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Clairol Herbal Essence Color, Xl1 Bleach Bum-gel Lightening Kit

Experience the rush of high intensity gel. Blonding for superior lightening from herbal essences. Low ammonia, easy to use no drip gel for maximum control. Simple one step application. And energize your senses with the refreshing herbal essences fragrance. Color seal conditioner, conditions and protects hair for healthy texture and definition. 5 weekly treatments. Expert colorist gloves, for easy blonding. Blonding guide, shade results pictured on blonde to light brown natural hair. Darker hair will have darker and warmer results. Not recommended for gray coverage.

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  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


Good bleaching kit

I used this kit to go from dark brown hair to an orangey blonde. LOL It did work to a point, my hair was very dark and I needed all 3 bottles in just one sitting. However, I did end up going to Sally’s and buying some more stuff to help tone down the orange/yellow. This is just to BLEACH it, sometimes you need more than one process and you definitely need a “toner” or blonde haircolor to go over it after you do the bleach. Otherwise you WILL end up with orange hair.

Nelly Gonzales, CA

If you want blonde, NOT orange, this is the way to go!

This is the best blonde hairdye product I’ve ever bought. All other blondes turn orange or brassy. This hairdye actually has a packet of bleach that you add in, and that keeps it from turning any other color but bleach blonde. I am so happy with this product. It is VERY hard to find in stores. Only Walmart carries it, and today actually I went to 2 different Walmarts and they were on clearance with none left 🙁 I hope they aren’t dis-continueing this because then I’m back to square one trying to find a hairdye that equals up to this one. It works great on my dark brown hair getting it to the blonde that is exactly pictured on the box. Can’t believe it’s so inexpensive too. People don’t believe me that my hair isn’t professionally done.

Lourdes Wells, NY

Best bleach I have ever used

I have used several bleaches over the last few months [and yes I’m aware of the damages but I’ve been doing my own hair for years. Cutting, dying, styling, etc]. That being said, out of I think four or five bleaches I have used since then, this is the best. I had faded out purple hair [I was letting it weaken so I could bleach easier] but it was still pretty pigmented. Within seconds the purple was GONE. Literally seconds, no exaggeration. That being said also, I do have naturally medium blond hair that was various yellows and oranges underneath from prior bleaches. This worked so fast I couldn’t leave it in for fifteen minutes because the parts that were purple had gone WHITE. There are, yes, a few places I missed because I rushed my application because I’m dying over it, but if I had started with the darkest parts first, then the lightest, I can guarantee that within 20-30 minutes it would all be platinum [it almost is, well, was, I have red over right now soaking in]. I highly recommend this bleach. I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else!Highly recommend. I won’t lie, like any bleach, it was drying but the conditioner that comes with it does wonders and it’s also tinted a light, light, green to cancel out brassy red tones. Anyway, I’m very pleased with this. (:

Kasey Maury City, TN

best hairdye ever

perfect jet black. leaves hair soft. i dont understand why i cant find this anywhere in stores. its honestly the BEST black hairdye. loeral feria is drying and terrible yet i can find it everywhere but this is great and i cant find it at all. TO STORES EVERYWHERE PLEASE STOCK THIS AND GET RID OF YOUR CRAPPY HAIRDYES!!

Deirdre Fishkill, NY

Love it.

I can’t find this hair color anywhere in stores, So when i found it on amazon I knew i had to buy the three pack. As a devoted brunette, I have to say, this one stays put the longest. I have tried other dyes which fade quickly but this one just wont budge!. I love it

Pauline Harris, NY