very dark brown … almost black. As dark brown as you can get without actually being black. Super shiny and gorgeous color. I color once a month, and my hair looks and feels healthier and softer AFTER I color than it was before. This leaves my hair incredibly silky. It has pretty good grey coverage. I purchase via subscribe and save, so it comes straight to my door every month, so that’s easy and convenient. Love it! Thanks!

Aileen Springfield, SC

Great Semi Permanent Dye!

Pretty red shade. Not to intense, more like a tint if you have dark brown hair. It washes out with each wash and didn’t damage my hair. Would buy again. Great shade!

Lenora Blakesburg, IA

This color sucks!

This color sucks so bad. I have dark blonde hair to begin with, and this “dye” didn’t dye my hair at all. It looks exactly the same. Only 1% red tint in the sun. I tried taking pictures of it, but there was no difference. My friends didn’t even realize I dyed my hair until I told them. I even left this dye on for 20 minutes. I didn’t do anything wrong, this dye just sucks. At least it didn’t damage my hair.

Susan Sawyer, ND

Great Color for Dark Brown Hair

I love Natural Instincts. This is my favorite. I wanted to try it but was afraid it would leave to much reddish color when it started to fade. So wrong. I have dark, dark brown, almost black hair with reddish undertones with a few grays. This left me with rich dark brown color with a hint of the bronze which is what I was looking for. It covers great. Did not leave that horrible red when color started to fade. I have always gone at least 90+ days before I felt like I needed to redo my color with all the Natural Instincts colors I’ve used. I love them because I can change my color and not have to deal with permanent color. This color did not lighten my dark hair to the color on the box, but I would imagine if you had lighter brown hair you’d get pretty close.

Brittney Hurdland, MO

Semi Permanent and Loving It.

Easy to use–and does not cause line of demarcation. But–don’t use white towels. Color does wash out during shampoos. I use it every six weeks or so, and am delighted with it.

Marjorie Oxbow, ME

Love this color

Apparently they’ve discontinued this shade, and I just discovered it is perfect for me! I prefer the semi-perm colors so they don’t grow out and leave a two-toned effect at the roots. Hoping to find more of this shade, or another very similar.

Angelica West Greenwich, RI

Love it

I purchased this product in black and I absolutely love it. The black came out so rich and vibrant and I love the conditioner that comes with it. It provided so much slip! 🙂

Stacey Valdez, AK